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BONES: Creator Hart Hanson Answers Burning Questions on The Season Premiere and Beyond

September 24, 2010 by  

Okay, BONES fans, you’ve had more than 12 hours to digest the season 6 premiere and to debate what went down in Give Me My Remote‘s recap post.

But if you’re like me, you may have a few nagging questions after viewing the episode.

Thankfully, I had the opportunity to chat with series creator Hart Hanson and get his take on what went down during the opener, plus his thoughts on the series going past season 6 and that whole Hannah thing…

What was your thought when the promos spoiling Angela’s pregnancy were released?
I just went, “Oh my God.” But we have no say over promos. And they’re pretty good. They’re pretty smart most of the time. I wish they hadn’t done that. But also…I accept that these guys are professionals and know more about promo-ing. I wouldn’t want them to tell me what to write in my show, so I’m not going to tell them how to promo. But myself, I wish that had been a surprise. I love the fact that we kept [the Angela-Hodgins] wedding a surprise and it just popped up. I loved that.

Why didn’t we see Angela tell Hodgins she was pregnant on screen? We only saw the aftermath of him digesting the news.
Because she [originally] told him in Paris.

Oh, so that was part of the Parisian fig leaf scene that you cut?
Yeah! Yes! Good for you, yes, that’s right.

Is the fact that Booth skipped out on his commitment to the military going to be addressed at all?
He did not join the military. He did not become a soldier.

Then what was he doing? You had mentioned Booth didn’t go back to shoot people, yet we saw him shoot three people in one scene.
Okay, there are so many civilian mercenaries. There are so many civilian contractors over there.

So he didn’t join the military?
He did not join the military. He worked for them. The problem is, David just looks too good in fatigues. But you’ll notice there is no insignia [on them].

And was he being truthful with Brennan about what he was doing over there? Was what we saw of his time in Afghanistan an abnormality?
When he says, I just did administrative work? He’s totally lying to Brennan because he doesn’t want her to be scared. He’s just being kind.

How about the reunion between the two of them in the premiere? I heard from fans who were disappointed by their goodbye in the season finale. Did you put a lot of thought into how they would greet each other after their time apart?
Oh yeah. And I’ll tell you something else — we script one thing, then we shoot it 3 or 4 ways and then we cut it different ways. Then we see what we feel is going to work in that moment.

When I talked with David Boreanaz (Booth) recently, he was pretty clear that Booth wants to make Brennan jealous in regards to his new relationship. I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but when I watched the premiere, I felt like I got glimpses of that, especially when they were catching up on the steps. Was that your intention when you wrote the episode?
No. I don’t think Booth wants to make Brennan jealous. He wants what’s best for her. He wants to survive what he went through with her. There’s no vindictiveness, he’s not trying to get her back. As a grown-up male, he’s going, that [relationship with Brennan is] not going to happen — in his opinion — and he’s moving on. He’s doing his best to move on and have a happy life. There’s no ulterior motives and no wanting [to make her jealous] — it’s possible that David wants Booth to make her jealous without trying, if you know what I mean. David is not an idiot, he thinks things through.

I didn’t expect David’s comments about making Brennan jealous to come into play until after Hannah arrived, but I did feel a coldness — or at the very least an obvious detachment — towards Brennan when he told her about his new relationship.
Oh, that’s interesting. See, we didn’t get that. We didn’t see that. But that’s interesting. I’ll look at it with new eyes and see if I see that.

For me, the most glaring example was when he told her his relationship was as serious as a heart attack. Brennan is crushed and has an obvious physical reaction to that news and it seemed to make no difference to Booth.
If we did it right, he doesn’t see that, he’s not looking at her [when that happens]. I have to say Emily [Deschanel (Brennan)] is the master at a flicker of emotion. She’s pretty good at letting it happen when Booth is looking away and we try and cut it that way. You raise an interesting thing, though — does the audience notice that, or because they’re looking at both of them, do they see that he’s uncaring? That’s an interesting question. I’ll have to look at that. I think we want Booth to want the best for someone he truly cares about, with no ulterior motives. We’ll try and get that.

Well, you do have an extra episode this year to make it all work. I know you’ve already mapped out the first 10, but have you planned out the back 13?
No. [pause] We’re there now. We’re there case-wise, well into the back 13. But the other stuff, not all the way. But we had a big meeting [last Monday] about big steps, so that we can start chugging them out.

And we did briefly touch on how scary your time slot is this season. If ratings do go down significantly and this ends up being the final season, are you worried about fans not getting their proper resolution?
Yes. I’m hoping in the worst case scenario, the worst case scenario, we still see it coming. If we’re really surprised, I’d be really worried about that. But I don’t think we’ll be really surprised. I think we’ll know by Christmas how we’re doing [with regards to] the network and what their intentions are. It’s a worry. And I think I’ve said many times, I don’t want to get them together in the last episode.

We’ve discussed how you already know when, in the lives of these characters, they will get together, even if you don’t know when in the life of the series that will be —
That’s right.

Has that changed at all?
No. [long pause] I would guess…Nobody knows anything, [but] I think we have a pretty good chance, a 50-50 chance — which ain’t bad — of getting an 8th season.

An 8th season or a 7th season?
An 8th. We have a 50-50 chance. I’m pretty sure — I’d say we have a 60-40 chance — if we go for 7, we’ll probably go for 8. The big question is, will we go for 7 or will this be our last year? And it’s a big worry. It’s a big worry. Because you know…how the other [new Fox] shows do, how we do in our time slot. We’re an orphan. No one [currently] at the network developed this show.

Okay, fair enough. Let’s talk about Hannah for a minute. We’re in season 6 right now — is it risky to be bringing a serious girlfriend into the mix? Fan feedback so far hasn’t been what you would call positive…
[TJ Thyne joins us]
[to Thyne] She’s hollering at me about Hannah.

I’m not hollering, I want to have a discussion about her.
Do I worry about it? All the time every day. What do you think, [TJ]?
TJ Thyne: About Hannah? I love it. [Hanson laughs] I love it because she’s smart and she’s sexy–
HH: You’re going to get me out of this, aren’t you?
TJT: –and Brennan is kind of forced to go, [pause] “Oh.”
HH: If [fans are] not going to give her a chance, there’s nothing I can do about those people.

The promos are heavily pimping that storyline and how much Booth is over Brennan…
They must be crazy, people who think it’s over for Booth and Brennan. Who believes that?
TJT: Here’s my feeling on it…my feeling is if Brennan goes up against someone who is vivacious and sexy and sassy and smart and has it all and can fight and in the end, [Brennan] wins her man, then God, you’re going to be so much more excited for her!
HH: [To Thyne] You should do all the interviews! [To me] Can you say that I said that?

You want me to lie?
Yes. Just say I said that. Because I write most of his stuff. That was a great line.

That was a great line. And honestly, if it’s done right, it could be fantastic, but it needs to be done right.
Oh, we worry about that all the time, every day — are we doing this right? But imagine what a bad show it would be if went, “Oh, we better not try that.”



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73 Responses to “BONES: Creator Hart Hanson Answers Burning Questions on The Season Premiere and Beyond”

  1. samnickmike on September 24th, 2010 4:42 pm

    I thought the episode was great. I do find it interesting how the writers views and the viewers views sometimes are different. I did feel that Booth was coming off as a little , um what’s the right word? not rude, but uncaring or kind of “you said no to me so look what I did” if that makes sense, when he spoke to her about Hannah. I also felt it was somewhat unbooth like to discus Hannah the way he did with caroline, but I liked it, it is nice to see his character change a little too. I do think they do a great job of having each character miss the other’s little looks which is a huge part of the reason I watch. I love the already apparent changes in Brennan, her initiating hugs and sharing feelings was nice to see. She came off as in a really happy place, like the time away was good for her and she is willing to accept that she is capable of changing. And despite spoilers I read and heard, I laughed heartily when Brennan turned around and daisy was in her underwear, that was fun. Oh yeah, the case was good too , especially catching the kidnapper at the end.

