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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Can you feel it? Just one more day until the weekend. Bring it! So glad there is a night full of kick ass TV to help Thursday go by just that much faster.

Which shows are you going to watch live, DVR for later, or skip altogether?

Here are a few highlights from tonight’s TV lineup…

The Big Bang Theory | 8pm on CBS
“The Apology In sufficiency”
Howard baffles Sheldon when he won’t accept his apology; and an FBI agent (Eliza Dushku) interviews the guys for Howard’s security clearance. Sheldon’s interview jeopardizes Wolowitz’s security clearance

Community | 8pm on NBC
“Aerodynamics of Gender”
Abed discovers his inner “mean girl”; Jeff and Troy embrace a Zenlike spirituality when they uncover a secret trampoline on campus; Pierce lands in the hospital.

Bones | 8pm on Fox
“The Bones That Weren’t”
The skull of a promising young dancer is discovered at a construction site; Hannah’s safety is jeopardized when an assignment takes her to a dangerous part of town.

The Vampire Diaries| 8pm on The CW
Elena is abducted by a masked stranger at the masquerade ball, and Stefan and Damon learn surprising information about vampires in the distant past. Meanwhile, Jeremy helps Bonnie after she casts an exhausting spell, and Caroline tries to make life easier for Tyler now that he is a werewolf.

$#*! My Dad Says | 8:30pm on CBS
“Dog Ed Pursuit”

Ed develops a liking for Vince’s new dog, which makes Vince jealous. Meanwhile, Henry agrees to go out with Vince and Bonnie’s boss (Missi Pyle) to help them get a real-estate listing.

30 Rock | 8:30pm on NBC
“Gentleman’s Intermission”
Avery pushes Jack to set boundaries in his relationship with Liz; Liz’s father tries to recapture his youth during a visit; Tracy wants Kenneth’s help in reinventing himself.

The Office | 9pm on NBC
Michael invites all the staffers to celebrate the christening of Jim and Pam’s baby, CeCe. Jim may or may not have a hard time locating his little girl in time for the ceremony.

Grey’s Anatomy | 9pm on ABC
“That’s Me Trying”
Owen puts the residents through a tough trauma-certification drill, pushing them to their limits. And Cristina faces a test when she’s charged with monitoring a critically ill lung-transplant patient.

Nikita | 9pm on The CW
Division agrees to kill a woman having an affair with a senator in exchange for continued government funding. Meanwhile, Nikita and Alex contact the woman’s parents, but the conversation doesn’t go as planned.

CSI | 9pm on CBS
“Bump and Grind”
The shredded remains of a man are discovered and the investigation uncovers evidence that points to multiple suspects. The CSI team is called in to investigate.

Fringe | 9pm on Fox
“Amber 31422”
A security breach in the parallel universe attracts the Fringe Division’s attention after a man frees his twin brother from a quarantined amber area. Meanwhile, Secretary Bishop observes the effects of sensory deprivation on Olivia, who continues to have visions of Peter.

Outsourced | 9:30pm on NBC
“Truly, Madly, Pradeeply”
Todd tries to make himself a viable suitor for Asha, who’s inching closer to an arranged marriage. When Madhuri discovers Todd’s intentions, she comes up with a plan for him to surprise Asha. Elsewhere, Gupta tries to kick a bad habit with help from Rajiv.

Private Practice | 10pm on ABC
“Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?”
The doctors come to Charlotte’s aid after she’s found bloodied and bruised in a hospital hallway after she’s attacked by a deranged man (Nicholas Brendon) in the ER. [GMMR: The first 8 minutes are available on This looks like quite the powerful episode.]

The Mentalist | 10pm on CBS
“Red Hot”

A building explodes while Patrick Jane and the team are investigating a death threat; Libson once again runs into billionaire Walter Mashburn (Currie Graham).

Also playing…

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills | 10pm on Bravo: Taylor is upstaged by her husband; Camille discusses her marriage; Lisa receives a birthday surprise.
  • It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | 10pm on FOX: The gang is growing as a result of a blast from the past, which also prompts Dee to reconsider her future.
  • The League | 10:30pm on FOX: Ruxin and Andre refuse to accept a tie; Taco discovers Western medicine; Pete has a line on great Bears tickets

    Now it’s your turn. What will YOU be watching tonight? What will you be watching LIVE, DVRing, skipping, etc? Let us know!

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