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BONES: Night in the Bones Museum

October 16, 2009 by  

Hello BONES fans. I think we might agree that this week’s episode was all about Brennan’s loves. By loves of course I mean: ancient remains, Boris Karloff movies, and sex.

This episode felt like a mash up of a lot of other BONES episodes, didn’t you think? Take Intern in the Incinerator and Double Death in the Dearly Departed, mash in a bit of Conman and Man in the Mansion, and you’ve got Night at the Bones Museum.

Can we talk Brennan this week? Please excuse me if I don’t spend as much time on the squint squad or the case, although they are deserving of discussion.

I find it incredibly interesting that the writers chose to use an episode where Brennan was seeking a sexual partner to also be one where she was giddy with excitement over her job. This was a Brennan we haven’t really seen much of, if any.


We also get two bodies in this case. One bloodied legit mummy on a fence, and one innocent doctor in a mummy case (insert your own sounds and words of horror here). The mysterious mummy has been on loan from Egypt to the Jeffersonian, which begins a series of events of historic proportions. I wasn’t sure who the murderer was going to be until it was revealed, so that was nice. Mozhan Marno was fantastic as Azita Jabbari. I would not complain if we saw her again, maybe with Brennan in Egypt.


  • Cam: Poor Cam. If she wants to stop getting asked for advice at work, I guess she should just stop giving good advice. Something tells me Dr. Goodman would not be so accommodating.
  • Angela and Hodgins: I guess they are BFFs now? That’s cool. I loved their shared looks throughout the episode.
  • Sweets: Ugh…I hate it when Sweets is like this. I blame you know who.
  • Daisy: (insert your own sounds and words of horror here)


I am not entirely sure what to think. Is Andrew a shiny bauble? He is definitely a ‘suit’ (vs. Booth who just happens to look gorgeous in suits).

In London, Brennan didn’t sleep with Ian Wexler, because she thought it would disappoint Booth. As his partner. But Booth’s boss’s boss asks her out for dinner (and apparently implies sex), and Booth blatantly tells her to just say no (so no one will get hurt), and she still goes.

And why did she lie to Angela about not knowing why Booth would be upset by that?

And…this… “Late marriage is often an indicator of a discerning, goal oriented individual.” Brennan, since when do you tout the acclaims of marriage ever?

I guess her insensitivity toward Booth (and I don’t mean that she was consciously, or even unconsciously, mean spirited toward him, just that she wasn’t picking up on his usual signs) was a surprise, when it coincided with her ‘queen of the lab’ status throughout the rest of the episode. She tore it up, baby! She was all over that mummy, and she discovered something that changed history, and it was freaking awesome!!! I LOVE SCIENCE BRENNAN!

But Brennan ALSO had major insight into the feelings and emotions of the Egyptian mother in history. She identified that in a heartbeat and told Booth at the end that he changed history every day with his work (a highly insightful thought), and yet it didn’t cross her mind that it might honestly bother Booth for her to sleep with Hacker.

And I’m not talking about the egg, actually. That is a completely separate incident, totally unplanned by Brennan. How interesting that she brought up Booth, not as the one thing she had in common with Andrew, but because, honestly, Booth’s life is so entwined with hers that it was the first thing she thought of when someone asked her about the menu there. She would have told that story to anyone.

But here is where I was confused, in my heart. I think Booth might be the most to blame. It is baseball playoff season, and she has been tossing him some fat ones right over the plate. She wanted to be his hamlet, she offered him the chance to comment to Parker about them being close, and I guess even the marriage thing mentioned above. She doesn’t know (but we do) that Hacker point blank asked him if there was something going on between him and his partner. Booth squirmed through that one and denied everything (although later did explain why she was just…Bones, and that was special).

Booth knows she needs it all spelled out. And this time he didn’t fail. In the past, he would spout off encouragements that were vague at best (eventually, someone, one day, etc), but ‘what happens between us is ours’ is a concrete, ‘you and me’ thing.