  2. Barb on September 24th, 2010 4:46 pm

    Wow, I feel MUCH better after reading this. Because I totally saw what you saw with Booth when he told Brennan about Hannah. Maybe I was influenced by having read DB’s comments about Booth wanting to make Brennan jealous. But it did seem a little vindictive to me, not Boothy.

    I’m going to rewatch tonight with HH’s comments in mind.

    Kind of relieved to hear that HH thinks they’ll know by Christmas whether or not this will be the last season. I don’t want it to end, b ut I especially don’t want it to end in a rushed manner.

  3. dd on September 24th, 2010 4:55 pm

    I will admit that is a great line from TJ. But, it still doesn’t take away from the fact that I don’t want to see Booth kissing another woman at this stage in the game. As such, I’m simply not watching it. Call me childish, that’s fine.

    I don’t believe for a second that if they get a 2 season pick up that Booth and Brennan are making any more progress towards being a couple in S6. Not happening. Yes, we may see the end of Hannah this season, but just wait and see what obstacle they throw at them next time. Maybe one that’s a little more inspired than an over-used love triangle. Yawn.

  4. dd on September 24th, 2010 4:58 pm

    p.s. The ‘Booth was a cold-hearted jerk’ opinion is one that I see all over the internet. In fan based and general comment forms.

    I think they may have failed to realise what a massive hit the character of Booth has taken in a lot of people’s eyes (or is about to take). And I’m not just talking the ‘falling in and out of love’ thing, I’m talking the ‘father of the year’ Booth that seemed to have fallen by the wayside.

  5. Eridapo on September 24th, 2010 5:05 pm

    Great interview, but I think Hart is mistaken in banking on 8 seasons. He has to be realistic, and he has to know that the audience will not hang around for more of the “will they / wont they” story line. This has to be the season that something happens between the two, and Hart should just let the story flow naturally rather than stick with a fix plan schedule. Again … if he continues to bank on 8 seasons and that does not happen, he will have to rush the telling of his story. Ultimately a rush ending will leave a bad after taste in the viewers.

  6. facebook on September 24th, 2010 5:27 pm

    Check the Facebook fan page. Not a lot of happy people there. And these were the people that were posting nothing but ‘woo hoo, can’t wait for BONES’ to come back a day or so ago.

    If I could be bothered, I would collate the ‘awesomes’ vs. the ‘disappointed’, but I have a life, so… ;-D

  7. gemlily5 on September 24th, 2010 5:33 pm

    They will hopefully get a season 7 at least to bring Booth and Brennan together to be in a relationship. As much as some want to see Angela and Hodgins together,they have a very heavy emotional attachment to Booth and Brennan. To see them finally become involved with each other on a deeper level.We have been waiting for 5 years now.It’s long overdue.’Hannah’ needs to be gone before christmas! There’s no way around it.

  8. Sarah (seels) on September 24th, 2010 5:34 pm

    Good interview! I agree with HH that Booth was not malicious. I think people WANTED to see him be like that in order to allow themselves to be mad at him for having a girlfriend. But the reality is that he was pretty much the same as he’s always been. If anything, he wasn’t as ‘prudish’, or “a gentleman is discreet”, but there was no malice there.

    I think there were also a lot of fans who were really happy with the way Booth and Brennan reunited. It’s one of my favorite scenes, actually, with Brennan being very open with Booth. I also love how he laughs when she teases him about saving her life. And I love that he tells her he missed her straightforward way of saying things. It was very special. Plus, since they have already once before discussed the severity of heart attacks (serious as a gas attack), I actually thought his simile there was pretty nice, actually. He knows how straightforward she is, and he wants to be honest with her. She values honesty. I think he’s happy; but i don’t think he’s malicious in any way. I agree with Hart that it wasn’t played that way or intended to be played out that way. I know I have my own bias and issues of seeing what I want to see over what’s really there, but I think in this case, fans who are hating on Booth are over-reacting. I also agree about Emily Deschanel being THE MASTER at portraying little tiny glimpses. That HH mentions that makes me feel good that they are planning to really delve deep into her dealio!

    Excellent discussion of Booth joining the military/vs not. I think the problem is that it was presented as Booth’s loyalty to the Army being in question in the finale. Right? When he and Brennan talked about it in the diner? I’m not saying that he said he was joining the Army and they’ve backtracked; i just think that it’s sort of misleading (and that he had to escape the base to see her off to Maluku, right?)

    I love what TJ said, and I love that idea that the actors are ‘Brennan’ fans, just like the characters really care about her. And yeah, “if Brennan goes up against someone who is vivacious and sexy and sassy and smart and has it all and can fight and in the end, [Brennan] wins her man, then God, you’re going to be so much more excited for her!” Heck yes!

    And I love HH getting a little cocky too, on behalf of the B&B storyline. Yeah, it’s not over. In some ways, it feels like it’s just getting started. And it’s getting good!

    Excellent scoop as always, Marisa!

  9. Jmbatt on September 24th, 2010 5:42 pm

    Booth’s cold comment to Brennan reminded me of the way he treated her the first half of season 1. He was aloof and didn’t care if he said things that could be hurtful. Back then they were learning each other and I could dismiss the uncaring attitude; not this time – it came across as something said to hurt her – get back at Brennan for the way she hurt him in the 100th ep.

  10. skylark66 on September 24th, 2010 6:02 pm

    I agree with Hart. I rewatched and Booth was looking at the ground when he said it was very serious relationship w/Hannah. But what was he to do? Not tell her, we would crucify him more if that happened. He can’t come back, be all warm and caring to Brennan and be sleeping with Hannah. They need some distance to be professional. I thought his actions were quite mature since he had no indication of things changing especially since Brennan did not contact him once during the separation and seeing how easy it was for Caroline to contact both of them. After a summer of angst, I am semi looking forward to the Hannah arc, hoping it is not going to take the whole season. I think there will be a season 7, not so sure about 8. Very much enjoyed the episode, much more than I thought I would.

  11. facebook on September 24th, 2010 6:16 pm

    @skylark66 – the thing is most fans don’t re-watch. If their initial impression was that he was a ‘cold jerk’, then they’re not going to go searching for reasons that he wasn’t. They’re just going to think he was a jerk. I think they might have a problem they didn’t anticipate.

  12. KikaCR on September 24th, 2010 6:18 pm

    I am not thrilled about HH and his answers, even, I am not thrilled about the season premiere, I am tired of the third party stories!! I mean, I want to feel something good for Bones again, for me the show is losing the shine!
    I want to see an emotional Brennan, more open, showing the changes, because let’s face it, people do change, and I can said that from personal experience, emotionally I am like Brennan, pretty closed, running away from love and relationships, and I must say, I a little older than the character and I swear, in this moment of my life I just want to live, to open myself to the joy of life, to abandon the fears that bind me!! So, to me, seeing Brennan running away from her emotion is stupid and annoying!
    Therefore, at this moment, Brennan with her development so far, her age, keep running away from love an emotion is ridiculous, I know, because I could feel it, your soul or your metaphorical heart cries for changes, cries for love and just want to take the leap of faith.
    And Booth? Come on, I know he’s hurt, I know he’s trying to move on, but acting like a teen talking about his girlfriend in front of Brennan, please, is that the man who told her YOU ARE THE ONE!!! come on!! f she wanted evidence that love is ephemeral, then there’s your proof, Booth himself has confirmed her theory and her worst fear.

