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I can’t find the right words to describe what went down in last night’s SURVIVOR Tribal Council.  The only thing in my head is the sound a cartoon character makes when they’ve been double crossed and left confused. Given what happened, I think that’s a good reaction as any.

The Heroes and the Villains tribes finally merged and essentially hit the reset button on the game.  Convinced there was an all female alliance, JT gave his Immunity Idol to Russell, on the condition that he use it to save himself and send Parvati home. Imagine the Heroes confusion when Parvati led the way into their camp at the merge.

Our little boy scout, Russell, was of course prepared with a fictional take of what went down at Tribal Council. He told JT that he used the Immunity idol to save himself, but that Parvati too used an idol, which led to Courtney’s ousting. The Heroes tribe ate it up like a ripened banana, but when Sandra told Rupert what really went down, the bearded one became suspicious.  It took some…ok, a lot of convincing but Rupert convinced the team to double play Russell to weed out the immunity idol and find out where his allegiances really were.

In the Immunity Challenge, it came down to alliance-mates Parvati and Danielle.  Already holding an idol, Parvati took herself out of the game, ensuring safety for her friend.  So post-challenge Russell (idol), Parvati (idol) and Danielle (individual immunity) – three alliance members – were all safe from elimination.

As the pre-TC strategic planning commenced, the Villains tribe was convinced it was Parvati going home tonight; exactly what the Heroes wanted them to believe. In a bold move, Russell gave his immunity idol to Parvati to ensure her safety. Of course he didn’t know she already had an idol of her own.

Trying to out Russell as a liar, the Heroes told him to vote for Parvati along with them.  But they decided to really vote for Jerri. If there was no vote for Parvati then they would know Russell was lying to them.

Amanda, who is just a horrible actress/liar, tried to convince her “friend” Parvati that she was going home tonight and that she needed to play the idol to save herself.  It seems that Amanda forgot that Parvati has played this game twice before and she’s not an idiot.  Parvati saw right through Amanda’s lies, but since nothing is certain in this game she was unsure whether or not to save herself anyway.

In what was probably the best Tribal Council I’ve ever seen (and that’s saying a lot given what’s happened just this season), all plans were exposed, all liars were revealed and a new leader emerged.

After some grilling by the Probst, it was time to vote. The Heroes went ahead with their plan to vote out Jerri.  The Villains stuck to their guns and voted for J.T. to go home.  But before Jeff could reveal the votes Parvati had a move to make.  She decided to play her immunity idol (not surprising), but rather than use it to save herself, she gave it to Sandra. (What the what?!) At this point in time, I was beyond excited for the Heroes. They got Parvati to use the idol for someone that was safe in the game.  If only that were the end of it.  Not done with the spotlight, Parvati then revealed her second immunity idol. But in a jaw dropping move, she didn’t use this one on herself either.  She gave it to Jerri!!  Parvati had figured out the Heroes dastardly plan and decided to flip the switch and take complete control of the game…much to the utter disbelief of Russell.

With all of Jerri’s votes voided, it was J.T. who was next in line with the most votes.  The country boy torch was snuffed and he’ll join Coach and Courtney as the third juror.

Brazilliant! Cramazing! I don’t know about you but I was absolutely floored by that move.  Bravo to Parvati for holding her cards close to her over-exposed chest until Tribal Council. The element of surprise was stupendous! It was a ballsy move.  By using both idols, Parvati was able to expose Russell as a liar to the remaining Heroes; keep herself in the game; gain perhaps a bit of allegiance from Jerri and Sandra; eliminate the person who was most out to get her; and keep the Villains tribe not only strong but stronger than they have been since before Boston Rob left. Someone start the slow clap for this girl.

The downside for Parvati is that she’s now left without an immunity idol, and she played Russell for a fool.  Russell doesn’t like to be played for a fool. Parvati is going to really step up her flirtation with Russell if she wants to get back on his good side.  I don’t think batting her eyelashes is going to be enough.  She might have to thrown in a few sexual favors to keep Russell on a short leash.

Did Parvati make the right move in using her two idols tonight?  I could care less, all I know is that it was riveting reality TV.

The Villains are in control of this game.  They have the numbers…or so they think.  Sandra is the wild card. The loose cannon.  If the Heroes can get her on board, and win the right challenges, then they have a shot to turn it around next week.  If they don’t win next week and one of them goes home, it’s game over.

Brilliant! Honestly, just fantastic reality TV.  I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am to have decided to watch SURVIVOR this season.  After what I’ve seen so far, I think this show has me back for good.


4 Responses to “SURVIVOR: Ummm…WHAT?!”

  1. Martha on April 23rd, 2010 7:21 am

    I thought it was a great move! She probably did upset Russell but she also, as you said, exposed him as a liar to ALL the heroes so they probably won’t vote with him and cemented her relationships with the other villains (using Russell’s own “give the idol away” trick!)

    I thought this was a great episode and JT got what he deserved. I was howling with laughter when he was basically telling Rupert that he was too stupid to see what was going on and he just needed to listen to JT. Irony FTW!

    I don’t like Parvati much as a person but at this point she probably deserves to win. I also LOVE seeing Russell realize that he’s playing with the big boys now and he might not be quite the king of Survivor that he thought he was. Of course I still think the ONLY reason he has lasted this long is because he had the unique advantage that no one had a chance to see his season before they started taping this one. Otherwise they would know better than to believe him when he “swears on his children”.

  2. Michele on April 23rd, 2010 4:28 pm

    If Parvati can pull Sandra on her side to oust Russell (which she totally would – she hates Russell and now owes Parvati big time) that would pretty much seal the game for her!

  3. Toast with JAM on April 24th, 2010 3:28 am

    Russell doesn’t have a choice but to stick with Parvati. All I can hope is that the teases for next week come true! Sandra takes over the game. Parvati, Russell, and Danielle have always been the minority yet somehow have been running this game. That’s the biggest shocker of them all! Maybe with some more bodies they will finally put a stop to it. Looking at how the heroes have played up to this point, I don’t have a lot of confidence that they’ll start playing as hard and get it together. Here’s hoping!

  4. Survivorfan on April 27th, 2010 8:48 pm

    I really don’t get all these hatred on Parvati thing. I have seen the 2 previous seasons in which she played in and I gotta say, She has been a loyal friend and allie. Yes she can manipulated and backstab people , but she has never done that to anyone that she considered a friend in the show. She admitted to James that she was going to do do an all female alliance and She didnt vote for Amanda when everyone in China wanted her out. As the matter of fact, She even covered for Amanda while Amanda was looking for the Idol which is why I was so dissappointed with Amanda. She just betrayed the last person that would save her from elimination