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What up Smallville fans! “Wow” is all I can say about Lois in the dominatrix get up, and I am sad that it forced me to put my cookies down! What about this week’s villain, who felt like he was straight from an episode of Supernatural taking over Gordon Godfrey! In addition, Supergirl returned to help Clark attempt to fly, and to fulfill a mission from Jor-El. Focusing mainly on Smallville’s three resident superheroes and Lois, let’s talk about this week’s highlights!

Kara’s return to earth was not exactly a heartfelt reunion at first, and did not play out the way I expected. I was looking for a little more action when it came to Clark and the whole flying thing. Instead Kara, played by Laura Vandervoort of ABC’s V, spent most of her time parading around Metropolis, landing smack dab in the middle of an anti superhero rally. It was odd to see her involved in photo shoots and showing her face proudly grabbing a billboard in mid air that almost wiped out a group of Blur haters. The upside, however, was what this chain of events did for Lois and Clark’s relationship.

Trying to adjust to the fact that Clark is actually a superhero, Lois was able to spend some one on one time with Supergirl after she returned from Egypt. Now that Lois knows Superheroes need someone too, it looks like she will direct some of her attention towards Clark’s ability to be a hero, while also pushing him towards his destiny. Lois is exactly what Clark needs when it comes to matters like his Supergirl cousin exposing herself to the public. Watching Lois speak code to Clark about how superheroes should keep their identities under wraps was funny. When are these two love birds going to open up to each other about what they know?

The funniest part of the episode came when Lois went undercover to get dirty pics of anti hero crusader and radio host Gordon Godfrey, who was threatening to divulge the Green Arrow’s secret identity, at Club Desaad. I definitely like Erica Durance as a brunette, but that blonde wig she was rocking and the black latex getup with the bustier was incredible! What about the handcuffs and the candle wax she attempted to seductively pore down Godrfey’s chest in a quiet back room? That was hilarious. As sexy as she is, I love how the writers still manage to keep her clumsy during these hot moments on screen!

The most frustrating part of the Supergirl episode was watching Clark attempt to fly back at the farm. I am ready to see him take on his full identity. However, my best guess is that we will not see any speeding bullets “up in the sky” until the very end of season 10.

The episode was focused on Clark’s destiny and his inability to fully use his superhero talents against evil. Perhaps next week there will be more action to speak of? That’s what I am hoping since it marks the 200th episode of Smallville! From what I have read it looks like the show’s producers will be taking us back to the past, with Clark and Lois attending their five year class reunion at Smallville High. Brainiac 5 is rumored to be the villian of the week and might be showing Clark a thing or two when it comes to Superman’s future! Will Clark be meeting an older version of himself? Until next week, Smallville fans!

How did you react to Supergirl’s return? Were you excited to see Lois & Clark spend more time together again? Is the journey to Clark taking flight unfolding as you imagined? Who would you choose, Erica Durance or Laura Vandervoort? It’s time to share your superthoughts!

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