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BONES: ‘The Shallow in the Deep’

November 12, 2010 by  

Hey, hey, hey, BONES darlings, how’s it going?! Wasn’t this a great episode? An intriguing case, the squint squad in action, some hilarious B&B bickering and a poignant ending all combined to reassure us that BONES, when done well, is worthy of our love. Although there was a lot of Daisy in this episode, I’m still going to chalk it up as one of my favorites of the season. What say you? Before you weigh in, let’s cover some of the details. Starting with…


In my opinion, this was one of the best ALL-TIME cases of BONES despite the fact that the killer was so obvious, even from the beginning. Come on, don’t tell me that hair flip didn’t give Claire Casper away in about 0.2 seconds. Regardless, I really liked the way the case was initially set up as a mistaken identity.

When an old slave ship is discovered, the Jeffersonian team is asked to identify the remains, matching them up with a manifest provided of each person on board.  It’s a struggle for Cam (more on that later), but when a recent set of remains is found with the older remains, Brennan ascertains that they’ve got a murder on their hands.

Though the skeleton is covered in a pink cotton candy-like fuzz, Brennan determines the age of the victim to be about 19-20 years old. But when Booth uses the sketch Angela creates, he pulls a hit of a 28 year old, Mike Casper. B&B head to the Casper home where they learn that their “victim” is very much alive. The real victim was once a thief — an identity thief at that. When they investigate further, Brennan tells Booth that the victim suffered child abuse and Booth changes his course of action, looking instead for a missing child. Angela resets her original sketch, and they get a hit from the missing children database for Liam Maloney.

While Hodgins and Daisy work together to try to figure out how Liam died, Booth and Brennan speak to Hunter Lang, a young man who was in the foster system with Liam. Hunter was betrayed by Liam, something Sweets — who also spent time in the foster system — suggests could serve as a motive for murder.

Hunter is a bartender on a “Cougar Cruise,” which is exactly what you’d imagine — a boat full of older women trying to hook up with much younger men with an older and drunk captain at the helm. It’s a study in anthropology and biological urges and of three of our favorite people — Booth, Brennan and Sweets — as they “ahoy the boat” and try to find out who might have killed Liam.

Booth and Sweets believe that Hunter is innocent, but that means someone else is guilty, and when Booth and Brennan go to the lower deck, they catch the owner of the cruises having sex with a young man. Brennan also finds maggots near the edge of the room, suggesting that there was recently a dead body there.

But it turns out the maggots were just there because of some leftover cheese, according to the drunk captain. Booth interrogates him and then Sweets gives him alcohol to help him recover his memories of the night Liam died. He reveals that Liam was with a redhead who twirled her hair. And yeah, while I don’t think any of us didn’t see that one coming, BONES still managed to surprise by having Claire play the contrite and emotionally bruised victim.


Amazingness on all squinty fronts, don’t you agree? It’s impossible to elaborate on each person as much as he or she deserves, so I’m counting on you to do it for me in the comments. But let me get you started:

Daisy: Though I despise her still, she really does seem to care for Sweets, so I will begrudgingly…deal with it. If I have to. I guess.

Sweets: What I love about this season is that while Sweets and Booth are sort of getting closer as friends or at least as a big-little brother type deal, Sweets still annoys the heck out of Booth. Doesn’t that seem just absolutely as it should be? Sweets’ reaction on the Cougar Cruise (and why he was included: a quasi-virgin offering) was pretty funny.

Hodgins: King of the Lab; King of Awesomeness. There’s just something very attractive about his scientific confidence. And in this episode, he was pretty much surrounded by emotional women, yet he persevered and worked his entomology magic and solved the case!

Angela: Ah, I love artist Angela, and I especially love when she uses her art for the cases and from her heart at the same time. Gosh, this episode totally showcased that. I cried, twice. First, when she was doing her drawings and secondly at the end when each one was illuminated. More of this, please.

Cam: I think it takes a really great actress to portray a woman struggling with something and Tamara Taylor nailed it. BONES has always had a way of making me feel like “life sucks” and “life is beautiful” in the exact same moment. It’s a contradiction, except that I know it’s true in my brain and my heart, and Cam’s reactions to the slave ship recovery and member identifications were very, very beautiful. Please help me by extolling the loveliness of it!


