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November 11, 2010 by  

Well tonight sucked! (No pun intended.)

Long story (not so) short…Yesterday, in an effort to be more financially responsible, I turned in my second DVR. It was difficult and I damn near cried when the Comcast tech walked out the door, but it was the right call. Knowing that THE VAMPIRE DIARIES usually records on that second DVR, I made sure that it was all set to go on DVR #1. I double checked. Hell, I triple checked. And at 8:12pm when I went to tune in…nothing! It wasn’t recording. Noooo! I quickly screamed “Someone! Give Me My Remote!” (Ha, you like how I did that?) and I immediately hit record. Seeing that the little red button was on, I felt okay taking my puppy, Digby, out for a walk knowing I could watch the last 45 minutes of TVD when I got home. Or so I thought. Much to my horror, when I pressed ‘play’ the picture was all jumbled and no sound recorded. Ugh!

All this to say, that I didn’t get to see THE VAMPIRE DIARIES tonight. I’ll be sure to catch up online tomorrow, but it’s not going to help me much tonight.

But YOU can…

Feel like filling a sister in on the show? Feel free to recap a way in the comments below. Maybe this can be a group effort and you all can tell me what happened with the different characters. Or if you’re not in the recapping mood, just share your thoughts on tonight’s episode. Come on…I’m desperate!



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  1. TVKel on November 11th, 2010 11:41 pm

    Bulgaria 1490 – Katerina’s mom helps her deliver baby, dad stands by until delivery and then takes it away. Katerina cries in mama’s arms.
    Title Card
    Elena arrives at Salavatore mansion, acts all moody that Rose is there (after she told the brothers to let her go last week) – Klaus is legend that nobody in room has seen but Rose thinks he’s real. Elijah was a foot soldier/Easter Bunny compared to Klaus. Elena leaves not really sure what to believe.

    New guy Luka breaks up a Bonnie/Jeremy shippy moment in parking lot. He’s needs directions to the office and is all like “nice to meet you Bonnie.”

    Caroline is needed to move the rock in front of the tomb because Elena broke out the “girlfriend code” but warns “you can’t believe that lying Katherine.” Caroline does her Wonder Woman bit and Katherine comes shuffling up to the entrance. “Hello Elena” she says weakly (or is she faking how weak she is already?)
    Katherine doesn’t Caroline around, Elena’s like I’ll be okay on this side of the door. Elena has brought a blanket (?), some blood and Katherine’s family history which says line ended with her, but obs not true. Elana wants to know about Klaus and will give blood a little at time. “You have the Petrova fire” says Katherine before talking about her backstory. That’s 12 minutes in … need the backstory scenes?

  2. TVKel on November 11th, 2010 11:47 pm

    Wait – Rose might have known Klaus in past now that I’m watching more – I’d have to rewatch the scene after roomie gets through the episode.

  3. Nick McHatton on November 12th, 2010 12:39 am

    Was typing one up for my blog anyways. Here you go Kath! I haven’t edited this or anything.

    The opening of the episode brought us to Katherine giving birth to a little girl in Bulgaria, 1490. Her father immediately rips the baby girl from her to be given away something that brings Katherine to tears.

    Meanwhile, the new student Luka, has an eye for Bonnie. Much to Jeremy’s dismay because he’s trying to woo her as well. Come to find out Luka and his father are Warlocks, male witches.

    Elena decides she can’t sit back and wait for the truth any longer. In order to get more answers, Elena asks Caroline to remove the tomb door so she can talk to Katherine, who’s starting to wither away in the tomb. To coax the truth out of Katherine, Elena gives her shots of blood.

    Katherine’s story begins in England in 1492 after she was kicked out of Bulgaria because of her “indiscretions” like having a baby out of wedlock. Which is where her story with Klaus begins. Whom she is taken with at first, until she figures out who he was and what he wanted from her. Then she ran. Apparently Klaus wants the Petrova doppelganger to break the curse. The Petrova bloodline is necessary to break the curse because the curse is “bound” by the sacrifice of Petrova blood. The doppelganger was created as a way to be able to undo the spell.

