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BONES: Is Brennan the Consolation Prize?

February 16, 2011 by  

For the first time all season, this Thursday’s episode of BONES will feature Booth and Brennan single and free of significant romantic relationships…just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Luckily for them, they’re investigating the case of a murdered wedding planner, so not everyone will be feeling the lovey-dovey holiday.

We’ve tackled a little bit of what’s next for the Booth and Brennan, but the looming question for many fans is how their relationship will develop now that Hannah is out of the picture.

In this season’s “The Doctor in the Photo,” Brennan told Booth she had made a mistake by turning him down when he wanted to give their romance a shot. Booth’s reply to her confession was that he loved Hannah and his new girlfriend wasn’t a consolation prize.

So where does that leave Brennan now that Hannah is out of the picture? Does that make our girl Booth’s consolation prize since the only reason he’s single is because Hannah rejected his marriage proposal?

I went to BONES creator Hart Hanson to get his take on the situation…




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66 Responses to “BONES: Is Brennan the Consolation Prize?”

  1. J on February 16th, 2011 10:51 pm

    The vid is set to private. I can’t see it 🙁

  2. Mara on February 16th, 2011 10:57 pm

    It worked for me, thanks for the video!

  3. Magy on February 16th, 2011 10:58 pm

    i can’t see it!!! help!!!

  4. corgipaz on February 16th, 2011 10:59 pm

    It is private for me as well. Any chance someone can transcribe the video? Thank you in advance.

  5. skylark66 on February 16th, 2011 11:06 pm

    Don’t bother with transcribing. As usual, he says nothing smugly.

  6. Vp on February 16th, 2011 11:06 pm

    The more he speaks, the more I dislike Mr. Hanson! What he accomplished with Hannah as far as I am concerned is making me not like Booth. He is not the man portrayed the first 5 seasons and therefore really maybe not good enough for Brennan. Season 6 as a whole has been such a disappoitment. I have LOVED Bones for so long. This season is not a series I would have stuck with for so long. I am not sure it can be redeemed at this point. How do you make Bones believe in true love after this and HH seems so flippant about it. He really doesn’t care what his viewers think or feel. His focus seems to be on something other than Bones. Maybe he is tired if it and therefore it is going to crap…. I would have just preferred it ended rather than turning into what it has. I so miss the old Bones series. We will have to see now that Hannah is done derailing the show if it can indeed turn back into the series I very much miss and loved.

  7. Donuts on February 16th, 2011 11:07 pm

    Ratings and getting fans riled up are not signs of quality drama. You can engage viewers with great stories and clever or insightful perspectives on the world around us. Sure, I watch because I’m hooked from better days, but I don’t watch Bones with the admiration that I watch Justified or Community or Fringe.

    So congratulations on the success of the show. Its maturity level is akin to One Tree Hill and its creative integrity rivals the Real Housewives series – Bones now shares the same philosophy on how to “engage” viewers.

    If there wasn’t so much BS, I would begrudgingly respect the show for its resilience at least, if no longer its quality. Signed, One Former Fan

  8. Late 'Nite Donuts on February 16th, 2011 11:08 pm

    Ratings and getting fans riled up are not signs of quality drama. You can engage viewers with great stories and clever or insightful perspectives on the world around us. Sure, I watch because I’m hooked from better days, but I don’t watch Bones with the admiration that I watch Justified or Community or Fringe.

    So congratulations on the success of the show. Its maturity level is akin to One Tree Hill and its creative integrity rivals the Real Housewives series – Bones now shares the same philosophy on how to “engage” viewers.

    If there wasn’t so much BS, I would begrudgingly respect the show for its resilience at least, if no longer its quality. Signed, One Former Fan

  9. Bailey on February 16th, 2011 11:21 pm

    Well I’m usually one of Hart’s biggest supporters and he is totally right with the no matter what happens 2/3 of the audience will not like it … but this whole “Hannah wasn’t a second choice” and “Brennan won’t be a second choice” theory doesn’t make sense to me. Someone has to be the second choice. You can’t have Brennan and Booth work out just because Hannah wasn’t there, otherwise Bren is the second choice … there has to be some reason that Brennan is better suited for Booth than Hannah was, and IMO, it has to be more than she decides she is the marrying kind. And Hannah *was* a second choice, if Brennan had said yes in the 100th, Hannah never would’ve been in the picture, therefore she’s his second choice! I’ve been okay with this storyline (not the biggest fan but I *thought* I got it) but I just don’t see why Hart and Co. seem so insistent on trying to make us like Hannah.

  10. C M on February 16th, 2011 11:23 pm

    I actually feel sorry to Marisa for adding to the negativity because she does such a good job. Anyway, I think HH doesn’t understand the difference between provoking debate and provoking irritation. Or he doesn’t care. Can you be an egomaniac and not care about the show at the same time? I mean Aaron Sorkin is a humongous egomaniac, but he’s also obsessive about the final product. If it’s just about the money for HH, I wish he’d collect the checks and royalties and hand over the creative reign to a fresh writer.

  11. C M on February 16th, 2011 11:30 pm

    I would like to add “one more fan” to Late ‘Nite Donuts letter.

    Vp, I think HH is out to prove “no such thing as bad publicity.”

