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BONES Season Premiere: Let’s Discuss ‘The Mastodon in the Room’

September 23, 2010 by  

Let me ask you this, BONES fans – if we’d known that all the pain we were going to feel about Brennan going to Maluku would result in her using a shovel to kick some butt, we would have been a LOT happier last spring, right?

I’m going to go ahead and assume you are as happy as I am to have BONES back on TV. There is much to discuss, so we’d best take to the ground like fleas and get to it!


While the episode starts with a recap of the goodbyes from last season’s finale, we soon find out that seven months later, our team must come back together to solve a case and keep Cam’s new job in tact. She’s working on a set of small remains, assumed by the media to be that of missing boy, Logan Bartlett, the two-year-old son of the estranged Trevor and Kerri Bartlett. The case has caused media frenzy and it’s up to the team to rally together to make a clear identification of the remains.

Brennan, with the help of Wendell, Hodgins and Angela, quickly identifies that the small skeleton is not that of Logan, but in fact belongs to a young boy, over three years old, presumably of Asian descent. When Hodgins determines that the fibers surrounding the boy’s remains come from an unauthorized North Korean industrial fabric, Booth and Brennan begin to search local shops. They find out the truth — the boy accidentally choked on a loose screw from his crib. After he died, his mother and grandfather buried him with honor.

As for the case of missing Logan Bartlett, he was found alive in the park with his father. Still a bit confused as to why, if this case caused such media speculation, they didn’t think to look for him a little more.

Glad he’s okay though I suppose.


Angela: Eek! Preggers with a little Prince or Princess of the Lab! A few favorite Angela moments to talk about, like when she and Brennan were talking about metaphorical sisterhood. And of course when she admitted she was in love with Booth. Yeah, Ange, we all are! Get in line.

Hodgins: It was sweet how excited he was for the baby. I really hope that Angela’s line about not wanting to tell anyone until she is out of her first trimester is not foreshadowing. My favorite Hodgins moment comes from that scene, when he tells Angela that he’s made for catching bad guys.

Sweets: I really liked Sweets in this episode, and I thought his piano playing was pretty cool. It struck me as interesting he’s the only one Caroline really lied to in order to get him to help. I really liked the way he stood up for himself against Daisy, and if he’d only held on there and not given in outside the elevator, I would have been a lot happier. But Daisy is evil, and he’s kind of in a vulnerable place, so I won’t blame him. And how awesome was his conversation with Booth?

Cam: Ah, Cam. Really did NOT care for the way she sort of attacked Brennan for leaving. Of course, she was left with trying to keep things together, but in my opinion, it was kind of a passive aggressive approach. Was she just stressed about her job?

Daisy: Ugh. What makes me the most crazy is that she continues to spout lies about Brennan, asserting that Brennan never acts with her heart. It’s just not true. Brennan went to Maluku partially for work, but also to clear her head and her heart. Daisy can’t see that. And she was so flippant and aggressive with Sweets.  “Truth Zone” moment: I laughed at her Days of the Week undies.

Wendell: It was good to have Wendell around, even if he was the only squintern in the area. Wasn’t it fun to hear what everyone was up to? I suppose we might see them again. I liked when Wendell teased Brennan, “Isn’t your brain supposed to be the smart one?”

Caroline: I love how much she cares for Booth. It’s tough love sometimes, but it is definitely love. And I laughed when she said we all hope Brennan finds her link to humanity. Zing!  But she also has this great pearl of wisdom, “You got something magic, you don’t scatter it to the ends of the earth, you concentrate it in one place.” Word.


To me it seemed like Brennan made a personal promise to herself to tell people how she really feels, and that includes being honest with herself about her feelings. Didn’t you get that vibe from her? It was in the way she told Angela they were metaphorically sisters and in the way she expressed to Booth that their working together made her feel very good. It was nice to see.

Before we get to formally welcoming Booth back from Afghanistan, can we just talk about Booth in fatigues? Whoa! I mean, he and I both hate war (and he did add to his cosmic balance sheet), but…mercy. He seems more confident than ever.

Booth seems to be struggling with lingering guilt over trying to be a good father to Parker. We see it in his conflict with the mother of the boy he saved, in his conversation over pancakes with Parker, his empathy with the victim’s mother and grandfather, and his inability to forget about Logan Bartlett. He’s got a big heart that Booth.

Booth and Brennan’s friendship seemed strong. I loved Booth quoting her about fleas, and I think Brennan did too. It showed that no matter what, he really cares for her.

I liked his thumbs up, too.

Here’s one question I have for you…when Brennan says she didn’t communicate with anyone, and Booth replies, “Glad to know I’m not the only one,” or something like that, do you think he means he’s glad he’s not the only one who lost touch?Or glad he’s not the only one she didn’t keep in touch with? I need your help with that.

There is no question that their bickering about lynchpins was right on point, though, right?

When I first watched the ep, I tweeted that it was witty, personal and deliciously business as usual and that I found that comforting. I still feel that way. And I’m really excited for season 6 and all the great conversations we’re going to have. From the bottom of my heart and the top of my lungs, I’m saying…I love this show.

So…are you with me?

Talk to me! Let me know what you’ve been up this summer! Oh, and of course, let’s talk about the episode! Remember to keep it as nice and spoiler free as possible!

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49 Responses to “BONES Season Premiere: Let’s Discuss ‘The Mastodon in the Room’”

  1. Mary Berry on September 23rd, 2010 9:45 pm

    I thought the comment about, “I’m glad I’m not the only one….” was in direct reference to her NOT calling him at all either. Loved the episode. Can’t wait for next week!

  2. Monica on September 23rd, 2010 10:20 pm

    The I’m glad I’m not the only one seemed as if Booth was hurt that they didn’t keep in touch while they were apart. But part of me wonders what would have happened had they kept in touch

  3. Drippan on September 23rd, 2010 10:23 pm

    I feel the episode was just okay.

