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September 15, 2010 by  

After a summer of being stuck inside a house, cut off from the world and being filmed 24/7, BIG BROTHER Season 12 came to an end. Either Hayden, Lane or Enzo walked away with the $500k grand prize.

Which member of the infamous Brigade won? Keep reading to find out.

Going into tonight’s season finale, Hayden and Lane had each won one part of the final HOH competition of the season. The third part, played live tonight during the show, determined which of the two guys had a guaranteed spot in the finals. That person also got to hand pick the guy he was going to be standing next to when the jury voted.

The jury of evicted houseguests had somewhat of an odd challenge. All three of the guys had strong social games. None had any true enemies in the Big Brother jury house. Collectively they rolled over on their side alliances, but to control the game in that manner and still keep your hands somewhat clean is something that is respected in this game.

Hayden was hands down the most successful competitor of the final three. The critical HOHs and POVs helped push him and his alliance further in the game. Without him the Brigade wouldn’t have made it to the end with 3/4 of the original alliance in tact. But Lane and Enzo played really strong social games and had a bit less blood on their hands.

What’s the jury to do?

Before the jury go to ask their “poignant” questions, the final HOH winner had to be decided.

Hayden and Lane were neck-in-neck during their final showdown. In fact, a tiebreaker question was needed to determine the winner. But in the end it was Hayden who won and guaranteed his spot in the final.

A dejected Lane walked with his head down. I think he knew what we all knew…there was NO way Hayden was going to take him to the finals. Hayden had a better shot of getting the $500k if he was up against Enzo, a player that did very competitively little this whole season.

But hold the phone. What’s that? Hayden evicted Enzo?! He’s taking Lane to the final two?

Wow, I didn’t see that coming at all? Did you? I’m shocked.

The final vote…

In a vote of 4-3, Hayden was named winner of BIG BROTHER 12! Lane received the $50k runner-up prize.

As for America’s favorite player?  Well Miss Britney walked away with that $25k prize.  Added to the $10k that she previously won, I don’t think she’s sobbing about where she ended up in the game. Well, she’s not sobbing now but wait until she finds out that her house just burnt down. Poor thing. She probably has big plans for her take. Now she’ll have to use it to put a new roof over her head.

Thoughts on Hayden’s big win as BIG BROTHER? Who would you given YOUR vote to?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this season of BIG BROTHER. How did it stack up against past seasons?

P.S. As for the two houseguests that were lifelong friends?  Well, that was an act of The Saboteur. There were no friends in the house. Oh Annie, that’s the only valuable thing you brought to the game. Thanks?


One Response to “Who Won BIG BROTHER?”

  1. Kath Skerry on September 15th, 2010 11:14 pm

    I think the right man won. But damn if Enzo, Lane and Britney didn’t crack me up the whole reunion show.