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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

November 12, 2010 by  

The first thing that comes to my mind after watching this week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY? Alex Karev officially wins the award for least personal growth by any character on any show ever. At the beginning of the series he was Seattle Grace’s resident jerk, way before Mark showed up and temporarily stole that title from him. Now, six and a half years later, Mark has mellowed out and Alex is still the same old jerk seemingly hell-bent on making everyone hate his guts.

You’d think he’d at least try to be a decent guy to April. She hasn’t been there long enough to know him that well, so she’s probably the only girl in the hospital who’s even capable of being attracted to him at this point. Up until he screws her over too.

But I’m getting carried away…let’s backtrack for a moment and set the scene. Arizona is halfway around the world saving babies, which means there’s a new pediatric surgeon in town. And yay, it’s Peter MacNicol! OMG I love him, he’s awesome! Happy memories of ALLY MCBEAL flood through my mind…for about thirty seconds until I realize that his character in GREY’S is not loveable at all. In fact he’s kind of awful. He doesn’t care about reassuring worried parents and doesn’t make any extra efforts to help his patients. In short, he’s a big fat doodyhead. Worst of all, he tries to take credit for an innovative solution that Alex comes up with to help an infant that needs a liver transplant. April not-so-subtly lets Chief Webber know that it was Alex’s idea, and later she goes up to Alex and tells him what a great job he did. This is where he craps all over her.

Alex, not one to waste time, grabs her and starts kissing her and ripping her clothes off like the world is going to end in five minutes. Knowing that she’s a virgin, he at least has the presence of mind to ask if she wants to stop. She stammers out a “no”, but asks him to slow down a bit. There’s no way to adequately paraphrase his response, so here it is word for word: “What do you need from me? You wanna screw, let’s screw. You don’t, then get out. I’m not gonna hold your virgin hand and walk you through it, dammit. You’re not a child, I can’t take care of you, I can’t take care of everybody in this frickin’ place!” Yeah. My jaw just about hit the floor on that one.

Poor April lies there in shock and later tells Jackson what happened, and Jackson (with full support from me) pummels Alex to the ground. Jackson is dealing with a bad day too, you see. It seems he’s made so many blunders lately that none of the attendings are eager to work with him. Finally he lands a spot on Bailey’s service, monitoring a fairly dull pancreatitis case. But dull turns into critical when the patient takes a sudden turn for the worse and dies before Bailey can get there. Jackson freaks out and starts ranting about all the ways in which this was absolutely, positively NOT his fault, and Bailey yells at him to get out. All Bailey cares about is that she’s lost yet another routine patient for no good reason, and it’s wearing her down.

Meanwhile outside of the hospital, Callie needs distraction from her break-up misery, so she goes to visit Cristina, who refuses to discuss anything remotely related to her resignation. She decides to throw a big housewarming party that night and scurries around getting everything ready. Somewhere in the middle of all that Cristina gets Callie to let her cut her hair. It comes out…well let’s just say Callie’s cry of “I look injured!” is pretty accurate. But seriously Callie, you brought that one on yourself. You’ve known Cristina for years; was there ever one moment that gave you the idea she should be trusted with hairstyling? Fortunately a real hairdresser is able to fix the mess and it ends up looking pretty hot.

Everyone at Seattle Grace is planning to use Cristina’s housewarming party as an intervention to get her to come back, but Derek is deadset against the idea. (He’s a staunch member of team Cristina, if you’ll recall.) He goes over before the party and warns Cristina, and the two of them escape to the roof where he lets her talk about interior decorating for hours on end, never once pressuring her to talk about what’s really bothering her. He’s there for her in whatever way she needs him to be. Oh, Derek. They don’t call you McDreamy for nothing. Happy sigh…

Other storylines: Teddy, Owen, and Derek perform surgery on a top-secret patient from the Middle East. They save him, and Teddy has a brief spark-filled moment with the US federal agent in charge of the security detail, and I’m not sure why I’m supposed to care since he’s not sticking around. Can Teddy maybe have a love interest that doesn’t have to leave the city?

Also Jackson has developed a crush on Lexie. I respond with a suspicious “Hmm…” Not sure where that one’s going. Lexie appears oblivious for now.

Finally, Callie asks Mark if she can move in with him until she finds a new place. I give this one a less suspicious “Hmm…” because it’s obvious where this one’s going, and it’s nothing that hasn’t happened before, so whatevs. Enjoy the inevitable return of your friends with benefits arrangement, guys.

What did you all think? How long before Cristina returns to Seattle Grace? Does Jackson have a chance with Lexie? Will poor April ever get to do the horizontal mambo? Leave your thoughts below!