    Bailey, I disagree about the audience. Online fans are always too picky and meaner than we should be. Yes. But we are also the first to spot and praise the good things. In more successful shows, the ratio of complaint to praise is not like this. Same for when Bones used to get things right.

  12. Try on February 16th, 2011 11:48 pm

    It’s so obvious that Hart doesn’t care about the fans since he blatantly disrespects them every chance he gets. Stephen Nathan is no different. Most of the time he is worst than Hart. The online fanbase is rough but Hart doesn’t have to be on twitter. The fact is he is just way too sensitive to interact with the fans. Even when they give constructive criticism, he doesn’t listen.

    I don’t feel like Brennan is the consolation prize in any way. The first five seasons of the series proves that Brennan is Booth’s #1 choice.

  13. J on February 16th, 2011 11:52 pm

    BB are OTP. The consolation prize thing and Hannah arc don’t make sense. It feels like a useless battle to make sense out of the ideas that don’t make sense. The show is just yanking me around. I’m with everyone who hates how smug HH is about the ratings as success idea. And he gets so passive aggressively defensive when people criticize the quality.

  14. Kim on February 17th, 2011 12:07 am

    Yes! I believe Brennan is the consulation prize according to how this show is now written. There is nothing to look forward to where the Booth and Brennan relationship is concerned. Booth’s character has totally taken a downward turn after the whole Hannah fiasco. I really would prefer to see Brennan with someone else. I hope they bring on a hot new FBI agent to get this show back to feeling fun and interesting again.

    I don’t want to watch another year or two of what the writer’s for this show have in store for the whole Booth and Brennan saga. It is no longer fun and is quite dull and boring now. I am so over them as a viable or realistic couple. The writing has killed any enjoyment I ever would have garnered in seeing them as a couple. Booth and Brennan are more like siblings now and I no longer see any enjoyment or validity in a future pairing of the two.

    Consulation prize relationships are anti-climatic and that is what this relationship has become between these two. It is no longer special or unique. I would rather see them apart than together now because of what the writer’s have done with these characters and storylines this year.

  15. J on February 17th, 2011 12:15 am

    God, I’d love Bones to go back to having fun and sassy the way she used to be. Emotional growth does not mean you mope around like a teenage drama or romcom montage scene. By the way, I feel exactly the same about Booth. I didn’t begrudge him having fun with Hannah. It’s when he started moving her in without introducing her to his son, making eyes at Bones, getting desperate and proposing that this story sucked. I KNOW it’s part of his emotional awakening. I’ve seen the comments. But it sure didn’t come across that way to me.

  16. Eve2 on February 17th, 2011 12:59 am

    Wow, I can’t believe how HH is now in interviews. I know he is under a lot of stress but he is really coming off smug now. He needs to take a break.
    I don’t think it is 1/3 who are not happy, but much more especially if you include those who have just stopped caring. I did not watch the show so see them together, but it became the entire focus of the writing. Why is he now upset when people are angry when he broke them up. That was the center of the show he created and he took it away and basically replaced it with nothing.

    I wish they would just both move on and have other relationships. If HH plans on putting them together at the end of the show, fine. But until them have them working together and in other relationships (especially Brennan who really deserves someone who loves just her). Then put them together at the end of the show. I watch periodically but have lost most interest. I like the sniper episode but that has been about it.

    I always watched the show for ED. Emily always said she loved the role because she was a strong female character. I wonder if ED still feels that way because Brennan has lost the appeal to me that she once had. She is just mopey and still talking in a ridiculous manner. The writers have taken major steps backward with her character, IMO.

    HH says all publicity is good. I know show supporters hate when people like me state our opinions. Yes, maybe all of us dissatisfied fans should shut up as well as disapproving critics. Maybe we should all stop watching as well.
    Then we will see how much publicity the show gets and what happens to the ratings. I wonder if HH’s supporters will be as vocal.

    HH is very lucky they got the AI lead in. If not for that, I think the ratings would have continued to decline. We will just see what sales of Season 6 DVD’s are.

  17. Liz on February 17th, 2011 1:14 am

    @Marisa, I always appreciate your questions, and on that note, maybe you can help out.
    This includes criticism, but that’s not the point. I am genuinely curious.
    What’s the dynamic like in the Bones writers’ room?

    – Some of the fan outcries—like are we getting Human Bones or Robot Bones in this scene, within one episode; are we getting Sweets urging Booth to self-reflect or Sweets the little brother goading and cheering Booth to propose—seem to come from multiple writers not in touch with one another. Is HH actually less autocratic, more democratic than he seems publically and there’s no unified “vision”?

    – On the other hand, we get big shifts in tone—like from season 3 to 4, and the repeated “resets” at the end of each season— are such changes executive decisions from top down? If so, does the show switch out its stable of writers, so the current writers are not the same ones that wrote the earlier versions of the characters?

    – I remember on House, the show said they had expert writers more focused on the episodic medical cases. Isn’t that the norm in procedurals? Several people have noted that this season is copping out on the murders. There’s the sniper arc coming up, but the first one wasn’t forensic heavy. Is the show consciously shifting gears away from forensic to more action oriented procedural? Or away from the procedural to more drama? (Even granting that BB was always part of the show’s hook.) What’s the focus when they put together a script?