My only “bone” to pick with this episode was that it sort of glossed over Brennan’s past in the foster system. I would have liked to have seen that mentioned a bit more. You? But I don’t really want to complain, because all in all, I really thought the Booth and Brennan dynamic was witty and hilarious.

I’m sort of wondering why Booth was kind of bacheloring it up in his apartment, but I’m not really complaining about that either. I loved Brennan telling Booth that the reason she had room in her brain for all of the knowledge of his skeletal system and medical history was because she cared about him. Did you catch what form Booth had to sign? It was some sort of post-Afghanistan form. I wasn’t sure what that meant. Do you think that coincides with him calling Brennan his partner again or is that reading too much into things? Maybe? Either way, they worked so well together in this episode. Please tell me I’m not the only one who loved it.

Before you do, here are a few more moments where I literally laughed out loud:

  • When Booth made Sweets sign his form.
  • When Brennan called Daisy out on “accidental intercourse.”
  • When Booth called Brennan’s flirtation a zygote.
  • When the captain told Booth, “She doesn’t really listen to you, does she?” and Booth replied, “That’s not really any of your business.”
  • When Hodgins and Daisy reenacted the murder.
  • When Brennan called herself prime real estate.

Actually pretty much every moment on the Cougar Cruise made me laugh. But don’t let me have all the fun; now it’s your turn. Did you like the case? How about when Booth kicked in that lock? And was this just a great episode or is it more proof that last week was deliberately awkward? Talk to me, BONES fans!!!

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27 Responses to “BONES: ‘The Shallow in the Deep’”

  1. Angela on November 12th, 2010 3:20 am

    I cannot write as well as you all do, but will say I agree with everything. Best episode in a long, long time. Everyone was amazing tonight, especially Tamara and the squints. As you say, more please!

    “And was this just a great episode or is it more proof that last week was deliberately awkward?” It WAS a great episode AND it does prove that last week was awkward. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but definitely awkward. I like Hannah’s character, but she just doesn’t fit. Maybe that’s the point. The best episodes this season have been ones without her in them. I don’t think we need anybody else in our little Jeffersonian family, except maybe a man for Cam and more of Michelle :).

  2. Gerrytart5 on November 12th, 2010 3:55 am

    I LOVED this episode! There was as much right in this episode, as much right as there was wrong in last weeks episode. While I don’t want to say the reason it was better was obvious – Hannah was missing, but I mean when it walks like a duck, and quack likes a duck…. I still have not made peace with Booth yet and am still trying to adjust to this new Booth (amazing acting by DB), but overall I felt like sighing and saying finally! Things felt on tracked and back to the show I love so much, and I was sooooo relieved! The opening with Booth at home was great! All the creaking and popping and he was looking a hot mess (but in a really sexy way), totally loved it! My absolute favorite line of the episode (and maybe even the series) was Booth saying: “What happened, I went to bed Han Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kanobi?!” Then in comes Brennan and her pronouncement of I know this about you because I care about you, and I thought come on Booth, come on! You know her better then anyone and that was a HUGE statement! The cougar cruise – yes please! I laughed so much during this part, especially the Booth reacting to Brennan and the young hottie! Booth was an open book during that part as to how he really feels, still, about Brennan. I love Sweets more and more each time I see him, especially with Booth and Brennan. I too, am not a big fan of Daisy, but I am curious to see how things with Sweets and Daisy play out. In a lot of ways they mirror Booth and Brennan and their relationship, and I wonder if that is being written with that in mind. And so for now I can definitely tolerate her and maybe even grow to like her. I loved Angela, but for me Cam was magnificent. Her emotions and her conflict were protrayed with a grace and truthfullness that was so spot on. I loved that Booth and Brennan were there together at the end, sans Hannah. But what I loved the most was Brennan’s emotions and facial expressions while Cam was struggling/reading the names. In that moment I turned to my daughter and said look at how much she loves Cam. ED is simply amazing, her acting is flawless. I really loved that moment. I hope they keep these episodes coming, because these are the ones that make Bones so special.

