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SUPERNATURAL: ‘Two and a Half Men’

October 2, 2010 by  

After last week’s good but very disconcerting episode, I’ve spent far too much time trying to figure out what is going on with Sam, with the Campbells and with Domestic Dean. After last night’s episode, I’m no closer to a solid theory than I was a week ago, but on the plus side, there was a (partial) return to the old Sam and Dean dynamic that was clearly lacking in the season premiere.

As new showrunner Sera Gamble has discussed in interviews, season six is seeing a return to monster of the week type stories, but this year we’ll be seeing the origins of a lot of the monsters we’ve come to know and love. Last night this was true for an old favorite, the shapeshifter. It seems the Alpha Shifter (the first one ever), has been spending his time impregnating unsuspecting women and then returning when the babies reach the age of six months to claim them, leaving a trail of gruesomely murdered parents in its wake. It’s unclear what the shifter is collecting babies for (perhaps it’s trying to get it’s own show on TLC?), but this is just how shifters spawn.

When Sam manages to intercept the shifter after it murders the parents of one of the babies, he ends up with a baby on his hands and no idea what to do with it. Cue Dean, who in his year of raising Ben (and let’s not forget the time he spent essentially raising Sam when they were kids), has developed his paternal instincts and is at least competent with an infant. Although some parents may disagree after seeing him mock the baby’s cries and feed him (a teensy amount of) whiskey, but what are you going to do? He’s not Dr. Spock, and he’s doing the best he can.

Sam and Dean alone (as in, Campbell-free) is interesting. They revert right back to the old banter and one-liners, and I couldn’t be happier. After the chill of last week, it’s excellent to see them together, joking and getting along like old times. Does this mean that Sam is real Sam? Time will tell.

On the baby front, Sam leaves Dean alone with their young charge to do some more investigation, because it would be hard to convince people that Bobby John is a cop (this isn’t Cop and a Half, you know) and someone needs to babysit. One thing Dean learns quickly about shapeshifter babies? Yup, they can shift. And when they do, it’s pretty damn disgusting. After the child turns itself into the baby on the diaper box near it’s crib, Sam decides its time to seek help from the “family”.

Once again, the Campbells prove to be weird, creepy, secretive and generally unlikable. There is much discussion of giving the baby to Christian and his wife who have been trying to conceive but as Dean rightly points out, you can’t Angelina Jolie a shapeshifter. Soon the Alpha is knocking on their door and almost immediately Mark is dead. After a few attempts to kill or even slow down Daddy Shifter, he’s absconded with his progeny.

We then see Samuel on the phone with someone, explaining that the shifter got away with the baby, but promising to deliver it to whoever he’s speaking with. In addition to the fact that Grandpa kept the djinn alive last week, seemingly unbeknownst to Sam, something is not kosher. Who is he talking to? Does Sam know about all of this? Are these people who they claim to be?

Dean returns home to Lisa and the two decide that Dean is better off in the hunter life. His sticking around could even prove more dangerous for Lisa and Ben in the end. However, given that Lisa is the most understanding person ever, she tells Dean that this doesn’t mean that they’re done. He should pop in when he can, but feel no obligation to stick around. Yay! Dean’s hunting full-time again.

Cue “Smoke on the Water”, and then 30 seconds of pure Impala porn. The tarp comes off and the smile is back on Dean’s face. No matter what happens next week with Sam, Dean and the Campbells, or where they end up, at least they’ll get there in the proper vehicle.

Did last night change your theories at all? A lot of you were convinced that Sam isn’t right – that maybe it’s not even Sam at all, and I’m still open to all scenarios. Share your theories below, tell me your favorite moments, etc. from last night’s episode. While we all ponder what’s really going on, check out the promo for next week, called “The Third Man”, featuring a character return that I could not be more excited about (plus bonus shirtless chinups!):

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4 Responses to “SUPERNATURAL: ‘Two and a Half Men’”

  1. sarah on October 2nd, 2010 10:41 pm

    The whole Sam and the Campbells thing has me confused too! I really want to know what Grampa’s deal is! Maybe he’s making an army and Sam and Dean will have a show down at the end of the season? Either way I’m happy there back together again and on the road.

  2. Jess on October 3rd, 2010 11:45 am

    I haven’t made up my mind about the new season yet. I think there’s some new dynamics that the show needed. But it will depend how the crew handles everything. I have faith in the writers and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the show is going in the right direction.

  3. Tanya on October 3rd, 2010 10:16 pm

    My first thought when Grampa Sam was on the phone was that it was something simillar to the Initiative on Buffy – that they are collecting monsters for some reason, like research or testing on them – but I don’t think that really fits with this show – so I’m more confused than ever. I just don’t trust the Campbell’s and I’m certain Sam has no clue what they are really up to. Glad to see that Dean is suspicious of Grampa too.

    My thoughts on this ep are overshadowed though by the return of Cas next week! (Yahoo!)

  4. S. J. on October 4th, 2010 8:01 pm

    Dean may be hunting, but he’s still has the milestone of Lisa/Ben around his neck and that just makes him a husband/step-father weekend warrior, not a full-time hunter. Sam may be riding next to him in the car, but it’s Lisa/Ben that Dean’s thinking about, not Sam. Jensen is the only thing keeping Dean’s new character recognizable. The best part of the episode was the Metallica porn, but it’s pretty sad that people are saying, “Yay, the Impala is back,” instead of “Yay, Dean is back.” Sam remains as creepy as his Campbell family, so the mystery again is ‘what is wrong with Sam.’ Really, that’s getting a little boring after all this time, but Jared is doing a good job with this new Sam. Despite unfolding rather slowly, SPN remains the best show on TV, so I’ll stick with it a little longer to see if it gets its groove back on and, if for no other reason than to hope to see Dean punch Christian in the face.