    I’ll admit, some of this is trying to clear up my own discontent and confusion, but I’m also just curious or maybe distracted from the show itself. The official script credits don’t necessarily reflect the full cooperation of writers, and you seem to ask some probing questions. Thanks!

  18. @melissasjack on February 17th, 2011 4:08 am

    Love you HH!!! Rock ON Season 6!!!

    I am ready for BB but I can wait… I wanted it yesterday but I love whatever y’all chose to do.

    Mad Hugs. xx Mel

  19. Nora on February 17th, 2011 5:15 am

    I’m so glad about what is happening in this season 6.
    I’m so glad HH doesn’t listen to the louder fans out there and keeps on his journey, pissing off more fans. ( Why still watching if you’re pissed off since months now ? )
    I’m so glad Booth proposed to Hannah. I’m so glad about what is happening between Booth and Brennnan from now on.
    I’m so glad to not be one of those who are obsessed with this consolation prize notion. Love is beyond consolation prize. Go out there, love and you may understand…
    I’m so glad Bones season 6 is not like the other seasons. I’m so glad we don’t have the dynamic we had in S1-S5. I love old Bones but at a point, it had to change and I’m totally fine with it.
    I’m so glad to not be one of those nostalgics who can’t understand the evolution of characters.
    I’m so glad to still be there and stick with Bones.


  20. Jules on February 17th, 2011 5:43 am

    Ha! Well Hart was right… the loud people obviously think they speak for everyone…just like they think they are doing here… well guess what… you do not speak for me… I love Bones… I love Hart and Stephen and admire them… they have kept me intrigued and watching… no.. I don’t expect BB to get together any time soon… there isnt going to be any second choice … they both rejected each other.. so if they are going to ever get together… it will be because they BOTH want it… and I hope they do eventually… I am content to sit back and let Hart and Stephen take me on that ride for a bit longer… the stupidity of people regarding television shows amazes me sometimes….

  21. AmandaFriend on February 17th, 2011 5:52 am

    I don’t think HH is coming across as smug. I do think he’s right– you can’t please all of the people all of the time. And the Bones audience, especially here, online, is fractious and noisy.

    Anout Brennan being “second choice”:

    1) They wanted us to believe that Booth was in love with Hannah. I’m not sure it succeeded. The first time I thought he might really love her was when he told Hannah about Brennan’s feelings.
    2) Brennan is NOT going to be the second choice for Booth. She was the FIRST woman he fell in love with after Rebecca. (Not Tessa, Cam or others.) He’s still going to work with her. (He dismissed Hannah.) The show is called BONES. They have to make it right for Brennan.
    3) He’s going to fall in love with her again IF his feelings have changed. If not, he’s going to get some evidence of his own that Brennan is the best choice.
    4) Brennan has acted with class and concern and sincerity throughout the Hannah phase. The one hiccup was during DitP, but the woman was under duress.

    I’m not going to trash HH or SN. It’s their story. I can choose to bash characters or creators, but what’s the point? It’s their story. Hollering on the sidelines is not going to make them get to the goal faster.

    One more thing– people on Twitter are sometimes twits. They say cruel things because they can. Some of those cruel things are directed to family members as a means of getting a rise out of people or some such nonsense. I don’t blame people for avoiding Twitter or the cruelty online. That’s not being thin-skinned. That’s just self-preservation.

  22. jmbatt08 on February 17th, 2011 6:44 am

    I agree w/ many of the others here – HH comes off as smug and almost arrogant in his attempt to say ‘the fans don’t know what they’re talking about’. What we’re saying is we don’t like characters crammed down our throats and told we have to like it. Let me, as a viewer, make that decision on my own. I understood the SO plotline, but I never thought they did the Hanhah character justice they way they had her portrayed. Now they need to figure out how to stop this train wreck and get fans back on board. If done right, you can have that 2/3 fanbase be on your side, not against you. He used to have it that way, before all this mess.

  23. Stephanie on February 17th, 2011 7:46 am

    Ok, I’m going to start out by saying I’m torn on this debate. I understand the proposal/not a consolation prize comment as it is within THIS season. I understand the writing to get where we are now. However, it’s all jus a plot device. The non-consolation prize was simply to put Brennan in her place. Booth LOVES Hannah and basically telling Brennan to back off. Fast forelward to he proposal-here are many,many different ways they could have ended this storyline. Booth could have removed his head from his rear for starters, and realized tha Brennan is THE ONE. Instead, they use the proposal plot device to take Booth down to rock bottom so they can firmly draw the just partners line once again and eat up the rest of the season with Booth mending his broken heart. It’s moving forward, without actually moving forward.
    Of course they can get out of the not a consolation prize mess since when it comes down to it, Booth was the one to end it with Hannah. Hannah wanted to go back, pretend the proposal never happened and continue playing house with Booth. If Booth really loved Hannah as much as they wanted us to believe, that would have been enough for him. Afterall, look at Angela and Hodgins for example. How many times did Angela turn down Hodgins before she decided she wanted to get married.
    It’s almost become a running joke in the fandom, everytime HH or SN makes a comment about an episode being a game changer or an episode moves the storyline forward in a way that everyone will love, all it turns out to be is a big reset. Just another plot device to keep B&B apart.
    Honestly the only thing that keeps me hanging on is this cast. IMO, with a lesser cast, this show would have already sunk. From the guest stars, to the supporting cast to David and Emily, there is magic on that set. It’s unfortunate that Hart doesn’t just let David and Emily be. You don’t come across that kind of chemistry everyday. I can’t imagine putting B&B together at this point would be any more harmful than what they have given us this season.