  3. Lenora on November 12th, 2010 9:47 am

    First off, how could not like a show that has a skeleton covered in bone eating snot flower worms. I thought it was really cool that Hodgins used Pirranah to get rid of them and so sweet that, if they were a new find, he wanted to name them after Angela. King of the Lab indeed.

    I think I finally see what Booths problem has been since last season, he is having a mid-life crises. He turned forty. He wanted Brennan to become his love, she rejected him, so he found Hannah. She is his mid-life crises. It said it all last night when he said I went to bed Hans Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kenobi. I thought Sweet missed an important clue when Booth said that.

    I absolutely loved the portraits Angela did of the slaves found on the ship. They were beautiful and full of dignity. You can always count on Angela bringing out the beauty of her subjects.

    Daisy was just plain annoying but she is there for Sweets so I guess we have to make allowances.

    I absolutely loved the jealous Booth. He really hated that younger dude hitting on Brennan and I don’t think he can help himself when it comes to his feelings for Brennan. I know it seems double standards that he has someone living with him and yet he doesn’t want Brennan looking too hard for someone else; but, he loves Brennan and he can’t bury his feelings for her. We saw this in earlier shows when she was dating. He tried to put up land mines in her past relationships and this is no different.

    The trully icky part of this show was the maggoty cheese. Yuck.

    I thought Tamara Taylor did a brilliant job as Cam this week. She was the professional trying to do her job and at the same time mourning the deaths of people who died over 150 years ago. The connection was the name of her great grandmother and the dead slave. This made it personal for her. She knows the history of slavery in this country and feels very sad for the whole mess and yet she didn’t want to put her feelings into the investigation of the ship. She kept at the murder investigation and let her squints do their job. Brilliant. I felt so sad for her at the ceremony at the end and loved the looks that Booth and Brennan gave her as Cam almost broke down. They really care for her and they felt her pain. This is the Bones I love.

  4. Colleen on November 12th, 2010 9:54 am

    This could go on forever. I’ve never had a problem with Hannah… but after this episode I can’t believe how glaring obvious the awkwardness of that whole situation is. The show just isn’t the same when she is in the script. Last night’s episode was so wonderful, and a definite throwback to the days of yore before the 100th episode.
    You were definitely not the only one crying during the artistic Angela scenes. They gave me chills. It was Bones at it’s best.
    Also, Tamara Taylor is by far the most underrated actress on TV. I know people will argue with me and say it’s Emily… but they’re wrong. Emily gets some credit… she has a recognizable name… but TT… wow. Last night left me speechless and in tears. That’s hard to do.
    I could go on and on, but I have lots to do today. I agree whole-heartedly with this review/recap and wish I could expound more on the greatness that was Bones last night.

  5. carole on November 12th, 2010 10:05 am

    good show and liked the opening scene but booth should of said hannah got her own apartment.

  6. Monica (@texmex327) on November 12th, 2010 10:55 am

    Wow. Amazing job by Tamara Taylor yesterday. She was able to show the intensity of the situation, made me feel for her. (Second time her character has brought me to tears, or almost tears). Angela rocked as always expecially when she did the facial reconstructions, it was amazing.

    The case was great, even though as Sarah said, they gave away the killer in 0.2 seconds. The cougar cruise and Sweets is the main course LMAO! I loved it.
    Sweets & Daisy, awww…I do wonder as someone else said, how much of their relationship mirrors the one between Booth & Brennan.

    So I wonder how much of Booth telling the “zygote” that Brennan is not interested is jealousy. Probably me reading too much into it as usual, but part of me hopes it is 🙂

    The Saved by the Bell reference, HA HA HA HA! I think we should have one of the former stars be a guest star, that would make me laugh.

    Booth is not old, he is HOT! Nuff said 🙂

  7. Drea on November 12th, 2010 11:46 am

    A lot of people seemed to have missed that Booth said Hannah got up at the crack of dawn (therefore explaining why she wasn’t there when Brennan got there). Just wanted to point that out to clear up the confusion. As much as I would like her to be gone.

    Tamara Taylor brought tears to my eyes. The whole B-storyline was so emotional and she did an absolutely amazing job.

    I just loved everything about Hodgins in this episode (I usually do in every episode).

