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WAREHOUSE 13: Where and When

September 8, 2010 by  

Carole King’s first hit. Mrs. F in her younger, ‘scarier’ years. Oh to have been around in 1961.

This week’s WAREHOUSE 13 was more pleasing than I anticipated. After last week’s promo, I was expecting the time-travel theme to be really cheesy, but Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly and the rest of the team really pulled it off quite well.

The warehouse team was joined by Rebecca, who season one fans might remember as the retired agent who warned Myka to leave the warehouse before it became all consuming. We know that Myka didn’t exactly heed her advice, but it was still nice to see Rebecca back in a slightly more optimistic frame of mind.

This week’s adventure took us back to 1961 and gave us a glimpse into quite the horrific event. A handful of young and beautiful women were stabbed and then turned into glass. The weapon of choice was a rogue artifact and Pete and Myka went on the hunt for it.

If you’ve got to go back in time, it’s always convenient to have H.G. Wells on your team. No? Helena rigged up one of her old time machines and allowed Pete and Myka to return to 1961 fora mere 22 hours and 19 minutes. During that time the two were able to take the form of Rebecca and her former co-agent/love interest, Jack.

While Pete was intent of saving the lives of the women killed in 1961, Myka was concerned with the negative impact altering events might have on the future.

Rebecca had warned the two about a magazine publisher, Jonah Raite. She always assumed that he was the one who murdered the women with the artifact. But Pete & Myka discovered that Raite’s wife was really the killer. Her rage was fueled by her jealously of the women. If only she’d known that her husband wasn’t sleeping with them; he was secretly working with them to further their careers as professionals in the magazine biz.

Pete and Myka killed two pesky birds with one stone. Not only were they able to keep history intact, but they also retrieved the artifact – a glass dagger with roots based in original Cinderella (read: not Disney) storytelling. They bury it in the orchard so that it can be snagged, bagged, and tagged back in 2010.

While Pete and Myka return to present time, Rebecca was able to go back in order to be reunited with Jack. Aw.

Well done to the W13 creative team on their recreation of 1961. Their costuming and hair were fantastic and it was great to see the humming action in the old warehouse, including the “Artie of 1961”, Charles Martin. I actually kind of liked him MORE than Artie.

What do you think about Artie’s insistence not to trust Helena? In the season premiere, I thought it was clear she wasn’t to be trusted, but throughout this season, I’ve grown to like her character. I think we’ve learned this season that just because someone is a warehouse agent it doesn’t mean they can always be completely trusted at all times.

As for Pete and Myka, were any of you also just a little bit curious to see if they would end the episode like Rebecca and Jack, locked in a passionate embrace in a cherry orchard? The fact that the writers didn’t go there or anywhere close makes me think that they’ve fully embraced the idea that Pete and Myka will only ever just be friends and partners. And I’m okay with that.

It seems Myka might really fight for Helena’s place at the warehouse, and it will be interesting to see how that plays out the rest of the season. What do you think? Does this episode stack up against some of your favorites? Can you believe we’ve made it two eps in a row without a blatant Twizzlers product placement? (And I did the research; they WERE around in 1961, though strawberry flavored ones didn’t come out till 1990). Will Helena betray the team or will Artie come around to the fact that she can be trusted? Will Myka, Pete and Claudia have to choose sides? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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2 Responses to “WAREHOUSE 13: Where and When”

  1. Anja on September 9th, 2010 12:59 pm

    I think Helena has a plan, and she is not to be trusted. I think Claudia had a glimpse of her evil nature when she told her about torturing the killer of her daughter. So, more to come! Artie in the end will be right not trusting her.
    It was a great episode, this season really rocks.
    I am so happy that producers decided to keep the two partners away from romance. Just too many shows out there that play with the will they/won’t they until they have no clue what to do next.
    I wish there were more writers out there capable of writing an interesting, exciting and positive romance. Apparently there’s none.
    I hope they continue to create more layers to these charachters and let them grow. I love, I really do, how they are using Claudia’s charachter. She’s my favourite and Allison is lovely in her acting.
    I am really loving season 2!

  2. SunKrux on September 9th, 2010 4:05 pm

    So far this season my fav ep is Merge With Caution followed very closely by Age Before Beauty.

    I loved this ep as well. Heck I’ve loved all the eps from both seasons honestly. I’m enjoying the ride for what it is, a thrilleromedy with a heart of gold.

    I like that they are building Myka & Pete’s friendship before they try to pair them off as a couple (I think it might happen but not for at least a couple more seasons. Joanne & Eddie have the chemistry for it, imho, and I know I’m not alone in that).

    I don’t think HG is evil in the true sense of the word. Like she told Myka, she wasn’t in her right mind when she asked to be bronzed. I still don’t think she’s in her right mind. Claudia got a glimpse of just how scary HG can be when they were talking about how Christina was killed.

    I have a feeling that HG is going to turn on everyone and it will not be pretty. I’m loving it though because Jaime Murray is awesome as HG.