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How’s it shaking Smallville fans?! Can you believe the first half of the season is already over? That went too fast, didn’t it? Although Smallville won’t be returning until next year, show runners sent us out with a bang in last night’s episode entitled Icarus.

On board this latest hour of Superman, was Star Girl and Hawkman, out to help Clark and Oliver (CK’s best man!), after civilians of Metropolis start cropping up with darkness tattoos. All the while Lois Is held hostage by an immortal Slade, who was suppose to have bitten the dust after the accident. We knew that was coming!

What I didn’t expect to see was Lois and Clark engaged just yet, but it finally happened! Making it impossible for him, Lois insists they go home to relax since the city wide curfew is making her on edge. Instead of giving up, Clark improvises, trading in his table for two at a swanky restaurant. What a scene! Rose petals floating through the air and a big fat engagement ring! It didn’t take Lois long to accept.

In typical Smallville fashion I figured that was just about the time Lois would have been kidnapped, but the show went on, skipping its normal format. Usually Smallville’s villain of the hour presents themselves within the first 5 minutes of the credits. This time around we got to see Tess throw a party for the happy couple at Watchtower while everyone hung out.

There was also mention of a missing Chloe, several times, who sent Lois a card on her big day. As much as I don’t want to see Smallville end I would love to know just what Clark’s long lost sidekick is doing. Eventually she’ll pop up since Alison Mack is slated to return in the second half, and hopefully not in the form of a flashback!

So what else where some major events of this latest Smallville episode? Clark’s decision to go underground and shut down Watchtower while the VRA was in full force. Of course he couldn’t follow his own orders and neither could the Justice League after they all ended up in the same room of the Daily Planet where Tess, Dr. Hamiliton, and Lois where being held for interrogation.

Lois does manage to get pretty far with a scheme to escape before she runs into the superhero hater Cat. Informing the Hello Kitty loving mother that The Blur has saved her life before, Lois manages to change her opinion of the world’s so called terrorists and make her see them in a new light.

Unfortunately Slade didn’t prove to be as easy. After the accident, Slade blames Oliver and is gunning for the whole crew with Lois at the top of his list for questioning. After figuring out that Slade is an invincible soldier, Hawkman comes to Lois’ rescue but sadly dies for the 100th time during the battle. He did manage to rescue Lois from taking a bullet and her plummet to the city streets below while rocketing through the air

After a sad farewell, we’re left with the scenes of Clark, Lois and the league of super heroes falling to the ground at Carter Hall’s funeral. Are you ready for Darkseid and his evil fighting minions? Only half a season to go before Smallville ends its ten year run. What are you hoping to see? And more importantly – what are you hoping will happen?

We know Clark has to fly at some point, but just how will this epic scene we’ve all been waiting for play out? Where is Lionel Luthor? Will we see Lois and Clark tie the knot? Until next year Smallville fans! Have a terrific and safe holiday season.

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