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SMALLVILLE: Collateral

February 6, 2011 by  

Hey SMALLVILLE fans! It’s been a while, especially after the CW’s decision to air the return of Season Ten a week later than scheduled. So, where did we leave off? The last time we we were treated to a new sixty minute dose of Kal-El and the crew, Clark had proposed to Lois! We were also left with that mysterious scene at Carter Hall’s funeral. Was it Darkseid that had Oliver, Clark, Lois and Star Girl all on the ground? That’s what I was thinking…

Either way, some of that mystery was explained, of course not fully! What did you think of Chloe’s return? A cliffhanger since the beginning of Smallville’s final season, I was just glad to have her back! It was just like the good old days, with one exception; Clark doesn’t trust his longtime sidekick who suddenly returns as the head of the Suicide Squad.

I have been a little disappointed on how the Smallville writers handled Chloe’s return story. When Chloe first left, the result of Allison Mack’s series regular status being downgraded, Clark’s reaction was at best somber. Friends since Season One, Chloe’s comeback was more upsetting for Clark than her departure! Could it be because Lois has filled that void? Most likely, and the future Mrs. Kent should continue to do so. Erica Durance recently told TV Guide that she’ll be “helping Clark discover the difference between Clark Kent and Superman.”

So, it’s no surprise that Chloe doesn’t exactly fit like a missing puzzle piece. She has outgrown her former role, leaving Clark with questions of what she’s really been up to these last couple of months. Clark does not know Chloe anymore and he wants an explanation before he jumps off the Daily Planet and back into the real world. He’s also been left without powers, after being abducted by the villain registration act. Clark suspects that Chloe is a secret employee of the Vigilante Registration Agency, while Oliver and Lois still trust her.

What else did we see in Smallville’s cyber space world full of avatars and smoke and mirrors? Show runners set the stage for new dilemmas and one explosive series finale, as that spectacular flight scene involving Lois and Clark was amazing! This was easily the best moment of the show, when Clark finally began to trust again and takes a leap of faith.

One other favorite scene of the hour for me was the tense moment when CK just couldn’t grab Chloe’s hand. Things have really changed. Chloe and the Black Canary also took to a few rounds. Chloe’s new persona really did blow Lana Lang’s return out of the water. It was like watching the Matrix at times, as she dueled in an all white suit with a stone face. Although I prefer the old Chloe, instead of this cold new version, she brought her usual energy to the show!

Ultimately Lois’ heartfelt speech and trip down memory lane, the torch, the Luthors, all help bring Clark back to his former Watchtower pal, who multiplied at the end! Until next week, Smallville fans! Now that Chloe’s sticking around, things should get pretty interesting…

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