  24. rangergrl on February 17th, 2011 8:12 am

    “So where does that leave Brennan now that Hannah is out of the picture? Does that make our girl Booth’s consolation prize since the only reason he’s single is because Hannah rejected his marriage proposal?”

    Sigh, I love the collective amnesia of so many people watching this show. If the definition of Brennan being a consolation prize is that the only reason Booth is single is because he was turned down by someone else that he loved, then Brennan has always been a consolation prize regardless of Hannah. The only reason Booth is single originally is because Rebecca turned him down. Well then the response is that Booth really didn’t love Rebecca, he only asked her to marry him because she was pregnant. But that totally ignores his conversation with Hodgins when Hodgins was trying to figure out how to propose to Angela. Booth said that he realized when they were waiting for the results of that pregnancy test that he wanted to marry Rebecca no matter what color response the test turned. Rebecca’s unexpected pregnancy with the Booth/Rebecca relationship did the same thing that Sweet’s remarks did with Booth/Hannah. It just made something that was always going to happen, happen faster. (And in both cases, it ended the way it was always going to end.)

    I have never seen a fan base that can pick a single word the way this fan base can and obsess psychotically over it beyond all reason.

  25. Liz on February 17th, 2011 8:50 am

    Constanlty amazed at how out of touch HH/SN are with how what they produce and how it’s perceived by viewers are so different. Whenever B&B get together Brennan will definitely be the rebound girl.

  26. Carrie on February 17th, 2011 9:17 am

    I’d like to know what the hell goes on in the writers room too. They are professionals, so someone should catch all these problems during the editing process, no?
    Asking Hannah to move in and eye sex with Bones in one episode, clingy with Hannah in the hospital then eye sex with Bones in another episode, more eye sex and giving speeches, then proposing in the next episode, He’s been blowing hot and cold, and while that might happen in real life, on the SCREEN, in a TV drama, it came across as disjointed storytelling. That could be another sign of writers not on the same page regarding one of the main characters. But I would add that HH’s in charge, and he should be able to keep his writers together.

    Crazy people on Twitter- It’s a chicken or the egg situation, but the burden of responsibility and manners is on HH and SN,not the random, few zealous fans. They’re using it to promote the show, they’re the ones exploiting excitable fans, and they intentionally overreact.

  27. Donuts on February 17th, 2011 9:38 am

    @Jules, I think the “loud fans” are the rabid DB fans and shippers, and they’re the ones who don’t reflect the average viewer. And I think HH miscalculated? got lazy? about how important the whole cast and the week by week cases are. You can say that’s stupid but I think it’s more stupid to ‘sit back and relax.’

  28. Drippan on February 17th, 2011 9:45 am

    Hart Hanson almost makes sense in this interview……ALMOST!

    About this 1/3rd stuff, I have to disagree.

    He was wrong about the S4 coma/mind meld finale. He was wrong about the S5 finale. And he is wrong with this Hannah storyline.

    No one is buying his b.s. anymore…..

  29. DP Punch on February 17th, 2011 9:57 am

    I don’t care about the consolation prize debate because the whole Hannah arc was a plot device. EW dubbed her the Beautiful Blonde Contrivance.

    But, I do think the writers flamed this debate with the script and now it’s something they need to clear up IN the SHOW instead of patronizing fans in interviews.

    I only watch for the Lab scenes and Bones on her own now. My fear is that focusing on Angela and Hodgins’ baby will change them into dislikable cliches. HH’s idea of drama is stupid and I like them right now, in character and on the job.

    I’d like to know what the hell goes on the writers room too. Marisa could interview another writer from the show since HH only does talking points now. But I doubt the other writer would be allowed to be frank.

  30. Mandy on February 17th, 2011 10:07 am

    I love Bones it is my favorite show without question, use to be a huge B&B shipper but loved the supporting just as much. Bannah killed B&B for me there’s no way Bren isn’t the rebound, grab what’s left girl. Booth fell out of love with Bren in love with Hannah within 7 months, wow.
    Knowing how Bren felt and that she wanted a chance he betrayed Bren’s emotional convo with him to Hannah and asked Hannah to marry him. Once Hannah said no, he made it clear to Bren all he wanted from her is friendship. Bren is thend. rebou

  31. Felicia on February 17th, 2011 10:58 am

    I’m sorry but he killed the B/B relationship for me.

    Booth basically told Brennan he wanted to spend the next 50 years with her, he was “the one”, that love was eternal and all kinds of other BS. Then 7 months later he was so deeply in love with some random girl. Additionally, even after he found out Brennan still had feelings for him he STILL proposed to Hannah.

    This whole time Brennan has believed that love is fleeting and that no one can know how they’ll feel months or even years from now (which is why she didn’t take the chance with Booth in the first place) and Booth basically proved her right. I’m in love with you….oh wait now I’m not.

