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PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Summer Finale: Something Major Goes Down in the Last Ten Minutes

August 10, 2010 by  

GIVE ME MY REMOTE has seen a lot of the PRETTY LITTLE LIARS lately, chatting with the ladies at Sunday’s TEEN CHOICE AWARDS and meeting up with them for a day of “glamping” (glamorous camping, of course) at the Willow Spa this week as well.

The glamping was in honor of Tuesday’s summer season finale, during which Mona hosts a similar sort of event and invites the PLLs to attend… though Hanna’s invitation is revoked when Mona receives a message from ‘A’ claiming that Hanna expedited her recent weight loss with some secret liposuction.

No matter. Hanna will gladly watch Mona’s bash from the sidelines, especially after the girls get a text which leads them to believe that ‘A’ will be there.

Meanwhile, the FBI descends upon Rosewood with a piece of videotape from the night Alison disappeared, which makes somebody who is close to one of the girls look very guilty.

And it’s seriously difficult to know who to trust as the situation seems to be getting increasingly dangerous.

Even the actresses who play the “Pretty Little Liars” — Shay Mitchell, Lucy Hale, Troian Bellisario and Ashley Benson — are unsure of which way this story is headed.

“I think it’s going to be awhile before we find out [who ‘A’ is],” Benson said with her co-stars nodding in agreement and confirming that ‘A”s identity on the TV show is not the same as his or her identity in the book series.

That’s right, I said his or her.

Has it ever crossed your mind that ‘A’ could be a dude?

When I jokingly told Hale that her former onscreen love interest, Ezra, was obviously the culprit, she told me that several people have seriously suggested this theory.

Hale is hoping, however, that’s not the case as she’s rooting for an Ezra-Aria reunion.

So, what do you guys think?

Any guesses on the identity of ‘A’ at this point?

Everyone is a suspect, no?

Is it possible that one of the girls’ parents is running this scam?

Hanna’s mom (Laura Leighton) is strapped for cash and bitter about her divorce — in fact, she may be doing something very shady in this finale to deal with her financial situation. Aria’s mom (Holly Marie Combs) is confronting the infidelity of her husband, which her daughter kept from her for over a year. Emily’s mom (Nia Peeples) is just beginning to suspect her kid’s lesbian tendencies… though I don’t know that that’s a suitable motive for deception and/or murder… but, hey, I’m simply throwing out ideas here.

Either way, the mystery will unfold further at 8 p.m. this evening on ABC Family. And make sure you stay alert for the episode’s final ten minutes, because Mitchell and Bellisario told me that something which will have the audience talking until PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returns in January is about to go down…


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One Response to “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Summer Finale: Something Major Goes Down in the Last Ten Minutes”

  1. shay on August 11th, 2010 11:38 am

    No i dont think that any of the parents are involved because ”A” started even before all of the secrets were out of the closet so that’s a definite no on the parents. As far as Ezra being “A” that’s a negative as well because he met Aria the first day that they moved back and there is no way that he would have known. It has to be out of someone who we haven’t suspected but no one obcious like the guy that Hanna has been hanging with. So when do they come back on the air anyway so that we can finally find out who this mystery person is?