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BONES Recap: ‘The Bikini in the Soup’

February 18, 2011 by  

Hey, hey BONES fans! Hope you are having a great week. I’ve gotta say that if Valentine’s Day has to extend days after the actual date, having an episode likes this helps! As Cam said, “There is death in this world, and there is romance. Today death is the loser and romance wins.” I like that. Of course, we have to talk a LITTLE bit about death. It IS a BONES episode, after all. So let’s get to it. Starting with….


When a woman is found cooked in her at-home tanning bed, Brennan and Booth are on the case. Brennan and Hodgins identify the woman’s gender based on her skeletal structure (and the bikini in the “soup” of a body she has become), and Booth arrives with an identity of the homeowner, Wendy Bovitz. Wendy was a wedding planner, and when Booth and Sweets question her devoted assistant, Darrin, they learn that Wendy was planning an extremely high-profile wedding for Raina Erickson. Darrin is devastated and admits he loved Wendy. Meanwhile, Booth and Sweets aren’t completely convinced by his emotional devotion while Brennan and Clark determine that Wendy was murdered (vs. just baking to death in her tanning bed).

Angela arrives to the FBI building with Wendy’s laptop. She opens up a protected file to show a picture of Wendy, battered, and the file contains a message, “If anything happens to me, it was my husband.” Well, considering no one even knew Wendy was married, that puts a wrench into things.

Booth does his research and seeks out Greg Bovitz, a horse trainer by trade who is currently commandeering a horse and carriage on his way to a wedding. He tells Booth that sure, he and Wendy had problems, but he couldn’t be who Wendy meant. He insists that Wendy meant her first husband, Tom Berry. However, Tom is dead, which quickly knocks him off the list of suspects. Greg suggests they look to Raina Erickson’s father, Warren, whom Wendy had fought with previously.

Booth and Brennan visit the wedding site and are confronted by the hostile bridezilla Raina and her overbearing father. Both are selfish and uncooperative toward the case; likewise, both are venomous toward Wendy, making them suspects.

When Raina’s DNA is found under Wendy’s fingertips, Booth and Brennan feel they have the killer. But while Raina confesses to fighting Wendy, her alibi checks out, leaving the team with multiple other suspects. At that point, the murder weapon might be the J-team’s best option, and Clark and Hodgins figure out the shape and design — a sharp pointed object with grooves, almost like a really long end of a Phillips screwdriver.

Booth and Brennan go BACK to the site of the wedding and interrogate Darrin who reveals he and Wendy had an affair. After he sticks a cake topper into the top of a cake, Booth and Brennan ascertain that the topper was the murder weapon. Darrin is taken into custody, but when Angela finds more information about a horse oil found on the weapon, the new prime suspect is Greg, the estranged husband.

He denies it, but Brennan and Booth play hardass cop/good cop (or as Brennan once said “Lard Ass and Good Cop”) and Greg admits he murdered Wendy for having an affair with Darrin.


Did anyone else feel like some of the squint-material was reminiscent of earlier seasons? As I watched the episode, I had flashbacks during two moments. The first was when Cam was eager to close up the case for her date with Paul (in season two, it was because she had a poker game to get to), and the second time was the idea that Hodgins needed to be told he could be creative in his gift choice for Angela. Not to be obscure, but did anyone else practically shout out, “What about the spores picture in ‘Fallout Shelter’ or the shrimpy proposal!!!???” I liked Hodgins’ end result gift but could have done without his lack of confidence.

I can’t decide how I feel about Clark’s transformation, basically because I don’t know what the writers’ motivation is for it. However, I did love his scene with Nora and I give Eugene Byrd (Clark) props for selling the stripping scene!

As far as Sweets…hmmm…it will be interesting to see if there is any more future tension between him and Booth as far as sharing friendship or relationship moments. I have to say that I really hope there is. In this episode, it seemed clear that Booth was really not in the mood to have a guy-to-guy chat. I know some people blame Sweets for Booth’s actions. I’m not one of those people. But I do like this idea of Booth being edgy around Sweets, especially because they are still working well together.

