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BONES: Michaela Conlin on the Brennan-Angela Friendship and the Hannah Factor

November 15, 2010 by  

One thing you can say for sure about BONES star Michaela Conlin? She is an excellent tease.

In part 2 of Give Me My Remote‘s interview with Conlin (you can read part one here), we chatted about the “complicated” Brennan point of view episode which is set to air soon, the Brennan-Angela friendship, how much Angela really knows about Booth and Brennan’s relationship, plus what she thinks of the Hannah-Brennan friendship. And it sounds like things are about to get intense…

We have to talk a little bit about the Brennan point of view episode. Is it going to be told entirely from Brennan’s perspective or is it just going to be focused on her?
Michaela Conlin:
Um. [long pause] I can’t answer that. It’s quite complicated. They’re phrasing it very specifically and I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but I will say it’s super cool.

Do you get to play Angela any differently than you normally do?
I can’t say anything about that. I’m going to let [BONES creator] Hart [Hanson] and [executive producer] Stephen [Nathan] answer that. I will tell you it’s one of my favorite episodes. I like when we do these sort of different episodes. I think it’s nice for the fans and it’s really fun for us too.

I’ve heard that it’s a very big episode for Brennan emotionally, and really, I just want Angela to find out about whatever goes down. It feels like Brennan tells Angela half-truths and omits really important details; it feels like Brennan keeps the juicy things — especially the things about Booth — to herself!
[Laughs] Yup. Yup. She is. You’re really good.

So is Angela actually aware of what’s going on between Booth and Brennan? Does she actually know what went down in episode 100 or even what went down between them in the past?
You’re going to start seeing some stuff, we just recently shot some stuff where Brennan talks about it. That was something Emily [Deschanel (Brennan)] and I had been discussing, because there has been so much going on between Brennan and Booth and Angela is usually in the front seat with it. Obviously, Angela has a lot of stuff going on with the pregnancy, and in [upcoming] episodes, Brennan and Angela [will] have some talks.

I have to say, I’m really happy to hear that. We saw some wonderful scenes between them in the first couple hours of this season, but they’ve been missing in the last few weeks.
Yes, I know. Please tell Hart that!

Duly noted. And I will say, I don’t think I’m alone in that, because when I told people on Twitter that I was talking with you, I got countless responses asking when we’d get more scenes with you and Emily. And it’s especially important in my mind because it feels like out of all the times Brennan would need a friend, this is it.
Yes! I agree with you. I wish that I had more control over what was being written. But like I said, they’re really developing the Angela and Hodgins storyline and Hannah. But yeah, I totally agree with you.

Don’t get me wrong, the Hodgins and Angela stuff is adorable. I told you I cried a little during the premiere after she told him she was pregnant…
That’s right! I know, I know. Angela was established in the series as Brennan’s best friend. That was the first scene we ever saw her, that’s really her role in the series. But it always comes back around. We just have to wait.

Right. But as one of my friends said to me, it’s almost like you can tell the difference in Brennan when Angela isn’t as big a presence in her life. You can see the influence Angela has on her when they’re together and interacting a lot, but when they’re separated — especially when she has to deal with the Booth and Hannah awkwardness — there’s almost a hole in her personality.
I really appreciate you saying that. I think it’s honestly because she’s vulnerable around Angela. She’s vulnerable around Booth, but obviously it’s a different thing. I love those scenes. They’re my favorite to shoot.

Obviously Hannah has become a large part of the show this season. Is Angela aware of the friendship that is developing between Brennan and Hannah? I almost feel if Angela was aware of this, she might want to kill Hannah a little bit.
[Laughs] Yeah but, you know, I actually think Angela knows this situation with Hannah and Brennan is loaded. I think she’s happy that they don’t hate each other. I think she sort of knows this is Booth’s new girlfriend and how close can you really be with your ex’s new girlfriend? And Angela isn’t an insecure character.

I can see that. It just crossed my mind when Hannah asked for Brennan’s sunglasses recently. I feel like Angela would have so many things to say about that.
[Laughs] I know! I almost feel like I haven’t been in scenes with [Hannah] because they’re afraid of what Angela would do. Something’s going to happen there. You can feel it. I don’t know what it’s going to be. I don’t think she’s threatened by Hannah, but I think she’s more interested in her if that makes sense.

Oh, absolutely. Here’s this woman that you could argue has taken Booth away from the group because he hasn’t been in the lab as much, she’s intriguing Brennan and she’s even caught the eye of Hodgins, in that quirky way. So it makes sense that Angela would be interested in Hannah.
Yeah! Hannah is a contender, I feel, in the group’s mind. She’s the first real long-term relationship Booth has developed on the show that wasn’t a past relationship. It’s very real for everybody. I think everybody is holding their breath and waiting to see what will happen.