  13. OWB on September 24th, 2010 6:19 pm
  14. Botjes on September 24th, 2010 6:38 pm

    Great interview!

    Is this a clip from ep 2 ? Because it is obviously not what is says it is (unless they cut something):

  15. Janet on September 24th, 2010 7:50 pm

    @facebook 6:16 I think you are right, that only those of us who are obsessive will re-watch – so I do like HH’s response in that they should look at it again. So, in the broad perspective, that is unfortunate. Personally, though, I am reassured. It was never my thought that Booth was being mean. I think there is just a lot of emotional stuff going on there — he has been back in the States for less than a few hours, he is meeting with his soulmate that he hadn’t heard from during all his time away, and he is realizing that though he thinks he has moved on, he really hasn’t. And he is trying to mask and cope through all of that at once. Even if he had seen Brennan’s expression, he might not have even registered it all through the haze of all the other stuff.

    I have tried to resist the urge to comment on the timing of Booth and Brennan actually coming together because it’s all working regardless, but HH’s vague answer in the context of hoping for an 8th season really does make me nervous. I will NOT pretend to say that I wouldn’t keep watching after this season if it doesn’t happen (cuz, chyeah, I’m pretty well addicted), but even I might be irked if doesn’t come to pass this season. I am a firm believer that these two characters have a lot to bring to the story as a couple and not “just” a partnership.

  16. ellen82 on September 24th, 2010 8:08 pm

    M- excellent questions. It is a little alarming when the writer intends one emotion and viewers see another. Your word-detached- very accurately describes Booth. I found it uncomfortable to watch. One gets the sense that although HB may be a great character I w ill be an uphill battle for us fans. I think it will bring fans closer to Brennan but this story should not make us feel negatively toward Booth. As HH said, it is still about B&B but we viewers need to see that. We need to see Booth struggling as well. Did not feel that in the premiere. I think as do many fans that it is time inthe natural progression of these people and their story– it’s time for them to Choose each other.

  17. Judy on September 24th, 2010 8:10 pm

    His explanation for the military uniform is bogus and insulting to those of us that have worn it. They obviously did not do their research. Booth had rank displayed both during the 5th season finale and the 6th season premier.

    Most importantly, the uniform is worn to distinguish you from civilians and to give you the protection of the Geneva Convention.

    The finale talked about the military asking him to go back with more rank. They didn’t say a GS position or as a mercenary. There is so much wrong with his statement that it is impossible to put down in a comment section.

  18. VSing on September 24th, 2010 8:29 pm

    For some reason, I was a little disappointed with the episode. Something was missing. Maybe it will get better with the next episode(s).

  19. Drippan on September 24th, 2010 8:52 pm


    I waited a while to respond to this interview you had with Hart Hanson because, well, it boggles my mind.

    It appears to me that every interview Hart or Stephan has that they don’t know what they are doing. I know Stephan said the other day that they try not to have ‘very contrive’ scenarios and they want the relationship ‘natural and organic’, I question what they consider contrive and what is a ‘natural and oragnic’.

    Then we see in interviews like this one where Hart tries to explain away these ‘not very contrived’ situations, that they are really being all willy nilly telling their tale.

    When I see Hart talking about when in the story he see B&B getting together, he goes into talking about the series going 8 seasons but that he may have to slap them together sooner if the ratings aren’t there. I take this to mean that he won’t get them together til the very last season.

    When you asked if he had the last half of the season mapped out yet, he answered that they didn’t. It seems to me from him saying this is they are waiting once more on how the ratings are. I don’t understand how they can have the relationship be ‘natural and organic’ if they depend on ratings. Wouldn’t it be better to just write a ‘natural and organic relationship vice coming up with ‘contrive’ story lines to keep them apart?

    I wonder if you can ask both Stephan and Hart a question. It is something that Hart said in Edmonton. Ask them ‘If Booth and Brennan got together, do they see the series ending or do they see past that?”

    Marisa, I think it’s pretty bad and sad that the best and most comprehensible response in this whole interview came from TJ. It seems like he understands more what is going on the Hart and he’s not even in the loop.

  20. CJ on September 24th, 2010 9:00 pm

    I have to say that it did not seem at all that Booth was protecting Bones by telling her he was just doing administrative work. When I originally saw the episode I just figured that he got “caught up” in the moment with the little boy…but after reading this interview I am annoyed. Why would Hart write Booth lying? That seems very un-Booth like to me…and it sounds like a lame excuse to say he was protecting her.

  21. rynogeny on September 24th, 2010 9:58 pm

    What a fascinating interview. I think that’s possibly the most transparent I’ve ever seen him, and he said some really interesting things. But there’s one thing I still honestly don’t get.

    I don’t know why it seems to matter so much that fans ‘give Hannah a chance.’ Give her a chance to what? Win? Be useful in the long run to the B/B story?

    I can see the last one, that he wants people to eventually think, ‘you know, a lot of good came out of that.’ But so often — including here — it sounds like they really want people to like the character, to root for her. And while I get that they’re trying to write a woman who’s good (not a witch or villain out to get Brennan’s man) and who’s good for him…I honestly don’t understand why they seem to want people to like her and root for her.

    I keep imagining his expression if a month from now, he realizes that he’s succeeded too well, that as impossible as it seems, a lot of people have decided they like her better for Booth than Brennan, that they want someone else for Brennan as well. How does that benefit him?

  22. Mary on September 24th, 2010 10:40 pm

    rynogeny, I completely agree with you.

    In fact, I’m already hoping that the writers find Brennan’s match by the middle of this season.

    I’m hoping it’ll be a guy who won’t abandon her while she’s away on an archaeological dig.

    Even though many fans say that Booth’s moving on made sense, because he’s loved her for years, Episode 100 WAS THE FIRST TIME he’d proposed to her. IMO, he gave up too early, didn’t say the right things, and scared her into thinking that she’d have to make a life-long commitment on the spot.

    Overall, I’m glad for Booth, but I want someone who’ll love Brennan — and love her a whole lot better than Booth.

  23. Vicki on September 24th, 2010 11:44 pm

    I feel there is a definite coldness from Booth. The chemistry that made them interesting to watch is completely missing and awkward to watch. Even before the will they/won’t they, they had amazing chemistry. Emily was great, love Brennan development. Starting to not like Booth because he would not just move on in the manner he has if he truly loved her and was “that guy”, the one she is supposed to trust not to leave her. Do the writers even watch the show?! Losing patience with this much loved show. Problem is, once people change the channel (while Hannah is on) they will not come back and thus the end of the show. HH is correct that the bulk of the fans are not the loyal vocal ones, they are the ones that will just simply change the channel and watch something else. I own all DVDs and love the show but rarely comment, but I do read others’ comments and fear for the future of this show. I hope they fix Emily/David chemistry quick even if they don’t put B and B together because it is no fun to watch without it.

  24. Cila on September 25th, 2010 12:28 am

    At the end of Season 5 they talked about the Army making Booth a Sgt. Major I think it was. Booth said it was a bribe. It also looks to me that Booth has the insignia of the 101st Airborne on his right arm (screaming eagles). Hart better take a better look at Booth in his uniform.

