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BONES: The Dwarf in the Dirt

November 12, 2009 by  

Well, I think I figured out what that noise was on Wednesday night. Did you all hear that high pitched sound coming from the North? It was none other than about a million Canadians squeeing at the end of the episode. Am I right, Canada?

But you had good cause. Because happiness is a Gordon Gordon episode of BONES. CHEF Gordon Gordon Wyatt! Sprinkle in some Vincent Nigel Murray, AND Booth at the shooting range? Joie de vivre, indeed! All in all, I liked this episode. It’s not my favorite of the season, but it might be close. It wasn’t as cheesy as I’d dreaded, so I’ll blame my slight dread on Fox promos. And for the most part, I thought it felt very ‘true’ to the characters and the developing storylines. Plus, Brennan gave us this little gem…

“Fraud! Look at his femurs!”

One cannot deny the femurs, BONES fans.


The ‘Iron Leprechaun’ (aka Bryce Difanti) is found at the bottom of a sink hole under a collapsed road. His bones are green, and his unfortunate death does provide some excellent banter between our fave crime fighting duo. Suspects include the heir apparent Iron Leprechaun, Bryce’s girlfriend, the midget cougar (wow! BONES, really?), and the wife of the victim’s brother. Motives include money, sex, power, fame and love.

Once again, this case serves as a mirror for the character storyline. I quite enjoyed the way Gordon Gordon wove his way between both…mirrors, for lack of a better word.


What was with the parade of pseudo squints? Was that part of the Simpsons’ thing? Did those people win a contest or something?

  • Angela, Cam and Hodgins: All totally fine and science-y. Saving my word count for GG, (but totally think Hodgins earned his KotL this week.)
  • Vincent Nigel Murray: I still love him and his facts, and his Lord of the Rings references, and his ‘offense’ at Midget Wrestling. More, More, More!
  • Sweets: It’s interesting how Sweets is quite confident of his analysis of Booth and Brennan, but insecure on what to do with it. Perhaps I’m the grudge type, but I don’t know that Sweets necessarily deserves their trust. I also don’t buy that Booth went to Wyatt to protect Sweets. I do buy that Sweets knows Booth & Brennan are in love and that he wants to protect them from the public. I think he was genuinely disappointed that Booth didn’t confide in him and equally genuinely proud that Brennan had.
  • Dr Wyatt: How much do you think it costs to have Stephen Fry ‘specially guest star’ on an episode of BONES? I think I’d be willing to contribute toward any fund that would help him become a regular star of the show. I love to infinity the way he called Brennan out for ratting on Booth. I also liked the special smile he gave once Brennan confessed she couldn’t think of anything she wouldn’t do to help Booth. Also, I appreciated his matchmaking, straight up-love in the kitchen, Lady and the Tramp style. What Chef Wyatt gives Booth is confidence and opportunity. His analysis of Brennan, that she sees ‘an distinction between accuracy and the truth’, is kind of pivotal to her character, I think.


I love how straightaway Brennan identifies what will help Booth (telling her his trouble will elevate his mood, based on past evidence). I think you know that joking Brennan is my all time favorite Brennan. She is just absolutely the sweetest thing. Her eyes get wide, and her smiles are so genuine, and she really is just so, so proud both when she tells a funny (eh, give it to her) joke, and when she GETS a joke. Like the sinkhole thing (LOVED that police officer!). What is also very special is when she thinks something is funny, she always looks to Booth for his reaction. And then when he gets annoyed at her making fun of his wish (which she guessed), I like when she smiles at that. She knows him!

Under the surface however, she’s also desperate to help Booth. It’s proven in her almost manic study on how to make him laugh or feel more comfortable (crap, joshing, etc), and in her very serious mode while watching him at the end. She also knows that she is the one who can help him. She knows it instinctively, but Booth is the one area so important to her that she doesn’t trust her own knowledge base. Does that make sense?

I love how Booth calls GGW ‘Chef’ right away. Very nice. One quick note: David Boreanaz’s arms are ridiculous. Where has that FBI t-shirt been all our lives?

