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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: So Emily is Gay but Hanna’s Boyfriend is Too, Right?!

June 23, 2010 by  

Alright, so, I haven’t really taken the time to thumb through the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS book series, so it’s quite possible that several of you readers know whether or not my headline is true.

Am I way off base?

That poor preacher’s kid is in the closet, yes?

Hanna is throwing herself at a gay boy?

Poor girl. Your rejection has nothing to do with your former plus-size figure! Stop crying! Go steal another pair of sunglasses or something instead.


No, but seriously, can we talk about Tuesday (June 22) night’s PLL?

There are a few other discussion topics I’d like to hit:

– Who is this Toby dude? And why did he save Emily from her stupid b/f’s attempted locker raping? He must be a good guy. Yes? No?

– Tell me you noticed that the show has cast not one, but two ONE TREE HILL psychos? Both crazy Nanny Carrie (Spencer’s bitchy sister played by Torrey DeVitto) and the trigger-happy single white female who shot Quinn and Clay (Aria’s dad’s mistress played by Amanda Schull) are once again portraying a$$faces onscreen!

– We totally want Aria and her hot teacher, as well as Spencer and her sister’s ex-fiance, to hump, right? The sexual tension has been established. So, are we ready for a little, uh, boom boom pow now?


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30 Responses to “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS: So Emily is Gay but Hanna’s Boyfriend is Too, Right?!”

  1. Alyson on June 23rd, 2010 11:00 am

    I’m not sure if he’s gay or not. Was it me or did he show some serious interest towards Alison back when Hanna was heavier? Maybe he already gave it up to Alison and is still hung up on her or something?

    I like Wren and Mr. Fitz, though it seems a bit repetitive to have both Aria and Spencer having romances with forbidden, older men. They’re what? 16 years old? And both guys are probably at least 24 – it’s kind of creepy.

  2. RuthieVDO on June 23rd, 2010 11:37 am

    I have to agree with Alyson, about the romances with the older men. Why can’t they just make the girls at least 17 or 18 and Seniors in High School, that way it wouldn’t be so bad. I still love Aria and Ezra (I refuse to call him Mr. Fitz) Has she even said his name yet?

    And thanks for bringing up the possibility of Hannah’s BF being involved with Aly!! I never thought of that!

  3. Rishi on June 23rd, 2010 11:52 am

    The first thing I want is Spencer to get her guest house room now that Carrie isn’t engaged anymore. Yeah, I’m petty like that.

  4. Michele on June 23rd, 2010 12:15 pm

    Am I the only one who doesn’t buy Maya as a teenager AT ALL? I mean we saw her play teenage vampire slayer Kendra what, like 10 years ago? It drives me nuts every time I see her. And yes – it is totally bizarre for Hanna’s bf to reject her so bizarrely, and I think I’d like to see both girls get thier (older) men – even if the teacher thing is a tad creepy.

  5. Maggie on June 23rd, 2010 1:51 pm

    I definitely noticed the OTH psychos right away!!!

    I got the same vibe between the preacher’s son and Ally in the flashback. He was at least interested in her.

    And as far as Toby, what could Ally have had on him that he would take the fall for a fire in which his stepsister was injured???

    And the difference in ages between the girls and their love interests don’t bother me as much… I think the actors all look about the same age, so the age difference between the characters doesn’t stand out that much. Plus, the girls are pretty mature for their ages, so that might make them seem older to me.

  6. Amanda on June 23rd, 2010 2:48 pm

    Yes, I also totally thought that Hanna’s boyfriend is gay. While I felt bad for Hanna, I think it is good to see her character’s vunlerable side. Makes her seem nicer and easier to relate too. I also want Wren to sleep with Spencer (and for Spencer to get her guest house too) because Spencer’s whole family seems so obnoxious. But I wish they had cast a more attractive actress to play Spencer. The other girls on the show (and Spencer’s sister) are so gorgeous. It just doesn’t make as much sense that Wren would choose to fool around with Spencer.

  7. boby on June 23rd, 2010 3:27 pm

    I don’t think Hanna’s boyfriend is gay, ’cause he obviously had a crush on Allison. The choice he was referring to is more a religious thing

  8. TVDoneWright on June 23rd, 2010 3:41 pm

    Umm, just because a guy doesn’t want to jump in the sack with a girl because everyone else does it, doesn’t make him Gay. It’s a choice to wait, don’t label him (and every other guy who waits)

  9. Korbi on June 23rd, 2010 3:51 pm

    TVDoneWright, you’re right you’re right… and him being gay is just too easy, I guess… but he’s SO disinterested… it’s very strange.

  10. TVDoneWright on June 23rd, 2010 4:03 pm

    I will admit I did yell out “SCREW FOOSBALL!” lol I mean…look at her! 😀

  11. Alison on June 23rd, 2010 8:20 pm

    I thought he was gay, too, but I do admit that that would be too easy. And there wasn’t any mention of the creepy shrine some dude was making of Emily and Maya- super creepy! And yeah, Aria and Mr. Fitz seriously need to get it on.