    I thought Booth comments about Brennan were pretty much that she is incapable of loving someone. In other words, I thought Booth thought of her as a cold fish so that is what Booth is portraying back.

    I thought the elephant in the room was really cheesy at the end along with the whole B&B talking about it.

    It feels like S2 but with a soap opera romance going on.

  4. Frankie707 on September 23rd, 2010 10:25 pm

    I do agree with what you’ve said here. I did think Cam was HARSH with Brennan when she blamed her for all that happened. The case was very sad with it turning out to be a tragedy instead of a murder. Then the other part of the case and Brennan and Booth getting to rescue a child instead of catching a killer, was a nice touch.

    On your comments about Brennan making a personal promise to express her feeling, I have to say I had been looking at it differently. I was thinking she was trying to be her usual analytical self but that her emotions kept coming through but after reading this I think you’re right, and hopefully it is something she’ll keep up.

    I loved everyone thinking they were the lynchpin and then Brennan telling Caroline she was then trying to hug her. That was great.

    How fun was it that they addressed the issues with Brennan’s reactions to snakes (and I loved what she said), Booth and seatbelts, and wow how cool was it when Booth used the term Squinterns!

    Oh and on what I think Booth meant on the keeping in touch thing. I took it to mean he was glad that it wasn’t just him that she didn’t keep in touch with.

  5. Jen (NatesMama) on September 23rd, 2010 10:49 pm

    I’m just happy to see that some people who swore they weren’t watching the premiere (except for, *maybe*, on DVR) actually watched. 🙂

    Great review, as always!

  6. Jen on September 23rd, 2010 11:03 pm

    I agree with a lot of what you said here:

    1.) I loved the diner scenes, both between Brennan and Ange and then Hodgins and Ange. I’m so glad they’re having a baby, but I too was worried when Ange said she wanted to keep the news between them. I hope our fears don’t become a reality.

    2.) It was nice to see Sweets asserting himself and talking to Booth on a personal level. Our ‘Baby Duck’ is growing up! 🙂

    3.) Most importantly, I loved seeing the change in Brennan! She really did take the time away to learn and grow. She’s definitely much more outspoken with her feelings while still maintaining that rational edge. And you could certainly tell there was a change in the B&B relationship. From that very first hug and the looks on their faces as they broke the embrace, it definitely lacked something compared to the hug in last season’s opener. And I found it interesting at the end, when Booth tells her ‘welcome home’, she replies with a ‘thank you’. And then when she says the same to him, he just nods in silence. And she’s looking at him like she’s waiting for her own thank you that never comes. This is really going to be an interesting season, and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out! Thanks for your continued peeks into the “Bones” world! I always love reading your thoughts as a fellow fan 🙂

  7. Sarah on September 23rd, 2010 11:04 pm

    So I’m really surprised that no one is talking about the last bit of dialogue regarding the mastadon in the room… which is a play on the old “elephant in the room” cliche…

    I think the writers are giving us a little wink here… Booth and Brennan aren’t addressing their “mastadon in the room”, which is their relationship. But Booth says, “That’s really, really big… hard to work around… but we’ve gotten around bigger things before…”

    I really think that’s a little hint to us shippers that, despite the obvious obstacle of Hannah and everything else that has kept Brennan/Booth apart, they’ll work through/around it and eventually everything will work out.

    Anyway, that’s my twopence worth!

  8. vacruz2 on September 23rd, 2010 11:19 pm

    I am with you all the way!

  9. Beth Brewer on September 23rd, 2010 11:20 pm

    I am sad to say that I did NOT like it at all. If this episode was the first time I had ever watched the show, I would never watch it again. Booth seemed really peeved with Brennan and appeared to be just forcing himself to be nice to her. He did not seem the least bit happy to see her. She did not seem like she had made any change in her personality or outlook at all to me. I was expecting some sort of difference….if there was one, it was way too subtle for me to detect.

    boo hoo! The ONLY reason I watched the show was the BB chemistry. I don’t even care if they are a romantic couple…..I just want them to be a well oiled crime solving duo.

    David B. seems different in his interviews. As he said in his Regis and Kelly interview, he is just there to hit his mark then he goes home to his family.
    He seems really gaurded and a tad bit unhappy. I’m affraid the wear and tear
    of his personal life has been a strain on his friendship with Emily which has in turn affected the chemistry on set.

    Sorry to be a Debbie Downer….

  10. Sarah (seels) on September 23rd, 2010 11:30 pm

    @Mary! Hey! I think i tend to agree with you. I kept trying to convince myself that he was talking about HIM not being in touch with anyone, but I think it’s the other one.

    And @Monica, exactly! Interesting that Booth tried to contact her! I wonder if that will come up again.

    Hey @Drip! Yeah, the mastadon was kind of cheesy, and it was weird because it was the title. If it had been earlier in the episode, it might have felt a little more legit. I don’t think Booth thinks Brennan is a cold fish. I think it’s important to remember that Booth is a character with his own issues, including that he just returned from a warzone in a rush. so he’s sorting through a lot. I thought Booth was pretty fair in this episode. And to me, his quiet confidence with her (teasing her about lynchpins, repeating her simile on fleas) that proves they are still friends, etc. I liked that. Plus, he kind of blushed when she mentioned him saving her life, all of that. They are both trying to figure things out.

    @Frankiebaby! The whole thing with Cam just intrigues me. Because, on one hand, it just kind of seems out of left field. But on the other hand, it presents an interesting idea that Brennan is AWARE of the importance she has and responsibility for others. Now, do i think she should have gone to Maluku? absolutely, I do. She’s THE BEST AT HER JOB! Should she be blamed for ‘breaking up the good thing?” Well…I’m not so sure of that. But should she now she that she is not an island and her actions effect many others? Yes, and I think she does.

    @NatesMama: Thanks for stopping by to comment! (as always!)

