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13 Things to Know for the Warehouse 13 Finale and Beyond

September 21, 2010 by  

Warehouse 13

We’ve got some scoop for you, WAREHOUSE 13 fans!

As those of us who have been watching know, Artie and Pete have worked together more this season and created some very funny moments.

So it’s no surprise that when Eddie McClintock (Pete) and Saul Rubinek (Artie) chatted with us to give out the goods on what we can expect in the season two finale of WAREHOUSE 13 (airing tonight at 9 PM EST), there was a lot of witty banter.

Read below to find out where Pete and Myka will be when the finale begins, what it’s like behind the scenes, whether or not HG will be back in season three and more. And we’re breaking it down Warehouse style, giving you 13 things you need to know!

1. The season finale begins where “Buried” left off.

When I asked where Pete and Myka would be when the finale began, Rubinek answered, “It’s really like a two part finale [including Buried], so it makes absolute sense that the episode picks up right where we left off. It is going to be resolved in a way that’s intriguing and surprising. A great ending is both surprising and inevitable, and I think the writers have managed to do just that.” And, he adds later, “Whatever you expect to happen, there will be a twist on it.”

2. The HG Wells & MacPherson storyline isn’t dead yet. But why did the Regents hire HG back in the first place?

Though no ‘official’ word has been announced by Syfy on a third season, everyone on the call was optimistic for a return. Both actors think the next season will present opportunities for the Regents’ characters to be developed more. But when asked if Jaime Murray (Helena) has been signed on for a proposed season three, Rubinek teased, “We’re not going to tell you.”

3. Pete and Myka must rely on their friendship to succeed as Warehouse agents.

McClintock once again mentioned that he was glad that the writers haven’t gone down the “will they or won’t they” road with Pete and Myka. He added that their friendship will continue to grow, and as long as they continue to have respect for one another and their job, there’s a good chance they can be at the warehouse for a long time.

4. It’s possible that Claudia may one day take over as caretaker. And how do they think that would turn out?

“She’d have the Sex Pistols blaring in the warehouse,” McClintock answered. “And we’d probably all have to have matching pink hair strips.”

Rubinek laughed, “Yes, but it’s still a cool idea, the idea of a caretaker… And it was obvious to the Regents that Claudia would be the right (next) person for that.”

“And it was in her contract for season three,” McClintock joked. Ha!

5. Eddie McClintock’s favorite spot on set is the “Warehouse’s S&M Room.”

It doesn’t actually exist, of course, but that was his answer when asked about his favorite part of the set. But he had to really agree with Rubinek when he said, “Hands down, it’s Artie’s office for me. It’s like ‘no acting required’. Beautifully designed.”

6. Even though they have two seasons under their belts, there are still artifacts they’d like to see.

“The Last Straw,” Rubinek brought up, based on his own son’s suggestion. And McClintock chimed in, “Yeah, like the straw that broke the camel’s back!” And even if those never come to the light of day on an episode, both agreed that one thing they like is when the artifacts have actual historical significance.

7. Love is still in the Warehouse air.

Thought they weren’t able to confirm how many episodes in season three we might see “Kelly” (Paula Garces) and “Vanessa” (Lindsay Wagner), they both discussed how much they have enjoyed that storyline. Though, as McClintock mentioned, “You never know. Romantic relationships on WAREHOUSE 13 are kind of the warehouse’s version of ‘red shirts’, it seems like, because of the nature of the warehouse or the danger the warehouse presents.” But he hopes that’s not the case. He’d like to see Pete settle down.  “Or he could end up with Lindsay Wagner’s character.”

“Not a chance,” Rubinek spoke up quickly, and they both laughed. But then he went on to discuss what WE’VE been talking about this season, the underlying thread that there might be ‘life outside the warehouse’ and that each of the agents will probably have to come to terms with how they are going to balance their work and personal lives.

8. The highly publicized Christmas episode is a stand-alone.

It’s not part of the plot of anything that’s been going on in season two. And there’s a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode to explain that.

9. The show IS science fiction…except when it’s not.

It was part of the Syfy’s rebrand project from last year, McClintock explains. “And we were sort of the premiere show to illustrate that broadening of their demographic,” he said. “There are still elements of science fiction, but it doesn’t totally rely on it.”

10. “Schmacting” is scarier than it looks.

Because the show relies so heavily on effects, the actors have to hope that they when it all comes together that their acting fits in well with the backgrounds that get added later. Schmacting is what they call the scenes they do in front of a green screen. I’d say over all the show does pretty well. What do you think?

11. The cast really DOES get along behind the scenes.

When asked if there was a possibility of a web-series with Claudia and Artie (Clartie!, McClintock added quickly), Rubinek answered that he’d never thought of that, but he could see the appeal. “There’s a fun kind of father/daughter thing that’s happening there, and it’s fun for us.” he said. And, in case there was doubt, the entire cast does work well together. With such a tight-knit group, they have to, and they were both happy to report that they all like each other very much.

12. McClintock and Rubinek are working together on a screenplay for an independent film.

They didn’t give us any more information on that, but just based on the fun banter between them, I would guess the script is very smart.

13. According to Rubinek, the secret weapon of the show is the production department; set work, props, artwork.

“It’s the stuff that’s talked about least in all the stuff I’ve read about the show,” Rubinek said. “The writing, the acting, the premise of the show, guest stars…all that stuff is talked about a lot. Even the music has been honored with an Emmy nomination. But, for me I really believe that a major key to the success of the show is dedication and brilliance of the production design.”

“And the accounting department!” McClintock quipped.

So there you have it! With a lot of fall shows premiering this week, don’t forget to tune into the finale of season two of Warehouse 13!

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  1. Vanessa on September 21st, 2010 6:12 pm

    The #1 thing I needed to know was that the season finale was tonight! I thought last week was the end…don’t know where I got that. This just made my night!