And so, I shouldn’t have been confused. I should have known with Brennan that it is all about facts and evidence. And in this case, the facts WERE the evidence. It wasn’t until Booth physically provided the evidence of the egg that Brennan understood. I’m proud of Booth for doing that. He was hurt by her actions, but he also made sure that she knew he was hurt by them, but that he still wanted her to know that what they have is special.

Correct me if I’m wrong, faithful BONES friends, but was that the first time Brennan ever repeated one of Booth’s special phrases back to him? There’s ‘more than one kind of family’; ‘we’re the center’; ‘everything happens eventually’; ‘there’s someone for everyone’; but now…what happens between us is ours…THAT she can agree on. And so can I.

And I’m pretty sure that Angela would throw her glass against the wall if she knew what she’d interrupted at the end there.

Well, no BONES next week, which means we need twice as many comments below to make up for it. Let me know what you think!

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16 Responses to “BONES: Night in the Bones Museum”

  1. Patty on October 16th, 2009 2:58 pm

    I was super distracted by Brennen’s ugly dresses and giant boobs to pay real attention to any of the case.

    I did absolutely love the tension between Booth and Brennen at the museum. Now that was some nice drawn out sexual tension.

    Oh, and what’s with all the gross eyeball stuff this season? I swear there is something eyeball related in every episode.

  2. dovepage on October 16th, 2009 3:49 pm

    Good episode, all great elements, science, drama, sorta sex, angst with boss, hurt feelings by Booth but he does need to step up to the plate, so to speak.
    Something just occurred to me, since Brennan is so sexually oriented and free about it, when they do get together, down the road, can she be faithful to him or is it just all fun and games?

  3. Beth on October 16th, 2009 4:12 pm

    sooo the casting of Booth’s boss Hacker was off to me a bit- I just couldn’t see ANY chemistry (which maybe was the point- she continues to ‘date’ these men who really never add up b/c they are compared to Booth). I loved the interactions between everyone this week- and I might regret saying this but Daisy didn’t really annoy me in this ep. Sweets’ breathing tips must have really done the trick…

    Must address this: I keep hearing people say that they wish they would give Booth a ‘love-interest’ to make Brennan jealous but I don’t know if thats possible/believable. Booth already knows how he feels about Brennan- he LOVES her- so why would he suddenly become interested in another woman in the first place? It’s Booth- he knows Bones better than anyone and knows that he just has to be patient. I think Bones constantly being open to dates just shows that she has not yet fully understood how deep she loves Booth.

    And I completely agree, if Angela knew what she interrupted she would be none too happy…

  4. Angie on October 16th, 2009 4:32 pm

    I think one of the most telling moments for me was when Angela was asking Brennan about her date and asked point-blank if there was a possiblity of sex with Booth and Brennan chose not to answer. She just tried not to smile, got uncomfortable and changed the subject. She didn’t want to talk about it. Brennan will talk about ANYTHING with an amazing amount of frankness, but when it comes to Booth, she won’t talk about it. He is different than any other relationship she has ever had in her life (including family) and she feels so strongly about him that I don’t think she can wrap her head around it so she just pretends it isn’t there. They way that she can deal with her feelings is being completely rational, and with Booth that is no different. I think that is why she completely understood the “what happens between us is ours” concept very well and even repeated it back to him. I think she loves that they have something that no one knows about. Even though it isn’t rational, she shows moments when she puts reason aside and lets herself feel it. They are small cracks in time, but it seems like those cracks are coming more often these days. Maybe Booth is a genius and is giving her the opportunity to figure it out on her own.

  5. Sarah (seeleybaby) on October 16th, 2009 7:29 pm

    Patty… HA!!
    I haven’t noticed the eyeball trend, but i am sure i will now!

    dovepage, excellent question. Except for the date two people at once, i haven’t seen anything that would indicate that Brennan would be unfaithful in a commited sexual relationship. She’s never cheated on anyone, i don’t think. She’s just never committed to anyone exclusively that i know of (except maybe Sully).