    Not to mention, Booth never even said the words “I love you”, but he said them to Hannah and about Hannah every five minutes.

    I hope Brennan finds someone who really does love her. Booth’s pity party of “no one want’s what I’m offering” was BS. Brennan never said she didn’t want it, she said she didn’t deserve it. There is a difference.

    I’m so over all of this.

  32. kikbones on February 17th, 2011 11:10 am

    I am so tired of HH…he’s such an egomaniac…maybe we are noisy fans, but I used to love this show, now I am seeing the show just because ED and DB are great, and I really love the rest of the cast, the whole Bones’s cast is amazing and they really deserve my respect. But clearly Bones is lacking of quality lately and that is just HH and SN fault.
    My feelings about Bones are mixed, and a big part of the magic is missing, if they keep writing this kind of crappy episodes, then maybe being loyal to my favorite actors would be not enough to endure this show anymore.
    I could respect drama and twist in the story, but bad writing and use the same kind of plot devices once and again to reset the show is getting old and stupid.
    The cases are bad lately, the rest of the cast was forgoten to give time to the Hannah storyline, and the eternal teasing from HH and SN to the fans is annoying. That is what I as a fan feel, so in my humble opinion, Bones is losing the magic.
    Maybe we are noisy fans and even a little harsh with our comments, but this season we saw so many stupid situations that I can’t be just fine with that anymore. Is like they see the world with some pink glasses…the kind of glasses I don’t wear so I see something totally different. If the writer need to explain the story in interviews and what they see is totally different of the fans AND critics see, then the problem is THE WRITING.
    In the the beginning the fans were the ones who complained, that was logical if you put someone between the main characters, but as time passed the criticisms began to appear in many TV web sites (not fans sites, TV specialized sites). In my opinion, despite the arrogant attitude of HH, Hannah’s storyarc was a total failure, because it could have been better written and executed and useful to the story with higher quality, but in reality it did not happen that way and the plot just backfired. Hannah’s character was bad written, her relationship with Brennan was weird and don’t make me start with Booth and Brennan’s attitude during the whole story arc, I was weird,and forced.
    If you give me drama, angst, significant others and what I could call pain for my shipper heart, but you give me that with WELL written episodes, then OK, I can resist it, but that was not the case with Bones. That’s what makes me feel sick of this season, the lack of quality in the writing, the bad cases, the B&B situation, the rest of the cast almost left aside and the stupid situations during this story arc.

  33. DP Punch on February 17th, 2011 11:23 am

    On the other hand… don’t give HH any ideas! I don’t want him focusing on the minor characters and ruining them too. I love Cam but that college application bit was so dumb. And now they have plans for Angela and Hodgins, whom I have been loving as a couple. Character growth + drama according to HH never work out.

  34. Bridget on February 17th, 2011 11:31 am

    I don’t envy HH. He can’t win no matter what he does or no matter what he says because a chunk of the audience will b*tch and moan about it and tell him how “wrong” he is and do so loudly by stalking every blog and every Bones message board they possibly can, as evidenced by the responses to this interview. *I’m* tired of hearing the incessant whining, so I can’t imagine how the show runners and EPs feel, because people are upset about a story that is still in the middle.

    I get what he’s doing with the characters and how he’s telling their stories. Did we really want Booth to fall in love with Brennan as the result of a coma dream? Did we want Brennan to agree to take that chance with Booth before she truly believed she was deserving of him? Did we want Booth to take Brennan back as the result of case prompting an ill-timed confession? I sure don’t. None of that would make sense or feel like they were each other’s “one true love.” I would love to see them have the chance to rediscover each other and fall in love with each other for who they are without the influence of Booth’s dream or Brennan’s admitted fantasies about she & Booth being together while in Maluku. And now is the chance for that to happen. That makes Brennan quite the opposite of a consolation prize. Booth won’t be falling back on Brennan, because I think he’s going to discover he never really knew her as he thought he did and that she indeed can and has changed. I think that’s something we should be excited about and look forward to, and I hope all of the fans will give HH the benefit of that doubt.

  35. Jones on February 17th, 2011 11:43 am

    I’m tired of the b*tching and moaning about criticism. If you don’t want to read it, skip it. I don’t complain or attack sycophantic, flattering, blindless comments. All the attacks and targeting posters comes from the “positive” fans.
    As for HH and company, save your sympathy. They love all comments, and they beg for the controversy.

  36. JoBangles on February 17th, 2011 12:04 pm

    @Jones, I think I love you. Mwah.

    There have been some very well thought out and measured criticisms typed out here. These are not the ravings of crazed fangirls, and even if they were, then let it be. No-one’s opinion is necessarily the right one and you don’t have the right to tell them not to express it.

    Bottom line: this is a business. Their job is to keep people in employment. They will do that with as many re-sets and delays to the BB relationship as they possibly can. At this point, they don’t care about the characters in the same way a lot of people do. It’s probably not even the same writers who first brought them to life.

    It’s a business. They know how to play it. I don’t like what they’ve done to my favorite show, and you know, I will complain if I don’t like it. I’m the customer. They’re the business.