Have you had more scenes with her since the one that aired?
I have had a few, yes. Nothing one-on-one so far, but we had a few interesting group scenes. That’s all I can say.

Is there anything you want to see happen for Angela this season?
I’d really like to see some more scenes with Angela and Hannah for sure. And I’d really like to see Angela and Hodgins start dealing with being parents. We are going to see that, but those are the two things I’d really like to see happen.

I will say, I get why you think they might need to wait a little bit before they let Hannah and Angela have a one-on-one scene together because in many ways, Angela is absolutely the voice and mind of the audience. And I’m guessing she would say some things to Hannah. Nothing malicious, but maybe she’d be like, “Are you even aware of what you’re in the middle of?”
You’re right. It’s true. That’s what I mean about Hart and Stephen — they really do know the audience has to develop their own relationship with her. And I get that. But it is a big relationship in Brennan’s life and Angela, of course, is involved. So I’m looking forward to that stuff starting to happen.

Me too, because it feels like Booth isn’t really “Booth” with Hannah — It’s not even a cliche thing like, oh he can’t be himself around anyone but Brennan — It’s more that he is only showing Hannah the parts of him that are good and nice. He’s not showing her that he used to gamble or that he was a sniper or being honest about his relationship with Brennan. She’s only seeing the shiny version of him, so she’s not getting the chance to fall in love with the whole package. No pun intended!
That’s true! [Laughs] You’re very smart. You’re very smart, that’s all I’m going to say. You’re very aware of what’s going on. It’s very reflective of every relationship, that’s usually the case in the beginning. But that’s what I mean about waiting to see what’s going to happen. I think we’re all anxiously waiting to find out how it will play out.

Do you think Hannah could stay on the show if she wasn’t Booth’s girlfriend?
I have no idea. I have no idea, honestly. That’s a very good question.

Anyone else excited about these teases Michaela has given us?

Don’t forget to come back to Give Me My Remote for more from our interview with Ms. Conlin later this month. We’ll be getting her take other upcoming episodes!


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16 Responses to “BONES: Michaela Conlin on the Brennan-Angela Friendship and the Hannah Factor”

  1. booth24 on November 15th, 2010 10:59 pm

    I get the impression the ‘Bones’ people aren’t always ready for the questions you throw at them lol. I hadn’t thought much about Angela & Hannah together before but you are right, Angela would definitely say what we’re all thinking.
    I just love your interviews!! Looking forward to the next installment.

  2. Kim on November 15th, 2010 11:11 pm

    I can’t seem to get excited about anything that is occuring on Bones this season. Angela and Hodgin’s relationship is sweet but its not enough to carry this series, with everything else that is going on. The storyline so far this season has been really dull and quite boring. Amazon resently offered season six as a preorder. This made me laugh. Personally, Fox couldn’t pay me to own what they have filmed so far this season. Hart loves Hannah and she will be around the rest of the season. This character, and the story Hart is telling with her in it, is killing my love for this show. I don’t like Booth as much as I used to and Brennan is just acting weird. I want my old excitement for this show to return. I want to look forward to each new episode, but sadly now I no longer look forward to thursday nights. Am I alone in feeling this way?

  3. Dearna (@NarnaLovesBONES - Twitter) on November 15th, 2010 11:17 pm

    I freaking love her. I don’t even know her, I know, but I love her.

  4. Dearna (@NarnaLovesBONES - Twitter) on November 15th, 2010 11:20 pm

    And Kim, yes, you are. It’s just a tv show, you don’t need to get derpressed about it. And also, I’m confused at why you’re looking it up on Amazon and why you’re reading this; if you aren’t interested anymore. Think things through before you say them, this is why Hart stopped tweeting.

  5. Elizabeth on November 15th, 2010 11:48 pm

    Kim, I feel the exact same way. I try not to get involved with too many TV shows because I have a tendency to care too much. But I got hooked on Bones and have loved it for 5 years. But this season I find myself dreading Thursday nights. I can’t even watch the episodes that have HB in them. So anyway, despite what other people may say about your OPINION, which I think was thought out just fine, I totally get what you are saying.

  6. Kim on November 16th, 2010 1:32 am

    Dearna, I am happy for you that you are enjoying this season. I am just not feeling the same way you are about it. I preordered season five of Bones from Amazon, because of this, Amazon sent me an email with the preorder offer inside. There was no need for me to look this offer up myself. I’ve loved the past five seasons of Bones. It is this season I’m not enjoying. I hope like you my love for this show does return. Bones has a great cast and I feel like they haven’t been utilizing them like they should. I want stories that revolve around and include the rest of the cast, not just Booth and Hannah. I want to be interested and excited about each new episode of this show again. This is why I continue to read articles like this, in hopes that there will be information in them that will make me once again enjoy Bones, like you.

