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The LOST Subway System

January 28, 2010 by  

Okay, so hypothetically speaking… let’s say you were, oh I don’t know, hanging out in Ana Lucia’s Tiger Pit… and you suddenly remember you need to get to the Hydra for a breakfast meeting with Ben. Here’s the route I’d take:

I’d first, of course, hop on the Purple Line A Train westbound to the Tailies crash site, switch to the M Train southbound to The Staff. Then I’d switch to the Blue Line P Train northbound loop to the Drug Plane, where I’d switch to the Green Line south… any of those trains will get you there… except maybe the R… I think it only runs on weekends.

Such are the thoughts of John Cabrera, an actor and obvious LOST fan, who beautifully constructed a modern way for the Losties and Others to hop around the island. It’s genius really, and frankly long overdue. I mean how many times did Hurley cringe when he was told that he had to go back to the Hatch…again. Walking miles and miles back and forth all day in that heat couldn’t have been fun our big guy. Wouldn’t have it been a lot easier for him to just jump on the “K” line and be there in no time?

Check out John’s map in full detail over at his own site.

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