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BIG BROTHER’s HOH Puts Two Housemates on the Block

July 26, 2010 by  

When the Chenbot wrapped up last Thursday’s episode, all the BIG BROTHER 12 houseguests were still in the running for HOH. But one by one, they fell from their surfboards. The first five out – Kathy, Lane, Kristen Hayden and Britney – were this week’s “Haves”. Those toughing it out longer were the “Have Nots”. Well that doesn’t seem fair, does it?

As we told you late Thursday night, Matt was the last one standing. And for the second week in a row, someone who was on the block the week before became Head of Household.

Tonight we saw the snoozefest that was the HOH competition play out. We got to see my favorite HG, Ragan, show a little game play by trying to make a few deals. But Matt was victorious. Now it’s decision time. Who will go up on the block?

All assumed that his targets would be Rachel and Brendon as they’re everyone’s targets. The terrible twosome (emphasis on “terrible”) have isolated themselves from the rest of the house, not just physically but by flaunting their showmance/alliance so early in the game. Just so we’re clear, Jeff and Jordan they are NOT! I watch BIG BROTHER AFTER DARK and I’m nauseated by these two. The baby talk, the serious relationship conversations they have about being together in the future, and grandkids. Yech! I’m sure CBS will do what they can to make sure these two stick around, but I’d be fine with either of them leaving (but I’d be more fine with Rachel leaving.)

Oh right, we were talking about Matt’s nominations. Sorry about that. Matt’s alliance, “The Brigade”, really wanted Brendon and Rachel on the block, but Matt had other plans. At least for now.

Tonight he nominated Kathy and Andrew for eviction. Kathy because she was one of the two votes cast for his eviction (the other vote coming from Britney, which he understood given her relationship with Monet) and Andrew as he pawn. Huh? Listen, being the pawn is never a good idea, and if Andrew stays, I don’t think Andrew is going to forget this any time soon.

The Brigade really wants Matt to backdoor either Brendon or Rachel if the POV is used. I guess we’ll see.

Your thoughts on Matt’s nominations? Did he make a big mistake by not nominating Brendon and Rachel? A bigger mistake in trying to use Andrew as a pawn?

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One Response to “BIG BROTHER’s HOH Puts Two Housemates on the Block”

  1. Erik on July 26th, 2010 7:39 pm

    I have also fallen victim to the guilty pleasures of Big Brother After Dark, and I am ASTOUNDED at how many hours the housemates spend talking about strategy. It’s simultanously nauseating and narcissistic, but I love it!