Probably my favorite squint moment in the episode was from Angela, who, when Clark asked if he could ask her a question about something personal, gave this little cocky slide and grin and said, “Absolutely.” That was pure, unadulterated Angela, and I laughed.

Okay, okay…I also laughed when Hodgins said, “I’m guessing, so don’t tell Dr. Brennan” when he identified the orchid found on Wendy’s body.


I was glad to see Booth without his cocky belt buckle. That would have been too soon, don’t you think? I liked the (somewhat tentative) banter between Booth and Brennan, especially about the history of Valentine’s Day. What also struck me was the scene where Brennan confessed to Booth that she finds it frustrating that all of the men who called her assumed she’d be free at the last minute on Valentine’s Day. He points out that she IS free, but she argues that THEY don’t know that. And besides, it’s being alone by choice, she tells him, like he has chosen. Booth’s reaction was a little flash of a moment between them that sold this episode for me.

The bantering wasn’t perfectly seamless, but was realistic in my opinion. I wondered how everyone else would react to Booth breaking up with Hannah, and I think we saw that in this episode, though I find it interesting that each person sort of went about their little mini-interrogations of Booth in the wrong way. Thoughts on that from you?

And let me ask you this question: is there a difference between Brennan being a doormat (an accusation that has been tossed toward her) and her loving Booth? I believe the answer is yes, as we saw in this episode. She can love him (or care about him as a friend, whichever your opinion is on that) and still be herself.

Surprisingly, the biggest revelation from Brennan came not from one of her scenes with Booth but from her scene at the lab with Cam. After Cam’s snarky comment on not being alone, Brennan flinched a bit, acknowledged Cam was correct and left the lab platform, indicating to me that she is not fine being alone (something she attested to in this episode and in general this season). Cam apologized, which was good, but I believe that spurred Brennan on to make an effort toward Booth.

That effort was in the form of showing up where he’d said he would be (the gun range) with Thompson submachine guns, or “Tommy Guns.” Booth is surprised; he’s always wanted to shoot one of those. Brennan says he’s told her that before.

We’ve discussed before what might happen if Brennan decides to go after Booth, and I think this episode was an example of that. I also believe Booth got a little glimmer of it, too.

Enough from me. What did you like about this episode? What could you have done without? In an episode about love, did Booth or Brennan’s opinions change on the subject at all? Let’s discuss and I’ll see you in three weeks!

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80 Responses to “BONES Recap: ‘The Bikini in the Soup’”

  1. Hardly Lurking Now on February 18th, 2011 3:53 am

    Ooh~ I have insomnia so thanks for posting so early.

    This was one weak sauce case. Toss in a shipper friendly scene and call it a day! Show was on autopilot. I don’t even know where to start on the plot holes in the case. Light and fluffy does not mean you get away with weak plots.

    I’m not sure how fair or relevant the question about Bones being a doormat vs loving is now. Her behavior these last two episodes are different. The accusation of doormat was for episodes 1~12 or 13. It hasn’t been a big issue last week or in this episode. Last week, some people wished (as in wishful, emotional thinking) that Brennan left Booth to sulk on his own at FF. But those comments weren’t accusations of being a doormat and most thought she was being a good friend. The doormat issue was definitely more of an outcry about Bones’ passive acceptance when Booth was still passive aggressive about his anger at Bones, before that outburst at FF.
    For me, yes, she was a doormat (for all the good reasons already mentioned about mutual responsibility and mutual pain, so no need to feel like she should accept punishment).
    But she hasn’t been in the last two episodes.

    I don’t think the doormat debate should be confused with the different issue of how she’s been changing and made to accept Booth’s ways without reciprocity. I’m firmly on the “it’s one sided” side and can attest that the issue dates back further than the 100th and it’s not some backlash against Booth this season. I’ve even seen breakdowns of the episodes in season 5 about this. And I think about how Bones has been made to change her views about marriage and babies and appreciate Booth’s system of values (like the Babylonians). It’s not about whose perspective is right, but Bones constantly affirms and adjusts to Booth’s perspective and lifestyle. Booth, much as he loves her, not so much.

