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LIFE UNEXPECTED: Lux Has a Mom Whose Name Isn’t Cate Cassidy?!

October 6, 2010 by  

So, the fact that Ryan wants babies, and Cate doesn’t, isn’t a huge surprise.

Didn’t really need the 27-point questionnaire from Born-Again-Virgin-Kelly to figure that out.

But, apparently, Cate and Ryan did!!

I’m sorry, how do you marry someone you’ve known for years without realizing one of you wants to be a parent six times over while the other wants to have her tubes tied?

Oh well, no matter, the problem is solved, because Cate just went ahead and pacified Ryan by telling him she’ll try to get pregnant, but then just kept taking her birth control pills, so we’ve got a win-win for her!

Smart woman!

And she also managed to make a friend out of her former enemy, the fake virgin, so again, good for Cate!

Meanwhile, the brain trust that is Baze decided to tell his poor friend, Math, to go after Ryan’s smoking hot sister, who is also their roommate! Really smart idea. We didn’t see Math getting his heart broken from a mile away at all!

But even more interesting than any of this nonsense was the return of Lux’s best gal pal, Tasha. Not only had Tasha been placed in a foster home in town, but her new mommy managed to get her into Lux’s private school. Sweet deal… we thought… until Lux rolled by T’s new digs and discovered that she knows her foster parent.

Lux bolted, leaving us to believe that Tasha’s foster mom is some sort of abusive pedophile weirdo — or maybe she’s got a live-in boyfriend who is — but at the end of the ep, we find out that the woman actually loved Lux and had wanted very badly to adopt her.


This all makes little sense, especially given the fact that Lux spent much of the episode plotting to get Tasha kicked out of the woman’s home — for Tasha’s own good, she claimed.

Well, mission accomplished. Tasha will be living as an emancipated teen in her own little apartment in town, which Cate and Ryan are going to co-sign for.

Cool deal for T, but I still want to know what’s up with Lux and the mystery foster lady, who referred to herself as “mom” in a letter to L-Money.

Will have to tune in again next week.

Hopefully there will be another girls basketball game.

Or not.

Love you, LUX!

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4 Responses to “LIFE UNEXPECTED: Lux Has a Mom Whose Name Isn’t Cate Cassidy?!”

  1. Day on October 6th, 2010 2:50 pm

    I too was totally surprised by the “Mom” reveal, causing me to literally gasp out loud. I am greatly looking forward to how this story line will progress throughout the season, given that Lux has yet to call Cate, “Mom”. I wonder if Cate will become aware of this Foster parent and perhaps…jealousy ensues? For a rather atypical family television show, I thought this minute twist was extremely effective and brings a whole new dynamic to Lux’s relationship with her biological parental units. I just hope they really delve into this situation because it can result in some great scenes between the lovable family. All I can say is…I will be watching.

  2. Danielle on October 6th, 2010 2:55 pm

    Lol L-Money. Korbi, you crack me up!

    I, too, made the comment about it being too late in the game to talk about whether or not you want kids. That’s, like, the FIRST big issue people in serious relationships need to talk about!

  3. sarahy777 on October 6th, 2010 10:37 pm

    Korbi!! I have read your stuff for awhile but this was the greatest recap you’ve ever done. That was the perfect summary of a crazy episode of an equally crazy show.

  4. Em on October 7th, 2010 2:06 pm

    Knowing that someone who is (I assume) really loving wanted to adopt Lux kind of made me mad. If she lived with a woman who loved her and wanted her for two years then why is she ALWAYS gritching about how no one EVER wanted her? That is her main defense for every action or inaction in each episode. I’m guessing that the writer’s just came up with this idea over the summer because it doesn’t mesh with Lux’s character at all. I hope they find a way to explain things well in the future. Maybe Lux wasn’t lying about her seeming great at first, but not having a maternal bone in her body?