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February 2, 2010 by  

How I hope there is someone out there named Cook Poo. How fun would it be to have a whole storyline on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER just for you?! I’m not sure it would go very far in making up for the fact that your name is Cook Poo, but it’s something.

Our gang was having a lousy week. Cook Poo left Ted’s class after he made fun of her name. Robin didn’t get a call back from a guy she was secretly hoping to reject. Lily and Marshall failed yet again to find a new couple to hang with after they revealed they share a toothbrush (ew!). And Barney slept with seven different girls in seven different days.  Oh wait, that’s not a lousy week, that’s a Perfect Week! (Ok not for the rest of them, but who cares –  GO BARNEY!)

This isn’t the first time that a sports analogy was used in studying Barney’s sex life (need I remind you all of “The Bracket”?) but this time around we got color commentary courtesy of Jim Nantz . For a non-actor Nantz had solid comedic timing. I feared that he would overcompensate and seem hokey, but he and Neil Patrick Harris worked well off each other. The interview format was a refreshing alternative to older Ted’s voice over narrative.

New York Yankee start Nick Swisher did what he needed to do –  sit there and attract girls just by the virtue of being a Yankee. (I suppose if you’re not a Boston girl, that might do it for you.) His appearance worked well with the baseball metaphor that was weaved throughout tonight’s episode. If Barney was going to prove he was the best and really deserved to be in the Hall of Game, then it was only fair that he go up against the best (again, I’m using New York standards here). This was one pin stripe that I wasn’t sure Barney was going to be able to handle. But he did. Oh he did.  “Respect!”

Neil Patrick Harris always brings his A-game, but no more so then when Barney is being a complete cad. It’s a good thing that he brought the heat because the writers didn’t give the other actors very much to work with. I thought the Cook Poo jokes fell a little flat, and I really didn’t care whether or not that guy called Robin for a second date; actually I’m glad he didn’t because that girl is getting a little big for her britches. Not sure what I mean? Let me Canada it up for you – her ego so so out of control she’s makes Alan Thicke looks like he has a small head (ok a stretch, but I’m really not well versed in Canadian.) However, I was as appalled as everyone else at the thought of Lily and Marshall (and I guess Ted and Robin) sharing one single toothbrush.  “Marshall, four out of five dentists just threw up in their mouths.” Some things are just nasty.

Short of one of Barney’s best one-liners ever, “See that hottie over there nursing a Black Russian? She’s about to chase that with a white American.”  and Ted’s visit to the mound; which was played perfectly by Radnor and Harris, there weren’t a ton of laugh out loud moments for me. But don’t mistake my lack of LOL’ing as an indication that I didn’t like the episode. I actually thought it was very funny and felt very HIMYM’esque….which in my book is very good thing. You can’t ever go wrong when you have a Barney-centric episode. I love Barney. Barney was the best sex I ever had. He’s the best friend I ever had. He’s everything I want Marshall to be. He’s everything I wish I could be.

Did you think last night’s episode hit it our of the park? Or did it reek of cook poo?


5 Responses to “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: The Perfect Week”

  1. Melissa on February 2nd, 2010 9:57 am

    Its funny you should say it felt very HIMYM-esque. I felt, aside from the Barney storyline, that it felt like an episode of Friends (which I don’t care for). I felt let down by this episode, other than Barney.

  2. Kelli on February 2nd, 2010 11:00 am

    In Season 1, in the episode where Lily and Marshall get stuck in the bathroom while Ted and Victoria take for-ev-er to get busy in the living room, didn’t it show them both using their own toothbrushes?

    I dislike when sitcoms suddenly make up character traits to fit an episode and then they are never heard from again. Friends did it all the time and it really ruined the continuity of the show for me. HIMYM is so big on continuity, it disapoints me when they do it as well. I think the biggest one was Barney getting speeding tickets after we learned long ago that he was terrified of driving.

  3. karen on February 2nd, 2010 12:13 pm

    I loved it when Jim Nantz kicked over the chair. He did an awesome job.

  4. Faith on February 2nd, 2010 5:40 pm

    Kelli, I feel the exact same way! They also goofed something else in that episode trapped in the bathroom — they said Lily had never peed in front of Marshall, but in the Halloween episode of the first season, he has to help her with the parrot costume while she’s going to the bathroom. But they’re SO DAMN GOOD about character continuity on everything else (hello, Marshall being good at games, Lily’s inability to keep a secret) that I’ll forgive them. (=

    I LOVED Jim Nantz…cracked me up. And the toothbrush thing was hilarious. Other than that, I was sorta non-plussed. I agree that Robin’s ego is out of control. Both she & Lily are annoying me lately. Robin’s totally full of herself, and Lily seems to think she’s better than everybody.

  5. Sara on February 2nd, 2010 5:55 pm

    I loved the baseball stuff. “Heater” “High and outside” and “Slider” cracked me up. Jim Nantz was excellent. Loved when he kicked over the chair.

    I hate the Yankees. To me, Nick Swisher will always be the Dirty 30 Southsider in black pinstripes. That’s the way it should be. He was excellent and he was really excited to watch himself:

    “He couldn’t keep his good eye off me” was the only part of Robin’s issue that I liked. Other than that it was boring.

    The toothbrush thing grossed me out. I don’t even like when mine touches anyone else’s in the cup. The realization that they’d all shared it at one point made me one of those four dentists..

    I really thought Cook Poo’s name would be spelled Pu. I don’t know why. Those jokes got old pretty fast.

    Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Spoke right to my little baseball lovin’ heart.