    I think the sniper arc and what Booth learns from Hannah’s rejection is the last chance for me to see Booth learning the value of Reason. And acknowledging Bones’ fears from the 100th are legitimate fears in real life, not cowardice. Without that development, I might (might? will) go aww~ when they get together, but I won’t admire them as a well balanced duo, which means I can’t admire Bones as the unique individual she used to be.

    I don’t have a lot of hope though. I think the show is heading toward marriage and babies and Heart over Brain.

  2. Hardly Lurking Now on February 18th, 2011 4:04 am

    One more thing- why is being a doormat pitted against loving Booth? As if those who thought she was a doormat didn’t think she loved Booth? I thought she was a doormat and that she loved Booth. Doesn’t seem like a either/or question to me

    Argh, I want to sleep.

  3. Grant on February 18th, 2011 4:20 am

    Ok. This week, I just had to say how much I loved how Booth and Bones spent Valentines Day. I know he is hurting, and I’ve been there, but I really do think Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday created by greeting card companies. That said, I am a romantic and when I am with someone on the holiday, I go all out and kill it. But I love the idea of shooting machine guns at a firing range as a V Day date. Ladies, remember that. Most men would love doing that.

    Now, why do we have to wait 3 damn weeks for a new episode? Good job Fox. I know it is for the big American Idol push, and since I’m a big fan, I don’t really care that much, but I don’t see why we can’t shorten the results show by an hour on Thursday nights.

  4. Grant on February 18th, 2011 4:36 am

    Also, since this is the most read comment section by everyone and by the admins, can we get some scoops as to what shows we can expect to return and what new shows are expected to air this summer. The Good Guys really got me through a rough summer last summer while I studied for the bar exam, and even though it was not well received, I thought it was great, and am really hoping this is some show like that that will air this summer. I figure it is about time to start discussing this.

  5. KM on February 18th, 2011 5:29 am

    Loved it! And might I just say that I am so glad Brennan has learned how to act. That’s some realistic character development right there–it kind of bothered me in season 4 (bones that foam) when they implied that she hadn’t yet picked up ANYTHING on how to read facial expressions. At last, they acknowledge that she has improved! She’s been “acting” this whole season, anyway: acting like she’s fine.
    I also thought that her speech to the husband had more truth in it than she might want to admit (she gave her love to someone else, etc. Brennan must feel that way about Booth sometimes, which is not to say that I blame him. I don’t think she does either. It’s just a complicated situation, and I think she put that into her little “scene” in an adorable way).

  6. Drippan on February 18th, 2011 5:34 am

    Hey SeeleyBaby!

    I thought this was a good and light Bones episode that everyone needed after the whole Hannah thing. It was a filler episode and could easily be skipped by viewers.

    Tonight’s episode proved how much Booth is now a part of the ‘HeMan Women Haters Club’. I hope they don’t have him in this pitiful state for long.

    I thought Brennan not celebrating V.D. was very true given her views of love. Look at the way she treated Christmas for years. As far as the Tommy Gun scene, I think Brennan needed to shoot targets as much as Booth did after Cam’s remark and all those guys thinking she wouldn’t have a date. She really took those two things personally and was sadden by those. Maybe, just maybe, she thought her target was even Hannah for a second or two?

    I’m still going to be very vigil and critical of the series until I start seeing some good writing. HH/SN have lost a lot of trust not only over the Hannah arc but over the contrived plotlines we have scene the last couple seasons.

  7. Drippan on February 18th, 2011 5:39 am

    Hey Grant,

    AI is Fox’s powerhouse and will create a big win in all their timeslots. This is also February which means sweeps for advertising money. With the viewership of AI being more than twice as much as Bones, this is going to generate alot more cash flow.

  8. Rachel on February 18th, 2011 5:57 am

    @ Hardly Lurking, agree. She was a doormat. She was not last week or this week.

    @ Drippan, I don’t think Bones’s attitude to V-Day was true to her beliefs. Maybe before, but now she’s hurt and trying to be with Booth. It was the cliched hate for V-Day. Not about her values anymore, all about accepting social norms.