  12. Paige on June 27th, 2010 3:11 pm

    Ok so pretty much you guys are all wrong.
    I read the books.
    Sean is NOT gay. He is part of some church group and he beleives that it’s a good thing to wait to do it. His Dad wanted him to wait alos, so Sean thinks it’s the right thing to do.
    Oh and I really suggest you don’t call Toby a “good dude”….
    I would tell all of you why he isn’t, but that would ruin the show for you.
    If you hadn’t noticed already, Toby is Jenna’s older brother. Jenna is blind because she had seen, or was close to, the explosion that Alison had casued. But they did also mention in the show that she had gone to a school somewhere to improve her eye sight and that she was now back.
    My conclusion about this was that; Why is she back?
    This is also the question Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily are wondering.

    What about when Spencer turned the corner and she was running and then- she saw Jenna, typing messages and speaking into a bluetooth or sumthing.. we all heard her say “Send message to-”
    But then what did we see?
    What did Spencer see?
    What did JENNA see?
    Jenna turned around as if she noticed someone was there,
    I mean, everyone knows that feeling when someone is near them or if they know someone is staring at them.
    But Jenna is blind…
    Or was..
    Or never was..
    We don’t know.
    I’m guessing that she can see perfectly fine. She’s the one stalking the girls. Shes the one sending the messages.
    But who murdered Ali?
    My guess…

  13. Gabriel on June 29th, 2010 6:52 pm

    Nah guys… Jenna is blind but she knows who did it and why it happend… but i Know who A is… accidentaly read it.. seeking if hanna´s bf is gay… well i wont tell u! but yeah hannas bf is gay!

  14. Amanda on July 1st, 2010 1:57 pm

    Who’s starting to suspect mr. fitz??
    Who thinks Mr. Fitz killed Allison and is sending the messages
    * Allison was dating an older boy that summer
    * she could have told him all there secrets
    * he is from that town, he graduated from Hollis
    *he had a typewriter in his apartment
    * the letter that was sent to Aria’s mom lookedlike it was done on a typewriter
    * he was the only one she told about her parents.

  15. wendy on July 7th, 2010 9:39 pm

    Toby, Jenna’s brother
    he “touched” Jenna once, now they make him look and sound like he is “A” to confuse everyone, in teh promo when he says “we all got secrets” Emily thinks he is “A” and pushes him, he meant he also had a secret(the Jenna touchign thingy) it was just once and he ends up killing himself. I feel bad for him cause it seems like he has a lot of trauma cause of that, but Im glad he has lil time left in teh series, cause Emily and Maya were better

    Spencer totally looks better with her sister’s ex, idk why they got “Alex” in there.

    Aria should have told her teacher about “A” so he wouldnt b mad 🙁

  16. myp.louis on July 13th, 2010 7:06 pm

    I love the series. I feel bad for toby because nobody likes him, and I think aria and mr. Fitz are good together. I think that -A is arias fathers mistress who knows about things in arias life and follows her around . Hanna’s weak attempt to seduce her boyfriend was really shallow, cause she did it because she felt insecure about herself. Emily and maya don’t really seem good together. I don’t really like maya, she seems too wired. The cop he’s a jerk and he’s old news I think he’s manipulating skum. I can’t wait for the new episode tonight a lot of secrets will be reviled hopefully. The girls all seem so mature for their ages but it seems like they want all of this to go away and enjoys being teenagers. Guess we’ll find out more in the long run!

  17. Haley on July 14th, 2010 2:07 pm

    OK! Did anyone notice that the two recent physcos that were on OTH are now on Pretty Little Liars??!??!??! I mean seriously. I was like WTF! They didnt make it on that show(they were obviously killed off)so they went here. LOL!

  18. valerie on July 16th, 2010 10:02 pm

    omg jenna is tobys stepsister their dateing omg

  19. molly on July 18th, 2010 3:00 am

    valerie theyre not dating thats so weird but he did fool around with her thats why you saw ali threatening him

  20. sarah on July 18th, 2010 3:02 am

    paige you obviously didnt read the books youre totally wrong about almost everything

  21. Stephanie on July 21st, 2010 1:01 pm

    I totally agree with Sara. Paige, I don’t get how you say you read the books but you got almost everything wrong..? Well anyways I DID read them and know how everything ends and who the killer is and about Toby and Jenna. I’m not going to spoil it but ask if you have questions 🙂

  22. Davida on July 27th, 2010 6:47 pm

    Fitz? I don’t think so he’s just a guy that happens to be older and her teacher, my opinion he’s not the killer.

    Jenna? she’s blind for one, second everyone’s going to suspect her as the killer right there should tell you it’s not her. and third she’s just always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Toby? He’s did wrong with his stepsister but tht doesn’t make him a killer, I think he’s just a little mis-understood, I don’t believe he is the killer either.

    Spencer’s Sister? A lot of people think she’s the killer and honestly I don’t think even for a bit that she’s the killer she’s just a b****.

