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Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Holiday season! Desperate Housewives is back after a month long hiatus and we finally know the outcome of the plane crash. If you haven’t yet seen the show you might want to stop reading right about now as the big reveal about who survived and who didn’t is going to be discussed. Just wanted to warn you.

We knew someone close to at least one of the housewives wasn’t going to make it. But who?

As is turns out both Karl and Mona died in the crash and Lynette lost one of her babies. There were other injuries as well; both Celia and Bree were in the hospital. Throughout the episode each of the housewives wonders what would have happened if the outcome of the plane crash had been different.

After Bree finds out that Karl was killed in the crash she immediately wonders what her life would have been like. She sees an initially happy marriage that ends with Karl being unfaithful. Orson is out of the picture and lives a lonely life, still desperately in love with Bree until he dies of a heart attack ten years later. When she wakes up and finds out that Orson may be paralyzed, you can see that she is determined to stick by him. I’ll really miss Karl; he brought a lot of humor to the show and it was fun to watch his antics. I hope that Bree and Orson will be happy but I doubt that they will be able to move past this.

Susan is also hit hard by Karl’s death. He was the father of her oldest child and her husband twice over. When she imagines her life if she had stayed with Karl she sees a life full of unhappiness and uncertainty. She and Mike never end up together and he appears to be married to someone else. A comedic part of the flashback is the fact that Susan is fat; it’s not her weight that’s funny but the way Terry Hatcher handled it. She looked like she was nine months pregnant, the way she was waddling around.

Gabby would have lost her daughter had it not been for Lynette’s quick thinking. Now Gabby believes that Celia was spared to serve a divine purpose and that Lynette was “God’s instrument”. Gabby has an absurd vision of Celia’s life as a failed actress that finally makes her realize that Celia is special as she is now.

The fall she took to save Celia ended up causing Lynette to lose one of her twins. In her vision, she sees her son’s life as a physically challenged child who eventually goes on to graduate from law school. Lynette’s alternate future was touching and it was sad when she found out she had lost her baby.

Angie spends the episode anxiously awaiting news of Mona. She sees a future where she is in jail for life after Mona rats her out. Through this we also learn that Angie is hiding not only from the cops but also from her the man who was her partner in the bombing that accidentally killed a man. She seems terrified of him and obviously doesn’t want to be found by him. When Angie finds out that Mona died, her relief is obvious.

Were you surprised by who didn’t make it? Will you miss Karl? Which “if” scenario did you enjoy the most? Let me know your thoughts below!

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