  25. kali on September 25th, 2010 2:34 am

    Thank you so much for this Marisa! You think you could ask Mr Hanson about Brennan not keeping in touch with Booth for seventh months? Booth seemed a bit bitter in the premiere…

  26. ds on September 25th, 2010 3:44 am

    Having thought about it, I think it might suck even more that Booth went to be an independent contractor/mercenary, whatever, over staying with his son.

    Still don’t get why they swapped from a year to 7 months absence.

    Problems I have with that –
    Booth gets serious in a very short time, 7 months is NOTHING after supposedly having your heart broken. NOTHING.

    7 months means they have to explain things that they clearly didn’t plan for, like Booth coming out of the military early – so this new ridiculous explanation comes forward.

    The hand holding and a ‘year from now’ promise gave a lot of people hope after the depressing finale. They tune in hopefully, only to find more angst and a B/B relationship that has completely lost all spark and any of the things that made people turn on in the first place.

    I suppose that we still might get the ‘year from now’ meeting. But, ICK, after seeing Booth rolling around with Hannah. That’s only 5 months away. It will be cheapened and maybe we’ll feel like Brennan is second best.

    If I get anything from this interview, it’s that, maybe you know, they should plan a little better. Not knowing what happens in the second half of the season smacks of waiting to react to ratings to me.

    I fear for my Show.

  27. Anja on September 25th, 2010 8:05 am

    I was so bothered by Booth in this premiere, especially for the joke about Brennan missing the link with humanity versus Hannah, no missing link there (and Booth laughing with Caroline). That was just so cruel.
    As much as we understand Booth’s anger, he came out of the episode as bitter and a jerk. Hannah can actually keep him, thanks.
    I hope for Brennan someone that can love her much much more.
    So, I really don’t see a Booth wanting what’s best for her, not in the least. Hanson should just indicate exactly where in the episode we have seen a caring Booth wanting the best for Brennan.
    And next episodes seem even worse.
    If ratings drops, they can ONLY blame themselves, not the competition. And honestly they should ask them themselves what rating they would have gotten resolving the year apart in a different way.
    My impression is that those writers have lost contact with their own story and charachters first, and fans second. No win there.

  28. Anja on September 25th, 2010 8:21 am

    An answer to Rynogeny: how us liking Hannah benefit the producers?
    It benefits because they can get away with another year of very good ratings without having to put B&B together, saving that for a later season.
    If we don’t like Hannah, ratings will drop (of course, we have already 8 episodes full with Hannah spirit), so they have then to use the card B&B which is making the end of the serie (in their stubborn eyes) closer. So, less money for them all.
    If we like Hannah and they can keep us interested with this new charachter, it’s a free bonus for an extra year. Winning but not using the best and most expensive weapon.
    If that is leading us to want a new man for Brennan, even easier for them to make one at the very last moment (handsome actor, lovable charachter) and drag us along for another year. Yes, the fans will watch, buy DVDs for more years.
    Just money, cheap accounting.

  29. ds on September 25th, 2010 8:54 am

    I couldn’t agree more, @Anja. I am so p-d with Booth right now. The missing link line was just horrible… In fact, I find myself thinking something I NEVER thought I would think, which is bring back Sully.

    I feel like Sully loved Brennan for who she was, didn’t try to change her, just loved her. What did Booth do in the 100th? Basically confirm that she couldn’t be who he needed and to do that, she would have to change. Plus, he then comes back with some blonde on his arm. I am so p-d at him.

    I don’t ever remember the fandom being so split and so many mod warnings having to be issued over this very issue. People are so annoyed. When established and obsessive fans give up and when the best fanfic writers stop writing, you can be sure the casual viewer won’t be far behind. When I see these people saying ‘I feel very nervous and anxious about the season’, I don’t take it as a good sign for the show. Just because they’re still talking about it, doesn’t mean they will be for much longer.

    I really can’t believe they went for this storyline now. After all this time. Like you said Anja, if ratings fall, they have no-one else to blame but themselves.

    Prepare for more of the same guys, if they do get renewed. More of the same.

  30. amc815 on September 25th, 2010 1:35 pm

    Thank you Marisa! You rock!! TJ Thyne is SO adorable!! And Hart is Hart. “Lost and insecure you found me…” This song just came to my mind while reading Hanson’s answers. hehe

  31. Steph (BONES on September 25th, 2010 1:54 pm

    Come on you guys, the writers haven’t let us down for 5 seasons, they MUST have a plan. There is a reason (i’m sure) that Hart is so adamant that we all try to accept Hannah–FOR NOW. She obviously plays a role in bringing Booth&Brennan together and I cannot believe that you guys think the most ‘loyal fans’ are the ones who aren’t going to watch anymore. I am literally, OBSESSED with this show. OBSESSED. And I am beyond obsessed with Booth&Brennan. I would DEFINITELY consider myself a loyal fan and just because I’m bitter that the writers brought in someone new for Booth does not mean I am going to stop watching. I couldn’t do that if I TRIED. I guarantee that if you guys stick with the show, in a few episodes, you’ll be hitting yourself over the head because you can’t believe you almost stopped watching. People were pissed after the season 4 finale, and look what season 5 brought to us. It was EPIC, to say the least.

    Now for the things that irritated me: When I watched the season premiere (multiple times actually) I did get a vibe from Booth that seemed to say “haha Brennan, you turned me down and because of it, i found someone new and you didn’t”. really though, what do you expect? Any human being would have that kind of reaction if they were in his place. His heart was broken. I also agree that it is annoying that in 7 months, Booth moved on and ‘fell in love’ with someone else. IN 7 MONTHS. I guess all of that did happen while he was away from Brennan. Now it’s a whole new game because Brennan is back in his life and he cannot run away from that.

    I loved this interview. It really seemed like the questions that were asked were exactly what the fans were curious about (at least i was). And i’d be all in for 8 seasons. I hope that they have a plan to get Booth&Brennan together this season, though. A B&B get-together in season 6, a 7th and an 8th season, THAT WOULD BE AMAZING. Anyways, I would be really upset if my fellow loyal shippers stopped watching the show after giving it one episode’s chance, and the show got cancelled before Booth and Brennan could have the union they (and we) DESERVE or before they could get together AT ALL. That would really break my heart.

    SO STICK WITH IT GUYS. COMMON. I think this season is about to get interesting…

  32. A on September 25th, 2010 3:05 pm

    Hart Hanson-I am worried that you missed your moment last spring. I am not sure you are going to get a chance at eventually. Not sure how you are going to get yourself out of this mess!

    Booth brought it up ONCE to Bones. Of course she freaked out. She needs time to adjust to change. Booth should not have given up so quickly.

  33. JAN on September 25th, 2010 4:37 pm

    Okay, even though I don’t really have anything new to say, I guess I just have to be one of the loyal, vocal fans that HH has such a love/hate relationship with.

    First of all, I will keep watching until the very end. I’m just the kind of person who has to know how things turn out. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not a little frustrated. I’m going to go back to the 100th episode and explain what I think.

    Only recently has Brennan come to accept that love may be more than just chemicals reacting, and that it might not be ephemeral. When Booth mentioned he had to move on only seconds after Brennan rejected him, when he comes back from Afghanistan with a very serious girlfriend only seven months after declaring love for Brennan, he basically proves that Brennan was right all those years by shoving the evidence in her face. Though I feel sorry for Booth and have no doubt he was heartbroken, I can relate much better to Brennan.

    After years of partnership and friendship and the show making it clear that Booth understands Brennan better than any other character does, he then goes on to completely disregard all of that in front of the Hoover building. He knows that despite her bluntness, she needs a lot of time to process big changes, yet he still throws his declaration on her. He knows that she fears long-term commitment because everyone she loves has left her, yet he makes her think she has to do just that on the spot. Though I feel sorry for Booth and have no doubt he was heartbroken, I can relate much better to Brennan.