  9. Teebee on February 18th, 2011 6:01 am

    I think Cam’s remark about Brennan being alone was fair. She probably hasn’t noticed til now, how much more aware of feeling Brennan has become. Yes she hurt her with the comment, but I don’t think she expected to.
    I also don’t think Brennan had become a doormat. Her and Booth have always been friends, despite the underlying feelings they had never admitted to til recently. Just because she’s in love with him now, it doesn’t stop her from still being that friend. And when your friends are sad or angry or hurt, you do what you can to be there for them, even if it is a little weird or uncomfy for you. It makes you a good friend, not a doormat.
    The scenes between them seemed like they are getting back to how they used to be. There’s a little awkwardness, which is natural, but they had that old spark again a little I thought.
    Loved Hodgins wanting to get it right and not knowing what to do best for his hormonal pregnant wife. As a hormonal pregnant woman myself I know that my other half sometimes can’t even breathe without me wanting to kill him!! And Clark? Just perfect!

  10. Andrewsmom1996 on February 18th, 2011 7:35 am

    I loved this episode, it was light and fun and just what I needed after the angst of last week, don’t get me wrong, I loved last week, especially the epic DB performance at the end, but it killed me. I couldn’t get to sleep last week because of how much I cried and the knot in my stomach, stayed up this week because I was so happy and wanted to enjoy it.
    I know some people took issue with how flippant Cam’s attitude toward the murder and I guess it was a bit much, but it fit with the mood of the episode so I went with it. I’m not sure how I feel about the “new” Clark I loved the “old” one, but I enjoyed him last night and he really sold the striptease.
    I loved everything about Booth and Brennan in this episode, I thought Booth’s attitude was very realistic after such a bad breakup and I don’t think he was being self pitying at all. I find it interesting and refreshing that Brennan was the only one who took Booth’s feelings into account when talking to him about Valentine’s Day. I think Hodgins, Angela, and Sweets were all to varying degrees inappropriate and insensitive in their conversations about it with Booth about Valentine’s Day, especially Sweets (who I love), I was like, really your supposed to be a psychologist and you just asked him what he’s doing on Valentine’s Day? I wasn’t mad at any of them for what they said, I just found it interesting that Brennan is supposed to be the one who is socially awkward, yet she was the only one who seemed to be truly in tune with Booth’s feelings and what he needed.
    I also loved that Brennan turned all those guys down and that she was, rightly, offended that they all assumed she would be free, I would be too. I know some people were also upset that Cam’s snarky comment to Brennan, but let’s not forget it was preceded by a harsh comment from Brennan to Cam, I know it was just Brennan being Brennan and she didn’t mean it in a hurtful way, but you could tell Cam flinched so she hit back, which is a normal reaction and she immediately apologized. I was ok with it, and the real point was Brennan’s reaction, which I liked. I loved, loved, loved the end scene with the Tommy Gun’s and that Brennan got them for Booth and the joy it brought them both.
    I know I didn’t say much about the case but it was really secondary wasn’t it? I think the wedding planner was a bad actor, but I think that was on purpose and I loved the looks between Booth and Sweets in that first scene with him.
    So to sum up, loved the episode, it left more warm and fuzzy and excited for B&B and am so bummed we have to wait 3 weeks for the next episode.

  11. carole on February 18th, 2011 7:49 am

    good episodes,in3 weeks maybe a little guy hug between booth and bones/glad they tied this show to last week.

  12. PJ on February 18th, 2011 8:15 am

    By the time Bones and Cam snapped at each other, I was snapping at Cam, “You wasted way more time telling everyone to hurry.” And the reminder in the review about Cam’s poker game just highlights the difference between adding a bit of humorous life to Cam’s character vs hijacking her character for comedic effect. Not cool. Love Cam and thought she was so, so gorgeous. But between yesterday and the college application plot, it’s just better when characters fly under the radar and are just allowed to do their jobs. Look how awesome Angela was.