    Sweets and Daisy were Saved by the bell, I laughed out loud during that. It was sweet and hilarious at the same time. And I loved the interactions he had with BB in this episode, it was very familial, which, as I already said, I loved!.

    Brennan saying she cares about Booth – huge smile on my face. His jealousy too, he obviously still has feelings for her (because we didn’t already know that). Is it reading too much into it when I think his using the word “zygote” to describe her non-relationship with that man it just showed how much they have integrated into each others lives? Wishful thinking?

  8. Bridget on November 12th, 2010 11:53 am

    @Colleen I completely agree. Everything seems to grind to a uncomfortable halt when Hannah’s in a scene or when she’s even mentioned. The differences between the episodes she is in and the ones she’s not are like night and day. I truly, truly enjoyed last nights show, and I haven’t been able to say that for a while. I felt like Bones was finally back last night.

  9. Owl on November 12th, 2010 12:03 pm

    I absolutely love this episode. Not only does it make my inner history major happy, but it’s really just plain awesome.

    I really liked the whole theme of age in this episode (Booth’s bones, cougar cruise, etc) — I think that it made the story of the slave ship stand out even more, because the victims weren’t just bones, as Daisy said, they were people, too, even though they died 150 years ago. OOH… another theme — objectifying vs identifying… fun (wait… that goes with Daisy and Sweets’… thing (ugh) too… ew.).

    I’m going to have to have a museum/archaeology nerding moment and say that that ship should not be out of the water — it wouldn’t last, unless it was properly preserved (which can take a very long time). So maybe they freeze-dried it (preservation technique) before it got to the Jeffersonian? Or the Jeffersonian did it?

    Angela’s drawings were wonderful, and I loved how couple-y she and Hodgins were. Last episode they barely saw each other.

    Cam was magnificent. I’ve been waiting for a while for them to have an episode about one of the characters connecting with the victims… and I didn’t expect this. So well done. The speech at the end made me tear up.

    Random thought: maybe Sweets in the past wanted Brennan to share her experiences as a foster child (Mayhem on a Cross) because he wanted someone to connect to? They should explore that a bit more. I don’t think those two have reached common ground yet.

    Brennan’s “virgin offering” comment was awesome (then again, this episode had so many great things people said). I love these characters.

    I figured out the killer from the beginning, too. I hate it when that happens. It makes me lose motivation to watch the rest of the episode… but it’s Bones, so I usually want to wait and see if I was right.

    Brennan picking up Booth in the morning was great (especially the fact that she knows all of his injuries because she cares). The cougar cruise was awkward (for me). Hodgins held everybody up in figuring everything out, but he was King of the Lab. I’ve actually seen images of the snot flowers before, I think. Very, very cool organism. And very, very cool way of figuring it out (and his demonstration was very Hodgins-y). OOH! And the reenactment was funny. I loved how they had planned everything out (from the cushions from Angela’s office to the broom with the hook on it). I think I’m starting to like Daisy, but she still bugs me a lot. Oh well, at least she and Sweets were hugging at the end, instead of… well… yeah.

    Did I laugh? Yes. Did I cry? Nearly. Did I have a few nerding moments? Yes! OK, great episode.

  10. Lisa (BoothyBones) on November 12th, 2010 12:24 pm

    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! To me, it had everything in it that I love about this show!

    I thought the WHOLE opening this week was soooo freaking funny….that is…until they started to bring in the slave ship…and then I loved Angela for calling the detailed manifest awful.

    For some reason, it was very comforting to me to see that Hodgins still gets sooo excited by the possibility of ‘NTI – Non-Terrestrial Intelligence’ LOL! Also, his demonstration of the ‘bone-eating snot-flower’ was PRICELESS!

    HA! I loved this line by Booth, ‘Went to sleep Han Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kenobe’ I found it very funny how sensitive he was about his age during the whole ep.

    I know Booth never said it directly, but it bothered me a little that he seemed to support Sweets’ decision to have casual sex.

    More LOL moments for me were…Sweets as a ‘quasi-virgin offering’…and then the 1/2 + 8? (I learn something new every day)

    The sequence w/ Angela sketching the slave ship victims was beautiful…and her conversation w/ Hodgins was very sweet 🙂

    Kudos to Tamara’s acting for ‘trying not to let it get to you’…also Cam’s presentation of the Amalia Rose was very touching….

