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FRINGE: ‘Real is just a matter of perception’

October 8, 2010 by  

When I chatted with FRINGE star Jasika Nicole up on the Vancouver set of FRINGE, she mentioned that, while the “mindset” of the series’ two universes pit them against each other and each view the other as the “bad” guy, the audience — as detached observers — might not know who to side with because neither appears to be in the wrong.

And she had a good point. I don’t want this alternate universe to collapse. They’re a fun group of people — interesting characters with new dynamics and relationships to explore.

However, I also have to admit that as of right now I’m enjoying our universe just a tiny bit more. Watching our Olivia unknowingly rebuild her life in the other universe is fascinating and compelling, but part of what drew me into the series was the dynamic between our Walter, Peter and Olivia. And I miss that when we’re in the alternate world.

But since this week’s episode was over there, let’s talk about what went down in bizarro-land…

Last night’s hour provided our first real glimpse of the alt-FRINGE team in action and I think we can all admit, they do work well together. It’s a bit bizarre seeing the group so cohesive, right? No one is asking for odd food choices or wandering off aimlessly…yeah, I miss Walter, too. That is the major downside of this alternate universe as far as I’m concerned — very little John Noble and virtually no Joshua Jackson.

But what we do have in this universe is Charlie. Our Charlie is dead and gone, but alt-Charlie is a smart cookie. He heard all of Olivia’s ramblings about being drugged and not being Fauxlivia and is wondering whether she’s telling the truth. He tried to trick her with a factually inaccurate story from their past, but she corrected him and jokingly scolded him for rewriting history. Still, it seems like he isn’t convinced that she’s who she says she is.

We did learn a little bit about Fauxlivia’s life in tonight’s episode: her mom is alive in this universe, but her sister is dead. Our Olivia’s mother has been dead for years, but her sister is alive and well (and has a kid). Is this some kind of balance thing? Olivia must have some sort of tragic death in her family?

But she also has her serious boyfriend, Frank, who just happens to be a virologist. Ten bucks says that ends up being important later in the season. Still, he is a piece of the puzzle I always forget when dissecting the twisted love triangle that is Olivia-Peter-Fauxlivia — it should actually be a square. Olivia might feel some attachment to him when the time comes to return back home. And while we’ve discussed how Olivia might be upset when she discovers that Peter couldn’t tell he was starting a relationship with her double, Peter might feel betrayed that she was in a relationship with Fauxlivia’s boyfriend.

I mean, can we please talk about that amazing Peter-Olivia end scene? He first appeared to her at a crime scene and she tried to brush it off, but when he showed up as Frank was packing up to go on a work trip — right after Olivia survived a run-in with their perp, something that wouldn’t have happened had she known the alternate universe and its bad air conditions better — she couldn’t escape him or the message he brings her.

“You know why you didn’t die today, right?” he questioned. “Because you didn’t know the protocol. If you’d stopped for oxygen, you’d be dead right now. But you did something that he couldn’t factor in: you kept running. You know why you did that. It’s the same reason why you thought you saw Walter in the hospital. It’s the same reason you think you’re seeing me now. You’re not from this world, Olivia. You’re not her.”

When Olivia tried to convince herself that Peter isn’t real, he replied, “Real is just a matter of perception. I am here. And I’m a part of you that you have to hold on to. You can’t forget who you are, Olivia. You can’t forget where you’re from. You can’t forget this.”

And then he kissed her! And I’m going to be honest, I swooned just the teeniest bit. (That’s a blatant lie…I swooned a lot.) But more importantly, Olivia swooned a bit, too. Not to mention she was shaken by his words. She may think she’s this other Olivia, but her real personality isn’t going to give up without a fight. The downside to this back-and-forth between worlds is that we’ll have to wait a bit until we find out how much Peter’s words have impacted her. It’ll be interesting to see if Peter starts appearing to her more often as her grasp on who she is starts to become more fluid.

I was on set while they filmed part of next week’s episode — I’m also an extra in a scene! — and from what I saw, it should be an amazing episode.

So, did you dig FRINGE last night?


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4 Responses to “FRINGE: ‘Real is just a matter of perception’”

  1. asukar on October 8th, 2010 7:30 am

    I agree with your review. I also like the episodes over here better, but this one was quite good. The show isn’t the same without the Walter/Peter dynamic and I missed them terribly.

    Charlie was the best part of the episode, he’s so likable! But the entire AU Fringe
    are cool.

    I admit that the kiss made me swoon, too. Peter is irresistible even in visions!

  2. Elena on October 8th, 2010 10:33 am

    I actually disagree–I’ve been finding the alternate universe episodes more interesting and I think it’s because it’s fun to learn about this new world and I feel more connected to real Olivia than alt Olivia–so for me the dynamic is thrown off in our universe episodes between Walter/Peter/Fauxlivia. Anyway … I totally loved this episode.

  3. Jess on October 8th, 2010 12:10 pm

    I’m LOVING Fringe this season. Every episode gives me something new to exclaim over and get excited about. I am missing the Olivia/Peter/Walter dynamic from the first two seasons. But that is eclipsed by how much I’m enjoying discovering the AU. As for the episodes in the original universe, I find them fascinating as well. Everyone is trying to move on with their lives…but there’s this great big cloud hanging over them and they haven’t even realized it yet. I find myself on the edge of my seat eagerly awaiting the next twist or the next reveal. By far one of the most compelling plot lines of any show this season!

  4. eliyas on May 26th, 2011 10:55 am