    Beth: I agree with you about it not being a great idea to give Booth a major love interest. For one thing, your point that he loves Brennan is sound. I don’t mind the idea of Brennan seeing a bit more clearly that Booth has options, and yet he chooses her, that doesn’t bother me at all. but to have him hop into bed with two different women in an episode isn’t necessary haha!
    And Daisy…oh, man. I will concede that she only annoyed me like 99% and not 110%. To be clear, I think the actress who plays her, Carla Gallo, is amazing at it.

    Hey Angie: you are very right. That WAS a great moment. It’s interesting that for the most part, Brennan never denies her sexual attraction to Booth. Booth gets kind of flustered, but she doesn’t. I don’t know if Booth’s a genius or not, but I do love him. A lot!

    And, I just realized that it’s been a year since we did our special “Great Boreanaz Debate” over here on GMMR. It was SUCH a good time. If you get the chance, either take a second look, or weigh in for the first time!

  6. Stephanie P. on October 16th, 2009 11:51 pm

    I don’t really have anything insightful to add–just that I loved this episode. Daisy didn’t bother me, though I thought the make out scene with her and Sweets at the end went on a little too long. Definitely didn’t need to see all of that. So far so good on season 5. I’ve really been enjoying it!

  7. Jacob on October 17th, 2009 5:10 pm

    The Booth/Brennan relationship in this episode reminds me why I dislike Bones (the person) this season. After the coma and memory lose, she runs away and hides in Guatamala for months until Booth is better, arguibly because she can’t handle seeing Booth like that. I’m okay with that, it’s good tv and moves the show and characters forward. But she comes back, and no one acknowledges she wasn’t there during what a very trying time in Booth’s life. That she RAN AWAY. Especially after the whole “I want your baby” ordeal, that just got left back in the dust. I find it disrespectful to Booth that Brennan is given a free pass when it comes to how she handles said relationship, and is not forced to see it as such.

    Bones doesn’t handle interpersonal relationships well. We all know this. The other characters know this, they’ve learned to work around it. But to have her engage in a relationship with Booth’s boss, and not even consider that it would have an effect on Booth is such a disregard to Brennan’s character at this point.

  8. Sarah (seeleybaby) on October 17th, 2009 5:25 pm

    Hey Stephanie! I know about the sweets and daisy. Do you think it’s the same bed Hodgins and Angela used?

    And Jacob, I tend to agree with you at this point as well. I think that the one thing is sex for Brennan. The only thing I can think of to defend Brennan on this point is that Booth has never really outright said ” I want you”. we all can guess that his actions and words and motives are based on that, but he’s never said it. And whenever she kind of gives him the opportunity (like last season when she showed up at his apartment and said she wanted to believe in love), he was vague and said “someday, you will” that kind of thing. I wish she hadn’t gone away for the summer. She says she thought Booth was fine, although she never called him to find out apparently!! But enough of that…as far as this instance, i think she can still separate sex from love (whethere she will call what she has for booth love or not), and in this case, she wanted sex, with someone, and Hacker was quite willing. Whereas Booth has never once made any statement of willingness. But when he DID make a statement…”what happens between us is OURS”, then she got it, and she was all in. As soon as he will make a move, she will be all over that. in my opinion, that is.
    but what is frustrating for me, and it seems like maybe you as well, is that she can be so clueless on the other part, that her friendship alone with Booth would prevent her from dating someone who is his superior, not to mention the fact that twice Booth asked her not to.

  9. bob on October 18th, 2009 8:59 pm

    Hi Sarah,
    maybe i am in a small minority, but i dont believe she got it “what happens between us is Ours”. She just understood that she needed to separate out the private Booth world from other conversations. She has seen him like his privacy before.

