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GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Adrift and at Peace’

December 3, 2010 by  

It’s all about the healing process on this week’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY. For some of our surgeons, that means doing whatever it takes to heal a patient. Meanwhile, others learn to heal themselves…

If you’re a fistula, you’re gonna want to stay far away from Bailey right now, because she is out to get you. Bailey’s War on the fistulas continues, and now she’s getting some of the residents involved by promising a cool surgery to whomever has the lowest percentage of patients with a certain post-surgical complication (hint: it rhymes with “shmistula”). Lexie, Jackson, and April all have their eyes on the prize and try numerous methods, hoping to find a preventative cure. In the end, the winner is…a nurse named Eli, who’s been there 12 years and has a very common-sense approach to treating patients. Thanks to him, Bailey discovers a way to reduce fistulas by 30%, and as a bonus, gets a date when Eli asks her out! Here’s the deal though, Eli: You’re competing with the recent memory of a little slice of perfection known as Ben. I’m trying to be excited for Bailey here, I really am. But I don’t know. Ben was perfect in every way. Are YOU perfect in every way, Eli? You’re slightly less cute than Ben, IMO, so you’re behind right off the bat. But I’ll give you a chance, for Bailey’s sake. Show me what you’ve got.

As Bailey’s love life takes an interesting turn, Teddy’s takes a bizarre one. While in the elevator she meets guest star Scott Foley (Hi Noel!!), who is about to propose to his just-okay girlfriend so he can use her health insurance. That’s right girls, you heard it here first: if you want to marry the man of your dreams, all you have to do is infect him with a chronic disease that’ll max out his HMO, then right when all hope appears lost, boom! You pull out your awesome insurance card and he’s yours forever. Apparently the just-okay girlfriend does not consider Scott Foley the man of her dreams, because she turns him down (which means he dodged a bullet since she’s clearly INSANE). Teddy tries with all her might to get Chief Webber to take his case pro bono, but due to the chronic nature of his condition the Chief can’t do it. So Teddy takes the obvious next step: she asks Scott Foley to marry her. As one does. (Another tip for getting a guy to marry you: it really helps when you cite the hippocratic oath as a valid reason that you are obligated to do so. There’s just no arguing with that.)  So…wow. This is interesting. I’m very curious to see where this plotline goes, though the writers will have to be careful not to turn it into a re-hash of the Denny Duquette story. But for Teddy’s sake – at least this guy definitely isn’t leaving town!

While Bailey and Teddy are trying to heal patients (and landing men at the same time), Derek is trying to heal Cristina. He asks Cristina to go fishing with him, and she accepts, to Meredith’s complete astonishment. On the fishing boat, Cristina learns to shut her mind off and relax, then she catches a big fish and cries. She’s working through her issues – slowly. Too slowly for Meredith, whom Cristina still isn’t speaking to. She yells at Owen for letting Cristina go fishing when he should be pushing her to go back to being a surgeon because that’s the only way she’ll heal. Owen yells right back, telling Meredith that Cristina needs to work things out her own way, not the way that Meredith wants her to. Oh, and in the middle of all that, they save a guy from bleeding to death. Just another day in the life.

Meanwhile, Mark is putting some major moves on Lexie. Lexie repeatedly turns him down, citing their past history and all the reasons why they’re not right for each other. He finally gets her to have a drink with him, and when he pulls her in for a hot kiss (they don’t call him McSteamy for nothing), Lexie forgets all about the rest of her protest. It’s a very sweet moment, and it’s witnessed by Jackson, who knows he’s probably going to have to let go of his crush.

Finally, Callie is still doing what she can to distract herself from the sadness of her break-up. She’s managing…until she opens her door at the end of the episode and finds Arizona standing there, telling her she came back from Africa because she couldn’t live without Callie. Callie slams the door in Arizona’s face. Yeah, that’s about right – I’d probably do the same thing. Arizona has a lot of ground to make up here.  Fortunately she’s got time to figure out how, since this is the last new episode of GREY’S until January. We’ll miss you, Seattle Grace! See you after New Year’s!

So with that, fellow GREY’S lovers, I will sign off until after the winter hiatus! I wish you all a wonderful holiday season, and if the nights are particularly cold where you live, just picture McSteamy with his shirt off and something tells me you’ll warm right up…

Don’t forget to leave your comments below! Do you think Callie should take Arizona back? What do you think of Teddy proposing? How does Eli measure up so far as Bailey’s new love interest? Tell us what you think!

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2 Responses to “GREY’S ANATOMY: ‘Adrift and at Peace’”

  1. Adele on December 3rd, 2010 9:26 pm

    Why is Teddy on this show again? Everything about her character is so unbelievably forced (no fault of Kim Raver). It isn’t working. And yet, I completely buy Jackson and Kepner on the staff.

    As for the Owen/Mere argument…. while I get where both of them are coming from, it is just making me increasingly angry with Owen. The way in which he talks about Cristina is proprietary and it rankles me.

    And while I love Mark and Lexie…I didn’t really feel like their moment was earned this episode.

    Sandra Oh cries with the best of them … but that weird gasp was ….weird.

  2. DM on December 4th, 2010 9:46 pm

    The episode was great, but I want to get to what I thought was the best part. When Callie opened the door, I fell in love with Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) all over again. She is so awesome, and although Callie slamming the door shut was a good, and well deserved, storyline, I just really wanted them to make up. Is it too much to ask?

    Oh, and finally they’re making some progress with Christina, because I was getting really bored with her. So, that’s good.

    And as for Teddy, I agree with Adele, she was such a forced, out of place character. But I’m interested to see where they might go with this storyline, and glad Scott Foley is in it, because he’s awesome too.