    I’m all for Booth and Bones getting their mojos back with big guns. All that was missing was the “say hello to my little friend” maniacal laugh.
    However, I need Booth to get his real mojo back by being a better FBI agent. This episode, Worst FBI Agent Ever (said as comment on episode, not on Booth).
    -He’s surprised the victim, who’s been identified, has a husband?! Then he’s surprised there’s an ex-husband?! That’s two steps of stupidity.
    -I’d add the third for not following through on the abusive ex-husband angle, but that stupidity I can attribute to the contrived excitement of the time limit.
    If Booth can’t drop by the Lab, shouldn’t he at least be busy doing FBI work?

    Every show is allowed to have weaker cases that don’t showcase the best of the characters’ abilities. But Bones has already used up its allowances for this season. And then some. Aside from making shippers happy, this was such a weak episode to go on a mini-break.

    Definitely wouldn’t be fair to use this episode to counter the doormat accusation. No one would call her that based on her actions in this episode. But for all the theorizing, the effect of the earlier episodes was doormat. Like the other parts of the season, it may have worked on paper, but the effect split viewers.

  13. Amber on February 18th, 2011 8:50 am

    Never ever have thought Brennan was a doormat. That’s all I have to say on that subject. I loved the B&B scenes. I thought Angela whacking Hodgins in the back of the head was great. I laugh every time. My favorite line for Bones turning down a guy was, “Can I phone you back to tell you no?Great, thanks!” It was just great. I am liking Clark more and more. I was mostly irritated with the old Clark so the change has been good. This episode was exactly what I needed after last week’s. The Daredevil in the Mold was angsty and had a great DB performance but I felt like I was going to explode from all the angst (and I do angst people).

    Oh and Brennan made of absolute awesome and win. She was rockin’ it. As for the three weeks 🙁 . Until another time.

  14. Frankie707 on February 18th, 2011 9:06 am

    I enjoyed the episode. I loved Booth and Brennan in this one.

    Now Cam was really getting irritating. From the way she was acting you’d think she hadn’t had a date in 3 years, or that she was expecting a proposal that night. I mean show the poor vicitim some respect and don’t treat her murder like an inconvenience.

    Of all of those comments to Booth about Valentine’s plans the one that irritated me the most was Sweets. We know that Sweets at least knew that Booth planned to propose to Hannah and now they are broken up; the rest may not know about the proposal or the reason for the breakup so thier comments could be more excusable (of course who knows what we’ll discover in the upcoming weeks).

    I think Brennan was a gem thoughout the episode. She really seemed to be more in tune with the emotions of others, especially Booth. I liked her pointing out to the bride that a woman had been murdered, and the bride admitting that she was being self-centered, but that’s how she is. I do think maybe someone needed to point that out to the Jeffersonian staff!

    Overall I enjoyed it. The episode may not have any great import to the overall arc of the show but it was light and fun. And with the end scene of Booth and Brennan shooting the Tommy Guns, laughing together how could I not enjoy that. He did not appear to be in a good mood when she arrived, but once she got there, then opened that box. Who-boy. 🙂

  15. Vee on February 18th, 2011 9:09 am

    I was relieved to see the personalities of Cam, Angela, and of course B&B begin to emerge again in this episode. It was good to have some really funny lines come out again and those subtle physical shifts and expressions these actors are so good at. I think it was appropriate how Booth shut them down each time it came close to talking about his relationship status, especially in the same fashion he had dealt with Brennan’s rejection earlier. He is very black and white, either or. If he had pined for Brennan for so long, why didnt he wait for her to come round, and when he got back from the war pick things up? well, then we wouldnt have a show! It is all part of the character development and eventual resolution. I liked this episode, even if it wasnt totally meaty. Wish there wasnt such a gap before the next one, but am looking forward to it. It was well done I thought how Brennan wanted to be with Booth in any way and would not have accepted any other invitation, and was fishing to get invited to the range when he first mentioned it, which of course he did so she would know where to find him, if she cared to. It is fun to have them circling each other again. I liked the mini vignettes of each couple, showing the different stages of love. Clark was great! His transformation is kind of odd, but he has been an undervalued actor and is very talented, so gets to show more of that. That the rest of the crew is still unsettled at his change is good too. I feel better about the show again. Just knowing it would be an H-free zone was marvelous. When the sniper arc gets going in earnest it will be even better. My only fear is that the elevator epi we are all awaiting will not give the desired result or will not merit the build up it has been getting. You never know what will happen with these sneaky writers. Thanks for everyone who takes the time to write comments! I love reading what other people think and the speculative plot lines other folks come up with! Great fun!