Deep down, Booth ALSO knows that Brennan is the one who can help him. But he doesn’t want to admit it, because then it means that he has to show her his weakness. He’s done that some in the past few weeks, but those have been surface things. What he figures out in this episode is that it’s not her acceptance of him that he needs. He has that, and this episode confirms it for him. What he needs from her is the one thing she has always claimed she’d never be any part of: love. It’s the crux between them. Booth didn’t deny his love for her to GGW one bit. What he wanted to know was whether or not it was worth the wait, whether or not HE was worth the wait. If he’s hopeful and patient enough, and she sorts through her rationalities and decides on love, will he measure up?

((thumbs up))

Oh, there is so much more to discuss, but I am out of space. Help me, please, and comment. I promise to be better at replying to your comments. I love each one, and I appreciate the way you all bring up the things I forget.


Okay, okay…discuss…


14 Responses to “BONES: The Dwarf in the Dirt”

  1. Poetic_line on November 12th, 2009 11:37 pm

    Absolutely beautiful episode. Brennan is so perfect, not the least bit cold as she has been in the past. Startling evolution.

    And Booth truly believes in love and with some extra push from the wonderful Gordon Gordon we are on a journey of spirits not only colliding but coming together joyfully.

    Of course, any show needs angst and conflict. Still, I see how sweet they are and I don’t care about UST anymore. Their adorability and respect for each other and love carries the show for me.

  2. Tori on November 13th, 2009 1:32 am

    So, is anyone else out their afraid that the show is coming to an end. I don’t want it to, but they are totally playing up the whole B&B love thing, and I just can’t see the show going past them getting together (finally). I really want and love Brennan and Booth together, and I think they are perfect for each other, but I think half the show is the sexual tension between them. At the rate the writers are going, B&B will be together by the end of the season, and like I said before, I just don’t see the show carrying on after that. They would be able to be partners anymore, because the FBI would never allow it, and unless the writers are even more amazing than usual (and let’s face it, that would be a lot of amazing, it might blow up the world) I think the story line between B&B will just fizzle out.
    In NO way to I want the show to end, but that is just the direction I see it heading in. Maybe it’s just me though.

    Anyways, about the episode, one of my favorite things about the episode was GG and Sweets teaming up. I loved the moment when GG was like “No one here is a fry cook!” But I have to say my favorite moment was after the midget cougar said “He said I wasn’t enough woman for him,” and Sweets like freaks out and then he and GG are all excited and B&B are just confused. That is one of the things I love about this show, there is a mix between crime, science, and psychology everywhere (even if Brennan hates psychology), which are three of my favorite things. You’d think that that combination would create disaster, but the writers have made it into something wonderful.

  3. Dilara on November 13th, 2009 9:16 am

    Ah, how I love Gordon Gordon! Stephen Fry is absolutely, ridiculously awesome and kickass, and I pray that they will bring him back for more appearances. (The scene with his ranting to Angela about the sandwich – lol, that one had me cracking up out loud…) And I love how he is able to pinpoint people’s problems to quickly and be so accurate – his learning curve is steeper than even Brennan!

    As for B/B, while I thought it was cute how Brennan was trying to help Booth feel better and that she was sensitive and observant enough to have noticed all the minutia of Booth’s actions that changed (drinking coffee with a different hand, leading with the wrong foor, etc), the most adorable thing in this episode for me was how Booth didn’t even TRY to deny that he loved Brennan when Wyatt confronted him. There wasn’t even a flinch of shock, as in “How did you know!?” or “Wow is it that obvious!?” – which is the kind of reaction I think most people would have had if they were confronted like that. Booth just totally accepted it, and he had such a pained expression when he was saying that the didn’t think he was good enough – aww.
    I think he needs to follow Wyatt’s advice and just grow a set, go up to Brennan, and tell her what’s on his mind!!
    And how adorable was Sweets in this episode? Aw, he was like a kid who hates it when his friends are mad at him… And I thought that is was very… noble of him, to not have published his book simply for the sake of sparing the tumult it would cause two people that he really cares about. =]

    P.S Whatever happened to Angela+Wendell? What was that, just like a one time thing or what?

  4. Patty on November 13th, 2009 11:49 am

    I really loved this episode. I love Gordon Gordon and the double team of Chef Gordon/Sweets.

    The best part for me is that it seems everyone knows that B&B love each other except B&B! Well, Booth knows he loves Brennen but is too chicken to do anything about it but Angela so thinks Brennen and Booth belong together and I think Cam and Hodgins does too.

