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SMALLVILLE Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders Preview Tonight’s Supergirl Episode and Talk Season 10

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Supergirl returns to SMALLVILLE tonight!

Yes, I’m excited about Kara coming back, too. To whet your appetite for this week’s episode, executive producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders are teasing the hour and what’s next for your faves…

Kara is returning this evening. How is she going to impact Clark’s journey this season?
Brian Peterson:
She actually has a pretty big impact. It’s a good litmus test in how far he is on his journey to being a real hero.
Kelly Souders: As we’ve shown before, she has more knowledge of where they came from, the powers and all the things. And some of that is still true because she had a very different experience than he did, growing up. But there’s quite a few things that she learns from Clark when she comes to visit.

Obviously the series has been building up to Clark becoming Superman. Is this going to be a season-long struggle for him, or might we be surprised and see him embrace his destiny before the series finale?
He actually has quite a bit to do on that journey. He’ll have a pretty strong arc over the course of the season and I don’t feel like people will think things are stalling out. Things [will] moving pretty quickly throughout the [year].
BP: We also want to have a fun last season, so we have some great individual stories as well, rather than just a big season arc.

What role will Lois play with those great stories? Will we see her in reporter-mode?
We definitely are. I think  knowing Clark’s secret has thrown a little bit of a wrench into her life — there are a few more priorities in her life [other] than her actual stories. But [journalism] definitely plays a role this season.

And I assume she will not be away from Clark very long?
She will be back in our world relatively shortly.

Any teases you can give about the Lois-Clark relationship?
BP: They hit a few speed bumps, but what we’ve been saying is there is a pretty major Lois and Clark moment in the first 8 to 10 episodes. So while it has its speed bumps, it progresses for sure.

You’ve hinted that Tess is a sleeper agent this season. What will she have going on for the final year?:
Tess actually has a couple big secrets as we get into the season. She’s hiding several key elements.
BP: Um, yeah. I think teasing any more than that would give stuff away, so I think we should stick with that.

Chloe will obviously be MIA for a good part of the season. We know that Oliver will go searching for her, but how will her disappearance impact Lois and Clark?
Chloe’s departure obviously has an impact on Oliver and Clark. I mean, she really has helped bring the JLA together, she created Watchtower, so there is so much of her that is still living on, whether she is physically there [or not]. And that plays for part of the season. And personally, people know that in this world there is a higher calling in a lot of ways and that people have to make sacrifices for that. It’s a very difficult and daunting thing for them to face, but I think all of them admire her sense of duty and her need — it’s a little complicated, but I think they all admire what she’s accomplished in her life, so it’s not too bittersweet.

Have you been hearing a lot of feedback from the Chloe fans?
Oh yeah.
KS: I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a bigger group of fans than the Chloe fans.
BP: I gotta say the Erica Durance (Lois) fans are nipping at their heels. We’re lucky that our cast has a lot of people rooting for them.
KS: There’s something so relatable about all of [their characters]. Oliver Queen, he’s this rich playboy who is running around with incredible weapons at night, but there’s something very approachable about him. Chloe, super smart and incredibly talented, but we can all relate to her. Tom [Welling (Clark)] and Erica, they bring these massively important, iconic characters to life in a way that we feel we could all hang out a coffee shop with them. I think our cast has been incredible at making these larger than life characters feel like they could fit in anyone’s life.

I know Tom is directing again this season, but have any of the other cast members indicated that they’d like to direct before the series ends?
: Justin [Hartley] will be directing as well.

Do you know what episode number it will be?
BP: We’re not totally sure.
KS: What ends up happening is we have to flip things around due to their schedules as far as what episodes they’re heavier in or lighter in. It’ll be [in] the second half.

The big question for many fans is whether Michael Rosenbaum will be returning as Lex. Any word on that?
We would love for him to be back. I can’t even tell you. We would be jumping in the halls. The door is open.

How about Kristin Kreuk? Will fans see Lana again before the series wraps up?
BP: We’ve made some offers and she knows that we love her. It hasn’t really fallen into place as of yet.

Are there any other familiar faces or special guest stars you’d like to have come on the show before the series ends?
BP: I think we can say there are a couple, but I don’t want to give anything up.

Familiar faces or new people?
BP: A couple of former faces and a couple of faces from the greater mythology that we’d like to see.

Any thoughts?

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6 Responses to “SMALLVILLE Producers Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders Preview Tonight’s Supergirl Episode and Talk Season 10”

  1. Annie on October 8th, 2010 4:50 pm

    KS/BP really need to stop talking. Loudest fanbase DOES NOT equal biggest. I’d say that more people are Clark fans than anything else. Or that on any poll that matters , Clark has always won favorite character.

    Also, dear God, their Chloe worship is so fucking offbase. I will literally kill someone if they re-create another AoS. And in addition, stop kissing the Chloe fans’ asses. Again, loudest and most annoying? doesn’t equal biggest. If it were, Chloe would definitely not have handful of votes away from being crowned “Least Favorite Character” this year.

  2. Annie on October 8th, 2010 4:53 pm

    And lastly, Chloe is relatable? Are they serious? I’m sorry, no I take responsibility for the shit I do. and I don’t run off with serial killers and cover up their murders for them. I can actually apologize to people. Ugh. More pandering. Really, guys.

  3. Mary on October 8th, 2010 6:07 pm

    Thank you so much for covering this milestone and for talking about Chloe and her fanbase. Their donation was amazing last year to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation as well as the commercial “Legendary” which was just breath taking. I really want to see a good arc for Chloe and one that rewards her with everything she wanted, especially back to reporting and a good, happy romantic ending would be nice. Something that fulfills who she is and has always been from season one. Also, I have to love the shoutout that Chloe fans are a big, vocal, impassioned fanbase cause we are.

    Thanks again, marissa!

  4. Megan on October 8th, 2010 6:10 pm

    Thank you so much for asking about Chloe! Any news about her is hugely appreciated while we wait for her to make her return. 🙂

  5. Liz on October 8th, 2010 6:12 pm

    Thanks so much for asking questions regarding Chloe. I think I’ve been very vocal about how much I love that character. lol I’m glad that KB recognize that the Chloe fandom is alive, kicking and going strong. I think if anything The Legendary commercial really let them know that. Other character fandoms can nip all they want but Chloe fans are here to stay, no matter what. Thanks again. HUGZ

  6. Monica on October 8th, 2010 11:04 pm

    As most loved, most hated … that’s what I think about the popularity of Chloe … anyway, great interview .. I hope for more, especially Chloe and Chlollie ;D