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The TV Talk Podcast – Two Idiots Talk LOST

May 21, 2010 by  

After a mini-hiatus, we are back with our penultimate TWO IDIOTS TALK LOST podcast. We’re so close to the end of LOST that honestly these two idiots can hardly stand it.

In this podcast we cover the latest island developments, the latest sideways glances, some hardcore deaths and of course, Fiona Faraday. Is it possible this show ends in 2 days? Crazytown.

*Recorded: 5/20/10

Listen now: The TV Talk Podcast: Two Idiots Talk LOST – The End is Near


One Response to “The TV Talk Podcast – Two Idiots Talk LOST”

  1. AMM on May 21st, 2010 3:37 pm

    So happy that you guys put out another podcast. Made my Friday even better!

    About Ben and Widmore: I remember that scene in Widmore’s bedroom also about how they can’t kill each other. So I’m conflicted – Ben and Widmore have been at odds this whole time – but we always assumed Ben was on Jacob’s side and trying to protect the island. But now we are given the impression that Widmore is on Jacob’s side (and hmmm – was Wildmore the one Jacob was trying to bring to the island with the Light House – or was it Desmond?). IF it happens they are both trying to protect the island – maybe Widmore isn’t really dead (since Ben can’t kill him) and Ben shooting him was a distraction to throw Smokie off. (brain hurts)

    Excited and sad to see how it all ends.