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DROP DEAD DIVA: Will & Grayson

August 16, 2010 by  

Hey, hey, Drop Dead Diva fans! Lots to talk about this episode. So much intrigue.

DID Jane have an affair with Todd? Would she find the missing evidence? Would Grayson win his case against Vanessa’s ex-fiance’s company? Would Fred actually be able to nail Stacy an acting job, therefore increasing his chances to…well, you know! There’s a lot to discuss, so let’s get to it!

New Jane finds herself in a predicament when accepting an honor from the local police department, a woman accuses her (or Old Jane, really), of having an affair with her husband, Todd. Jane is sure she never could have done anything like that, new or old, but it’s up to her to figure out the truth. With Stacy and Teri’s help, she sets out to clear her name. I liked that idea that New Jane had to stand up for Old Jane. She travels to the hotel where the incriminating photos were taken and gets copies of her receipts. There she is given a set of prescription sunglasses and a lead to where Todd might be. She finds him and confesses she suffered memory loss. In a nice moment of vulnerability, she asks Todd to tell her everything that happened between them. Once he reveals that she was helping defend him against theft charges in his police department, Jane realizes she needs to find the evidence that supports him.

She searches her apartment as Stacy tries her hand at acting like a lawyer, business suit and all. Jane has a flash of brilliance when she thinks that Old Jane may have been clever and hidden Todd’s information in a DVD case about Richard Nixon. Success! But the excitement is short lived when Jane and Todd are unable to authenticate the evidence on the recording. When Parker, Kim, Jane and Teri listen to it again, Teri has a great idea to have someone trashy go undercover to the local cop bar to try to get Todd’s former co-workers to confess their guilt in the theft. It works, and Kim didn’t even have to wear the glittered hat.

Grayson’s case against Will and his company seemed to be going nowhere when he was assigned a pro-business anti-labor union judge. When the judge deems that his case doesn’t have strong grounds, Grayson ups the ante by bringing in a witness to state that if the large corporation moves to Mexico, not just its employees will suffer. Additionally, the local business and public workers, including the waste removal and libraries, will be forced to cut back. Apparently there was a hand-shake agreement that Will’s company would stay in the town for many years. But since the agreement was never in writing, it won’t really hold up. Will later makes Grayson an offer; he’ll double the severance pay for his employees. Grayson’s not interested. Will scoffs and tells him it’s not about Vanessa and then is surprised when Grayson tells him she told him she’s the one who called things off. Ah, interesting! What are your thoughts on Vanessa? She seems nice enough, though I can’t help but not be interested in her completely, as I assume she is a plot device. A pretty plot device, but still, a plot device. It was nice to see Grayson passionate about his case, and I liked the research he did. It was also refreshing to see that Will was genuinely a nice guy who wanted to keep his company in the US as well.

Can we just call bull crap on Kim? She was particularly catty in this episode, didn’t you think? And what is with Parker ‘bringing her in’ on Jane’s situation like that? I admit that I like the Kim and Parker relationship for the most part, but not when it serves as a roadblock for Jane. I did like Kim’s willingness to go undercover, though.

It was fun seeing Rosie again. I think she is a great asset to this cast, and I still love her support of Jane. And despite the ridiculousness that was Fred’s video of Stacy’s commercial for the law firm (roller skates!), it was kind of sweet, and it worked in his favor when she kissed him on the cheek and put her head on his shoulder.

All in all, another solid Drop Dead Diva episode. What say you? Are you liking Vanessa with Grayson? Do you think there is hope for Fred? There are only two episodes left this season, so now is the time to weigh in!

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