    @Jen: I am SO excited about Brennan’s character development. And yeah, the scene with Angela and Brennan at the diner was my all time fave, I think. I love how Brennan was totally herself, and yet we can see in her eyes that she understands how awesome it is for Angela that she’s pregnant. I loved it! Regarding H&A keeping the news to themselves, yes, let’s just assume that it will come into play for comedic effect in the future and not for tragedy 🙁 Good point about the end scene. I wrote that down in my notes, that it was kind of like Brennan was looking at him, to sort of share an eye contact moment, and he didn’t really look back. Deliberate on Booth’s part? Not sure. Deliberate on the part of the writers to let us see Brennan in that situation. Absotively!

    @Sarah! I guess I kind of forgot! Maybe like the actual mastadon, it was just so staring us in the face that we didn’t think to mention it! I agree with you that the vibe it gives is that B&B are going to be good to go.

  11. Sarah (seels) on September 23rd, 2010 11:37 pm

    @Vacruz2 yay!

    @Beth Well, interesting points. I didn’t know much about that David Boreanaz interview, so I couldn’t really say. And I don’t know anything about his relationship with Emily Deschanel, so I really wouldn’t comment there. But as for the episode, I think it’s important to remember that Booth sort of had his heart handed to him on a plate. So if he’s feeling peeved, i’m not saying that he’s justified in treating her badly, but just that he’s trying to figure it out. And particularly, if he tried to call her and she never called him back…well, what’s he supposed to do about that?
    With Brennan, I think what was the shift was that her compliments were so rehearsed. Now, that sort of thing isn’t exactly new to Brennan, she is kind of awkward in that way. But when she tells Angela, “I’m glad to see you because you’re like a sister to me and I love you very much,” and when she tells Booth, almost from rote, that she finds their partnership refreshing…to me, that makes me imagine a scene in which Brennan has made a conscious choice to tell people how she feels. So when she does do that, it’s still awkward, adn it’s still her, but she’s really making an effort. The same is true with herself, when she talks about snakes and Booth’s presence.

    I thought they seemed very happy to see one another. Interestingly enough, they’ve never really actually had a season premiere when they WEREN”T arguing about something, so i thought it worked.

  12. Cheryl on September 24th, 2010 12:19 am

    Can’t wait to see a little angie/hodgkins baby and I can’t wait to see Brennan’s reaction to the OTHER WOMAN! Oh this is going to be good…

  13. Owl on September 24th, 2010 12:57 am

    It’s been four hours since I saw the episode, and after some thinking, I have decided that I enjoyed it (I’ll come to further conclusions when I watch it again online tomorrow). I loved the fact that it was a serious case (that nearly made me cry more than once), and that there was a “family” theme going on throughout the entire thing (Booth and Parker, Hodgins and Angela, and the whole “family” of the team getting back together). And those scenes with Angela/Brennan and Angela/Hodgins were amazing. And there was a theme of metaphors and similes (which are used to compare things…) throughout it, too, which intrigues me.

    I also discovered an interesting line that really stood out to me. It’s that scene in the Diner where Brennan and Wendell are sitting there, and Brennan is looking at the x-ray with her glass of water. Wendell asks her why she keeps on looking at it, and she responds “I can see it with my eyes, but I can’t see it with my brain.” It just seems to say so much about that character. She’s been taking in everything, but she hasn’t fully processed it yet. I think it takes a bit of time for Brennan to process emotional things (at least, that’s what I have always believed about her), hence going to Maluku, where she won’t be distracted by emotional people confusing her own brain further. Nobody “gets” Brennan like Booth and Angela, but I think Brennan threw Booth for a loop when she rejected him. He didn’t get the “read” he thought he was getting from her, and now he’s confused about who she is to him. Angela still gets it, though (I think/hope).

    BTW… small thought — Booth called the Lab “our lab”. It’s always been “your lab”. Good for him for recognizing who really runs the show (the squints). And the FBI set looked more… technologically forward.

    Overall, good episode. Glad to see a serious case. Did I cry? Nearly. Did I laugh? Yes. Did it make me want to run up to all of them (and/or the TV) and hug them and say “you’re back!”? Of course! Therefore, it is a good episode.

  14. ann on September 24th, 2010 8:08 am

    for me I liked this episodes and I think we are in for a good s6.

  15. Janet on September 24th, 2010 8:47 am

    I described this episode to my husband last night as good, but uncomfortably so. With the exception of the Angela-Hodgins scenes, I felt mostly discomfort. BUT, it reflected good writing. Brennan – emotions flowing all over the place. Booth – reining in emotion all over the place. Key thoughts of mine:

    1. Agree with all that Booth is emphasizing that *he* is not the only one Brennan did not contact. I think this is important to the whole Booth moving on deal. I remember thinking last May that they had better show that they *have* kept in contact because it seemed unrealistic that they wouldn’t. So, I’m kind of upset that they didn’t and I definitely think things with Hannah would not have transpired if they had.
    2. Good hug at the beginning – but definitely different and short.
    3. Pain all over the place with Booth that he doesn’t know what to do with. It is visible with every interaction except, perhaps, Caroline. I rather enjoyed their scene together. It was sweet to see Caroline affectionate with Booth.
    4. I adore the diner scene with Hodgins and Angela. I love watching the unadulterated adoration on Hodgins’ face whenever he looks at Angela. And he looked good in that white lab coat.
    5. Brennan will definitely be fun to watch as events unfold.
    6. Casework: not so well written in this episode. Hopefully next week will do better on that.
    7. Still having trouble with the realism of Booth not only being contacted so easily but also being able to just leave and not come back. However, I expected it, so I guess I can go with it.
    8. I felt better hearing Booth re-use the flea reference and his thumbs up at the end. He was able to poke through the pain there and feel the old chemistry for a moment.
    9. Someone mentioned on the livechat the observation that there was always someone in between Booth and Brennan in social situations. I noticed that too. I believe it was also deliberate on the showrunners’ part.