    Daisy and Hodgins re-enactment was awesome! I also liked Daisy and Sweets in the Diner…it looks like there’s hope for those kids yet 🙂

    Regarding the murdering cougar…I really hope I don’t become shallow when I get old!

  11. Meg on November 12th, 2010 12:48 pm

    This is my favorite episode of season 6. For oh so many reasons!

    1) Brennan was so endearing, sweet, charming, caring… etc, etc today. I know she is always these things, but we don’t always see it so clearly. The strong friendship between Booth and Bones came through so prominently in this episode, and I loved that. When Brennan was telling Booth in the diner about the abuse their victim suffered as a child, it sounded like she was trying to be as delicate as possible with the gravity of the situation, and Brennan is rarely verbally delicate. Endearing and sweet.

    2) Hodgins was in his prime. I absolutely adore his enthusiasm for unidentified organisms and particulates, and the cannoli demonstration cracked me up. I love seeing him so happy, so in love, and so confident in himself. Angela was such a sweetheart this episode as well, and her sketching scenes were beautiful and moving. Peanut butter and egg salad sandwich, haaa. I can’t wait to see these two as parents!

    3) There were so many awesome and hilarious quotes! My favorite: “You had intercourse accidentally, Ms. Wick? What were you trying to do?” Running a close second: “I don’t only want to spend time with you because I’m getting my freak on.” I don’t know how Sweets said this with a straight face. The Star Wars and Saved By the Bell references were great, too. “I have issues with the last season.” That made me laugh so hard!

    4) Cam. Every scene she was in was outstanding. Her struggle with the remains on the ship was so well acted, understated and yet so poignant. The ending scene made me want to reach into the screen and give Cam a great big hug.

    5) In retrospect, the killer was obvious, but in the middle of the episode I started second guessing myself. Which I consider the hallmark of a well-written case because while the cases on Bones are fairly formulaic, I like being thrown for a loop and having some doubts.

    Those are the big reasons why I adored this episode, but there were so many little things along the way too! I’ll refrain from expounding on those because that would just take up too much space. Closing thoughts: Booth may be getting old, but he’s not getting any less attractive. I’m a big fan of both Han and Obi-wan.

  12. Samantha on November 12th, 2010 1:42 pm

    Ok, not to keep loading it on Hannah, but I love the show so much more when she isn’t in it. Last week’s episode was cringe worth, everything she was on, I was just like “ick!”, but this episode was so good. It really felt like Bones! But I think that is deliberate. I think the writers are letting us as fans see that she doesn’t fit in Booth’s world and eventually (hopefully not to far away), Booth will see that too. I thought Booth and Brennan were great in this episode, I love how protective/jealous Booth still gets. I mean, if he had really moved on, he wouldn’t care if Bones wanted to sleep with a zygote!!

    I thought the case was great, and I like how they worked in the older find with the newer murder. It really showed off how talented the Squints are.

    Cam was amazing! I cried when she teared up at the end, I mean, that was her relative and as much as we all know what happened and the ugliness of that part of history, they were people and they deserve the sort of honor that the team gave them. Even if it is just a show, I hope that happens in real life. The there are people out there who work to set wrongs right and give victims the respect they deserve!

    Great episode all around! 🙂 Hope next weeks is that good too!

  13. ellen on November 12th, 2010 1:52 pm

    Really liked this episode but sort of bittersweet because yeah, it was Booth and Brennan bickering, Brennan looking our for him as usual, great squints, Angele FINALLY being our spiritual artist, Cam reminding us what is really important and lots of good humor. Bittersweet because at episode end–oh yeah, he’s with hannah.

    BTW–I went to bed Hans Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kenobi

  14. Teresa on November 12th, 2010 2:03 pm

    I LOVED this episode!! There were so many funny moments and a lot of good B&B moments as well. Also Angela sketching the faces of all the victims from the slave ship was very touching and I loved it. Oh yeah, and Hannah wasn’t in it at all which made this episode even better. Lol. I definitely hope to see more like this throughout the season!! 🙂

  15. Ana on November 12th, 2010 2:12 pm

    Can we please (pretty pretty please?) never see Hannah again and just have the cast working their magic as they did yesterday?