  37. Tatjash on February 17th, 2011 12:28 pm

    I don’t think so. Never. Brennan isn’t consolation prize for Booth. I think that Hannah is the best second option. (5×01) I love this season and I think that HH is a genius, I trust in him. (yes, we are few, I was very alone in my opinion many times hahahaha!!)

    And I have many arguments for them but my English is very bad. And I can’t explain it very well, unless you speak Spanish and understand me. lol

    But, I’ve never lost my positivity and I think that this season awaits us many great surprises.

  38. Minority on February 17th, 2011 12:37 pm

    @JoJangles, agree. I also agree with one of the earlier posts here about the staying of Bones (like a cockroach, but in a good way!) and I can respect HH and SN as businessmen. It’s a successful show with enough (the Squints) in it to keep going despite all the problems. But they are taking the easy way out creatively. Hannah was a business decision, not a creative one. So the consolation prize line isn’t a problem for me. But I also think the show owes the fans who were invested in the Hannah arc an explanation. And until then, cut the BS answers.

    I would really love an in depth interview with a non-HH writer from the show with questions like the ones @Liz asks. Like the Castle interview. But realistically, no writer on the team would be allowed to be honest and we’d get more of the same BS.

  39. ???? on February 17th, 2011 12:49 pm

    Hart doesn’t aim high does he? He doesn’t seem to mind if 1/3 don’t like the show?
    Really aiming high. No wonder people are turning it off in the second half hour, even with a lead in with AI.

  40. Eve2 on February 17th, 2011 1:14 pm

    HH is a businessman, and a smart one. The whole SL with Hannah has bought him another season. He does these interviews to get people riled up. Entertainment sites do them because they know they will get a response. HH does not care if they are negative, because he has said all along that any discussion is good. He believes that. If all of the negative fans stopped posting, what would remain would not be that much and it probably would not give the writers incentive to do more interviews. They too are business people and want exposure to their work. The on-line sites post all of the interviews. How often do TV Guide and EW post articles in their actual magazines about Bones now and how often do they put it on a Must Watch List.

    Supporters of the show need to look at these things too. All of the publicity now is that they are bringing the show back from the Hannah arc. They will never admit it was executed poorly (I did not have an issue with the arc, it was how it was done in the writing).

    Bottom line, many fans have just lost FAITH in the writing. Many still watch but not as the fans that they once were. They are just hanging in and hoping for more (like Brennan). Just not enjoying it.

  41. Bethany on February 17th, 2011 1:27 pm

    I totally agree with Hanson and his 1/3 Theory. Fans shouldn’t be offended, but rather take some comfort in the fact that he’s going to do what he wants to do–it’s his show, not ours. It is not a democracy. At least he isn’t swaying to whichever group is loudest at the time–this keeps it fair.

    I’ve still got faith in Bones, in B/B, and in Hanson and his team. I’ve loved every season before season 6, and while there have been some really painful and odd (ie., the sunglasses scene. It would have been easier for me to cheer on Hannah and Brennan being friends had that element not been apart of it, and that sort of thing) the last several episodes have given me reason to hope. Everything happens eventually.

  42. Liz on February 17th, 2011 2:43 pm

    Everything happens eventually.

    The Truth Is Out There
    I’m not sure that excuses the mess at the end of X-Files. Same goes for Bones.

    And while I was disappointed by the end of X-Files, it had so going for it beyond the shippiness and X-Files is going to stay on the cultural map for its other achievements. Bones actually used to be compared to X-Files a lot (Skeptic-Believer duo), but I think that praise fell out once they lost focus on the cases and upped the romance in season 4~5. Now it’s tied to the Moonlighting Curse.

  43. carole on February 17th, 2011 3:10 pm

    fans HE DIDNT really said anything/but for me I would liked to see brennan taked more interest in ME LIKED MAX DID BRENNAN /booth left parker to go to afghanstian to have the timed of his life with hannah.

  44. bobs on February 17th, 2011 3:34 pm

    This is SO interesting to read the different comments. I have never been invested in characters on a TV show before I started watching “Bones” a year ago. With other programs I just enjoy the banter and creativity in shows like “House” or “Justified” and do not have a strong feeling either way as to the relationships between characters.

    But in fairness to fans who have such strong opinions in regards to Bones, I feel like Hart & Co. worked pretty hard to get viewers to become B & B shippers, that is how the story was written with that tension and buildup of a relationship between them. So, for the shippers to be so very vocal is a natural progression of what the writers did with the show in Seasons 1 – 4 where it was somewhat cohesive. Season 5 was also about building that relationship only to jerk the rug out from under everyone at the end of the season. The show is still enjoyable to watch, but it does not have that same feel/lightheartedness as it did in the earlier seasons. They have lost their way… whether it is due to the writers/actors or a combination of all of the pieces of the puzzle. The magic that was once there is gone. Hart and company should take note if they want to make a good quality show and figure out what is missing because even though numbers are up for various reasons (AI) there is clearly something missing. It almost feels like half the story was left out from season 5 to 6… the Hannah relationship could have been built to where it was believable, but it wasn’t. It never felt real, just forced upon us. With all that said, this isn’t reality so it is their story…just wish they would listen on some level and find the magic again!!!

