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BROTHERS & SISTERS: Showrunner David Marshall Grant on the Time Jump, Robert’s Death, Nora’s Career, Saul’s HIV Positive Status and More

September 26, 2010 by  

BROTHERS & SISTERS is back tonight…and things are going to be a little different.

Last we saw the Walkers, a major car wreck had left the family in shambles — and at least one person didn’t make it out alive.

But when the new season picks up this evening, it’s a year later. Of course they’re still dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy, but relationships have shifted, people have embarked on new careers and at least one character is leaving the show.

Give Me My Remote caught up with showrunner David Marshall Grant to get the scoop on what the time jump means for our favorite wine family…

When we pick back up, a year has passed and much has happened. How will the show handle that?
David Marshall Grant:
Yes, we are jumping a year and, [with] that, it’s important for us to still do two things: one is to honor [last May’s] finale. I think that was clearly a major event for us. It left the audience with a lot of questions and so we are going to answer those questions. I think we are going to honor the tragedies or tragedy that happened that night and what had to be dealt with. And at the same time, I think we’re going to move on. And we’re going to show the audience how the Walkers have moved on to different places in their lives, different places both professionally and personally.

It’s no secret that Rob Lowe has left the show and Emily VanCamp is on her way out. What does their absence mean for the series?
Look, it’s obviously a huge loss. Both of them have been as big a part of BROTHERS & SISTERS as anybody else and I think that in terms of the premiere, it was very important for us to honor Rob’s leaving. So that’s a big part of what our premiere is about. We didn’t want to pretend that Rob didn’t exist. That was not fair to him or the character. In terms of Rebecca, she’s another character of huge importance to our show. But we were really anxious — and so was Emily — to do a two-episode arc where we really finish the story of Justin and Rebecca. We understand the conflict and what is left to figure out between Rebecca and Holly, so that when Rebecca leaves, she leaves with the audience being satisfied that the relationships that they’ve been watching all these years have made sense and have been honored.

Is the door open for Emily to come back?
We’re hoping she can come back for another episode, actually. It went so well, we were so happy, we’re hoping for that.

Any time frame for when you’d want that to be?
Yeah, maybe next season. Anything is possible.

And what will Holly be up to with Rebecca gone?
She will still have a very important arc this season. It involves obviously her relationship with Rebecca and part of why Rebecca leaves and she has a very important relationship with Justin and Nora.

Speaking of Nora, how is she handling all these changes? Not well I’m assuming.
Exactly. There’s a lot to make peace with and I don’t think Nora’s completely there yet. I think she’s at the same time trying to spread her wings a little. We see her working as a florist in the opening of the premiere. For Nora to be working is a huge thing for her — she’s never done it before, really. So I think this season for Nora, she’s coming to grips with the fact that maybe she does want a career of sorts and maybe she’s finally willing to admit she really wants a man in her life. I think she’s had a lot of romantic interests, but I don’t think she’s ever really been ready for it. And I think part of this season is an exploration about the fact that maybe she is finally ready. And also, in terms of work outside the house, Nora also gets discovered by a producer of talk radio, and she ends up with a show on AM radio called “Ask Mom” where she’s able to parlay her advice to her children into advice for children and parents all over the country. We’re going to find her a career this year that is particularly suited to her gifts.

Have you given any thought as to who would play Nora’s love interest? Obviously casting an actor to go toe-to-toe with Sally Field could be a bit difficult.
We have and I can’t make any spoilers, but this season, one of the things that we’ve really been having a good time with is dealing with guest stars. We have a great actor, Jeremy Davidson, who is going to be having a romantic arc with Kitty. We’ve borrowed Stephen Collins from NO ORDINARY FAMILY to have a great time with Saul and we have other ideas and we’re exploring other real possibilities that could be extremely exciting.

I’m now really intrigued by this, because you sound so excited about what you can’t say.
I wish I could tell you more!

That’s completely fine. But speaking of casting, are any of the kids going to have to be recast? I assume you’ll need to get a new Evan because he was so young and won’t be able to pass for a year older…
Yes, yes, that’s right [Evan has been recast]. Paige is still going to be the same and Coop, and they’ve already shot some great episodes. Sarah and her relationships with her kids is a very important part of the beginning of the season for her. So, no, [those two kids] are some of my favorite actors so there’s no recasting [of Sarah’s kids].

And what’s going on with Kevin and Scotty? We know they want to add to their family. Will they finally get some good news?
Yes, Kevin and Scotty had a failed surrogacy yet again and I think that pain is still with them as the season begins this year. But I think they’re going to decide the way to go is through the foster adoption, so I think that should be something we’re very excited about. Maybe that kid might be an older kid and create a real dynamic between Scotty and Kevin.

Obviously Saul’s HIV-positive status was a big part of the finale. How much of that storyline will be showcased this year?
I think it will be a part of Saul’s journey this year. He is dealing with his future and it’s going to be a part of his life now and something he has to handle.

Is there anything else that you’re really excited about this season that you want to tease?
I’m excited about so much this year. I’m excited about Kitty and her struggle to reinvent herself. I’m excited about Nora and her career, her struggle for love. I’m excited about Kevin and Scotty in a big way based on the new restaurant that Scotty and Saul are sharing and also this foster-adopt situation. I’m incredibly excited about Justin, which we haven’t had the chance to talk about. I think he comes back this year, finally a man. And I think the fact that Rebecca is not going to be there will create great, new story opportunities for Justin. I’m excited for Gilles [Marini] this year, for Luc. We find him as an underwear model as the season begins. He’s just become a great part of the family and we’re doing some great things with him. In many ways, it’s just a whole new world when you jump a year, but that gives you more — it just fills the tank with gas.

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  1. tw111 on September 28th, 2010 7:00 pm

    Sorry… I loved B&S, but it has devolved into BS. Things went down hill after Balthazar Getty and Sarah Morris left the storyline….this new reinvention is too muddled to make much sense, and requires way too much suspension of disbelief.
    Sorry to see Rob Lowe go….but he’s leaving a sinking ship.

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