    The case was interesting but again, and I love this too, this show is not all about the case. It’s about the people working to solve the case and the other people involved in the death of someone they know.

    I hope that Hart Hansen and these writers can figure out a way for Booth and Brennan to get together and explore their new relationship and keep the tension and it not be sweetly gross and uninteresting. Is everyone boring when they admit love? I don’t know. On TV usually but can’t someone figure out a way for them to maintain that chemistry? I mean, they already know pretty much everything about each other so what would be different if they admitted they loved each other? Sex maybe (seeing as Brennen is a horndog) but they would still be on high alert around each other and that would be good. She would still try and make him laugh and he would still want to be her protector right? Am I crazy? Can it be written?

  5. Kathy on November 13th, 2009 12:25 pm

    Speaking of how incredible Stephen Fry is…this is a link to a site that prints, well, Letters of Note. This is one that he wrote to a fan who was feeling depressed and I think you will all appreciate it as much as I did. Hope it’s okay.

  6. lifeofmytime on November 13th, 2009 12:58 pm

    Count me in as one of the squeeing Canadians on Wednesday night 🙂

    I truly enjoyed this episode and am interested to see where this is all going. I think the show could go on with B&B together – there are plenty of examples where the writers can make that work. The Office is still great with Jim and Pam together, for example. I think there would be a lot to explore with their relationship because their outlooks on life and love are so completely different. Still lots of room for that romantic tension we all crave.

    But that said – I’m still on board the will-they/won’t-they train for as long as they can keep it going.

  7. lifeofmytime on November 13th, 2009 1:09 pm

    Oh and Kathy – that letter from Stephen Fry is wonderful. Thank you for sharing the link.

  8. Angie on November 13th, 2009 4:59 pm

    I loved this episode!! I may be one of the minority, but I think that the show could definitly survive with Booth and Brennan together. I almost think that keeping them apart for too long would be a mistake too because it would get old and frustrating to have 4 more seasons of this. On the other hand, if they got together, there are still so much growth that needs to happen, especially for Brennan, for it to all work out.

    Does anyone else find it funny how Angela (probably the least educated) is sometimes the smartest one because she doesn’t have an oversized brain to get in the way. She can read people as quickly as Sweets sometimes and her analysis of B/B is always dead on. I really love her character.

    I loved how this episode brought up some loose ends that have been flying around. Like whether or not Booth’s love subsided after his brain healed, what happened to Sweet’s book, etc. I still am dying to know what is going to be done with Booth’s sperm and if Brennan still wants a baby. Will that get addressed later on?

  9. Becky on November 13th, 2009 5:23 pm

    I really liked this epiosde. The hottness that is Booth is – WOW! The suit, the t shirt – the end – all of it. Love him.

    But don’t forget his cute little “Really?” after Bones said not her that she liked good boys. Loved it!

    Thanks for the recap. Awesome as usual!

  10. Ashley on November 14th, 2009 12:30 am

    I feel like I always say how much I loved the episode, but well… this season, I love them all! I would definitely say this one is near the top of the list, though. Although we didn’t have all of the cutesy moments with B&B actually together in this one, I felt like it was a stand-out for it’s own reasons. Primarily, I think this episode sets the stage for the rest of the season. We now know that Booth realizes (and is scared by) the fact that he loves Brennan. Not that we didn’t already know that haha, but it was good to have the words put out there by GG and see that Booth didn’t even consider refuting the idea. Plus, seeing his vulnerability was just beautiful. I loved Brennan in this episode as well… she loves Booth so much, and it shows in all the ways she pays attention to him and tries to make him happy… regardless of whether or not she can articulate it at this point.

    The end scene was wonderful and made me so excited for their future… I shed a few tears, I’m not gonna lie :-)! Oh, and wow… I completely LOVE GG! Sometimes I forget how effectively he drives the B&B relationship! Also loved how some of those loose ends were tied up in this one as some of you guys have mentioned. I really enjoyed hearing Sweets explain what happened with the book and admit that he knows that Booth and Brennan love each other. This season is being driven so well, and so appropriately in my opinion.