    Many people have commented on how heartless Brennan was to ask if they could still be partners after breaking Booth’s heart. It may have been, but Brennan needed reassurance. Their partnership is the most important thing to her. When Sweets mentioned in season 4 that B&B had formed a surrogate relationship, I think that in Brennan’s eyes, that would even get in the way of B&B having a romantic relationship. Brennan feels comfortable with their partnership/friendship, and is terrified of that being ruined if they become involved and he leaves her. There’s not as much risk when they keep things as is, and in a way they’re still together. She knows he can accept her as a friend, but fears that she would be inadequate as anything more, because she knows she doesn’t fit with what Booth always expresses he wants in a woman.

    In the premiere, I don’t think Booth actually tried to wound her with the “serious as a heart attack”, but I think he definitely wanted to push her away a bit. The promos for next episode are where I see Booth acting cold. In the diner scene, Brennan is trying to be kind and helpful, but Booth acts very abrupt and dismissive. I can only hope Booth won’t keep acting like this for very long and that Hannah’s presence will be a good thing in the long run.

  34. Beth on September 25th, 2010 4:59 pm

    I agree with the poster that asked “Do the writers even watch the show”? It does not matter what story the words INTEND to tell……the real story is told by the actions of the actors. Research says that 93% of communication is through body language. Action speaks louder than words!! Booth did not show any evidence of a struggle over his feelings for Brennan.

    Another thing that bothers me……Relationship experts say that is takes a minimum of 6 months for every 1 year of serious dating to heal from a broken heart if the love was true. He just knew that she was the on over 5 years ago…….yea right! Booth intimated that he had a “forever love” for Brennan. He disproved this by failing “in love” a few months later. Brennan did not want to take a chance because love is ephemeral…….her worst fears are those of abandonment! Way to go Booth!

    Are you listening Hart? JUST TELL THE STORY and stop trying to second guess when the show will be cancelled. Bones is my favorite show ever. The writing has been so clever and the acting is so entertaining that I never tire of rewatching just for fun! Please don’t prostitute the story in order to hold on for dear life!

    I think there could be great story lines about B&B as a romantic couple (Hart to Hart, anyone?). Booth needs to CHOOSE Brennan because he loves her. If she wins his love back by default then their love story is no longer epic.

    OK. I’m glad I got that off my chest!

  35. Beth on September 25th, 2010 5:23 pm

    Jan, I agree with everything that you said!

    While I have felt Booth’s disappointment, I can understand Brennan’s point of view. She was severely “damaged” as a child and learned to compensate by not allowing anyone into her heart to hurt her again. Her ability to be strong and independent is the very thing standing in her way to true happiness with someone in a romantic relationship. Booth knows that about her better than anyone. And…If Booth is so good at reading people, why would he hurt her the way he did when he was almost “bragging” about Hannah? Then, he bragged to Caroline. So different than the man that I have come to admire while watching this show!

  36. MinnKim on September 25th, 2010 6:49 pm

    I rewatched the premiere and I felt that Booth came off as a cold and unfeeling jerk. If this is what we are in for this season, I’m done. It may come to the point where they can write Booth off, with Hannah when she leaves. I hear there is a sniper coming Booth can be his first target. Then they can bring in someone new that is like the old Booth.

    My concern is that if Booth’s character changes too much and the storyline get misinterpreted by the audience the B&B dynamic will be finished and irrepairable. No amount of damage control will help this. The majority of viewers watch for the B&B moments if this is missing there is no reason to continue with this show.

    Clips for episode two are out. The only thing good about this episode is Clark as the intern. He steals the show, with his lines, in this episode.

  37. Beth on September 25th, 2010 7:15 pm

    Finally, Clark gets down and dirty with it!! I love it! Who knew?

    There is only ONE Bones. Booth can take Hannah and start a new gig. I can think there is another great FBI guy that can replace him. I say bring back Sully!!

  38. Rach on September 25th, 2010 8:04 pm

    I too thought Booth was cold and distant with Brennan. And the missing link line, I didn’t catch that while watching, but now that I know about it, how mean.
    The real problem is not Hannah, how she is, what she says or does. It’s Booth.
    When he was with Cam, he still was very caring and nice with Brennan. If I don’t see his love for her underneath all this new girlfriend and stuff I’ll be seriously disappointed. HH has to show Booth is with Bones all the way, girlfriend or not. That the love is still there somewhere and the new GF is just a fikkle attempt on moving on.

  39. Abgelblue on September 25th, 2010 8:45 pm

    I hope HH know what he is doing and Booth does seem to come off as cold towards Bones.You have to be blind not to see that and the fact that Bones was hurt when he told her about Hannah.It hurt my heart to see the ficker of pain across her face.Reading this kind of eases my negativity towrds the new season especially TJ’s comments!I will watch the show no matter what i just might get crazy glances from neightbhors bc i will be doing alot of yelling at my TV!

  40. Janet on September 25th, 2010 9:35 pm


    I think it is distinctly possible that for the majority of the fans (you know, Bones-lovers but not Bones-obsessors, like us), they did not see a “cold” Booth. I will re-iterate that I did not see that, either, rather a Booth that is buffeted by myriad emotions within hours (and days) of returning from a war zone and not knowing that lack of communication with Bones was not because of him. So, when HH says they didn’t see the same thing we did, perhaps most general viewers did not, either. They’ve been running the show awhile, now, I’m betting they are closer to right than we are.

    To address the more off-topic relationship issues, I just want to throw out there that it takes 2 people to make a relationship work. The concept that I am seeing in the last several posts is that Booth is solely responsible for making it all work and hold together. Booth, in many ways, is no more “together” in what he needs and wants than Brennan is. Brennan needs to continue to grow and take responsibility for it all to work, as well. I think seeing Booth in a fulfilling relationship is actually a good model for Brennan and will allow her to rely on herself and her feelings and not what Booth says she should/can feel.

    I think we will see Booth committed and pretty happy with Hannah, but based upon just the first episode, Brennan is the only one, I believe, who has indicated that Booth is in love with her. Serious is one thing, forever is another.

    I am anxious (as in excited), to see the next episodes to see how things start to pan out.

  41. Becky on September 25th, 2010 10:47 pm

    So, I am a new fan of Bones. I started watching the show this summer, found I was addicted. I watch all five season and re-watched my favorite episodes. I love the writting and the characters. I love how the story unfolds and the relationship between B&B grew and developed throughout the 5 seasons. While I found the roadblocks frustrating I also found that wach one was bearable and I enjoyed how each time they hit one B&B got stronger and their relationship changed and grew somw more. I think what I liked the best was the chemistry between them, which always made the roadblocks seem silly and trite because they were always a sure thing. When I started reading about Season 6 I thought great again. But after the premiere I am more then frustrated, I am downright baffled and frankly a little insalted at this new plot twist and the damage I see it doing to my favorite charaters.

