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ONE TREE HILL: We All Fall Down…But Then Totally Get Back Up, Gunshot Wounds or Not

October 6, 2010 by  

I was deathly ill last Tuesday, it was pretty grim — like a scene straight out of ONE TREE HILL — so I sadly missed last week’s hour of the show.

Imagine my surprise when I tuned in last night only to see that Clay is NOT leaving this world! How he recovered from direct gunshot wounds to the chest after lying in agony with no medical attention, not discovered for more than 12 hours, I don’t know! But he did!

Oh, Mark Schwahn, you foiled us again!

And I’m not going to lie, I like me some Clay, so I’m cool with that.

I’m also cool with the fact that Nathan’s back injury is sidelining him from the NBA. He got one good year in there. He accomplished his dream. Ain’t no shame in hanging up the high tops at this point. We’re proud of you, N. Scott.

And didn’t you think it was sweet how he was sitting at Clay’s bedside, keeping the news from him whilst he recovers? And let’s not even talk about the deep cleaning of Quinn and Clay’s blood-stained bedroom.

It’s okay. Everyone’s alive. There’s a new baby on the way. All will be well.

Even with Victoria, who is conducting Clothes Over Bros business and already has her own bitch in jail!

But will COB recover now that Brooke, racked with guilt over her mother’s transgressions, is giving all their investors a refund?

Hey, if Quinn and Clay can come back from multiple gunshot wounds after bleeding out for a whole day, lying unconscious on a floor, I’m pretty sure Clothes Over Bros can rise from the ashes.

Am I right, people?

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