    After seeing that, I thought “Thank God, they’re back!” (although I’m a little scared of what might come next, ’cause I remember thinking something like that after the Science Dude’s episode; yeah, I still haven’t learned episode titles…).

    Yesterday’s episode was the good old balance between great case story – even though the first hair flip from Claire gave her up, amazing forensic work (Hodgins, you are now King, Emperor and Owner of the Lab! Seriously, the guy rocks!) and just a touch of personal story lines – especially from Cam, who was pretty much in the background since the start of this season (Tamara Taylor: oh. my. God! And that’s all I’m saying.).

    So yeah, I say ditch Hannah (or keep her on the show if you must, but do it like you did with Tessa and David: there’s really no need to mention her/show her every other minute!) and give us some of that good ol’ BONES magic! 😀

  16. Janet (ProfeJMarie) on November 12th, 2010 2:28 pm

    I enjoyed this episode – like everyone else for pretty much all of the same reasons. The dialogue was great and all of the different story and dialogue threads carried themselves really well throughout the whole episode – a very strong structure.

    The treatment of the slave ship victims through Angela and Cam was done with so much class, it was indeed beautiful. At then end I wanted Angela to join Cam when she struggled with the name and have them say the names together.

    To be the odd person out . . . as much as I enjoyed the episode, it was not my favorite BECAUSE it was too much back to the “old” Bones. I’m not knocking that completely, but I like change, and sometimes a show needs a little bit (not a ton) of change to shake things up. Some might argue that TOO much shaking up has been going on and perhaps that is why this episode came about – as a foreseeable calming agent – but as Booth said at the S5 finale: Things have to change. This episode, to me, really demonstrated how Booth and Brennan, for example, could easily continue on the stalemate path they had been on before.

  17. carl on November 12th, 2010 3:31 pm

    IN an upcoming show bones should tell caroline about how sweets and daisy cross the line after caution booth and bones so many times .,who cares about how many times,but shouldnt of been in a bedroom?

  18. Aly on November 12th, 2010 5:32 pm

    THIS WAS AN AMAZING EPISODE! And an AMAZING review! Thanks!!

    I really loved this episode! It seems like we’re heading back to the great episodes! I was definitely laughing a lot! One of my favorite lines ever is: “What happened, I went to bed Han Solo and woke up Obi Wan Kanobi?!” I was like “BONES + STAR WARS = WIN!!!” 😀

    And the “Cougar Cruise” was great too.

    Tamara Taylor did a FABULOUS job last night! I definitely was about to cry at the end there.

    And episodes like THIS make me realize why I can’t give up on the show.


  19. SouthunLady on November 12th, 2010 6:56 pm

    I’m going against the grain here, so get your tomatoes ready. I didn’t particularly like the episode. There were really great parts in it, all of which are mentioned above, but the spark between B&B was totally missing. Even in the first episodes when they began working together, I felt they had a spark even though they didn’t particularly like one another at that point. But, last night, the spark wasn’t there at all that I could see. I didn’t see jealousy from Booth toward the youngster when he was talking with Brennan on the cougar cruise, nor did I see sparks during their bickering. I really miss that, and that definitely influences my opinion. I find that I no longer wait with bated breath for Bones on Thursday nights. I DVR it (and now USA Today says don’t even do that until HB is gone), and watch later.

    I don’t like HB on the show (I thought HH could have portrayed their demons in another way {B/B’s pasts growing up, dealing with Hank and/or Max’s death, serial killer sniper arc, Booth having PTSD from the war, you get my drift}, so I want her gone, too. I just don’t see any chemistry between her(HB/KW) and Booth, but that may just be me. I just don’t want this SL to last the entire season; I don’t have to have B&B together immediately, but I just want HB/KW gone.

  20. Niche on November 13th, 2010 4:37 am

    I found this episode really well-balanced, like it had something for everyone.

    I was confused about one thing you mentioned in your review.
    “it sort of glossed over Brennan’s past in the foster system. I would have liked to have seen that mentioned a bit more”

    Did you mean Sweets? I don’t remember them mentioning Brennan was in foster care. Is this true?