  16. Dani on February 18th, 2011 9:13 am

    Hate to say it, but Clarks sudden transformation screams that the dudes days alive are numbered, I mean, what better way to make someones death seem all the more tragic then someone youve invested time in getting to know…
    Felt i needed to get this out there, in light of your review saying you were confused about why Clarks being the way he is 🙂


  17. Eve2 on February 18th, 2011 9:15 am

    Episode was OK. Some good moments and some fun. DB is still a bit stiff to me in scenes. I just don’t feel their chemistry like before (I don’t mean romantic chemistry, just chemistry in general). The end scene was fun but I still don’t like that Brennan keeps going to him. I don’t want this to be her “chasing” him. I know she was trying to help him, but he did not ask her to come. I just hope the writing is not going to go this way. It was fun to watch them shooting.

    Still no Booth at Jeffersonian. Everyone, including Angela, going to him.
    No Brennan trenchcoats a big plus.

  18. Eve2 on February 18th, 2011 9:18 am

    Sorry, yes I thought Brennan was a doormat early on in season but not last couple of episodes. I hope she speaks up now.

  19. Monica (@texmex327) on February 18th, 2011 9:22 am

    Loved last night’s episode.
    I loved how Booth was anti-Valentines day. He’s still hurting obviously, and Brennan respected that. I just wanna know, where did all these potential guys come from? Glad she didn’t make plans with any of them, part of me was hoping that she turned them down for Booth, because she wanted to be there for him as his friend.
    Loved Brennan’s acting, as you said Sarah, part of me wonders how much of that was Brennan’s true feelings coming out. She nailed it, and I am almost certain that Booth was both impressed & intrigued.
    Cam’s comment to Brennan, stung a little.
    Angela & Hodgins, too cute. Hodgins needs to stop trying so hard.
    Clark —- UMMMM HEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO handsome! I want a boyfriend like you LOL

    The bridezilla, yeah I wanted to smack her just cause she was irritating me. Yeah and the dad, how were you married 4 times. LOL

    Sucks that we have to wait 3 LONG weeks, but its better than having to wait the entire summer again.

  20. Snowflake on February 18th, 2011 9:53 am

    The doormat thing was more for Bones’ overall attitude during the first half of the season. I didn’t see the problem in this episode or the last one. There were other rare moments of old Bones, like when she counseled Hannah about the phone- concrete advice based on her experience and big hearted. But mostly, Bones spent the season accepting Booth’s derisive, dismissive hostility. And to those who claimed his attitude was a natural one for a man with a girlfriend, I think his outburst last episode debunks that. And while the show made us guess or infer Booth’s inner angst, they were pretty relentless about driving home how pathetic Bones was and how sorry she should be. To the point where the show seemed to have forgotten she has Angela and her family and is capable of leading a fulfilling life despite romantic disappointments- my biggest issue with the Doctor episode.
    Yes, finally, this episode showed Bones could be herself and love Booth, but it’s been awhile.
    What’s really regrettable is that if Bones had been herself, she would have snapped back at Booth much sooner and defended herself. That could have spurred Booth to finally be honest like at the bar. Instead, the show used the Hannah arc to get there. Honestly, I find this lack of self-awareness unworthy of Booth and Bones. Temporary confusion and clouded judgment from strong emotions- yes, this extended period- not worthy of the characters.
    Former Lurker, definitely agree it’s important to distinguish the doormat debate from the balanced partnership debate. As for the Reason and Heart imbalance, I’m of the opinion that it hasn’t served either character well. Part of the problem is probably just the broader, caricature-ish and fatigued writing of most long running shows. But it could also be the other way around- losing the balance makes the show static. By prioritizing what Booth can teach Bones and putting Bones on semi-permanent clueless learning mode, the show lost half its driving energy. And, I too have a feeling, seeing the promo, the sniper arc is not going to help the partners’ intellectual balance, just Bones telling Booth how good he is.
    As for the case, so lazy! Unprofessional even. Despite my wordiness (L), since BB is of tertiary importance when I watch, this episode was a big disappointment. There are always filler cases and sweeps week cases, but there have been way too many of the lazy cases. How does a primetime crime show explain the FBI agent not checking for victim’s spouses? I’m glad BB are in a better place now so I don’t have to quit with a bad taste, but the show is seriously fixated on the shipper stuff. Autopilot indeed! And the sniper episode was big on spectacle, otherwise mediocre. I’m going to check in with the Bieber episode of CSI and see if their murders are better.

