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Google Super Bowl Commercial ‘Parisian Love’

February 7, 2010 by  

Simple. Direct. Heart felt. I really loved Google’s ‘Parisian Love’ Super Bowl commercial. In case you missed it, take a look.

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2 Responses to “Google Super Bowl Commercial ‘Parisian Love’”

  1. Lisa (aka lmr) on February 8th, 2010 11:15 am

    Absolutely stunning in its simplicity and never for a moment did you lose sight of the brand. Bravo! My favorite. I love me some Betty White and am an old Barney Miller fan so was thrilled to see Abe Vigoda but 1 minute after the ad ended I couldn’t recall the product. Google wins.

  2. Give Me My Remote on February 8th, 2010 12:09 pm

    Yes, I thought it was so well done. A near perfect ad. I’m not sure Google needed to fork over the money, but it certainly has everyone talking today. I liked how it branded Google as not a one stop search site, but a full experience over time.