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THE GOOD WIFE: Michael J. Fox to Guest

August 20, 2010 by  

CBS announced this morning that five-time Emmy winner, Michael J. Fox — who’ll always be Alex P. Keaton to me — will face off with Julianna Margulies in an episode of THE GOOD WIFE this fall.

According to the network, Fox will appear as Simon Canning, a shrewd and cynical litigator whom Alicia (Margulies) goes up against in a massive class action suit. Canning is willing to use anything in court, including symptoms of his neurological condition, to create sympathy for his otherwise unsympathetic client: a giant pharmaceutical company.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Michael has agreed to play this role,” said executive producers and show creators Robert and Michelle King. “His intelligence as an actor, combined with his incredible comic timing will really bring this smart, cynical lawyer to life.”

Other significant castings for the sophomore season of THE GOOD WIFE include FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS star Scott Porter — who will recur as private eye, like Kalinda, at a D.C. firm which Lockhart & Gardner will be merging with — Michael Ealy (FLASHFORWARD) — who will play the head of said firm — and Dallas Roberts (THE L WORD) who will play Alicia’s gay brother.

The second season of THE GOOD WIFE premieres Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 10 p.m.

The series’ first season is up for nine Emmys next Sunday.

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3 Responses to “THE GOOD WIFE: Michael J. Fox to Guest”

  1. Alison Milne, RN on November 10th, 2010 7:37 pm

    I am disturbed and distressed that an otherwise excellent tv show has really made a very stupid decision this week. It is common knowledge that Michael J.Fox has Parkinsons. The signs and symptoms of this condition are quite different from those of Tardive Dyskinesia. Also, TD is generally caused by taking antipsychotic medications whereas PD’s cause is unclear. Neither have a cure. It is disgusting that instead of using and thus further educating the public on PD, the writers have chosen to give Mr. Fox TD. No explanations, no discussions. TD looks nothing like PD – how dare this show do such an outrageous thing. Not only are they scaring and misinforming the public, but by ignoring Mr.Fox’s PD, they are in a sense choosing to cover it up. Antipsychotic medication is widely prescribed and taken – not only by psychotic and/or schizophrenic patients but also by people with severe/intractable depression. It has become quite commonly used together with antidepressants to “boost” their effect. I believe that patients are generally not sufficiently or honestly informed about the severe risk of TD – which is irreversible. Also, if in fact the subtle message from the writers of “The Good Wife” is that even a severe depressive and/or psychotic can become a lawyer and learn to function in the real world – then for God’s sake, say so. Don’t turn TD into a kind of pathetic joke that leaves this show’s audience completely misinformed such that Michael J. Fox is playing the part of an awkward disabled clown.

    This is shocking in so many ways and no, I am not psychotic or schizophrenic. In order to make things right morally and ethically, there should be an apology and an educational explanation about what these ignorant writers have done.

  2. Susan Fischer, RN on January 27th, 2013 10:45 pm

    I was ranting to my husband about this very thing watching the episode of Good Wife that aired Sunday, January 26, 2013. Actually I have been ranting about it since the Michael J Fox character first appeared. I could not understand why on earth they would use a storyline of Tardive Dyskinesia rather than Parkinson’s Disease. Tonight I was outraged enough to turn to google. This is where I found the letter written by Alison Milne, RN. She was so on target. I wonder if she ever got any response. I would like to thank her for writing the truth so concisely and so elegantly. Most of all I would like to shake her hand. I love Good Wife and look forward to every episode but in the storyline of Mr Channing CBS totally missed the boat!

  3. Judy Lochridge on January 31st, 2013 5:54 pm

    I, too, was completely taken off guard while watching the January 26, 2013 episode of The Good Wife. I had thought I heard mention of Michael J. Fox’s character on the show as having Tardive Dyskinesia in a previous episode, but this time I was positive I heard right. As a diagnosed TD patient, I find it horrific that the program director has chosen to label him with TD instead of his actual true-to-life diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. After hearing the second mention of TD, I left the show, and immediately went to the internet to make sure that Fox actually had Parkinson’s instead of TD. My life was changed in an instant by taking medication for nausea prescribed by my oncologist while undergoing chemo. I took the drug Reglan for about three months to relieve the agonizing nausea, and it did work to ease the constant feeling of nausea. The FDA placed a “black label” on the drug the very day that I turned to the internet to research all of the meds I was on at the time, trying to find what was causing symptoms (constant involuntary movement of my tongue, twitches in my eyes and facial muscles, and occasional twitches in my extremities.) When I read the article posted by the FDA, I couldn’t believe that the drug was still being administered to patients, and still is to this day. Please note that by labeling Michael J. Fox as having TD caused complete fear in me until I could research his true disease. I have had the above listed symptoms for approximately 4 1/2 years, and there is no cure. However, I am lucky that I can easily camouflage the visible symptoms. In seeing Fox on The Good Wife, I panicked thinking this is what I would end up being faced with in my future. Please encourage the writers/directors of this show to clear up the misconception that TD is causing Fox’s symptoms. I have been an avid fan of both The Good Wife, and also Michael J. Fox for many years, and truly admire him for all that he has gone through with this challenge. But, just call it what it is and don’t scare those of us who do have TD….please!