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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Careful the Things You Say

November 9, 2009 by  

Hey everyone, I hope everything is going well. Personally, I have a crazy week this week, which is why this review is a little late.

Lynette is the first besides Danny to find out about Julie’s affair with Nick. Nick threatens Lynette to keep the secret but Lynette knows better and, after talking to Julie, decides to go to the police. The police are understandably suspicious that Nick is the one who strangled Julie. Angie covers for him, however, but makes it clear that if Nick cheats on her again, she’ll make him pay.

Gabby is having trouble home schooling Juanita (never saw that one coming). Carlos is being a tool and refuses to allow Gabby to hire a tutor since she’s her mother and should be the ones teaching her things. Carlos’s logic on this one is completely ridiculous. Both Juanita and Gabby would benefit from someone qualified and patient teaching Juanita instead of Gabby. Which is what led Gabby to asking her maid to help. Who conveniently has a PhD in engineering. Something’s up with her.

Susan is trying to get the investigation into who strangled Julie moved along. She gets a new detective assigned to the case, only for it to be an old high school rival. Which of course ends with Susan being arrested after the detective befriends Katherine. The ending shot of Susan reading Crime and Punishment was a little confusing- I’m sure that will be touched upon next episode.

After an awkward dinner party with the Bolens Bree gets the idea to serve Italian for a catering job. After talking Angie into giving her her recipe Bree gets caught and is forced to hire Angie. I feel like this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

That’s it for today! Tell me what you thought below.

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