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David Boreanaz talks BONES- “We’re the Little Show that Could and The Little Show that Has”

March 30, 2010 by  

Hey BONES fans! How are things? What have you been up to since we last met on February 4th? If you are like me, you have been missing BONES and are exited for its return this Thursday, April 1st for episode 99, The Bones on the Blue Line and the 100th episode airing April 8th, The Parts in the Sum of the Whole.

I was ‘out of this world’ lucky enough to catch screeners of both the 99th and 100th eps, and yesterday had the opportunity to be on a conference call with David Boreanaz. I’m here to bring you the scoop on what the hard working actor has to say on what’s coming up over the next few weeks…and the rest of the season.

If you can stay spoiler free, I highly recommend it. I went into both of those eps knowing next to nothing about them and really enjoyed them. But if you can’t resist, and you need a quick fix, then read on. I am sure it goes without saying, but we are talking  spoilers here after the link. Read on at your own risk.

Since this was my first time talking directly to David, I’ll start off with the two questions I was able to ask.

(Note: In episode 99, there is a proposal of marriage, but I can’t say between which two characters)

Seels: Hi David. I wanted to say great job directing; I especially liked the shot when Booth hands Sweets a glass of water (from the 100th). That was really cool.

DB: (laughs)

Seels: But my question for you is…about the 99th ep and the 100th ep and the future. How is Booth going to react to the fact that (***certain characters***) might get married before him? Won’t that bother him? It’s kind of one of his life goals. What do you think?

DB: I don’t know. I mean, Booth is…he is what he is, and after the 100th episode, we’ll see he’s got to make some changes, you know…internally. Which is fine for him. He doesn’t see anything as a loss; he’s very optimistic, always has been. I don’t think one of his main goals is to get married. I think Booth is…he’s pretty simple, blue collar kind of a guy, and he loves…he loves the simple things in life. You know, if he were to find somebody that is a fit for him, and she is also in the same boat, then he’ll possibly entertain those thoughts. But you never know with his character. He’s got a lot of demons that we never really tapped into, and we look forward to diving into a little bit of his past next season as well as trying to figure out his path and how that works with Bones. And we’ll see what happens.

Seels: Thank you.

DB: You’re welcome. (And if you can just imagine him saying it with a Booth charm smile…that is what it sounded like. Eek!)

Question #2

Seels: What more can you tell us about the high school reunion episode coming up? (The Death of the Queen Bee: airs April 15th. B&B go to Brennan’s high school reunion)

DB: Just that it was great to go back to her (Brennan) space, and see the reunion, and kind of see how Booth kind of reacts (laughs) to the people that she was in high school with. You know, it was great kind of getting insight into her high school, and her early years, and how she developed AS Bones. It was a nice high school moment, maybe there’s a nice dance between me and her that happens, but I don’t want to spoil anything else (teasing).

As for the rest of the call…

There were the (what seems like) obligatory Buffy/Angel questions, and he was cool about answering them, but like most of us there, he wanted to represent FOX and talk about the show. He’d recently been quoted as saying he didn’t really want B&B together, and caught some flak for it. When one questioner called him on it, DB backtracked a little and said that we each have a way in which we want B&B to be ‘together’, and his way might just be different than each of our ways. I think what he was trying to say is that he likes being her partner and friend, and he’s satisfied with that. I was satisfied with his answer.

Other people asked him what it was like to direct, if he asked to do the 100th ep, or if it just kind of played out that way. He said that he put his hat in the ring, so to speak, and it just kind of worked out that way. He was really pleased with how it turned out, and I think you all will be too.

DB has ALWAYS been a real champion for acknowledging that the show is about relationships, and not just forensics. In episode 99, a journalist challenges Brennan’s feeling that the relationships between the characters in HER novels are secondary to the cases and science in her books, so Boreanaz was asked his opinion of that whole idea. He argued that the characters are there to solve cases, but for him personally, what intrigues him is the relationship.