  10. Dilara on October 19th, 2009 3:54 pm

    Ok, so there are a few comments that people have made that I agree with and some with which I do not.
    1. I totally agree that Angela would have probably wanted to jump off a cliff if shed known what she interrupted. (Damn you, Angela!!)
    2. The Daisy and Sweets thing = I sooo did not need to see that also. I’m still a bit mentally scarred, to tell the truth…
    3. Science Brennan truly IS kickass, lol.
    4. The casting of Hacker -eh, really? Rick and Hart, was that was the best you could do??
    5. And when it comes to the topic of Brennan’s sensitivity to Booth and her cluelessness… See, I don’t think that she is clueless or insensitive at all. I think she knows perfectly well that her relationship with Booth is special, and she understands that the feelings she has for him are different than any she’s had for anyone else. I just think that she is scared to acknowledge them, out of fear of losing him, and especially out of fear that he will not return her feelings. (You guys remember Angela’s psychic saying to Brennan “you’re wrong – he DOES know your true self, and he loves you for it”) I think that she consciously chooses to hide her feelings and play dumb because shed rather keep Booth in her life as a friend than lose him completely. Her dating other men is her way of trying to protect herself, because she thinks that if she dates other men, she can stop feeling so strongly about Booth. And that way, if anything ever happens to him, her world will not be as shattered.

    Aside from all this psychological analysis, I just want them to take the plunge already!! I mean, COME ONN.

  11. izzy on October 19th, 2009 8:18 pm

    love love love love! haha angela totally would have flung herself off the stairs if she knew. was it me or was booth totally about to kiss brennan?

    the time is coming. soon. and quickly, because there is a lot of sexual tension close together. (i think i mean you never really know)

    the first body wasn’t very bad at all, so i figured i would be good for the rest of the episode. and then there’s the eye thing, and i almost throw up (when the zoomed in on it? ugh!)

    love bones. sad that there isn’t an episode next week :/

  12. Delia on October 20th, 2009 7:26 am

    Grr, thank you, Angela, for ruining that for us.
    We reaaally appreaciate it…

    And Hart, after five years, thank you for making us wait even longer!!

    Now that I’m done ranting, lol – it was a great episode, B/B aside. The case was really cool (the eye = eeww…) and very interesting, mixing ancient history with contemporary science.

    And Hodgins needs to do something cool, other than just make little funny remarks! Kinda like the episode where the Gravedigger buried him and Brennan. I’m still waiting for him and Angela to reunite, by the way, what with their hospital conversation when Booth fell into the coma, anyone remember that? Pleease, we all know her celibacy thing is not going to last long…

  13. Loving Bones on October 20th, 2009 7:12 pm

    There has always been some serious sexual tension between Bones and Brennan. Its what makes the episodes so amazing. If they ever do get together I do wonder what will happen in their relationship. I also think that Hodgins and Angela need to get back together, they were so perfect together.

  14. Woot! on October 22nd, 2009 9:25 am

    She did repeat “We’re the center. The center must hold” word for word from Booth at the end of the third season premier.

  15. BigTimeBonesFan on November 8th, 2009 12:46 pm

    I agree that angela would be stone mad if she found out what she had interupted! lol and i was so mad at the end of that episode!!! I was on the edge of my seat through the whole episode waiting for something to happen and then…Nothing!! they would make such a good couple! WE’VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!!!!

  16. DanI on December 17th, 2010 9:08 pm

    I really…just couldn’t stand Brennan during this episode. She acted very mean towards booth when he told her not to talk about him during the date she was going to have with Hacker. She acted like there was no way in hell she would even consider it. Then when Angela and her have the conversation about hacker, Brennan acts like a cluless bimbo. And also another thing, does anyone notice a pattern in the previous guys she’s gone out with, Sully, Jared and Hacker? All some sort of law enforcer. Why can she go out with guys pretty much exactly like Booth, but yet she cant go out with booth himself. And plus, out of all those guys, Booth is the sweetest and closet one to Brennan.