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THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Final Rose Edition

August 3, 2010 by  

So, Ali decided to defy BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE history and put her runner up out of his misery early.

And, look, I respect that she didn’t want to drag her eliminated suitor(s) through any additional pain.

It’s sweet in theory, because let’s be honest, between the two contestants, if Ali was going to pick one of ’em, it seemed pretty obvious which guy was going to come out the winner.

But the buzz pre-finale seemed to be that, in the wake of Frank ditching her, she’d end up pulling a Kelly Taylor (AKA choosing herself, it’s a BEVERLY HILLS: 90210 reference).

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

Not only did Ali choose someone, but she cut Chris L. loose before that final rose ceremony where she was expected to break his heart.

Sure, she brought Chris L. to meet her parents and there was an obvious connection between him and her family.

But after her solo date with Roberto, Ali decided that she didn’t want to give Chris L. false hope. So she canceled their date and told him she was in love with Roberto.

Chris L. was crushed. I mean, he’d just told the camera crew how much he loved Ali, how he wanted her to be his wife, etc. But he was respectful and thankful that she hadn’t dragged it out and let him fall even harder since she had already made up her mind.

Class act.

However, was I the only one who found the whole thing a little unfair? I understand she was in love with Roberto, but even she had acknowledged that her connection with Chris L. was developing slowly. Who knows what would have happened had they had their final date.

Though it’s entirely possible that Ali had already narrowed her final two down to Frank and Roberto before Frank ditched the show. Perhaps she always knew that Chris L. wasn’t a real possibility. And her chemistry with Roberto was off-the-charts.

The slightly disturbing thing? Ali kept saying she didn’t feel like she deserved Roberto. She’s said that many times throughout the series, in fact.

I guess she finds him super hot and she’s head-over-heels crazy about him? Or she’s hiding something? Tell us more about why you think he’s too good for you, Ali…

It’s not really the key to a healthy relationship.

Then again, this is THE BACHELORETTE! Who ever said they were going to have a healthy relationship?!

…Though they did look like they were in love during the post-finale special, AFTER THE FINAL ROSE.

The special was relatively drama-free.

Ali and Roberto were glowing and so clearly giddy to be together. Good for them. He wasn’t my first pick for Ali, but if they’re happy, best of luck to them.

Still annoyed, however, that Frank — whom I really wanted her to end up with — pansied out, not even showing up for the FINAL ROSE taping where he was supposed to explain himself.

Sigh. So lame.

10 bucks says he and Nicole broke up and he didn’t want to have to face Ali.

Chris L., on the other hand, could not have been cooler during the special. Not only did he show up, but he was understanding of Ali’s decision and super sweet too.

Here’s hoping he’ll be the next BACHELOR.

He’d be perfect, right?

So are you okay with how this season’s THE BACHELORETTE ended?

Think Ali and Roberto have a shot?

And will you be watching THE BACHELOR PAD next week?

You know I’ll be all over that.

Let’s chat…

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One Response to “THE BACHELORETTE WTF Moment of the Week: Final Rose Edition”

  1. Jess on August 7th, 2010 12:03 pm

    Not sure how I feel about Chris L. being the next bachelor. I think he’s really too sweet and caring to go through all that. I think the whole process would be really hard on him. Though I think he’s an amazing guy and deserves to find that one special lady to share his life with.

    As for Ali and Roberto…I don’t know how I feel about that either. They seem to be happy. I think Ali is an amazing girl so I hope this works out for her. But I always felt like she was infatuated with him. I’m not entirely sure they had the same solid foundation to their relationship that Chris and Ali did. Though, we only get to see what the cameras show us, so who knows what their relationship is like off camera. Maybe they do have a really strong emotional bond in addition to the obvious physical chemistry.

    I respect Ali’s decision not to keep Chris L. It was pretty clear throughout the family days that Ali was leaning toward Roberto. She constantly had a goofy grin on her face and she couldn’t keep her hands off him. She clearly wasn’t ready to make a commitment to Chris with such over the top emotions for Roberto. I think, in the end, she did the best she could. She was as honest and fair as the format of the show would allow.

    Props to Chris for handling it like such a gentleman. I have no doubt there is someone out there who would be lucky to have him. Sweet, down to Earth, a family man, a class act, and good looking.

    Good luck to all of them.