    Which is why Katherine ran in England. Where Trevor helps her escape and sends her to Rose. Who isn’t exactly thrilled to help her promising at nightfall to bring her back. Katherine decides she would rather die then go back to Klaus and stabs herself in the stomach. In an effort to keep her alive and protect her family, Rose feeds Katherine some of her blood. Katherine decides to hang herself and in the process turns herself.

    Because as a vampire, Katherine is no longer of use to him, because in order to break the curse a human doppelganger is needed. Katherine then runs from Rose and Trevor, because she always looks after herself. Katherine tells Elena should do the same if she wants to live.

    Elena wonders how much is true and why Katherine came back. Elena realizes Katherine might be able to stop running if she’s hand delivered, which is why she comes back to Mystic Falls. She had Mason Lockwood get her the moonstone to break the curse, but that’s not all, Katherine needs more things to break the curse. Otherwise their would be no reason to break it. Katherine needs a werewolf, a witch, a vampire (Caroline) to be killed.

    Stephan finds Elena in the tomb. Katherine tells him there’s nothing he can do to protect Elena and she finishes her story. We flashback to Katherine in 1492 in Bulgaria, where she finds her entire family killed by Klaus. Katherine tells the two of them there’s nothing they can do unless they have the moonstone, which is trapped with her in the tomb.

    Stefan thinks she spun this entire thing so she can trade the stone for her freedom. Katherine tells him she doesn’t want any freedom because when Klaus comes to kill everyone, she’ll be safe in the tomb where no vampire will enter because they won’t get out.

    Elena breaks down in Stefan’s arms because she can no longer blame what’s happening on him coming back to town or falling in love with him. No, everyone is in danger because of her.

    We cut back to Katherine looking at her family’s history and she starts to break down a little looking at a drawing of her family. Especially her mother.

    The secondary storyline involves Rose and Damon on their on little adventure. To meet a vampire named Slater (I think that’s his name, I couldn’t quite hear it) wondering how they get in touch with Klaus. He tells them Craigslist by responding to a personal ad and from there it gets moved up the food chain who knows Elijah and that’s where his connection ends. Meanwhile, Elijah is outside the cafe ready to burst the windows and burn Slater and Rose to death.

    Slater tells them the Klaus want to lift the curse of the sun and the moon “to keep the werewolves from lifting it.” If a vampire breaks the sun curse then the werewolves are stuck with the curse of the moon forever, and vice versa. Damon wonders if there’s a way to render the moonstone useless in order to keep the curse from being broken at all. Before we can find out why he wants to do that Elijah bursts the windows open with loose change. Damon helps Rose escape while Slater runs off on his own.

    We come back to the Rose and Damon back at the Salvatore mansion where they proceed to have a touching moment and do the deed. Afterwards they get a call from Slater, saying he doesn’t want any part of this, but saying you can destroy the curse by getting the moonstone. A witch should be able to do the rest from there. When he hangs up it’s revealed he’s being compelled by Elijah. Who tells him to stake himself. He does and afterwards Luka’s father asks Elijah if that was really necessary.

  4. Jess on November 14th, 2010 2:12 pm

    Good episode…but I’m hoping for something a little more exciting next week. I get that this series often requires a lot of filling in of back stories so everything makes sense. But, story time doesn’t make for the most exciting television. The Bonny/Jeremy/Luca stuff was the most intriguing part of the whole episode. I loved the reveal about Luca’s father at the end, in league with Elijah. It’s really too bad they had to kill Professor Vampire. He was cute.

    Was anyone else utterly annoyed with Elena’s Woe is Me moment at the end? I understand it might be a lot to take in…the whole Tyler, Bonnie and Caroline are all doomed to the same fate as her (totally saw all that coming by the way). However, it’s NOT her fault. She’s hardly to blame for being the doppleganger. It’s the witch who started the curse and the vamps who want to break it that are responsible. She should spend less time trying to make everyone feel sorry for her and figure out how to use her supernatural friends to kick some ass.

  5. Michele on November 14th, 2010 8:06 pm

    Mine did not record at all!! Where can I find it online??