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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, October 5, 2010

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The second day of the week brings some quality TV to your screens: GLEE, PARENTHOOD, LIFE UNEXPECTED, SONS OF ANARCHY, THE GOOD WIFE and so much more.

Check out the full menu, so you can decide what you want on your plate…

No Ordinary Family | 8pm on ABC
“No Ordinary Marriage”
Jim attempts to track down some elusive bank robbers, Stephanie looks into discovering the source of the family’s newly acquired powers, and Daphne, trying to find a way keep the voices in her head from drowning out her ability to read minds, discovers that JJ has become a super genius but is hiding it from the family. Meanwhile Jim and Stephanie not only keep their powers a secret from the world but from each other too, as Stephanie discovers Jim has become a crime fighter and Jim finds out that Stephanie has used her new power of speed — after promising not to.
[GMMR: Last week’s series premiere did well. Did you watch? Will you tune in again?]

Glee | 8pm on Fox
“Grilled Cheesus”
Finn has an existential crisis when he believes he sees the face of Jesus in his grilled cheese sandwich. Meanwhile, the rest of the kids rally around Kurt after he has a crisis of his own that leads to a larger discussion among the group about their own theology. [GMMR: Emmy nominees Chris Colfer and Mike O’Malley will do their father-son thing and probably make us cry when the latter has a heart attack in tonight’s ep… we look forward to those tears. However, we’re also hearing that Rachel’s weeping during her solo once again… which we could do without.]

The Biggest Loser | 8pm on NBC
One contestant expresses a wish to go home this week, creating drama and tension in the house, while another group of players form a secret alliance. Trainer Bob Harper puts the contestants through a grueling workout, zeroing in on one player he thinks has shown him disrespect, and later, trainer Jillian Michaels tries to bring out the athlete in two contestants she thinks need extra attention. Tennis superstar Anna Kournikova gives all the players tennis lessons for a total body workout before a tennis ball pop challenge. Then the players are surprised by another early weigh-in, and those who fall below the yellow line face a wild elimination challenge involving 175 tons of sand before another contestant is send home.

One Tree Hill | 8pm on The CW
“We All Fall Down”
As Brooke deals with the mounting financial troubles at Clothes Over Bros, Nathan and Haley come to a conclusion regarding Nathan’s career. Meanwhile, Julian begins a new film project, while Alex and Chase spend the afternoon together.

NCIS | 8pm on CBS
“Short Fuse”
When the motives behind an attack on a female bomb tech link her to a murder, the NCIS team investigates her very guarded personal life.

Raising Hope | 9pm on Fox
“Dream Hoarders”
When Jimmy “teaches” Hope to crawl, the family must baby-proof the house and find new places to store their belongings. It’s soon revealed that Virginia is a hoarder and has been saving junk in the storage shed, which becomes Hope’s favorite new hiding place. This leads Virginia to realize that she may have to change her ways. Meanwhile, Jimmy makes frequent unnecessary trips to the grocery store to see Sabrina.

Life Unexpected | 9pm on The CW
“Team Rebounded”
In an effort to fix their hostile work relationship, Cate attempts to bond with Ryan’s new on-air partner, Kelly, but the plan backfires when Kelly reveals a secret Cate has been hiding from Ryan. Meanwhile, Tasha returns to Portland unexpectedly and tells Lux that she is living with a new foster family, and Baze convinces a smitten Math to ask Paige out on a date.

NCIS: Los Angeles | 9pm on CBS
“Special Delivery”
he NCIS team investigates the murder of a Marine with top-level security clearance after he is found dead and missing a hand in a Beverly Hills parking lot off Rodeo Drive.

Running Wilde | 9:30pm on Fox
“Oil & Water”
To impress Emmy, Steve vows to quit his job at Wilde Oil. Meanwhile, Puddle gets some unusual help on her science fair project, and Fa’ad gets locked in a vodka cellar.

The Good Wife | 10pm on CBS
“Double Jeopardy”

Cary tries to stack the deck against Alicia during the trial of an Army reservist accused of murdering his wife. Meanwhile, Childs resorts to dirty tricks in an effort to mar Peter’s campaign.

Parenthood | 10pm on NBC
“Date Night”
Kristina learns some alarming statistics about the divorce rate of parents living with autistic children and as a result schedules a date night with Adam to keep their marriage alive. Meanwhile, Sarah sees Drew with a girl and offers him unsolicited love advice. Haddie runs for student council president and enlists her family’s help with her campaign. Crosby’s behavior gets the best of him and he learns an important lesson about being a father.

Detroit 1-8-7 | 10pm on ABC
“Nobody’s Home/Unknown Soldier”
Fitch & Washington and Longford & Majahan are assigned to what appears to be a deceptively straightforward investigation — a woman is murdered in an apparent robbery — but this is far from an open and shut case. The detectives discover that the victim was a squatter in Brush Park, and they’ve tripped over something much bigger. Meanwhile, Stone and Sanchez find themselves drawn into the intriguing case of a murdered teenager found along with his father, a Vietnam veteran, who is severely beaten but still alive. Their investigation leads them to uncover a murderous scam involving vintage cars.

Sons of Anarchy | 10pm on FOX
“Turning and Turning”
To help Gemma, SAMCRO and Abel, Jax conspires with an unlikely source. Meanwhile, the MC puts Chucky undercover.

Caprica | 10pm on Syfy | Mid-Season Premiere
Clarice visits Gemenon to pitch a terrorist attack to the STO leadership, while Daniel has a meeting with the Ha’La’Tha, where he seeks support for creating a virtual afterlife.

Tuesday’s are the easiest night of the week for me. I’ll be watching GLEE, LIFE UNEXPECTED and PARENTHOOD live.

Also playing…

  • Dancing with the Stars | 8pm on ABC: Are you digging the frontrunners? Surprised by how well Audrina’s doing?
  • Melissa & Joey | 8pm on ABC Family: Due to a recent scandal at the city council, Mel is asked to prove Joe’s legal working status in the United States. Much to her surprise, Joe was born in Korea while his family was stationed abroad, and he can’t find his legal documents. Meanwhile, when Lennox decides to go to a school dance with one of her girlfriends, rumors start circulating about her sexuality.
  • Stargate Universe | 9pm on Syfy: When the crew’s food and water situation become critical, Rush has no choice but to override the ship’s controls and take them to a planet locked out of the navigation system. Meanwhile, Young and Wray disagree on whether to trust their Lucian prisoners in “Aftermath.”

What will YOU be watching? What are your Watch/DVR priorities. This is important business. Chime in below!

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3 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Tuesday, October 5, 2010”

  1. Jackie on October 5th, 2010 1:38 pm

    I’m pretty far behind on actually watching some of the shows i have pvr’d, so most of my shows tonight will be pvr’d to watch later. Here’s my Tuesday picks;
    No Ordinary Fam, Glee, Parenthood and Detroit 187

  2. Kimber on October 5th, 2010 1:50 pm

    Tuesday for me involves No Ordinary Family (recorded, watched later), Glee, and my guilty pleasure of Teen Mom @ 9 pm. Looking forward to Glee (after last week’s heart-stopping preview), but NOT the cry-singing. Sheesh. Can she just sing ONE song without bawling? Please?! Might have to listen to the number without watching the screen.

  3. Alison on October 5th, 2010 7:50 pm

    I watched No Ordinary Family last week and I’ll watch it this week, as well. I’m really excited for Glee tonight! I’ll also be recording Life Unexpected, Raising Hope, Running Wilde, Parenthood, and The Good Wife.