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24 – Day 8: 11:00am – 12:00pm

May 4, 2010 by  

This season is moving along at a brisk pace, even if its getting tenuous in some places. I would have predicted that President Taylor would have told Logan to take a hike by this point, but the legacy of horrible “24” presidents had to continue, I suppose.


  • Jack and Cole go in and rescue Dana so she can get them the evidence. After being threatened, she leads them to a bank lock box. Cole waivers on who to trust and what Jack will do with the evidence once he gets it.
  • After finding out that Jack escaped Logan, who is essentially controlling the situation at this point, installs his assistant, Piller, into CTU to lead the search for Jack. Piller will then relay all information on Jack’s whereabouts to the Russians, who have agreed to assassinate Jack to keep the evidence a secret.
  • While at the bank, Jack waits outside. When Cole opens the lock box, it’s booby-trapped and it knocks him out. Dana calls 911 to try to arrest Jack and escapes. Jack soon escapes the police and is chasing Dana. He corners her in a warehouse, gets the video evidence, and kills her.

Agent Philboy’s Assessment

First of all, how nice was it to have a full 15-minute segment without interruptions to start tonight’s episode? I enjoyed it, even though “24” has always benefited from the time you have to debate, comment, and argue about all of the action during the commercial breaks.

Like I said up top, whether you like the way certain storylines have progressed this season, things certainly have moved briskly as of late, which makes any episode of “24” much better, in my opinion. The mind screwing of Cole got old pretty quickly, which was the only thing that had me rolling my eyes a bit. Did anyone really think, for a second, that we should trust Dana over Jack?

Also, let’s say that Jack didn’t use the evidence to “find justice” and went on a revenge-filled killing spree instead. Would that be so bad? I know that we always want Jack to be on the right side of the law, but it’s the last season. Would it be horrible for Jack to go all “Death Wish” on everyone to avenge Renee’s death? No one would blame him. I certainly wouldn’t.

Finally, I loved that this episode really ramped up the action and bullets. I love episodes that are more thought-provoking, but those can only take a season of “24” so far. Eventually, the blood needs to be spilled and this episode did it oh so well. I missed cheering when someone died, like I used to so often during “24.” It happened again tonight when Jack didn’t flake out on me and actually killed that lying, conniving turncoat.

Weekly Death Count = 8 Total Kill Count = 43

Only four hours left! Where will Jack go now with the evidence against the Russians?


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  1. Lisa on May 5th, 2010 8:01 am

    I noticed (with glee I might add) that the conniving turncoat did not get a silent clock. Kudos to the acting behind Dana, I am not a violent person but was pulling for her to get two in the hat 🙂