  45. S on February 17th, 2011 3:56 pm

    This is the first time I have ever written a response, but I felt compelled to write today.
    Bones is my favorite television show, and I continue to tune in each week, but I am beginning to care less and less about it. If something doesn’t draw me back in soon, I will just stop watching altogether. Actually, I am already beginning to make the switch to Castle.

  46. Eden on February 17th, 2011 4:30 pm

    You say that Brennan would be thought of as a consolation prize because Booth is only single because Hannah rejected him, but going by the same logic Hannah would be a consolation prize too. Booth was only with her because Brennan said no. Can you be a consolation prize to a consolation prize?

    On another note, I do believe that Booth was really in love with Hannah, but I don’t think you can say the same thing about her. She always knew she was going to say no to marrying Booth. Hannah says something like “I thought we’d have more time before this.” It seems like if you loved someone as much as Hannah said she loved Booth, then saying yes to marriage wouldn’t be so terrible.

    And did anyone else think Hannah was a manipulative bitch in the proposal scene? Especially when Booth says: “How much time do you need?” and Hannah said: “To move out? Or get over you?” I was like, god you just broke his heart, asshole.

    Last thing, I promise. Boreanaz TORE IT UP in that scene at the end with Brennan.

  47. tessa on February 17th, 2011 4:35 pm

    Is there any way to give a short recap of what was said on the videos that are posted? For those of us at work or with hearing problems, having a video with no recap is hard. Thanks for your consideration!

  48. Chris on February 17th, 2011 4:55 pm

    I have disliked the way season 5 ended, disliked and hated the Hannah arc.
    Said that, I have never complaint with the writers or insulted them and I have also never written whining comments about the episodes I did not like.
    I have always thought that it’s good to write when you have something nice to say, and respectfully shut up if I don’t like it. In the end it’s obvious the writers enjoy the anger and negative attention of fans, so my only way to send a message to the writers is changing channel and not watch Bones.

    So I am not here to say how bad the quality of the show is (plenty of critics and journalists have written more than enough about it), and certainly not to say the writers are wrong.
    Just wanted to point out a fact: I’m not even angry or disappointed anymore. They wanted me to love Hannah, or hate her, or loving to hate her. The result? Yawn. Yawn for these episodes, yawn for HH’s spoilers, yawn for Booth’s choices.
    I get it: the writers don’t have the guts or the willingness or the capability to write B&B as a couple in the story. Period. It’s just a tv show, no big deal.
    Only question I ask myself is: am I still interested to watch Booth and Brennan navigate through obstacles another couple of seasons? Am I still interested to watch a show where the charachters go round and round to get nowhere? I have watched since the pilot, 6 years. The ride is no fun anymore, it’s repetitive and I’s so bored.
    It should be called The Groundhog Day, not Bones. Now we are re-set to season one. Jeez, I’m excited! 😀

    Don’t worry: I know the ratings will be ok even without me. They might even increase thanks to new viewers.
    Just wanted to share, for once, my opinion that is for sure shared by many other fans. Not all of them, of course. But I don’t have friends who were fans who are still liking the show. It’s not a statistically relevant sample, I know, but still means that I’m not talking only for myself but for many more.

    HH and SN don’t care. Fair enough. I respect their business model. I respect them much less as writers.

  49. Trent on February 17th, 2011 4:58 pm

    I hardly think much of the consolation prize business… Booth never really lost his feelings for Brennan and he was pressured into asking Hannah to marry him because Sweets said some hard to deal with things when they were getting drunk. Sweets, who when sober made continuous but subtle statements about booth not being over Brennan. With those facts on the table how can you say Brennan is a consolation prize? As much as booth wants to be over her because of the rejection, deep down he know’s he won’t be because “She’s the one and always has been”. XD Hart is smug for good reason, It’s a damn good show.

  50. Lurker on February 17th, 2011 5:25 pm

    The majority of comments here don’t think much to the consolation prize debate either. Not because of good storytelling but because the whole contrivance is not worth analyzing.

    I love the squints, Bones, Booth, sometimes Sweets. And I’m watching. But HH/the show has a long history of feeding off cheap, negative publicity based on riling up fans. No such thing as bad publicity. As noted above, that’s the business model of reality television like Jersey Shore and Kardashians.

    Smug about ratings, I can understand. Smug about quality? No way. Even if fans get lost in the show, HH doesn’t. He knows there are lots of dramas and comedies right now being treated to thoughtful, critical analysis by respected critics. Bones isn’t part of that group. And he’s not clever enough to go campy like the Vampire Diaries either. The fan reaction is just that- a reaction to what he produces.

  51. LauraahFTW on February 17th, 2011 9:17 pm

    Tbh, brennan mentioned that the maluku islands changed her as she was away from booth, she even had dreams about him when she was there, if they do get together I will be happy but also abut miffed if it happens right away because it will seem like Brennan is booths rebound from his previous rebound, the relationship is complicated, I have just bought the books as insane to see how different they are, well not bought but borrowed from my aunt, I disagree with a few of you about this season being a bit of a drag, I’m finding it entertaining and new, one thing I didnt like was eating chocolate through episode 6 babe in the bar, it wasn’t the dead body in the chocolate that put me Off it’s the fact I had just finished a 100g bar just before hodgins said about the ant torso’s and rodent hairs that made me feel queezey.