He also mentioned that it’s taken a lot of patience to get the show where it is: patience from the cast and crew and the networks, and fans, and that it’s going to take even “more patience to see the show grow. Where it’s at now, I think is a really great place, and can even get better and bigger. The characters have all developed, and they are in a good place right now, and it’s going to be fun to shake a few things up at the end of this season…we’re the little show that could, and the little show that has.”

David addressed the fans in his final comments:  “I just really appreciate all the love and support and all of the fans that have tapped in to Bones from the beginning. It’s kind of hard to believe when you say, ‘Oh, you’ve reached 100 episodes’, you know me personally, I take it one episode at a time, one scene at a time, and I just want to thank everybody for being a part of 100 episodes”… “whether there were episodes you loved, or episodes that you didn’t like, we look forward to entertaining the fans first and foremost with great shows and great episodes. And we look forward to doing that for quite some time. Enjoy the 100th episode and enjoy the many shows to come after that.”

My impression of the 100th ep is that it’s sexy, genuine, funny, smart, squinty, sad, heart-crushing, honest and just everything I love about BONES. Almost everything happened in a way I never would have expected, but now that I’ve seen it, I can’t imagine it any other way. I can’t wait to discuss it with you!

See you on Thursday!


6 Responses to “David Boreanaz talks BONES- “We’re the Little Show that Could and The Little Show that Has””

  1. Linda on March 30th, 2010 2:29 pm

    Wow, just loved your review of Eps. 99 & 100 and your thoughts on the interview with DB. I’ve read many of your other reviews and have been pretty much in the same mindset. Therefore, now I’m feeling much better about what is going to come down on Bones. One thing I’m hoping you are wrong about. The “friends” vibe you got in reference to DB’s feelings about the future of the B&B relationship. Although, many relationships start off as wonderful friendships! So you never know! I can’t wait until Thursday night!!!!!!

  2. Michele on March 30th, 2010 4:42 pm

    We’ve watched from the very first episode right up unti lthe present since Christmas – and we are SO excited for it to finally come back!!!

  3. Sarah (seeleybaby) on March 30th, 2010 4:50 pm

    Hey Linda! Yes, I agree with you, and I should clarify. DB has always said that in many ways Booth and Brennan ARE together; they are just about as close as two people can be, you know (minus the ‘direct knowledge, haha). SO i think what he was trying to say was just that he really thinks that their partnership is special and that their friendship is special and neither of them are just something to throw away or to feel like they are lesser than a romantic relationship. And it’s true…their partnership is BETTER than some marriages! Plus, he kind of just likes to rile up fans too, though, haha. then make us all feel better by chuckling and smiling, and we all forgive him right away 🙂

    Michele, I have done the exact same thing! I am up to Mayhem on a Cross tonight! Woohoo! Maybe THIS time when I watch Booth’s hand will be quick enough to brush against Brennan’s at the end. (although, the previous 1,000,000 times I have watched that scene, it hasn’t happened yet 🙂

  4. Bonnie on March 30th, 2010 5:07 pm

    Awesome interview! Can’t wait to see the new episodes!

  5. Linda on March 30th, 2010 9:21 pm

    Thanks for clarifying Seels. Hopefully B&B will have “direct knowledge” someday!! Mayhem on the cross tonight? Isn’t that the one with the handkerchief in the pocket and those sad confessions to Sweets? I am so obsessed by this show! Thursday is getting closer………….

  6. Ashley on March 30th, 2010 10:38 pm

    You’ve seen 99 and 100???? Oh, man! I am just about at the point of wanting some serious dish on 100! I can wait for 99… only because it’s only 2 days away haha! The suspense is about to kill me on the 100th episode, though! The words sad and heart-crushing have me stressed out more than a little now…

    Thanks for sharing your interview with us! Sounds like DB lived up to his awesomeness factor that we all imagine. Your questions were good, too! I didn’t know about the high school reunion episode (because I’m virtually spoiler-free woot woot) and that sounds like a ton of fun!