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Rumor Has It/Someone Like You

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GLEE's best mashup always lights a fire in my belly and makes me want to push my workout just a bit harder.

Previously on UGLY BETTY…

After taking over the Meade empire, Alexis was manipulated by Wilhemina into ousting Daniel as Editor-in-Chief of Mode. Hilda found out that her new boyfriend, Justin’s gym teacher, was married.  Betty had to choose between Henry’s mariage proposal and Gio’s invitation to Europe.  And Amanda and Marc continued their awesomeness just by being them.

When the new season picks up tonight we jump a little bit into the future.  There’s not much I can say without really spoiling things for you, but I can say things have changed in Betty’s world.

Daniel has found the perfect job – one that allows him to bring together his experience in the publishing world and his vast knowledge of how to be a womanizing sleazebag. Betty isn’t too thrilled with Daniel’s career choices as it doesn’t exactly fit into her new life plan. But Betty being Bett, she finds her own way to make the best of this grim situation.

Meanwhile, Alexis is using whatever little power she has to tighten the reigns on Wilheminia.  But when Alexis cuts the Mode budget Willi goes on the offensive and tries to sabotage Hot Flash figuring if Clare’s magazine is gone there’s more money to fund Mode.  Wilhemnia pulls out all the stops on this one including using Regis & Kelly as pawns.  Oh Reege!

Marc and Amanda continue to be awesome.

Back in Queen, the Suarez family are making a few power plays of their own. Ignacio brings him cooking talents to the local fast food restaurant. But his new boss, Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan), makes his life hell once she learns that he is the father of her High School arch rival – Betty Suarez.   Betty and Kimmie finally have the showdown they should have had in High School and in the process learn that they are both more similiar than they would have imagined. [Cue the sappy music]

Hilda continues her relationship with Coach Tony despite the fact he is married.  I’d say shame on you, Hilda, but the boy is hot and after seeing him shirtless I don’t think I’d be able to send him away either.

Marc and Amanda.  Awesome.  Continued.

So that leaves us with Betty.  Oh Betty.  So much drama in your young life.

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