  52. LauraahFTW on February 17th, 2011 9:20 pm

    *Intention, iPod auto corrected to insane

  53. Coma Dream! on February 17th, 2011 10:54 pm

    That was one weak case. Throw in a shipper friendly scene at the end and call it a day.

  54. Hammy on February 17th, 2011 11:46 pm

    I wonder if HH realizes that 99% of the show’s fans hated the Hannah arc and think the show has fallen far short of expectations so far this season.

    Unfortunately I think he’s backed Booth’s character into a corner now where the only way Bones NOT being a “consolation prize” is believable is if Booth goes back on his previous statement and admits that Hannah was always second best. There’s also going to be the problem of Bones possibly not being the “marrying kind” either – since that was the whole basis of the Booth/Hannah breakup, how are they going to get B&B together unless she changes her mind on marriage? Why, oh why, couldn’t Booth have been the one to realize the thing with Hannah was all wrong and be the one to break it off? Instead they’ve painted themselves into a corner they’re going to have to really work to get out of with the fans on board.

  55. Kali on February 18th, 2011 10:57 am

    boy…is he annoying!!!

  56. Josie Lynn on February 20th, 2011 2:12 am


    Thank YOU for your “I’m so glad…” comment! I couldn’t agree more! A thousand thanks to HH, SN, and the rest for giving us such a kik@$$ awesome show! I love BONES and always will, this season has been no exception! Woot woot!

  57. Joy on February 20th, 2011 11:11 pm

    @ marisa – ditto to asking HH and the writing crew Liz’s (on the 17th) questions. Brennan has been “dumbed down” quite a bit this season. For all HH’s railing about reality tv taking the place of scripted drama, he does seem to trying for that audience. It makes perfect business sense, but then he also shouldn’t be surprised that the audience that “followed Bones all over the schedule” is flabbergasted and upset by the changes in story quality and the overall writing. I suppose it’s giving him the benefit of the doubt to look at the changes as part of a business choice rather than bad creative ones. However, it’s better than thinking he actually believes the stuff he’s said about this storyline…because that really would be, as Sweets told Booth, “just sad.”

  58. Jody on February 28th, 2011 11:15 pm

    lol i love that everyone is argueing about the one thing that is certain on the show … booth and bones are gonna be together at some stage and i think that saying how they have done the lead up to it is making brenan into a consolation prize just restricts the writers to a very narrow boring and realistic story line… the world is full of misery as it is why make fantasy depressing?

  59. Lally on March 10th, 2011 11:44 pm

    I love bones a free spirit young lady, but s06e10 she was crying.
    I admire Cam professionalism but in s06e14 sex was above murder.
    I repect agent Booth personality, but at the beginning of season 6 he was running to have sex before his enthusiasm diminish.
    Season six has change!

  60. carol Saner on March 20th, 2011 10:30 am

    I agree with alot of the comments being said about the writing. Do they really believe in the storyline being great, Hannah was just not believable?It did make me watch and wait for them to get rid of her. Seriously It all seemed awkward, contrived whatever you want to call it. I think ,why did Booth have to go on and on about his love for Hannah? Real love does not go away in 9 months whether you were rejected or not.Then to try to make the viewers believe that it was real for Booth really does cheapen the idea of Real Love, Soul mates etc..I do like that comment Booth said ” You can love many people, but one always more .” So..maybe concentrate on that and get back to interesting story lines. I think the Sniper storyline is going to be good!So yeah for that!Plus I hope Booth goes back to being strong and light-hearted, all that brooding and meanest makes me dislike him. He totally disregarded Brennan’s feelings most of the time It was all about him. Jeez, where is thconsiderate romantic hero I once loved? Who cares about it being real ? It didn’t seem real to me.

  61. Imane Assi on April 16th, 2012 8:45 am

    Brennan didn’t reject him because she didn’t want him but because she was afraid.Even when she saw him with Hannah,it didn’t make that fear disappear.It was the life of a dead woman that reminded her hers, that shook things up for her and made her realize and confess her feelings.But Booth did reject her out of ego.Even though he was with Hannah there was many scenes where he looks at Brennan and say things showing clearly that she was still, the one he loved the most.• But he screwed up.He knew he had the choice, that Brennan was an option now that she told him how she felt,he had the time to think and figure out how he felt about both of them and he chose to ask Hannah to marry him just because he wants to prove that he could get married,instead of following his heart and go for Brennan.Before his talk with Sweet he didn’t even consider marrying Hannah.And it was his ego that got hurt when Hannah refused to marry him.That’s why he was so angry.It reminded him of Brennan’s rejection. No one claims he didn’t love Hannah or care about her,but it was nothing even remotly close to the way he felt about Brennan.Now, I was hoping Hannah would be back for an episode before Brennan and Booth had sex,try to get Booth back and he chooses Brennan.Then Booth and Brennan could have hooked up.But not so fast after his break up with Hannah. I was angry at booth.He tells her one time how he feels, she rejects him out of fear and instead of fighting for her he just decides to move on.It’s not like he told her before and she rejected him and he tried again.No.One shot and he gave up.Not sure about what it says about his love for Brennan

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