    I 100% thought Booth came off as cold, hurtful, and unlikeable. I am sorry but no matter how they intended to write it, it came off as a completely different character then the one we have loved for 5 seasons. I have watch and re-watched trying to see if I was wrong. But each time I see it I get more and more upset with the writers and I wonder who this new Booth is. I big concern I have with the writers putting Hannah (Miss Perfect Herself) in the middle of this unfolding storyline is that it makes me question Booth as a person even more and think he is a bigger jerk then I thought. How unfair of him to use Hannah as a balm to his hurt over Bones? How unfair of him to use her as a barrier between himself and Bones. And if the writers insist that he really is in love with her, happy, and moving on then what a shallow, immature character they have written and completely not the one they have been building for the last five years. I think it will be even worse if we do come to like Hannah because we will see her as a victim of Booth’s feelings and manipulation too. Either way they have really made a mess of Booth going in this direction. The will they/won’t they thing is not the problem – it is what brought me back each episode wondering how close they would get this time, knowing it was going to happen eventually. The problem now is how they keep the integrity of Booth’s character in tack and write themselves out of the current storyline. I think they are selling the fans/viewers short if they think they can make Angela and Hodgins the “couple” as a substitute for the B&B thing. We all love Angela and Hodgins but not enough to be blind to what they are oding to B&B. I also think this new dynamic will damage all of the characters and storylines as things move forward. Watching the premiere was uncomfortable at times and the magic/chemistry was so far from the high (even with the mind blowing season finale) we ended on in season 5. If that is gone already – how are we going to make it through? I think we all tolerated the past of keeping them apart because everything was there and we had faith because the writers didn’t damage everything to make it work. I keep hearing them say over and over that this is what would happen in real life – well 1) No, it wouldn’t if Booth had been that heartbroken working together wouldn’t happen and 2) The whole point is this isn’t real life, and that is why most of us watch because we all know how real life works – we want the fantasy, even if it is only for an hour a week! Finally I am also getting really tired, ticked off, and suspicious of everyone from HH to ED telling us how likeable Hannah is and how we really need to give her a chance and we might end up liking her, how the whole team starts to like her, etc., etc.. I think they are trying REALLY hard to tell the fans how to feel because they are aware of how big of a blunder she is in this storyline and they need a lifeline. They need us to like her so they can justify what they have done. I think they are trying so hard to manipulate us to make their writing work that I feel very irritated and even less forgiving then before towards this Hannah character. I think they are very afraid of the whole thing blowing up in their faces. How are they ever going to make this work if, especially if they change B&B so much that we can’t go where they want us to? I am worried for them and for the show because I would like it to be here for a few more seasons but how in the world are fans going to be able to remain loyal if they destroy the characters and without B&B – no matter how wonderful the supporting cast is – the show is not doable.

  42. Sharon on September 26th, 2010 1:20 am

    Booth is also wearing right in the middle of his chest, the insignia of a Sergeant Major. Its a pin. I think HH has no idea what insignia looks like for the US Army.

  43. karly on September 26th, 2010 3:47 am

    i’m sorry, but why is everyone so anti-booth? guys, he’s not a saint! why is Brennan being rational always such a great excuse? she VERY definitly shut him down in the 100th, what’s he supposed to do- FORCE her? And then she decided to leave. of course he’s going to move on! it’s not booth’s job to wait around forever until she realises she’s actually a human being. as for the premiere, i did think he was a bit distant, but good on him. As IF you wouldn’t do exactly the same thing. She broke his heart, and what’s he supposed to do now- try and have exactly the same relationship? he needs to be distant so he can seperate his professional and personal life. it’s up to Brennan now- if she wants him he has to tell him. all that said- if they haven’t got together at the end of the 6th season i’m going to stop watching because i am SICK TO DEATH of this waiting game

  44. J on September 26th, 2010 7:45 am

    I just remembered what Cam said, that if Booth crack Brennan’s shell and then change his mind, she’ll die of lonelyness before she could believes in love again. Well Booth obviously cracked her shell and change his mind about it, so I guess we just wait for Brennan’s death in the near future?

  45. peter on September 26th, 2010 8:29 am

    He cracked her shell and changed his mind! Booth’s a jerk!

  46. Alissa on September 26th, 2010 12:04 pm

    I think it’s very funny that on the 100th episode it was Bones I was furious with; for not taking Booth. I remember that in the 5th season Booth was struggling so hard to keep his feeling to himself and not fall apart, we all watched how he suffered and still be the good guy for everyone, for Bones especially. I think it’s fair to say that this season it’s Bones’ turn to ache a little, so she can eventually succumb to her emotions, her heart. Both didn’t crack her shells, nobody did, she was still protecting herself with logics and reasons even when Booth was opening up to her in the most vulnerable way a full grown-man-fbi agent-sniper can be.
    Let the story unfolds…

  47. ds on September 26th, 2010 1:53 pm

    Here’s the thing. Hannah could be and probably will be the nicest person in the whole world. I still don’t want to see it. I don’t want to see Brennan looking miserable (if they even write it that way) and I don’t want to see Booth being an ass or kissing someone he now professes to love. IN SEVEN MONTHS or less!!

    I think Booth is taking the heat because he has always been portrayed as the heart person, the person who said ‘don’t you know anything, you can’t rush her’. Now he comes back with a blonde on his arm and making detached, nasty comments about Brennan. Yeah, not very keen on this new Booth, who abandoned his son and gave up so easily on the woman he was going to love for a life-time.

    Tell me when Hannah’s gone. The only episode I’m vaguely interested in this season is the ‘Brennan solves her own murder one’.

    I’ve given up on other shows when they’ve pulled this third party garbage before. I will not watch another ****** love triangle storyline.


  48. ds on September 26th, 2010 1:57 pm

    (computer went weird)

    And to the poster who said HH has never let us down, I’m not sure everyone would agree with you. People seem to forget this is a money making exercise. He doesn’t owe us anything. In fact, he’s not always very respectful to the fans that have kept the show on the air all these years.

    He has to keep his show on the air for as long as they can milk it. He doesn’t have another to move onto and he has people depending on him. He’ll pull this c*** as long as he can get away with it. Doesn’t mean I like it, but it’s a business, first and foremost.

    If he writes the show so organically, it’s very possible he’ll write himself into a black hole where it makes no sense for B and B to be together ever at all.

  49. Parsons on September 27th, 2010 3:18 am

    Not sure what HH was smoking but his explanation of Booth’s role in Afghanistan was complete revisionist history. Booth absolutely made a comment about the position coming with a promotion to master sergeant. He also made a comment at the airport about having to sneak off the base/go AWOL in order to see Brennan off.
    As far as Booth coming off as a cold-hearted jerk, I thought he seemed excited to share his news, and maybe a bit oblivious to how Brennan was feeling. I REALLY did not care for the scene when he shared his news with Caroline. I have always viewed Caroline as a bit of a matchmaker for Booth and Brennan (who can forget how she set them up to kiss under the mistletoe?), so I was stunned to see her jump ship and join Team Hannah.
    Personally, I am no longer excited about this show, and I used to be one of those people who would search for links to the Canadian broadcast, which airs a day earlier, because I could not wait until Thursday at eight. I used to read fan fiction, but since Hannah’s character was announced it no longer appeals to me.
    Would prefer to see the series go out with a bang this season rather than to drag this “will they or won’t they” crap out for eight seasons.

  50. ann on September 27th, 2010 12:50 pm

    they did make us think he was going to the army and I agreed him abanding his son hurts/but if he kept in touch with him thats better/and hannah might give us explanations thats why we might come to love her.going watch and I HOPE GET ANSWERS

  51. ann on September 27th, 2010 1:08 pm

    i WANT booth to be a bettter dad to his son/and quit being a part-timed dad.

  52. Krystall on September 28th, 2010 8:14 pm


  53. MMsonoma on September 28th, 2010 8:20 pm

    RE: “Why didn’t we see Angela tell Hodgins she was pregnant on screen? We only saw the aftermath of him digesting the news.
    HH: Because she [originally] told him in Paris.”

    HH is incorrect. Angela told Brennan in the cafe that she was pregnant and she told Brennan that she hadn’t told Hodgins yet.

