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DEXTER: Hungry Man

November 23, 2009 by  

Wow. Really? Didn’t see that one coming! The last couple of seconds of this episode will have to be explained next week, but it certainly raises a lot of questions. I’ll go through a quick recap and then we’ll handle all of the turkey day festivities.

Dexter snuck into Arthur’s for Thanksgiving after he talked to Jonah. As the day progressed, we gwe saw how utterly nutty the entire Mitchell family actually is. Sally is terrified and in denial. Rebecca wants to get out so badly that she is willing to give Dexter “whatever he wants.” Yikes. Arthur breaks Jonah’s fingers because he can. Everything comes to a head when no one is thankful for Arthur. Jonah is almost killed by Arthur, who, in turn, is almost killed by Dexter.

Back at the Morgan household, the neighbor guy hits on Rita and Masuka watches it all go down. He wants to bolt, but Deb needs him there to keep her mind off Frank. While there, Deb has two epiphanies. 1) Trinity is planning his kills around some sort of school schedule, and 2) Christine Hill, the reporter, had to know more than she was privy to about Frank’s death.

This all becomes clear when Arthur Mitchell, the Trinity Killer, shows up on Ms. Hill’s doorstep to the greeting, “Hello, Daddy.”

Wait, what? Daddy? So, what does this mean?

First off, did Christine shoot Frank and Deb? She’s the right height, isn’t she? I originally thought it was Jonah, being groomed for taking up the killing business. But, if it’s Christine, what was the motive? Is she covering up for her dad? She almost has to be, or else the killing is way more complicated than I can see it right now. Then, after we establish that, what are the implications for Quinn? I think he is starting to fall for her a little bit. Was the relationship fake, just for information and posterity’s sake? Or is it real?

Secondly, a thought that sends my mind reeling. We have known that each of Trinity’s kills represents a member of his family. Does this mean that there aren’t three but four victims in each cycle? Think about it. If Lundy hadn’t figured out the pattern yet, we wouldn’t know about it. Deb is really on the right track, but there is much more we need to learn about this case before Trinity and/or Christine end up dead.

Aside from the final moments, not a lot substantive happened this episode. That stupid Rita affair storyline kept going, since without it all she would have done this episode is cook. Cody crashed into the shed, giving “Harry” more concern about Dexter’s safety and cover. Masuka and Deb got weirder, which I didn’t think was possible. Angel and Laguerta are all lovey-dovey, which isn’t going to end well for one or both of them.

The main thing is that Arthur knows that Dex is a killer. This will make the last few episodes a giant cat-and-mouse game, with all sorts of questions to be answered.

Were you surprised by the Christine-Trinity connection? And, does this mean Christine killed Frank and shot Deb? If so, why?


3 Responses to “DEXTER: Hungry Man”

  1. sanen85 on November 23rd, 2009 2:54 pm

    I’m not shocked by a lot on TV anymore these days, but I can admit that the reveal at the end of the episode threw me for a loop. I was just about to cancel my Showtime (and HBO, since True Blood is on hiatus), but I may wait three weeks now.

  2. Andrew on November 23rd, 2009 5:09 pm

    Thanksgiving at the Dexter household was delicious. Looking into how weird Arthur and his family is was very insightful and entertaining. The mom is like a brain washed pod person. I didn’t really know anything about the daughter. I’m surprised that Arthur’s daughter isn’t pregnant just to escape. Deb and Masuka vibe was weird. The Christine reveal was a nice juicy tid bit as the season is wrapping up. I’m always amazed at how good looking Rita (Julie Benz) is. Did you guys know that Julie audition to be Buffy but lost out to Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    I can’t wait to see more Dexter and wrap up the season. Monday is TV day.

  3. strunkette on November 24th, 2009 12:03 pm

    I had already thought Christine shot Lundy and Deb. She was going all psycho stalker on Quinn and was the right height. My initial thought was that she needed a story and/or was jealous of Deb and Quinn’s relationship. Now I’m guessing she was trying to protect Daddy. When we saw Trinity look at that paper I was convinced he was going to kill her. What a fantastic twist!