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Are You Ready For SUPERNATURAL’S 100th Episode?

April 15, 2010 by  

Here’s the deal SPN fans; due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn’t get a post in about last week’s episode, and now that it’s Thursday, it’s a little late to do it. But, I had one written and there was a pretty huge OMG reveal at the end leading into tonight’s hugely anticipated 100th episode, so I’m going to discuss “99 Problems” briefly, followed by the promo for “Point of No Return”.

Sam, Dean and Cas found themselves facing off with the Whore of Babylon in a small town in Minnesota. My mind couldn’t help flashing to what my university women’s studies prof would have had to say about all of the gleeful excitement various (male) characters expressed over “killing the whore” and the misogynistic undertones involved with that. And then I thought about how I can’t hear “misogynistic undertones” without thinking of Clueless, and then I was just glad I’m not a women’s studies prof, so I don’t have to take things like this so seriously.

Anyway, here are the major highlights of what went down:

  • Sam is really the only one left with any faith in stopping the Apocalypse and it’s painfully obvious now. Cas is a hot mess, Dean is unmotivated and resigned. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and they don’t feel fine.

  • The death of very minor character Dylan was horribly sad – I liked him the second he was on screen to the point where I would have been okay if he joined forces with the brothers for the rest of the series. Oh well, at least he got to drink a beer before he bit it.
  • The Whore of Babylon was a great foil for the brothers and I loved the fake out of having to convince the reverend to kill her, because he was the only servant of God in town. Except…he wasn’t. When push came to shove, Dean was able to take the magical piece of driftwood that Cas gave him and kill her in one shot. Here’s what I was confused about: obviously, we’re supposed to infer that he made a decision to serve as Michael’s vessel, therefore making him a true servant of God. Did he make the decision right at that very moment? Did he know before that? I rewound trying to find a “moment” where I could see it on his face, and I’m just really not sure.
  • One thing I hate about the “previously on” recaps at the beginning of episodes is when they pull someone out that you haven’t seen in a long time, in the process spoiling the fact that they’re going to reappear in the current ep. I really wish I hadn’t known that Lisa was going to factor into the story – it would have been that much more of a surprise. However, it was a very tragic and romantic move by Dean, who obviously has much stronger feelings for her and Ben than I had ever realized.
  • Dean said he was going to make a deal that Lisa and Ben would be protected no matter what the outcome was. He mentioned that the people he was going to meet with next would arrange for her safety. Is one of these people Zachariah? I’m guessing we’ll know about 30 seconds into tonight’s episode.

So that’s it guys – the big day is here. I think we can count on a major (wait for it) game-changer in the 100th episode that’s going to set the pace for the remainder of the season. Who’s excited?? While you wait for 9 o’clock, the promo for the ep is below. Be sure to come back to discuss it tomorrow!

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