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10 Responses to “GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Something’s Gotta Give’”

  1. Rebeccapedia on November 12th, 2010 9:39 pm

    Wow. Maybe it’s just because I’m still harbouring resentment from last season for April, (I don’t see new awesome April, I just see a whiney, fake-enthusiastic, even more irritating version of Lexie) but I did not think Alex was all that awful. Every girl he gets with has MAJOR crazy issues, he knows this, and I think this is part of why he rejects people, he definitely blames himself for bits of the crazy. Seriously, that conversation with Mer at the end did nothing for you? I used to really hate Alex, he was such a little emo jerk, but I really don’t any more. He’s be AWESOME this season. YES he was way out of line shouting at April like that, but everyone has a really shitty day, and I love how you seem to be able to excuse Jackson for beating the crap out him for pretty much the same reason!

    I do agree about Teddy though. They’re doing a terrible job of making her feel like a proper regular. This is a Shonda Rhimes show, everybody dates everybody, until she gets a stable relationship with one of the cast she’s going to seem too new.

    Also, Peter McNichol! I had the same reaction, until I realized they had actually turned the biscuit into a bunion. 🙁 I suppose they want someone jerky so when Arizona comes back everyone is like double yay!

    I really hope Mark and Callie don’t start sleeping together again, their friendship is a my second favourite thing about the show after the Meredith/Christina friendship, and that’s gone to hell in a hand basket at the moment. Mark and Callie are awesome and sex will wreck everything. Especially if Arizona comes back, she’ll be super pissed and she’ll try and stop them from hanging out. Find someone else to sleep with Callie! (But not Teddy!!!)

  2. biggerbox on November 13th, 2010 3:30 pm

    So, were you in the kitchen getting a snack when Karev revealed that he’d just gotten back from committing his schizophrenic brother, his mother was off her meds, and he had to go back to help his little sister, and then, instead of staying to help more, guiltily ran back to Seattle? Maybe Alex is less a jerk than April was picking a really bad time to act on her “save the bad boy who’s really good” fantasy with a guy who is wrestling with a bunch of serious emotional pain outside of the hospital, oh, and by the way, is still fairly messed up over Izzie. Grow up, April, don’t try playing in the big leagues if you’re not ready for the hits.

    Alex is one of the few characters who seems to have normal human reactions. What the heck was up with the roomful of top surgeons who couldn’t set aside their concern about Yang long enough to focus instead on saving the life of a major world figure whose death on their table might lead to a war? Potential international incident, no big deal, but colleague with PTSD acting inappropriately, now THAT’s a crisis? Much more important to talk about Christina and have McDreamy and Teddy bicker like children. Talk about jerks. Sheesh.

  3. GAtoSK on November 13th, 2010 6:18 pm

    Ok, so I have been watching GA, even though I said I was gonna stop. It’s just not as awesome as it used to be. But I’m still here, so far. But I’m bored.

    So…Karev. Yep, totally least-developed character. He has had reasons-I-suck-and-you-should-forgive-me moments in every season. So, yeah, I’m kinda over it. I still think he’s hot, but that’s not to his credit; I would not kick Justin out of my bed, but I would beat Karev with a blunt, heavy object if he tried to come near it. He needs therapy, and he needs to stop feeling sorry for himself. I’m over it. When he and April teamed up on the lab, I saw this coming, and I was like, “Dude. Really?” I don’t even particularly like Kepner — too wimpywhiny for my taste — but even she is too good for him. So I was like, don’t do it! And then she did. Ick. (Another reason I’m losing my motivation for GA: they’re telegraphing all of their punches these days.)

    I think at some point the apologies and excuses after the fact need to be replaced with some actual restraint and forethought. And just because he secretly loves babies and will end up being a tiny-human surgeon doesn’t mean he’s any less of a douche. Although it *is* mildly endearing, in that it makes me want to beat him with a blunt object but not let the children see me do it.

    Also: Arizona –>Callie Mark –> Lexie <– Avery = Could be interesting, but I hope they skip it. Jackson should hook up with someone older. Because they've skipped the cougar angle, and he's the most obvious cougar-bait. Maybe he and Teddy could hook up? I don't actually know what the characters' age difference is, but Jesse Williams is 29 and Kim Raver is 41. Works for me. Give Teddy some long-term play, and distract Avery from Lexie. Then again, Lexie and Avery could be cute together; maybe hook them up, and Mark could seek solace in Teddy (again).

  4. lexie on November 15th, 2010 6:55 pm

    Ok, so heres my deal I think the mark and callie situation is only temporary, so don’t have a heart attack. lexie has dated mark for a long while and he wants a family, she’s not ready, and I thinks its obvious she should date someone around her age that is where JACKSON comes in. I also think that jackson is mature enough to date someone like teddy so the cougar thing comes in play. Cristina is gonna come back, but I think that derek is the only one going about it in the right way.

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