    Good, realistic interactions among the characters and while I wouldn’t use Angela’s phrase of “awkward”, I definitely felt uncomfortable – which is an interesting result. 🙂

    Time to re-watch online (for those of us without the fancy recording devices!) . . .

  16. bethany actually on September 24th, 2010 9:06 am

    @Owl – Ooooh, EXCELLENT point about Brennan’s line, “I can see it with my eyes but not with my brain.” I had not even thought about applying it more widely to her life, but of course that makes perfect sense! Thanks for that insight. 🙂

  17. Deetsie on September 24th, 2010 9:32 am

    I must be the only one who was WICKED disappointed in last night’s episode. I was expecting dinner at the Four Seasons and ended up at Burger King…
    I felt ZERO chemistry between B&B last night. Their “reunion” hug was quick and flat. Love Angela & Hodgins who basically saved it for me.
    In my opinion, they should have left the absence at one year; otherwise, wouldn’t every friend and mother be calling their son in Afghanistan to come home immediately before his tour of duty was over? Brennan was supposed to be heading up an important dig (presumably funded?) and takes off mid-stream. One woman fighting off 4-5 guerillas armed with major weapons with a shovel while Daisy stands there- not gonna happen.
    Except for Cam, 5 people on a team take a sabbatical, come back early and magically get all of their jobs back at the same time (& Booth gets his office back)-not gonna happen.
    The forensics aspect & reason to come back early was really lame- even though Brennan is the BEST forensic anthropologist in the world, she isn’t the only one and somewhere out there #2 must be good enough to help solve the kidnapping/murder.
    The dialogue was stilted, awkward and contrived just to move poorly conceived scenes along.
    Booth’s “serious as a heart attack” relationship new the girlfriend and his apparent enthusiasm has gone a long way to deflate six years of build up (although I realize this is probably a fleeting relationship).
    Are the writers/producers too young to remember great chemistry & sexual tension between couples? Nick & Nora Charles from the Thin Man series, Tracy & Hepburn, and dare I mention MacMillan & Wife??? 6 years with two beautiful people constantly together and supposedly “crazy about each other.” Not even a “test drive” except in an “alternative reality” dream sequence?
    If the producers worried about killing the show with B&B finally becoming a couple; then they should be panicked at what happened last night. If I were Hart Hanson, I would go into the witness protection program today.
    I can only hope the next few episodes will somehow redeem the season premiere…

  18. bonesjonsing on September 24th, 2010 9:58 am

    I thought the episode was lackluster. I liked it, but not for a season premiere. I can think of episodes from S5 that were better like Proof in the Pudding. The case of the kidnapped boy was not credible. The husband would have been a person of interest and as such been under close scrutinty by the police. His family would have been investigated as well. He takes him to a public park. Come on.

    As far as Brennan changes the critical question will become will they hold from episode to episode. Everytime I think she’s evolved she reverts back to form in episodes that follow one where it looks like she’s grown. That will be the litmus test because Bones has over the years been inconsistent. Hope the changes are permanent rather than wishy washy.

  19. Piper4444205 on September 24th, 2010 10:01 am

    I loved this episode and my favorite part was when Angela told Brennan she was pregnant. The look on Brennan’s face and her reaction was amazing. My other favorite moment was the look on Brennan’s face when they helped to save Logan. The look she gave Booth made me think she knows, but she won’t admit it.

  20. Dannielle Herald on September 24th, 2010 10:42 am

    Maybe I am just reading into stuff too much, but I thought the relationship between Daisy and Sweets was foreshadowing. No, I am not a big fan of Daisy either, but I think it is interesting that Booth encourages Sweets to do exactly what he himself is trying to do, move on. Therefore, I was actually encouraged when Daisy put herself out there and Sweets took her back. If Brennan could get to that place with Booth, I think Booth would take her back too. So yeah, the chemistry sucks, but you got two people who are finally, fatefully, out of the denial closet that they love each other. They have to live with that until Brennan decides to take her leap of faith. Lets just pray to the writing Gods above that she decides to leap before Booth is gone…. and at the end of this season, PLEASE!!!

  21. KJH on September 24th, 2010 11:28 am

    One thing no one has picked up on is how Brennan rushes to the missing child at the end and her interaction with him. She is not normally so lovey dovey with kids. I think this, her true joy at Angela’s pregnancy, and the way she was expressing how she feels about people, is perhaps not a conscious decision but just signs of a change and the way that emotions come out when you’ve been away from people from 7 months. It is like what one person said, the emotions are just bubbling up and she can’t control them so they come out, of course in her very awkward Brennan way.

    I also think the end scene where she is looking at Booth instead of what we see more often where they are looking at each other or he is looking at her was definitely intentional. It seemed to me to be a signal that she may be being more truthful with herself about her feelings for him and maybe even considering their relationship, but of course Booth has “moved on.” So now we can only hope that eventually they’ll both be on the same page.

  22. djoy79 on September 24th, 2010 11:54 am

    I loved the episode. It was a shock to the system too see the difference in the Brennan and Booth relationship. Booth is wounded and he’s trying to move on. I think he’s even trying to convince himself he has moved on. This is his Bones were talking about! Watch the ep again and look at Bren’s face when he first tells her about Hannah!

  23. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 12:02 pm

    @Cheryl I agree with you. I think the writers love Brennan so much that we are really going to see some fun behavior from her. We might sometimes groan, but i’m sure we’ll laugh too.

    @Owl: I love your conclusive evidence on why it was a good episode! And I also really liked the scene you mentioned with Brennan and Wendell and totally agree with your point!

    @Ann: I totally agree. I mean, either way, it can’t be boring, right?

    Hey @Janet, my co-analyzing pal! I think you’re exactly right that we SHOULD be feeling uncomfortable. All this tension has to go somewhere, and I think only somewhere good. I hope!

