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Who Went Home on BIG BROTHER?

July 15, 2010 by  

The first eviction of BIG BROTHER 12 is here. But that’s not the exciting news of tonight. Tonight we will learn the identity of the elusive Saboteur.

To find out who went home and who has been secretly messing with the house?

Find out after the break.

Tonight, in a unanimous vote, the house evicted Annie from the house. I’m sure this news didn’t please CBS execs as it was also revealed tonight that Annie was in fact the secret Saboteur. Uh oh. So much for that twist.

I did have a feeling that Annie was the one causing chaos. Watching BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK and catching a bit of the live feeds can really tell you a lot. BIG BROTHER certainly tries to interfere with the game play if they can. It was inferred that BIG BROTHER tried to convince Hayden not to put up Annie this week. Why would BB care…unless they needed her.

The Head of Household Competition

Voting out Annie wasn’t the only task of the HG’s tonight. They also had to compete in the Head of Household competition.  In a majority rules poll, it came down to Rachel, Britney and Money.  and in a BIG win for the house, Rachel became the next Head of Household. From the block to the penthouse in the same night. Not too bad.

Your thoughts on Annie’s eviction? Did you suspect her as the Saboteur? Are you happy or disappointed that the season’s first twist is already over?

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