    As for the whole “the show will fizzle” when B&B get together angle… I have always said and will continue to maintain that it simply isn’t possible for the show to fizzle out once they’re together. The depth of their characters run way too deep, plus ED and DB and insanely talented actors who have a dynamic relationship. I have never understood why anyone sees them together as a problem… definitely not at this point in the show. Plus, they’re doing a perfect build for the relationship… not moving fast at all, but at a believable pace. C’mon guys… it’s been four years. Time for progression… and we’re getting it every single episode!

    *To quote McDonald’s… “Na Na Na Na Na… I’M LOVIN’ IT!”*

  11. Kimber on November 14th, 2009 3:51 pm

    As my second “official” episode back into Bones this season, it was FANTASTIC! Oh, it was nice to see Gordon Gordon back … I mean, CHEF Gordon Gordon Wyatt – that was really cool! And I liked the case, the guest actors, and how it all turned out (though it was sad). Brennan screaming during the match had me in hysterics, especially when she said, “Fraud! Look at his femurs!” She is hilarious.

  12. Keith on November 15th, 2009 12:09 am

    What was the deal with all the signing of paperwork. Also, catch the Homer Simpson scan in the first squint scene.

  13. Sarah (seeleybaby) on November 15th, 2009 3:56 pm

    >>Hey Po! It was a beautiful episode. I think that it was more about Brennan’s character than Booth’s. For me, at least. I didn’t learn anything new about Booth, he just woke up to his own reality. 🙂 But I liked when Brennan admitted there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for Booth.

    >>Tori, we know there is at least one more season after this one. I was thinking too that it’s pretty much one of two things. Either B+B are going to be together, and they are just going to go for it. OR something terrible is going to happen that splits them apart until the series finale. I am hoping for the first one. But yes, there has been INCREDIBLE momentum toward them becoming physically and romantically involved.

    >>Dilara, I think we’ll see more of Angela and Wendell, but i can’t confirm that. But then, who knows? Haha. I also loved the parts of GG that you mentioned. Didnt’ you just get the feeling that he genuinely cares for them? He is really really on their side. I think he loves them, like we love them 🙂

    >>Heya Patty, I don’t think you’re crazy at all. I think at this point in the show, we’ve all invested enough that I WANT to see Booth and Brennan together. I could care less about the ratings. I agree with you that it shouldn’t be grossly sweet, but after 4 + years of them, I want to see some family action, darn it! I deserve it! 🙂

    >>Kathy, thank you for posting the link to that letter. That was very special.

    >>LifeofmyTime: I totally agree with you. I think it would be honestly entertaining to see Booth and Brennan try to navigate an actual committed relationship. (more than they have now, that is). But like you said…I’m totally committed to what’s happening now, too!

    >>Angie, I have been watching season one over again, and there is a lot of good Angela stuff there. she’s kind of gotten crazy the past couple of seasons, and i find i prefer it if her personal life is nowhere near the plot, haha, but that she provides common sense advice to the rest of the characters. JMO, though. I agree with you about tying up some loose ends, something the show in general is not that good at.

    >>Hey Becky, Thanks! Seriously…that FBI shirt had best be around a lot more in the future. And flustered Booth is one of the all time cutest Booths, and for SURE when he was like “really?’ ,like you said, it was just awesome. I kind of think Brennan knew what she was doing there, too, haha.

    >>Ashley, hey hey, I agree that this episode centered a lot on Brennan’s ‘caring’ for Booth. It was throughout the whole thing, from beginning to end. I think he’s learning to depend on her. Which it seems strange to me that that’s what’s happening, but when I think about it, it really is the first times in the whole series where she is helping him personally. excellent!

    >>Kimber, I am so glad you are back together with BONES. GG is the best, and Brennan makes me laugh so much. I think Emily Deschanel is quite underrated, frankly.

    >>Keith, I have no idea! haha, I thought maybe since they were all in blue, that maybe that was a Simpson’s thing, maybe those were the show writers or something? A friend of mine from England was watching, and was like, why was Homer Simpson in this episode, haha.

  14. izzy on November 18th, 2009 9:27 pm

    LOVED THE EPISODE. but here’s a weird question…

    did any one else notice the abnormally large number of things that they signed for in this episode? haha.

    booth at the shooting range (both times) = amazing.