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BACHELOR PAD WTF Moment of the Week: Kissing Contest Edition

August 24, 2010 by  

Guys, I’m not sure if I have the vocabulary to properly express the ickiness of tonight’s BACHELOR PAD kissing contest, but I could probably best sum it up in one word: Ew.

I’m under no delusions about what kind of show I’m watching. BACHELOR PAD is guilty pleasure fun, which often borders on the trashtastic side. And I’ve accepted that I watch this franchise in spite of — or maybe because of — that.

However, it always gets a little creepy when you’re watching one of these dating shows and you see a couple making out and getting pretty physical — seemingly completely ignoring the cameras that are so obviously up in their business — and tonight’s episode of BACHELOR PAD featured a whole lot of that.

The gist of the competition was that the girls would take turns kissing each one of the men — who were blindfolded — and then the men would vote on which girl was the best kisser, and vice versa for when it was time for the men to go.

In theory, not so bad. There are several couples already on the show and these sort of reality series tend to have a fair amount of kissing, anyway.

But think about it: All six of the male contestants remaining made out with 7.5 of the girls (Ashley deemed it a bad example for her students to be seen participating in a kissing contest and Gia only made it through a few boys before she freaked out). I’m not a mathematician, but I do believe that’s like 45 makeout sessions we had to witness.

And the vast majority of those kisses weren’t tame. Did we really need to see that many human beings shoving their tongues down the mouths of  the various blindfolded participants? I certainly didn’t. All I wanted was disinfectant after it was all done.

I will say, I was surprised that Wes was the only one with a germ-related protest. I sure as hell would have been making a stink about that. I repeat: ew.

And poor Gia, who was the only chick sane enough to bow out of the contest before exposing herself to a high risk of mouth herpes, was then vulnerable when it came to this week’s elimination. Sure enough, the boys tied their votes on who to kick off — Gia and Elizabeth were the two girls the guys decided on — and ultimately Gia was given the boot.

But, personally, I’d like to think her elimination was just karma for calling Wes a modern-day Shakespeare. Lady…you are so wrong it is painful.

On the men’s side, the Weatherman was the guy who drew the most sayonara votes.

Poor dude must’ve had a rough night. Not only did we see him get kicked off last night, but we also watched the women wince as they were clearly uncomfortable having to kiss him. Ouch.

What did you guys think?

Did all the kissing make you cringe too?

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One Response to “BACHELOR PAD WTF Moment of the Week: Kissing Contest Edition”

  1. Alison on August 24th, 2010 7:49 pm

    I am a little ashamed to say I watched the Bachelor Pad. I really didn’t need to see half the girls shoving their tongues down the guys’ mouths. I thought it was hilarious that the one girl who didn’t was the one who won, sometimes the girl girls do win. Gia totally deserved to go home, did she really think that after being honest about trying to send Kiptyn home, that they wouldn’t vote her off? Clearly she insane, for that and for saying Wes is a modern day Shakespeare. And does she realize her boyfriend is going to see this? So stupid. Also, Ashley? Really? The kissing contest will lose the respect of your students? What about the fact that she was on the Bachelor to begin with. I’m in high school and if one of my teachers were on the Bachelor, they would never live it down.