    @BethanyActually, I know right? Owl made a very good point about a scene that a lot of us probably kind of overlooked at first. And it’s interesting that Brennan and Wendell were together at the diner.

    @Deetsie: I don’t know that you’re the only disappointed one. And I really like your rationale that though the writers are so sure the show will end with B&B together, they should really examine what they are doing. I’m not at a point to kind of throw in the towel yet. I’m still curious to know how this is all going to play out. I have been disappointed in storylines before, but so far, I’m still in.

    @bonesjonsing: Hey! I agree that it didn’t take Special Agent Seeley Booth and world renowned forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan to find that boy in a public park with his own dad. I mean, we’ve already seen a case like that (in season one: Woman in the Car). And you are EXACTLY right about the secret to the success of this season is how they handle Brennan’s character. Not that we always know what she’s thinking, but i think the writers have to step up and make sure that though she might not always say and do the right thing (i think it’s unfair to expect her to be perfect) that she is at least trying.

    @Piper: I also loved that scene. I just so completely loved how Brennan was SO happy for Angela. They really are good friends, and I love that.

    @Dannielle: Good point! I need to take it easy on Daisy more, probably. It will be interesting to see if that is how it plays out. I totally buy (and we talked about it in the chat last night) that Booth was sort of projecting his own experience onto Sweets, sort of to make himself feel better about his own decision to move on.

    @KJH: Yes, that part is interesting to me. I remember when i watched it the first time, thinking, “Oh, Brennan’s really good with kids now?” It wasn’t THAT blatant, but it was obvious that she wasn’t as awkward I think. Her heart is really really growing. And you described the end scene perfectly!

  24. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 12:04 pm

    @djoy79 So true! I mean, we’ve seen looks like that on BOOTH’S face before, right? So it was interesting that it was kind of reversed. I will be interested to see how it works. I think you are absolutely right in what you said about it being “his Bones”. And maybe that is sort of the crux of the issue. Maybe he’s not sure where they stand, so he’s kind of lashing out.

  25. Lisa on September 24th, 2010 12:17 pm

    -I loved this episode too….and I took Booth’s comment to mean that he was glad he wasn’t the only one she hadn’t spoken to…I had never considered it the other way. I guess it’s possible, but Booth seemed to know the status of the Lab, so I suppose he had some contact…
    -I teared up when Angela told Bren she was pregnant – that scene was awesome!
    -They succeeded in making me happy for Booth that he had found someone…of course I don’t want it to last forever…but for now, I’m happy for him.
    -Loved B/B’s lynchpin discussion in the SUV – Hilarious!

  26. annie on September 24th, 2010 12:41 pm

    I’ve read the above posts and am impressed with the insights listed. I watched very late last night (starting at midnight! -I couldn’t go to bed w/o watching) and need to watch again, but I wanted to share my initial, tired impressions.

    I liked the episode, and parts of it alot! It was wonderful to have everyone back on my TV screen! I am worried that the other squints are gone – I love Clark, and like the rotating storylines of the others (my husband’s favorite is VNM, and I was watching Intern in the Incinerator on TNT a couple of nights ago and Fisher was hysterical!).

    I think the episode showed a strained B&B relationship quite well – and it definitely made my heart hurt a little. I expected it, as I am up to date on spoilers, but it still made me sad/nervous. Booth obviously keeping himself aloof from Brennan – I thought his comment about thinking he was the only one he hadn’t kept in touch with was the only real time we got to see that he was hurting at all. I believe he thought she had kept in touch with the others more, and that hurt him, so he was more open to Hannah, and keeping his emotions locked tightly away from thoughts of Brennan. I’m nervous because I worry that the writers will let the B&B relationship suffer too much , and not be something I (or others) wil be invested in watching (re)develop.

    Brennan was fun to watch. It was sweet to see her responses to the people in the episode – I’m not sure she is entirely aware of her emotions, and seeing her spout out her usual rational thoughts mixed with her letting her emotions just blurt out was amusing. I loved the scene when she went to get Wendell.

    I was OK with her getting reprimanded by Cam. Maybe not entirely fair, but Cam was affected very negatively by all of them leaving, and they would not have left if Brennan hadn’t. I don’t think she should have stayed, just that she should have been cognizant of that fact, and thus more diplomatic when she left, and while she was gone.

    I love Caroline – but I always love Caroline. She is the lynchpin.
    Angela and Brennan – need more of them together – it was wonderful to see them interact again!
    Hodgins – I remember a few seasons ago when Angela said that the team relied on Hodgins for everything – and this episode again illustrates that he is invaluable – he pretty much gives them what they need to wrap it up everytime!

    Last season’s opener left me much happier. I understand why this one was muted on the happiness front, and as an obsessed fan, I will continue to watch for a while (until/if the unhappiness wears on me). I am concerned that a more casual viewer will not stay through the Hannah/Booth arc, as the B&B interaction may become too much of a downer, which would destroy the core of the show. I really hope that doesn’t happen!

  27. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 12:49 pm

    @Lisa I also really loved the whole lynchpin convo! I thought that was just totally classic B&B SUV conversation. It made me feel good about things! Not EVERYTHING has changed!

    Hey @Annie! I’m with you that I hope people don’t get turned off. BONES has a habit of actually NOT dealing with storylines from season to season, but this one might actually linger! So it will be very interesting. It’s like we’ve always wanted them to do that, really dig deep into a storyline, and now they actually are. Will casual fans still tune in? I know the writers have to create episodes that continue ongoing threads but also can act as stand-alones. So it’s hard. And i think sometimes I can judge too quickly, while losing sight of the fact that they have to appeal to a lot of different people than just me!

  28. Samantha on September 24th, 2010 12:52 pm

    I am so glad Bones is back and I can’t wait for this season, but this episode was so so for me. It was good, but not great.