  21. sfsd on February 18th, 2011 10:08 am

    “How does a primetime crime show explain the FBI agent not checking for the victim’s spouses?”

    Seriously? Since when has ANY “primetime crime show” done stuff like that?

  22. Whew on February 18th, 2011 10:32 am

    I have the usual healthy ability to suspend belief when it comes to shows. Never doubt those tests and experiments can be done within the time frame and never doubt the Angelator! But this case was pushing it.

    On top of the idea that they had to close the case in 8 hours (and all the “hilarity” that followed), it was too much to see Booth perk up at the news that the victim had a husband. Then perk up at the news that there was also an ex-husband. That’s not even about Booth, it’s just lazy writing. I don’t mind the lighthearted mysteries, but that’s about tone. Tone shouldn’t effect the tightness of the plot. Just look at comedies.

    I just think the show’s not offering much in terms of non-shipper entertainment. And if this were a rare filler episode rather than the trend this year, it probably wouldn’t bother as much.

  23. Evil MOnkey on February 18th, 2011 10:45 am

    Did anyone else here think that the whole 8 hour thing was a subtle spoof of procedural genre in general (solving the case in one episode)?

  24. Liz on February 18th, 2011 10:55 am

    The show has gotten sloppier lately.
    In the sniper episode, I kept thinking about how he contaminated a crime scene just to show off the cool gun wielding scene. Then his moment of brilliant people reading skills was to look at a jittery, sweaty suspect and say, that’s not our sniper. Right, you and the rest of the viewing public know that. Then he goes “let your lawyer sort it out” to the murderer. And this episode, he didn’t even know do a basic background check on the victim. Right.

    This is not Booth hate. This isn’t even calling him out on his flaws. This is the show’s problem- they need to SHOW us Booth being a better agent, not TELL us.

    Booth running, shooting guns- all very hot. But he’s more than an action figure. He’s supposed to be a lot more. We’ve complained about Bones becoming socially retarded, but outside of the romantic Angst, Booth’s character has also been simplified. And not in the “playing dumb” way to help boost Bones’ confidence (condescending as that is). I think that’s on par with ‘Bones retreats into science’ excuse. Bull. Booth used to be a lot more nuanced and incisive and politically savvy. (I’m thinking back to some episode with diplomats. He was his usual brash American self, bashing diplomatic immunity, getting loud and threatening. But in the end, he knew the ins and outs of the system, and could also concede to the importance of the principle of the diplomatic immunity system despite his personal annoyance with it getting in the way of the case. Like I’ve said, Booth always walks a fine line on the alpha male thing.)

    I’m kinda hopeful for the sniper arc because I’ve pretty much given up hope that the show is ever going to make Brain and Heart equal. But so far, I don’t see any mystery element to the arc. Instead of using the sniper arc to start another round of Booth psych evaluations, I would like to see him be a great Agent. Not just action figure with heart of gold.

  25. djoy79 on February 18th, 2011 11:01 am

    I enjoyed this ep immensely! I also had some great flash backs to earlier seasons. While the B and B chemistry is not completely back (and I am glad it’s not) it is on the right track. They both need some time to heal before they can move forward. I have never thought of Bones as a doormat! Remember what she told Gordon Gordon? “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do for him (Booth).” I think it was just her doing what she needed for Booth regardless of what it did to her or made her feel.

    All in all a fun filler ep!

  26. Liz on February 18th, 2011 11:02 am

    PS- I miss old Clark, don’t mind the new Clark. But I think we need a replacement who can play the straight man to the rest of the Lab.

