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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: A Sort of Homecoming

June 2, 2010 by  

Who is on your team? If you had to put together a starting lineup of friends, who would make the cut? It is becoming difficult to identify our inner circles, especially when social networks now extend far beyond our hometowns. I relish in the temporary satisfaction of having a virtual friend “like” my Facebook status or retweet one of my jokes. Yet, I can count the number of true confidants in my life on one hand.

On this week’s Friday Night Lights, some of Dillon’s most recognizable faces learned that allegiances can shift instantly. The game of perception cannot be mastered, so you have to go to battle with people you trust. It is as simple as Coach Eric Taylor says. “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Vince Howard and Luke Cafferty represent the two sides of Dillon. They are natural rivals, not simply due to race or upbringing, but circumstance. Vince walks with a confident stare and an armor of machismo. Luke carries himself with measured steps and the manners of a southern gentleman. Both want to leave Dillon, using football as their vehicle of escape. When Luke’s friends left him hanging, both he and Vince received a harsh reality check. Teammates have each other’s back. They don’t abandon their friends when the cops are approaching, and they don’t let someone else take the fall for them. For better or worse, Vince and Luke are Lions. Their mutual respect should lead to an eventful relationship on the field.

I have one quick aside to offer about the Panthers/Lions rivalry. There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that the colors of these teams were chosen for a specific purpose. On this show, the rooting interests of the town are divided by red and blue. It is hard to turn a 24-hour news network without hearing those terms applied to Americans. Most TV drama is allegorical on some level, but FNL handles the cultural divide with more care than MSNBC or Fox News. Thanks for indulging my inner news junkie!

Eric Taylor and Buddy Garrity are both ex-Panthers, and the backbone of building a new football program at East Dillon. It is a humbling process for men who are well versed in the spoils of success. Starting from scratch is painstaking work. It is a labor of love, and we are seeing the true ties of friendship in these efforts. Eric and Buddy may never have been drinking buddies without their passion for football. Now, I can hardly imagine a world in which Coach Taylor can be an effective mentor without Buddy Garrity collecting checks and doing the dirty work.

Tim Riggins had to scramble to find a hunting partner after his brother Billy bailed. Becky wanted someone to care about her pageant career, even if her Mom let her down yet again. These two are building a very unique friendship, and it’s easier to show you than to try and describe it further. (My apologies to our international readers. I would like to stay in good graces with NBC, so Hulu it is)

If you needed a couple to fight your battles for you, Eric & Tami Taylor would be a fine choice. They draw strength from one another, in the way that old fashioned people like me believe marriage can do. Here is a selection from Kyle Chandler & Connie Britton’s master class on letting the moment breathe:

Try as I might, I cannot connect this scene with my “big picture” theme. It is just too spicy not to share. Gentlemen, THIS is how you make a girl’s knees wobble. Take it away, Landry…

Obviously, the big news from this episode is the passing of Matt’s father. Addressed only in the closing moments, it serves as the backdrop for next week’s “The Son.” Prepare yourself for a powerful hour of television, ranking among the best that Jason Katims and his team have produced. Zach Gilford gives a performance that will tear at your heart and turn you inside out. It is not just Emmy-worthy, it is career-making.

What were your favorite moments? Are Vince & Luke becoming true friends? Can you see Jess and Landry as a couple? Where is Tim & Becky’s relationship headed? I’m looking forward to reading your feedback, and joining the discussion!

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