    How can the creator get that wrong?

    Now you have to really wonder about seeing Sweets coming out of the closet to kill the congressman back in the Goragon season.

  54. Marisa Roffman on September 28th, 2010 8:46 pm

    @MMsonoma: I believe he meant in the original version of the script. That scene he mentioned was never filmed, so they might have added the line to explain it away.

  55. gnomercy951 on September 28th, 2010 8:54 pm

    @MMsonoma he meant that in the original script there was a scene where Angela told Hodgins in Paris, but the scene didn’t make it to the final cut, so they wrote it with her telling Hodgins after Brennan

    I really don’t think you can be mad at Booth about the Hannah thing. He took a risk with Brennan, and she turned him down. You can’t blame him for trying to move on with his life when Brennan already told him she didn’t want anything more than friendship with him. I can see how some people saw Booth as cold in the premiere, but I think he seemed excited about Hannah and excited to share the news with his best friend.

    Another thing I loved about the premiere was that you can really see how Brennan has changed. In the end when she told Caroline that she was actually the lynchpin, I saw how grateful she was Caroline pulled them back together. When Angela told Brennan she was pregnant, and I saw the excitement and love in Brennan’s eyes, and I thought back to the logical and cold season 1 Brennan. She has come so far over the years, and I think this show deserves a few more years to continue her growth until the point she realizes that she loves Booth. I hope Hart’s plan works out in the end, and gives everyone the satisfaction they deserve for sticking with this show to the end.

  56. Roobecca on September 28th, 2010 9:07 pm

    I love that the majority of people seem to be feeling the same thing I do. What the hell happened to Booth?!? I understand getting a girlfriend, but he should be a little hurt,when he told Bones it should have been hard for him,it should have made him sad, but instead he’s kind of a jerk! I’m glad I’m not the only one who shouted at the TV over the missing link comment… WTF WAS THAT?!? Also, I definitely felt there was something off with the David/Emily chemistry. They’ve both said before how into the characters they are so maybe they went method and didn’t speak during the break,but something was definitely wrong. Maybe Booth is heading towards jerk territory so that when Bones eventually calls him out on it he’ll break down again and yell at her about how much he loves her and always will. It’s just so stupid, all she needs is reassurance that he’ll always be there for her, she knows she loves him at this stage, instead he does the exact opposite. I’m so sick of the waiting, it’s too drawn out and I cant stand it anymore!

    I also feel a bit like Bones is trying to be a drama, thats where this character crap is coming from, but it’s failing miserable. The show is a nerd-comedy-procedural, there’s no serious character evolution whatsoever, ignore the genius of shows like Six Feet Under, even when you just compare it to something like Greys or Gossip Girl, character development is just awful. I just don’t care about any of the side characters, they’re just there, Angela and Hodgkins just really feel like a BB stall tatic to me,they always have,and at this stage they probably always will. Everyone is so bleugh, even Sweets, who I’m pretty sure I’d adore if he was on any other show! It just all feels so stilted, Booth and Brennan individually don’t seem to be making any progress to me. Look at Angel, and how much he evolved and bettered himself over five seasons. Now look at Booth. He’s the same guy. Season six actually seems to be making him a smaller person, a jerk who took a step backwards. ENOUGH ALREADY. MOVE OR GET OFF THE ROAD!

  57. Shushuana on September 28th, 2010 10:34 pm

    I personally don’t think Booth was being cold or uncaring. I just think that Booth being a man took Brennan at her word when she said it was great he found someone. Very obvious since he didn’t stop talking about the journalist. He is a guy he is just like every other guy out there. Brennan made it clear at the end of last season that she was not going to wait for him and did not expect Booth to wait for her. Of course Brennan being Brennan thought logically not emotionally. She figured Booth being male he would not be able to help himself so she gave him permission ahead of tine so Booth would go out and find someone else since she thought she didn’t need to have a Christian type marriage relationship with Him. Basically I think Brennan is now realising she loves Booth and not just logically or physically. She is all discom-boobilated with these feelings Also whats up with her dad and brother? Any other new surprises to look forward to this season hints?

  58. Linda on September 28th, 2010 10:40 pm

    Good interview, I loved Tj’s quote, but there was some false information at the beginning. Hart said that the reason we didn’t see the initial reaction from Jack when he found out Angela was pregnant was because she told him in Paris. Well in the episode, when Angela tells Brennan she says that she hasn’t even told Hodgins yet. Plus, the way TJ played the scene it sounded like he just found out like a couple of minutes ago, so yeah, not good enough for me. And they should totally go ahead and shoot that scene of Hodgins and Angela in Paris with the fig leaf. That would make a lot of fans REALLY happy.

  59. Tracy on September 28th, 2010 10:55 pm

    I love Bones I am curious though. Did anyone, writers or producers, do any research before filming the Afghan sequence with Booth as a “civilian” working with/for the army? Civilians working for the army usually are not issued/allowed to use weapons. They are “smothered” by the Geneva Convention rules. Not going into that, now. Booth had rank and unit insignia which means he was enlisted again. Civilians do not wear either. Where the rank goes, a tab with civilian on it would denote his status. If he were carrying a weapon and he was labeled civilian, a lot of questions would come up. As for his insignia, everyone wearing that, has tan equipment and no patches in a combat zone. Very disappointed in your lack of research but not surprised. If Hollywood would do better in its research, then shows or movies, like The Hurt Locker, would be authentic. Still, I love Bones so I am for one am willing to overlook shoddy research.

  60. Eller on September 29th, 2010 1:05 am

    I loved the show and I can wait for the two of them to get together it gives me more to look forward to because every week they are going to solve a case, but to wait and see who make the frist move to go beyond a kiss is what keep me tuned in and to see if he measure to what her expectations.

  61. Sharon on September 29th, 2010 1:20 am

    My sister, her daughter and a couple friends first got me interested in Bones last fall .. I just did not watch TV much at all. After seeing season 1 on DVD, I was hooked and couldn’t wait for season 2 to arrive. I have now watched every episode many times over and I must say, this is the most brilliant show ever! I agree with everyone who has said Brennan and Booth need to get together as a couple this season. The tension has been fun but is now overdone. Personally, I would have totally changed the end of the 100th episode and had them together then. Get them together this season, throw hints out there of a huge wedding coming next year, (weddings seem to really bring in the viewers!) .. do this, and you will have your 7th and 8th seasons, Mr. Hart. 🙂 Maybe even the 9th … maybe some Bones movies.

    If any show could get a couple together and make the ratings soar, instead of killing the ratings .. it would be Bones. Never have I seen such brilliance in a TV show.

  62. conni on September 29th, 2010 10:15 am

    the season opener was a giant disappointment there was no emotion to it. i don’t want to see the girlfriend angle unless she’s going to be a dead body to investigate after she dumps booth because he is in love with bones.

