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THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Men Tell All Edition

July 27, 2010 by  

Let’s be completely honest: Monday’s THE BACHELORETTE: MEN TELL ALL special was a big freaking disappointment.

I mean, this season was full of drama. We had some of the craziest contestants ever.

So you’d think that when you reunited so many of them to rehash what happened over the course of the season, there would be some fireworks.

And all we got was that?

There was no drama!

The biggest troublemakers? MIA.

Craig M. wasn’t there. Justin refused to show up.

And Frank — we have to admit, btw, that after watching the recap of his relationship with Ali, we’re even more devastated that he bailed on the show and her — isn’t set to appear until next week’s AFTER THE FINAL ROSE special.

Um, unless he returns last minute and declares his undying love for our bachelorette and she takes him back — which she’s already said she wouldn’t do — this is just dumb.

Without Frank, the most exciting thing about the two-hour special was the Kasey interview. And Kasey didn’t even seem as super crazy as he was during the show. Oh, and the men telling the Weatherman that he bitched out when Craig M. confronted him after telling Ali he was dangerous — that was a highlight.


Look, we get that ABC couldn’t do anything about Justin refusing to show up. They did the next best thing by having Jessie — the former THE BACHELOR contestant who brought Justin’s duplicity to light — come on to explain how she knew about Justin’s girlfriend and to reveal that there were some incriminating text messages that THE BACHELORETTE viewers hadn’t been privy to, but still…not the same.

Frank, however? They really should have made that happen.

Kirk — whom you may remember was the dude that got kicked off right before Frank left — seemed just devastated that his friend, Frank, knew all along that he was having feelings for another woman and wasn’t up front and honest about it during the show. In Kirk’s mind, Frank hurt Kirk’s chances with Ali by staying quiet and he is still upset about it, because he felt like he was really falling in love with her.

Can you imagine how amazing that reunion could have been had Kirk and Frank been on the same stage? Most of the guys were sympathetic to Frank, but Kirk would’ve probably demanded an apology. Did you see how crushed he looked when he saw Ali again and she said that everything worked out the way it was supposed to?


On the bright side? THE BACHELOR PAD, which ABC previewed, looks so trashtastically amazing that there will likely be no shortage of WTF Moments when that show starts airing.

But anyway, next week, Ali chooses her guy. Everything up to this point seems to be screaming that Roberto will get the final rose, but the clip package hinted that she has bonded with Chris in a way we weren’t entirely aware of.

I’m still thinking she’ll pick Roberto, though.

What do you think? Team Roberto or Team Chris? Or Team Nobody?

And were you totally bored with the Men Tell All special too?

Let’s discuss…

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2 Responses to “THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Men Tell All Edition”

  1. Jackie on July 27th, 2010 6:21 pm

    Team Chris!! I like Roberto too…but I think that Chris and Ali do have a connection as well (maybe not as sexual) but if she really is looking for a long time commitment I really believe that would be with Chris! no??

  2. Emily on July 28th, 2010 10:21 am

    Forget Ali, I pick Chris for ME!!