    I totally thought Cam’s reaction to Brennen leaving was out of place. I mean the woman rushed back to DC to save your job and that is how you thank her, by harrassing her for leaving? She is allowed to leave if she wants, I mean, right?

    I found it interesting how Booth showed Caroline Hannah’s picture but kept it hidden, it struck me as a bit odd.

    I think Booth thinks he has moved on but that is easy when you don’t have to see the woman who shot you down every day and all the little things you love about her. And the realization that the feelings still exist was quite evident on Booth’s face. It will be interesting to see how B&B’s relationship plays in Booth’s relationship with Hannah!

    And I loved Hodgins, he was so just in love and happy, I like that Hodgins much better than the cranky one from two seasons ago! Though, I didn’t feel it was right that Angela told Brennen before Hodgins, I mean, my husband would have been so disappointed that I didn’t tell him first… but that is TV, right?!

    Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  29. Stephanie on September 24th, 2010 2:08 pm

    I haven’t had a chance to rewatch the episode yet so forgive me if I don’t remember everything correctly, but I thought I would add my two cents.

    First up: the frustrating. There was A LOT going on in this episode and I think, as a result, it was a little choppy. The case(s) weren’t all that well developed and definitely took a backseat to the characters. The resolution to the case of the missing child was a little bit simplistic, but I think very effective in its purpose (as an illustration of Brennan’s continuing character growth).

    As has already been mentioned, I didn’t like the ease with which Booth was able to get out of his commitments in Afghanistan but I’ll give the writers their artistic license on that one. One thing that did bug me – the ringing cell phone in the middle of a mission. Seriously, couldn’t he at least have put the thing on vibrate?

    For these reasons, I still haven’t decided how much I “liked” the episode as a whole. On the other hand, no one can argue that it provided plenty of food for thought on the relationship front…

    Second: the interesting. The return of season 1 Booth. Wow! Snarky AND angry. Perhaps my biggest lightbulb moment about this episode was when I realized that his actions towards Brennan were not only consistent with his character (keeping in mind their prior history as explained in the 100th episode) but also justified. He’s bitter – and with good reason. He gambled. She said no (but said she still wanted to work together). Then she broke up their partnership anyway. The straw that likely broke the camel’s back was her not contacting him a single time in seven months (despite her perfectly reasonable explanation, albeit after the fact, as to why). So he built walls to protect himself. And I think what we saw in the episode last night was him desperately trying to maintain those walls. The look on his face when they hugged was very telling. He’s not over her – not by a long shot. At times it seemed like he was using Hannah (or at least her picture) as a literal shield to protect himself with. I have no doubt that he has real feelings for Hannah, but Brennan still has real potential to hurt him – and I think he knows that. If he had truly moved on, he wouldn’t have felt the need to be so forceful in his conversations with Brennan and Caroline (about Hannah) and Sweets (moving on). His reactions were raw and absolutely realistic. Although for the good of the show, I think we need to see signs of his trademark protective instinct returning sooner rather than later.

    I also found it interesting how Sweets and Daisy’s relationship mirrors B&B. It was especially interesting to hear Daisy mention wanting Sweets back because she regretted choosing her work over her relationship the same way her mentor did. Makes me wonder just what Daisy and Brennan talked about during their time in Maluku.

    Oh, and did anyone else notice that Sweets was completely wrong about the missing kid’s dad not lying? Or did I miss something?

    Third: the compelling. Brennan. Love, love, love the character development. Her comment about wanting to hug Caroline reminded me of the S5 premiere episode when Cam asks her if she’d care to hug. Brennan looks confused and asks why. And yet now she wants to initiate a hug with someone other than Booth or Angela? That’s huge! And at least twice in the episode, she looked at Booth with an expression on her face I’ve never seen from her before. Adoration? Puppy love? Whatever it was – yikes! She’s falling HARD.

    Overall, it was an intriguing beginning and I’m definitely interested in seeing the rest of this season unfold. Bones has never skimped on character development and there’s certainly no reason to think they’d stop now.

  30. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 3:13 pm

    @Samantha, I also thought it was kind of weird that Hodgins didn’t know before Angela, though Brennan’s explanation was funny 🙂 And the whole thing with Cam just is so strange to me too. Probably just another way of using one of the characters (Cam) to illustrate Brennan’s character

    @Stephanie: You always bring the awesome breakdowns! I agreed with everything you said. I had totally forgotten about Sweets being wrong, but i think you are RIGHT! I dread any sort of more Daisy and Brennan moments of bonding or whatever, but I think you might be on to something in that we might learn Daisy admit some of Brennan’s secrets or something.

    BONES pals, you are rocking the comments! And did you see the ratings? Pretty relatively good!

  31. Deetsie on September 24th, 2010 3:25 pm

    Posted by Stephanie: “So he built walls to protect himself. And I think what we saw in the episode last night was him desperately trying to maintain those walls. The look on his face when they hugged was very telling. He’s not over her – not by a long shot.”
    Thanks Stephanie. I watched the episode again today and saw a little bit more of what you saw. Your comments give me a lot of hope…

  32. dd on September 24th, 2010 4:06 pm

    So, I’ve done a recce and outside of the regular Bones forums/LJ communities, you know, I’m not seeing a lot of love for the first episode. Lots of people really disappointed.

    I don’t think the ratings for the first episode are what I’m interested in – people were tuning in with hope after the S5 finale. I’m more interested where they go now.

    Lots of people saying things like ‘Booth was a cocky jerk’, no chemistry/spark between B/B anymore, ‘he certainly moved on quickly’, ‘I found it sad/depressing/boring’.

    I don’t think they ever needed to be concerned about the first episode ratings. It’s where they go from here that would have me a bit twitchy if I were TPTB.

  33. Sara on September 24th, 2010 4:16 pm

    @Stephanie: I don’t think Sweets was wrong. If you remember, the dad wasn’t talking about where he was or whether he took the boy or not. He was talking about how (somebody, I don’t remember who) chose the alcoholic mother over the dad when they chose custody arrangements. The dad was obviously upset that he didn’t have custody of the boy, and I felt that Sweets hit it right on and that part was just telling WHY the dad did what he did.

