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Taylor Swift’s ‘Kanye Song’ – “Innocent” at 2010 VMAs

September 12, 2010 by  

A year later and people are still talking about Kanye West’s interruption during last year’s MTV Video Music Awards.  In the case of Taylor Swift, she’s not talking about it, she’s singing about it…

At tonight’s 2010 VMAs, Taylor Swift took to the stage to perform her new song, “Innocent”, which appears to absolve Kanye West for his career-damaging jackass moment. With lyrics like “who you are is not where you’ve been” and “32 is still growing up now,” it was clear that Ms. Swift was anointing Kayne with a dose of forgiveness. Was I the only one asking the question…who the hell cares?

I’m no Taylor Swift hater. Not at all. I dig her voice (as long as she’s not singing live).  However, as established as she was going into last year’s VMAs, there is no doubt that Swift’s run in with Kanye and the Moon Man statue elevated her fame to another level.  She handled herself well during an obviously humiliating moment, but is it fair to ask if we can move on a full year later?

Before you answer, here is the performance in question:

Taylor Swift wasn’t the only one singing about Kanye tonight.  Mr. West closed the show with his own auto-biographical tune, “Runaway,” which featured the lyrics “Let’s have a toast to the douchebags…”.

Per his request, I raise my glass to you, Kanye. Now go find Taylor Swift, make sweet, sweet love and put this behind you.

Were you enthralled by Taylor and Kanye’s dueling attempts at catharsis? Does either song stand out as a DVR moment, or did you fast forward to Justin Bieber? Any other VMA highlights/lowlights?

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One Response to “Taylor Swift’s ‘Kanye Song’ – “Innocent” at 2010 VMAs”

  1. Strunkette on September 13th, 2010 10:58 am

    I was surprised. I heard on twitter she was horribly out of tune. I heard a couple off notes but she wasn’t terrible. I thought the first part when she had her guitar and was sitting the was really good.