  63. Dawn on September 29th, 2010 2:17 pm

    I watch an episode of Bones every chance I get. In fact, TNT has reruns each day and I watch no matter if I have seen the episode a week ago. I am addicted as one of the other fans said. I love Brennan and Bones, Hodgins and Angela, Sweets, Zack, Max (Brennan’s dad), Russ, her brother and Miss Julian. Zack is by far Brennan’s best assistant and the writers should find someway of bringing him back. The other assistants have been okay but there has been something missing every since Zack was hospitalized. I totally miss the “king of the lab” camaraderie between Zack and Hodgins; it was a highlight of every show to me. I must take up for how Booth is coming off as a cad since he has only been gone for seven months and comes back “in love.” Brennan rejected him (in his eyes) and he felt like there was no future in his unrequited love for her and when he told her he had to move on, she didn’t argue. Life in a war-torn country must be a harrowing experience in the fact that you don’t know if you might meet death around the next corner and when he meets Hannah, she takes his mind off the destruction around him. Since Brennan hadn’t contacted him in the months they have been apart, he feels she has gone on with her life and so should he. He is attracted to Hannah because she is a beautiful, vibrant woman (very much like Brennan) and she feels an attraction to him because…because Booth is a handsome man and what red-blooded woman wouldn’t be attracted to all that. They can share life in the difficult surroundings and he (like many far away from home) starts having thoughts of “love” for her. The premiere episode didn’t indicate he had asked her to come to DC, she just shows up (second episode). Yes, he acted as if Hannah was his “new” love, but it came off to me as too over zealous. He wanted people to think he had moved on a little too much. I truthfully think he didn’t want to hurt Brennan but in his heart, he hoped she would be a little jealous. Did you note how when Hannah shows up at the diner how he rushes her out? Brennan will attempt to be happy that Booth has found someone to make him happy like Booth tried to be happy when she almost left with Sully but when all the smoke clears, true love will reign, just like in all the other side relationships for both of them. Besides Parker likes Brennan and I see him not taking to Hannah. I see that Hannah will start seeing Sweets to try to figure out the B&B relationship and they will find they have a mutual attraction for each other. Sweets needs someone other than Daisy (where is a fun relationship, Daisy is rather ditsy) and Hannah could possibly be that person. So being the addicted person, I am for Bones and no mater how frustrated I get (love never runs smooth), I will continue to watch and enjoy the progression of story (and like most everyone else I want Brennan and Booth together soon), and hopefully there will be a seventh and eighth and beyond seasons because I can think of many scenarios for B&B while they are getting together and after.

  64. rangers on September 29th, 2010 3:46 pm

    All I have to say is “wow… what a load of crap.” Everyone knows damn well that Booth re-enlisted into the Military & had all sorts of rank & qualifications (Airborne, Special Forces, Rangers, NCO, etc insignia). If he was not in the Military then he wouldn’t be in uniform.
    All of the “spoilers” are misleading & that’s not cool. They know damn well what their intentions are not only for Brennan & Booth but for the whole series as well. All these games are getting old.. seriously. Take a look at all of the past comments, tweets, etc & they prove my point!
    Overall the show’s great. The actors/actresses are fantastic, the writing is top notch but the facts & continuous errors are getting ridiculous. There are people who’s jobs’ are to check facts & get things right the first time but it’s just sloppy, careless in that aspect. How hard is it to double check… c’now now.

  65. Kathy Dowden on September 29th, 2010 4:01 pm

    I agree with Hart Hanson, I did not at all get that Booth was trying to hurt Brennan in any way. If anything, I think he (if he was real), was nervous about telling her about Hannah and wanted to get it over with quickly — like ripping a band aid off. Remember, she rejected him and did not even admit to him that she loved him so he would have no way of knowing that she held feelings for him at all. I also thought the very beginning of the scene was interesting. Brennan looked way more excited to see him and he looked a little nervous. She had tears in her eyes and hugged him first. Booth broke the hug before she did. I don’t think Brennan expected anything to change in their time away and I even think she was perhaps ready to tell him she missed him and wanted to explore something, but then the Hannah news came and she, the master at hiding emotions, tried to show nothing. Hart Hanson is also right in noting that Emily Deschanel is brilliant at showing the flicker of emotion and then it’s gone. She looked stunned and sad but only for a moment. Then she gets up and tries to bolt — a typical Brennan reaction — run.

    As to the other part of the interview, I understand the desire for the producers to keep the couple apart, but I think they need to be very careful. Based on other tweets and facebook posts, a lot of viewers feel either jerk around and manipulated or just plain bored and sad by the lack of connection. And I really don’t think viewers just want to see them in bed or if that is even necessary. They are such a sweet and adorable couple. They make viewers happy. People tend to tune into shows like Bones to feel happy, to escape. They don’t want sad, real life star crossed romance stories that drag on for too long. The romantic tension of seasons 3 and 4 was cute and fun, but once the 100th episode happened the tension ended and it just became sad. Now with Hannah, all hope seems gone for the near future. Viewers might abandon ship. They already know that more people watch the show for the characters and not the procedural stuff (which has also gotten kind of flat and weak). If Hanson really wants to go for 2 more seasons after this, he should get them together sooner than later and have fun story lines with them as a couple. Tons of material there I am sure.

  66. Sharon on September 29th, 2010 4:36 pm

    Nail on the head! Thanks to Kathy Dowden:

    They are such a sweet and adorable couple. They make viewers happy. People tend to tune into shows like Bones to feel happy, to escape. They don’t want sad, real life star crossed romance stories that drag on for too long. The romantic tension of seasons 3 and 4 was cute and fun, but once the 100th episode happened the tension ended and it just became sad. Now with Hannah, all hope seems gone for the near future. Viewers might abandon ship. They already know that more people watch the show for the characters and not the procedural stuff (which has also gotten kind of flat and weak). If Hanson really wants to go for 2 more seasons after this, he should get them together sooner than later and have fun story lines with them as a couple. Tons of material there I am sure.

  67. Tiffany on September 30th, 2010 3:07 am

    They seem to be so worried about getting B&B together and the show ending because of it, but do they not realize that there is a very real possibility that the show may end with season 6 because they haven’t gotten B&B together. At this point, for me, it isn’t even about getting them together, it’s about the lack of chemistry in everything I have seen from the new episodes. I am hoping that that will change but there is a good chance that this will be the end.

  68. Gary on September 30th, 2010 5:44 pm

    Since because of Booth’s new love interest Bones is going to revaluate her relationship w/him, I have an idea. Bring Inspector Prichert to the States from Scotland Yard. She would be here on some kind of case that somehow ties into what Booth and Temperence are working on at the time. Oh, and don’t kill her off, she could be useful in subsequesnt episodes.

  69. bonescrazy on October 4th, 2010 3:43 pm

    I’ll tell you right off the bat! I’m areal big Booth and Brennan Fan. I was was disappointed when Brennan rejected Booth in the100th episode, Since she was away from him for 7 months she realized how much he meant to her. In the 100th episode she was scared of being abandoned again. I hope something will happen that gets back together soon. Please have mercy on us fans,ok?

  70. Tricia on October 6th, 2010 8:02 pm

    Okay, I’m a new fan of the show here. I watched the first five seasons VERY quickly so I could watch season 6 real-time. I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the characters, I love the concept, I love the “formula” (part character-driven stuff and part procedural), it’s quickly become one of my favorite shows. I too was a little nervous about the first two episodes (Don’t even get me STARTED on the “missing link” comment). But, I noticed for the first few episode of every new season, things seemed a little off. I got scared for every premiere, but they always found their feet again. I’m willing to wait a few episodes for the “mojo” to come back. That said, if we’re more than say, five episodes in and I still don’t feel like my beloved Booth and Bones (together or not) are back, I might abandon ship.

  71. bonescrazy on November 20th, 2010 8:16 pm

    I hope Parker has a less than positive reaction to Hannah, and this instrumental to the Booth and Hannah break up!!!!

  72. bonescrazy on November 20th, 2010 8:20 pm

    I hope Parker has a less than positive reaction to Hannah, and this instrumental to the Booth and Hannah break up!!!! Sorry of another repeat , but you know how I feel about Hannah!!!!

  73. yynikkijamest3 on June 16th, 2011 3:06 am

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