  34. Owl on September 24th, 2010 5:15 pm

    @Stephanie — the missing kid’s dad wasn’t lying about his wife. They never said anything about lying about where his kid was (Sweets was only watching him talk about the unfairness of Logan going to his mother). Not only is it a good red herring, but it gives Logan’s father’s motive for kidnapping him.

    Also, just a thought about that whole case — everyone thinks that the body of the Korean boy in the morgue is Logan. Look at how the media treats many missing persons cases — once they find a body, that person is immediately assumed dead (and that body). Like it or not, that’s probably how Logan could be brought out into public — everyone thinks he’s dead (plus he’s in Delaware (not DC, from where he disappeared)). And then you juxtapose that to the Korean child who nobody assumed was dead, or even missing. It’s just… sad (and a very real circumstance, as was the circumstance of the child’s death as well). I mean, it wasn’t the most well-thought-out case ever, but it’s more “real/accessible” than others, too. I think that’s why I liked this case. Death is a serious matter, and something that everyone experiences.

    After watching the episode a second time, I found another theme. It’s not just about family, it’s about giving up things for family. Brennan gives up Booth for his happiness with Hannah. Angela gives up Paris for her husband and child. Brennan gives up Maluku for the Jeffersonian team. Daisy gives up her engagement with Sweets for something sub-par. Sweets gives up his “freedom” for his job and a girl that still maybe loves him. Wendell gives up job security for his Jeffersonian “family” (well, and for money… not keeping with the theme, but I think it’s still a bit there). Cam gives up job security to do what she perceives is right (at the very beginning, the whole reason why they are there). Caroline doesn’t give up anything (at least obvious), she’s Caroline.

  35. Kerry on September 24th, 2010 5:31 pm

    It bothered me that we got to see a glimpse of everyone’s time off life except Hodgins and Angela’s. I would have loved to see what they were up to in France. We didn’t even get to hear Caroline’s phone call to them. They just popped up in that conference room. Hopefully it was just cut out for time, and maybe it will be a dvd extra when it comes out.

  36. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 5:40 pm

    @Owl: Excellent Points! I like that “giving up things for family” illustration that you mentioned. Very excellent.

    @Kerry: Well, the DID make a little squintster, so maybe it wasn’t 8 PM appropriate for us to see what they were doing in Paris 😉 But yeah, it was a surprise that we didn’t see them, or their call.

  37. anonymousbones on September 24th, 2010 6:59 pm

    I was immensely disappointed with the Bones season premier… I mean I agree with just about everything that Deetsie have said in her comments. I feel like I’ve been lied to, for the express purpose of keeping me watching the show and I’m so frustrated that I just want to turn it off. Seriously, either Booth is a clone that the government returned from Afghanistan and they’re keeping the real Booth locked up somewhere or the Booth that I wanted so much for Brennan to admit she has feelings for was all a fabricated lie and now after 6 years he’s showing that he’s actually a real jerk. I certainly agree that the absence should have been left at one year because Booth having enough time to move on from Brennan and get as “serious as a heart attack” with Hannah… in 7 months, either means he wasn’t really in love with Brennan and the past 6 years hadn’t been building her trust in him, or he’s LYING to two women and deliberately trying to hurt Brennan and make her jealous. Either way, that spells jerk and it’s a hard pill to swallow for this fan of the show and ALL the characters. Hodings and Caroline are the only aspects that salvaged the show for me. I did see some growth in Brennan and Emily Deschanel is just talented enough to make those changes very subtle.

  38. Janet on September 24th, 2010 8:03 pm

    @ Stephanie – I think the phrase is “spot on” for so many of your observations.

    Stephanie said “Then she broke up their partnership anyway.” Isn’t that an interesting thing to note! I hadn’t looked at that second rejection he basically took.

    “The straw that likely broke the camel’s back was her not contacting him a single time in seven months (despite her perfectly reasonable explanation, albeit after the fact, as to why).” I think this is definitely significant and hope (I’m sure to no avail) that it is revisited at some point.

    “So he built walls to protect himself. And I think what we saw in the episode last night was him desperately trying to maintain those walls. The look on his face when they hugged was very telling. He’s not over her – not by a long shot.” I’m totally with you on that call. I watched that seen closely the first time because I really wanted to see his reaction.

    Booth’s interaction with Brennan throughout the whole episode was disjointed – but I think you are right that it is completely “raw” and realistic — too many overwhelming emotions buffeting him in these first 48-72 hours back in the country from a difficult 7 months away.

  39. Zoe on September 25th, 2010 12:40 am

    ah yay so excited bones is back!!

    i LOVED brennans comment about the snake “i find it interesting that im only afraid of snakes when booth is around to be jumped upon” a flash back to…season four was it? awesome.

    also about booth’s comment – i think he meant he was glad he wasnt the only one SHE didnt keep in touch with, because the way he says “where are you going? didnt you keep in touch with anyone while you were gone?” made me think that he had been in touch and he did know what was going on…that cam had moved etc..

    cant wait til next week! =]

  40. Kali on September 25th, 2010 2:28 am

    Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of the premiere, yet. Maybe 10 episodes in it’ll all make more sense, I definitely hope it will. But right now? Not really. There were quite a few things in this episode that caused feelings of joy. Angela’s pregnancy, solving a crime that doesn’t involve a dead body and, of course, the team back together again…but that feeling of joy left a bitter aftertaste.
    Booth has managed to actually move on – at least he has convinced himself he has and I found myself believing him. After the 100th episode fiasco we knew that he would move on, that he had to give himself the chance to be happy without Brennan, and he actually did. What else could he have done since Brennan, though having made quite the progress, is still very dense on the romance-front. She didn’t even keep in touch with him (I understood his comment “glad I’m not the only one” in that way), which would have made it so much harder for him to find the already much-hated correspondent/girlfriend. And the ball was and still remains in her court. While Brennan definitely had her mind on Booth while they were apart she still hasn’t learned to read her emotional responses correctly: as Angela put it very poignantly, Brennan will die loveless and alone, if that doesn’t change soon. Of course we’re hoping that her heart will catch up with her brain, sometime this season (!). The Booth and Brennan dynamic just felt a little off. He was just a little too convincing in the having-moved-on department, and she was still too detached and rational regarding the reasons she dreamed of Booth, thought of Booth, was irritated by the girlfriend news and ultimately, why she decided to stay home.

