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AMERICAN IDOL Top 8 Guys Performance Show

March 11, 2010 by  

Were the AMERICAN IDOL guys actually pretty good last night or was the bar set so low that they didn't have to do much to overcome the monstrosity of the first few weeks?  Either way, the better they guys are, the more enjoyable the episodes. I'll take what I can get.

I'm anxious to hear what YOU thought of each of last night's contestants, so let's get right to it. Starting with my favorites and ending with the "dawg" that I think she be sent home tonight, here's my take on each of last night's performances.

Michael Lynche: Who would have thought that Big Mike would have ever made it to the top of my list?  But he's right there...with a few reservations.  Lynche's take on "This Woman's Work" was most definitely the best vocal of the night.  I really didn't know Mike had that falsetto in him.  So bizarre coming out of such a big guy.  I really enjoyed listening to his performance, but I can't say I loved watching him.  Let's be honest, Big Mike is a huge cheeseball. The way he dances around the stage in an attempt to perform really irks me. It just rings false.  But he's trying, I'll give him that.  Had he not jumped all over the stage I probably would have been more enthusiastic about his performance.

Alex Lambert: In direct contrast to Big Mike, Alex Lambert didn't dare move an inch during his performance of "Trouble".  The nerves are getting better with each week but they are still present.  Yet, I haven't found his lack of self confidence to become annoying yet.  As Ellen said, there's something genuine about this kid.  You know he's trying his very best and he, more than anyone, would like to find a way to be more comfortable.  I just dig this kid's voice so much. He's got such a great tone. Alex needs to work on perfecting his vocal performance from the very first note to the very last. He gets most of it right, but his phrasing could use some work, as well as his song endings.  I get the sense that like Crystal, Alex isn't as concerned with being the next big pop star. He's really just interested in making music.  IDOL and it's daunting stage is a means to an end.

Lee Dewyze: Ok Lee, if you're going to be a contender this season then it's time to step it up a notch or two in the vocal department.  This guy has a great, recordable voice, but he's not nailing the notes.  He has to concentrate on actually singing on key from beginning to end.  The IDOL greats to date have all had stumbles along the way, but not many have had pitch and note troubles this far into the competition.  I don't know if he just needs more practice with the song or if he needs to listen to the backing band a bit more.  The judges were right, Lee did make the earthy-crunchy-emo "Fireflies" better but there were too many warbly notes.  I know people love him, and I like him a lot, but I think he really needs to pull it together...soon.

Casey James: Casey is definitely the most consistent of all the guys this season. He's got a great voice, a great look and he's picked the right songs so far.  What I'm not getting from Casey is any sense of excitement.  Other than the (slightly annoying) sly smile into the camera, I'm not getting a personality from this guy.  When Ryan announces that he's going to be up next I'm that excited. I'm not on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what he's going to bring to the stage.  Not like I am with Crystal Bowersox, Didi Benami and Alex Lambert; and certainly not like I was with Adam Lambert last year. Time to take it to the next level, Casey.

Tim Urban: Simon was right. Choosing this song automatically put Tim on third base (and I'm making a legit baseball metaphor so get your head out of the gutters).  It's an easy song to sing, it's emotional and it's a song that's hard to ignore.  All Tim had to do was stay in tune and it would be considered a home run. Looking back at Tim's performances to date, it wasn't an automatic given that he would reach home plate.  He's clearly been the weakest link of the guys so far.  The fact that he's ridiculously easy on the eyes is the ONLY reason he's made it this far in the competition.  But I think Tim got a fresh start last night.  I really loved his performance and I'll go as far to say that it was good enough that it almost erases the monstrosity of his first two weeks.  If he gives us another solid performance next week then they other guys should really be worried.  I'm not saying Tim Urban is going to sweep the leg of the competition, but with his look and his obvious fan base, he's someone that others need to be fearful of.  Now if he bombs next week then I think all bets are off.  Then again, "Hallelujah" might just be Tim Urban's "Straight Up."

Andrew Garcia: If you weren't sure of my level of excitement for Andrew going into and out of Hollywood Week then you should go back and check out my IDOL archives.  If I was a betting kind of gal, I would have put big money on Andrew winning this whole thing.  Coming out of Hollywood Week I definitely thought he was the strongest of the guys.  But Kara was right, he peaked too soon. I absolutely love this guys voice, but he's starting to sound like a one-trick pony.  All of his songs sound exactly the same.  And while I was excited to hear that he was taking on Christina Aguilera's "Genie in a Bottle" it just felt like he was trying too hard to recreate the magic of "Straight Up". I'm not sure what Andrew can do to turn things around, but I had this guy pegged to go all the way and now I'm worried that he might not make it to the top 10.

Todrick Hall: Were the judges and I watching the same performance last night.  I was watching with my friend Rob, and the entire time he and I were both shaking our heads at the hot mess that was "Somebody to Love". Freddy Mercury deserved better.  Not that the judges were falling at his feet with praise, but I think this is one of those performances that might have played better inside the theater.  At home I thought it was all over the place.  Todrick just tries too hard.  He's memorable, but never for the right reasons.

Aaron Kelly: Done and done.  Aaron isn't terrible, but he's not IDOL-worthy.  He's another contestant that I wish had waited a few more years to tackle the IDOL stage.  He's got great potential but he's just not there yet.  He's a bit cheesy.  Here's a kid who has probably watched IDOL since he was a little pup and is trying to emulate what he's seen previous IDOL contestants do on the stage.  He just doesn't look natural up there.  There is no way this kid has the goods to make it all the way. I'd like to make sure a guy that at least has some potential (maybe like Andrew) get his spot. You seem like a sweet kid, Aaron, but I'm ready to send you back to high school.

Two more guys are going home tonight.  I'm hoping it's going to be Aaron and Todrick, but I'm really worried about Andrew Garcia.  I think he may have squandered all that "Straight Up" goodwill.

Were we hearing the same things last night?  How would you rate the Top 8 guys?  What was your take on each performance and how would you rank the guys from best to worst?  Who is going home tonight?


2 Responses to “AMERICAN IDOL Top 8 Guys Performance Show”

  1. sara on March 11th, 2010 2:32 pm

    The one whose voice I love the most, and whose cd I would buy is none other than Alex Lambert.

  2. tessa on March 12th, 2010 11:40 pm

    I think Todrick basically benefited from the last big note. I agree, that performance as a whole was not good enough.