  7. mary on November 16th, 2010 1:42 am

    ITA with another poster: HH likes Hannah, so she will be around all season – perhaps into the final season – regardless of how the fans feel about her/her and booth.

    Also, like another poster: had the opportunity to pre-order season 6 of Bones, but declined to do so.

    I love Bones — but I miss the ensemble scenes; when Hannah comes on, the action stops, and the pacing’s off.

    At this point, I am re-thinking whether to continue watching or to just chuck it up to experience and move onto another program.

  8. Linda on November 16th, 2010 2:25 am

    Thanks for this article, it’s great to hear what Michaela has to say. I absolutely love her character and what she brings to the show!! She’s fantastic.

  9. carole on November 16th, 2010 6:47 am

    last night on tnt they show THE BONES THAT WERENT, this might of help Bones, it seem to me like a different versions or I just decided that she come on in unrespectable way that some fans will never see her as respectable,and just know that,what I like for bones to do is just say that to Angelea,and BOOTH should tell us she got her own apartment and her being with PARKER/WHY. to me last night version help booth.

  10. nobones on November 16th, 2010 7:58 am

    I check this from time to time to see is there are any new articles.
    I have only one thing to say: Marisa, you are the best! You ask the best questions. I am interested in the same things, these are the things I would like to know, these are the questions the show should answer with it’s episodes. Somehow I doubt they have/will.
    Michaela Conlin sounds like a really nice person.
    I have nothing to say about the show itself. Besides that they have got (one of) the best and most talented cast.
    For those still watching: enjoy!

  11. cathy on November 16th, 2010 8:03 am

    Let hope hannah is not around all seasons ,but booth should decide that,just dont see hannah and booth as a couple to me its just sex and not much more,which is why fans is ready to see her go,maybe be on the way out to that new job.

  12. cathy on November 16th, 2010 8:21 am

    people was the diner scene and her saying what she did about the fig tree acceptable or fans just not listening/which is it? IS that why people dont liked hannah?

  13. Alexandra on November 16th, 2010 6:08 pm

    Michaela is adorable, end of story..well not really. I agree with what alot of people are saying, HB are just annoying and honestly I used to be so excited for Bones every thursday, but now, I recorded it and I almost didn’t watch it this past week but I finally just said I’ll watch it because i do love this show. Its the 6th season though, I mean come on, no show should take this long to put two characters together, its just annoying. Booth is just weirdly different(as everyone has said) and Brennan i honestly like her more then ever. But without their chemistry the show is missing so much.

    But I really did love this interview with Michaela, and I’m excited for whats to come with angela!

  14. Jen on November 16th, 2010 7:38 pm

    Great article and perfect questions! I am so excited for what’s coming! I know I may be in the minority, but I like the Brennan-Hannah-Booth storyline. Do I want Hannah to end up with Booth? Definitely not! But am I enjoying seeing the “new Brennan” that Hannah’s presence has created? Very much so! It’s time for Brennan to finally decide how she feels about Booth and her life in general. We need to see those feelings that she’s kept in check for so long finally emerge, and I think Hannah is the perfect catalyst for that. Add in Angela’s honesty and encouragement, and Brennan’s walls will begin to crumble in no time 🙂

  15. Gaby on November 17th, 2010 7:07 am

    I totally agree with Jen. I am really excited about the coming story lines and the interview with Michaela Conlin was great :-). Fans just gotta love her.

    To the whole Hannah-Brennan-Booth triangle. It was a natural step to come. I was wondering when they throw something like that to us. I mean Booth was rejected by Bones, then goes to Afghanistan. I bet he still on rebound and has started ignoring his feelings for Brennan and pushed them back. Therefore Hannah is the best distraction he could find and a good one I think. I really like Hannah, and all people should give her a chance. I also think that she has some little tidbits that she isnt tooo keen on sharing with Booth, the same with him. Like the interview suggests he is only showing her one part of himself and that is definitely great, because it shows he is not committed whole heartely or maybe its just to early for the relationship. 🙂
    I mean when did Booth ever have a relationship which wasnt from his past, Cam, Rebecca. Cant think of anyone else. I love Brennan and I think she starts realising what she has missed because of her fear of commitment. I cant wait to see those repercussions and with Angela to help, its gonna be great.

  16. Cass on November 17th, 2010 8:20 pm

    Very good interview! Thank you! I’m always happy when the supporting cast gets some of the spotlight, too.