    Mia? She was my first guess because she moved into alison’s house and there was a lot of stuff left behind like I don’t know maybe a journal or diary that posssibly hade all of the girls secrets in it, and because she liked Emily and seen that her and Alison had something. but I don’t think she’s the killer.

    Mona? My guess she’s the killer, she had every reason to get back at the girls for the way they treated her and we all now she haded Alison. Plus she’s never around when the text or coming thru or bad things seem to happen. I difently think she could be the killer.

    check out my myspace blog – Davida Muzny <—- (my name)

  23. stephanie on August 3rd, 2010 10:58 pm

    ok i did not read the books but my friends did and if u want to not Wat happen then read on but if u dont want 2 no then do not read!
    Ali had a twin Courtney who was crazy and was in some hospital but came home 4 the summer and told her parents that she was Ali and Ali was country and country was Ali the hole time in the TV show every thing so Ali got out and killed country and then went back so Ali is still alive but her friends dont no that and o by the way A is Mona but Mona dies at home coming so thats y tobby bark the population at the school -1 Ali is now A bcuz she herd that Mona died and in the book hanna gets hit by a car by mona bcuz hanna found out and she was in hospital 4 a week and in theh tv show that does not happen o and Tobey is not alive he committed suised

  24. Kaya on August 20th, 2010 4:56 am

    Okay…..Sean is NOT gay at all he is in a church group and he wants to wait till he is married which is completely understandable. And if anyone read the books then they would know that Mr.Fitz and Aria did do it….And same with Spencer and Wren. And Ali was never killed it was a accident Toby went to her when the girls were having that sleepover in the woods to beg her not to tell anybody about what happened between him and Jenna and when she was walking away he grabbed her wrist and she yanked it away and fell down the hill/cliff and died that way so it was nobody’s fault at all.

    And Ali is really dead and Mona is “A” because when Hanna get a new phone and “A” texts her but using her personal phone by mistake and Hanna recognized the number and found out that it was Mona and it’s not in the movie but that is why Mona ran Hanna over because she figured out who “A” was. And in the end when Mona dies apparentely a NEW “A” shows up and I have no idea who that one is.

    And Jenna has nothing to do with any of the texts…

  25. Dominick on November 16th, 2010 11:47 pm

    hannahs bf IS GAY in the book

  26. Jeniffer on January 17th, 2011 4:20 pm

    Sean isn’t gay, otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting his time with Hannah. Toby isn’t A. and neither is Mr. Fitz. A is someone you wouldn’t even expect it to be. Turns out, Alison has a twin sister she didn’t tell anyone about, because Courtney, her sister, is mental. She got sent to the crazy house, but escaped and sent Alison there in her place. Somehow, Alison escaped, and took Courtney out of the barn the night and buried her alive in revenge. Mona is the first A. She finds Alison’s diary and reads the girls secrets, but is killed why trying to push Spencer off a cliff, and in return gets killed. Then, Ian turns out to be the next A. But he gets killed also. I’m not to sure how he gets killed, but I do know that Alison kills him. The last A turns out to be the real Alison. She traps Hannah, Spencer, Aria and Emily in a house, and burns it down trying to kill them also. The girls open a closet and they find Melissa, Spencers’ sister, clutching Ian’s corpse. Alison her self gets locked in the house, while the girls escape, and ends up dying.
    That’s from all the books. ^.^

  27. Brittney on January 17th, 2011 4:28 pm

    I agree 100% with Jeniffer. She knows what she is talking about, unlike some of you other people!

  28. jffjmmvfjk on June 22nd, 2012 12:21 pm

    First of all i’ve watched the third series and Caleb’s not gay , Mona’s in the nuthouse because she’s A but their’s another A and did i mention Hanna has been visiting Mona to get answers and Caleb doesn’t like it because she’s a psycho but Mona’s been very nice to Hanna so Caleb visits she goes psycho on him and Mia was murdered by a A but it wasn’t Mona and everyone feels sorry for Emily so wheb she’s doing bad at English class (p.s it’s not the language) Aria susgested that Ezra (her boyfriend) should tutor her for her makeup test since he used to teach English then when she does taje the test she ran out of time and didn’t finish the test Aria’s mom teaches that class and finished the test for her the vice princepal figured out and Ezra lied to him and told him that he did it he understanded since he was his tutor .Thank’s i hope i helped oh yay Jenna can see

  29. Sam on June 23rd, 2012 8:43 pm

    I thought in the books Hanna’s bf was having an affair with her mother? don’t remember it’s been a while since i read the books but i thought that was what happened.

  30. antonella on October 14th, 2015 11:06 pm

    recuerdas conoci pero si Alison ella murio unos meses despues de que Alison desparecion una semana antres de que Alison despareciera sospechosos terian una hija que estaba presumida muerta dogra peligrosos historia Alsion y despues dedio habeles echado eso eso una cara jason la noche en el la que desapareico y por eso lo mato familia dilaurentis esa ncohe esta drogandote cuando vi las pastilla tomas con alchol secretos una persona tan horrible