    What I loved most in this episode was the final scene…the mastodon (very fitting metaphor by the way) in the room that was and still remains between our favorite two.

  41. Beth on September 25th, 2010 1:28 pm

    This premiere made me very worried for the show as a whole. I think it was a fitting episode for where the plot was left in season 5, but I’m afraid it won’t mean anything to potential new viewers. There were an overwhelming amount of interpersonal relationship updates. As a follower of Bones, I loved and needed the updates after a long summer break. But if I had been a new viewer, I think I may have turned it off because I would have been lost, not knowing the complexities of the back stories. Any thoughts? To continue into season 7 and 8, the show may need more viewers.

    Thanks for all the comments above… I think your insights are right on.

    My only new comment is the coldness and distance we see in Booth. Of course, as a B&B fan, I hate that they are still apart. But I think David played the “I’m trying to be a friend and colleague to you who recently broke my heart” believably. I’m looking forward to season 6, because I think the best thing about B&B is seeing what issues and realizations and shared experiences make them fall in love with each other. Season 1 -5 was round one. Apparently, season 6 will be the start of round two. Go Brennan! Make him fall for you again!!!

  42. rose on September 26th, 2010 3:56 am

    After sticking with BONES for 5 seasons, I was REALLY disappointed with the season premier. It was flat, and to me, the acting was forced. Even Angela & Jack – happy – yes, but a forced happy. I am not digging Daisy at all – c’mon, strip to your underwear to “show you’re female?” That was a cheap sitcom-ie move, totally out of character for the show. Booth didn’t seem to really care about how Bones feels about his new love interest, and that is just not realistic in that sort of situation… Returning to a serious love-interest after 7 months of separation would not result in such a cold hug and conversation. I don’t think Bones has evolved much, unfortunately, I just don’t see it. I hope she does, I don’t want to give up on this show, but I can honestly say that this was the worst episode I can remember since they locked up Zach.

  43. workaholic888 on September 26th, 2010 5:26 am

    Hodgins was as awesome as ever! I think guys really do get a bit swept up in the moment when they find out they’re gonna be a dad…so that was right on!!

    Love how Sweets went all “little brother” when Caroline told him Booth has got PTSD. Haha. How cute!

    Just when I thought Daisy could NOT get any more ridiculous….she did.

    I love how Booth gave Brennan the “thumbs up”. It is so reminiscence of his previous thumbs up. I’m so glad they still do that!! 🙂 🙂

    Now that you mention it, Sarah, when Booth said “I’m glad I’m not the only one” I totally took that as “I’m glad I’m not the only one who lost touch with everybody else”. But I think your other interpretation is the one that’s more likely. The “I’m not the only one you lost touch with”. That makes more sense, to me anyway.

  44. Nikki on September 28th, 2010 8:45 pm

    I think they getting everyone together and up to date part of the episode was great… But the case or reason could have been better. Yes most watch for the drama but i think the science behind it holds it together. I mean really without it there wouldn’t be a show. I’m excited but also nervous about Angela’s Pregnancy. Hodgins was excited but she wasn’t as much and she said before she wants a million kids. This new girlfriend of Booths is…. well i don’t know if i like the idea or not but we will see how it plays out. I’m glad I have thursday off to watch the next episode!!!!

  45. Sonya L Moore on September 29th, 2010 12:05 am

    Why is HH such a coward? If the relationship between House & Cuddy can progress to love, sex, & awkwardly working together, it should be able to work with B&B.
    Also, an interview HH gave where he admitted that he was in a very tough time slot & might not get renewed terrified me. What if he drags us down the same old path thinking he will get the duo together next year or the next & the show is cancelled. I HATE unresolved shows (Carnivale pops to mind). He said the crew had the first 10 shows mapped & were just now working on plot for final 13. Maybe he needs to reconsider his plans. A REAL B&B relationship would guarantee viewers.
    Back to the House analogy – their tension on the job & sexual tension are all still there. They just face new problems & try to work around & through them. It adds a new emotional level for the viewers. We are stuck in the same old rut. Like one of the other bloggers, I was very uncomfortable the first time I watched the Bones premier & more uncomfortable the 2nd time. I may not be able to finish this season with the same-old-same-old.

  46. Cheri Coleman on September 29th, 2010 2:13 pm

    I thought the episode was very disappointing. If there is no hope for Booth and Bones to be together I don’t need to watch anymore.

  47. Deetsie on September 30th, 2010 11:25 am

    I have majorly good ideas about getting them together – how it works, what happens etc. Hart Hanson…. are you listening to your audience??

  48. ajax on October 1st, 2010 10:30 pm

    this was one of the worst Bones episodes i have ever seen and i have seen them all. The forensics element of the show was unbelievable and felt thrown together. Brennan seemed more awkward then she was even in the pilot season! At the end of the last season it was clear how much she had grown as a person thanks to Booth and her colleagues. Her awkwardness in this season is not endearing like it was in the earlier seasons. Brennan seems flat and full of herself.
    What happened to my heroine?!
    I also don’t like her bangs. ugh. so disappointed.

  49. Kobe on July 21st, 2014 10:13 pm

    Does anybody care about the science? A simple DNA test would have eliminated the whole premise.