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Warehouse 13 Season Two Premiere Review- Time Will Tell

July 7, 2010 by  

Warehouse 13

Boom goes the dynamite, WAREHOUSE 13 fans! What is UP?! It has been SO long since we’ve had new episodes. I didn’t think this summer season was EVER going to come. But here it is! And wasn’t the premiere great? First of all, I loved that season two picked up immediately where season one left off. Season one left us with many questions, and I wanted them answered. But I didn’t want to be TOLD them…I wanted to see what happened.

And right away, we got…more questions.

Haha, but I guess that was to be expected, right? First of all, how the heck did Artie transpose into the flesh with Myka and Pete? And was Mrs. Fredericks the one who was killed? And…who was the person in the gray robe that Leena passed to MacPherson?

So yes, there were more questions, but what made that okay was that Pete, Myka and even Artie were completely…themselves, right away. Within the first few minutes, I felt like I was right back into the warehouse, with all of its quirks and smiling at Pete’s antics (and love of….comic books) and Myka’s love of libraries. GMMR’s Marisa Roffman talked with Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly (Pete & Myka) and what I liked best about that interview (You can read that, and a little recap of the end of last season here…) is that they reinforced the idea that they aren’t interested in creating a ‘will they or won’t they’ romantic tension and are very satisfied with the brother/sister dynamic that is set up. Warehouse 13 is definitely a show with family as a root theme, and this episode reinforced that. And, along the way it managed to answer some of the questions it posed.

We see Artie at the bedside of hospitalized Mrs. F, and he has a flash or vision of her telling him to search for Claudia and her brother Joshua. Artie leaves Pete and Myka to search the warehouse for any clues or traces MacPherson may have left. When they start in the bronzing room, they see that the bronzer had two manual entries; one was the de-bronzing of MacPherson himself, and the other (the mysterious robed person)…was H.G. Wells.

That reveal raised a few eyebrows, including mine and Pete’s. But further research shows that a historical Wells’ home had been broken into with nothing stolen. This leads Pete to have a vibe about going to London and Myka goes along with it.

The theme of family is continued when we see Claudia chatting online with Joshua who is then interrupted by one of his employers. It’s not a surprise when the employer is revealed to be MacPherson.

Meanwhile, Pete & Myka have arrived in London to find Wells and see if ‘he’ is up to no good. One of the trends I didn’t like last season was the way Pete was kind of presented as a bumbling idiot. After all, the show’s premise revolves around the idea that he and Myka are top agents and being assigned to the warehouse is a promotion (even if they didn’t see it that way). So when he busted into the dramatic presentation with the HG Wells impersonator, spouting off accusations, I was annoyed.

Myka is also slightly annoyed, but she deals, and she has bigger Pete issues, in that he is continually attracted to a British tourist whom he makes out with in the entrance of the Wells home. But what news does Myka have for him? HG Wells is a woman, of course. But by that time, Pete has figured that out for himself, because she has turned his Tesla gun against him. What did you think of that plot point that Wells is a woman? It worked for me.

Wells is there to get back the ‘Impercepter Vest’ , and she is tag-teaming with MacPherson because once she has the vest, they can quickly and ‘imperceptively’ penetrate the Escher vault in the warehouse, where all the belongings of bronzed persons are stored. Sidenote: Remember last year when we talked about how the bronzing seemed to be kind of inhumane, and that lent a dark quality to the warehouse? I liked how that was reinforced in this episode, when Pete & Myka found out that people who are bronzed are capable of thought. I liked that Pete asked Artie if HE knew that, and it was interesting to me that Artie said yes.

You know how sometimes, you see something happening on a show, and your first thought it…I can’t believe this is happening, but when you really take a second thought, you realize, ‘this is totally plausible’? Um…Mrs. F. choking Leena to death was simultaneously shocking and yet completely in character. Didn’t you think so? I certainly appreciated that Leena was brought back to life almost immediately, but I’m just saying, I totally bought into the idea that Mrs. F could kill like that.

The rest of the team manages to get back to the warehouse fast enough to trick MacPherson, but when Wells joins them quickly, she has her own plan. She breaks MacPherson’s beads, which we know means his imminent death. I know he’s a bad guy and all, but I was kind of bummed that he’s dead, if only because he has been an excellent villain.

I liked that the ‘artifact’ for this week was both Wells AND the Impercepter Vest, and I think it’s safe to assume that Wells is our new villain, and I have to admit that she makes a good one.

All in all, the season two premiere did a great job of re-introducing us to each character (including the warehouse), creating an interesting case, and reinforcing the underlying theme of family. All of this, combined with the bickering between Claudia and Leena, Artie giving Claudia the handheld communicator and the shared smiles between Pete & Myka proved to me that the writers are clear on what they want to accomplish this season, and I’m more excited now that I’ve seen the episode than before it started.

The best line of the night actually came from MacPherson, “Welcome to the future; let’s change it, shall we?” So…welcome to season two of Warehouse 13. Let’s watch together, shall we?!

Be sure to comment below! Let me know what you thought of this episode and what you’ve been up to this summer so far!

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  1. Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect on July 7th, 2010 3:21 pm

    I just discovered this show YESTERDAY! I actually clicked on an ad for it (who knew those things work?) and then listened to a few episodes before watching the finale and S2 premiere last night. I read an article (was it here, on GMMR??) that said it’s like Bones meets X-Files meets Moonlighting. I like that – and I like the show a lot!

    Thanks for the recap. Nice to have something FUN to think about after that Bones announcement this morning (boo.).