  21. Sarah (seels) on November 13th, 2010 9:01 am

    @Drea…I DID miss that! haha! When was that? Was it part of his grumbling? I need to re-watch. Thanks for pointing it out!

    @niche: Yes, Brennan was in the foster system. This is mostly discussed in seasons 1,2,&4. Her parents abandoned her when she was 15 years old, and she was in foster care. If you are looking for an episode to sort of catch you up to speed on this, I cannot recommend Season Two: The Boy in the Shroud more. It’s a great episode; and it’s when i fell in love with Booth, actually! But yes, there is a large history of Brennan being in foster care, and I would have liked to see that sort of mentioned more in this episode. Same is true re: the abuse Booth faced as a child, but for some reason the writers just chose not to go there.

    @EveryoneElse: Your comments are awesome. A-MA-Zing. Thanks for filling in the spots I missed. BonesLove > BonesHate 🙂

  22. Botjes on November 13th, 2010 11:03 am

    I just saw the episode again and just noticed a some things:

    – Did anyone notice Daysies underwear in the office(nookie) scene (hanging over the couch)? Apparently it’s tuesday :-). Wasn’t it mondays panties last time? I have a feeling we are going to see wednessdays undies on ms Wicks next apearence.

    – I know people like Booths cocky grins but I have to say I’m in love with Brennans smile when they find out she’s right about the victim’s age.

    – What does Brennan say after Booth tells the lad on the boat that he can “work out somewhere else”? Maybe it’s because English is my third language but I just can’t seem to catch that. If anyone could tell me I would very much appreciate it.

    Thanks for the recap. Brilliant episode!

  23. Gerrytart5 on November 14th, 2010 2:30 am

    @Botjes, I believe she says, “Don’t be so hasty.”

  24. Amanda (Kautzie/Bookworm8911) on November 14th, 2010 12:06 pm

    Yay for oldschool Bones eps! The case was great even though as you said I’m pretty sure everyone figured out the killer as soon as she was introduced. Hodgins got the opportunity to be King of the Lab and Daisy didn’t annoy me quite as much as normal. 🙂

    What really made this episode for me though was the B plot of the slave ship and identifications. Tamara did an AMAZING job of portraying the turmoil that Cam was feeling about finding such a personal connection (a slave sharing her great-grandmother’s name) and the fight to stay professional about the entire identification/historical project. I had tears in my eyes as Cam was struggling to read the names at the end. And the looks the rest of the team was giving her were so emotionally charged and showed they understood and cared for her so much. We haven’t had many “family” moments with the team this season so I was so glad to see it showcased. And Angela was also amazing with this plot. I was just thinking earlier in the episode that it’s been a long time since we saw her sketching and then she started drawing all the the slaves. The fact that she cared so much about people who had died hundreds of years ago brought tears to my eyes…and reminded me of her in season 1 when she was told that she brought humanity to the lab by giving victims back their identities and drawing the marriage portrait for the boneless bride in season 2.

  25. Beth on November 14th, 2010 5:33 pm

    This episode is why I love Bones! I have been waiting all season for them to get back to what we all love about the show. I too was happy when Booth finally introduced Bones as his partner again. I was beginning to worry. My hat is off to Tamara Taylor – great job in this episode. She really made you feel what she was feeling about the victims on the slave ship. Angela also in creating the portraits of the people who died. The way they were presented at the end was amazing. Very respectful and honorable. Great job everyone!

  26. darci on November 16th, 2010 11:09 pm

    Loved when they went to investigate the cougar cruise…especially the interaction between Seeley, Lance and the women on board. Great dialogue, great song playing (“Hope’s All There Is” by maxxfemm) and great mix of tension and humor ( you can watch it at )

  27. V on January 30th, 2015 4:18 pm

    Enjoyed it but aren’t they supposed to be better at math?

    If the dead great-grandmother died 150 years ago, then the great-grandmother’s child has to have already been born. Say that Cam is 35. Her grandmother/grandfather was born 115 years before her? 57.5 years between generations? I guess it’s not impossible if it’s through her paternal line but it still seems might implausible. Especially as mortality rates – especially for blacks back then – were pretty high.