    And we’ve only seen his gf once before, right? Liked her just as much this time. And she was on screen for what? couple of minutes for both episodes? See, the writers can write three dimensional minor characters. It’s not unreasonable to ask them to do the same for victims and suspects and guest stars.

  27. Samantha on February 18th, 2011 11:14 am

    I found this episode enjoyable, I laughed like crazy at the end, especially Clark!! What a hoot! I also think I enjoyed them episode because Hannah was gone and knew she wasn’t coming back!

    Cam annoyed me through most of the episode, I mean, do murders usually get solved in a day and if they don’t, are you then made to stay all night? I found it unrealistic that 1) they could solve the murder in a day (though it is the J-team and they are awesome!) and 2) that Cam couldn’t go on her date and come back to work the next day like a normal person.

    I was also annoyed with Hodgins, why was he so unsure of his ability to woo Angela, hello first date on the swings, and like Sarah mentioned, the spors and the shrimp proposal… I mean, the man knows how to be romantic!

    But Brennan made up for the couple of annoyances, I loved Brennan at the end, I think she played that one well. This is how they are going to find their way back, doing the things they used to and just being friends for now. And for now, I am satisfied with that, as long as in the end, they find their way back.

    I don’t think she was a doormat. I do think she has gotten ‘softer’ in her reactions than like 1st or 2nd season. She was very harsh. Now, she has grown. I also think she was trying to be happy for Booth.

    I am irritated about the 3 week wait. I thought they moved Bones to 8 pm so we wouldn’t have to go through the AI hiatus! But, I am sure it will be worth the wait!!

  28. DP Punch on February 18th, 2011 11:30 am

    Did Booth put the paper valentine on the target sheet? Where did he get it, at a slumber party? Because he must have brought it. Did he really need a cheesy anvil like that? All you emotion based people may not care, but the card and the ticking clock were just ridiculous to me. TV reality only goes so far. Logistics matter. Between online hawks and some stellar shows, there’s a standard viewers are allowed to expect.

    “And while the show made us guess or infer Booth’s inner angst, they were pretty relentless about driving home how pathetic Bones was and how sorry she should be. To the point where the show seemed to have forgotten she has Angela and her family and is capable of leading a fulfilling life despite romantic disappointments- my biggest issue with the Doctor episode.”

    This, 100%. She already came back changed in the season opening which made the rest of the episodes “relentless” and punishing and made her seem like a doormat. And they couldn’t be subtle or realistic about it. It was all, You Have No Love in your life because you missed out on your True Love. No, she missed out on one romantic chance. For me, it would have been so much more poignant and powerful to see Bones missing Booth when she was otherwise happy with her friends and other accomplishments, not as part of a nervous breakdown. Or, though the show would never go there, see Bones regret her past quietly, as a small aching part of her life while moving forward and trying to find love again. Same goes for the victim, just making her into a workaholic woman with a pathetic life to serve the moral of the story. Her life was plenty meaningful already, and there’s no way a prominent doctor goes missing without notice. So again, logistics sacrificed to drive home the moral.

  29. Hi on February 18th, 2011 11:51 am

    I didn’t think Bones was a doormat in this episode, far from it. And she was the bigger man last episode too. But if her role the rest of the season is to “stand by her man,” I wouldn’t call it doormat anymore, since she’s not taking crap. But disappointingly passive from kickass anthropologist. Booth got his moment, she better throw a few good punches in that elevator episode. Also, I don’t want to see Bones woo or fight for Booth unless it’s mutual. I’ve watched since season 1, and if anything, she was more interested than him early on while he was hesitant. Then they both flirted and wooed each other. Someone already quoted her line to Gordan Gordan. It’s not her “turn” to fight for Booth any more than it is Booth’s turn to fight for her. Do it together.

    If Hannah comes back, with that horror movie exit line, I think Booth owes her an apology for the sake of his own integrity. It feels like a loose end, even this week. If the flirting in the polygamy episode was toeing the line, isn’t going from flirting with another woman to proposing without ever having been completely honest about yourself to your significant other, definitely crossing the line? From Hannah’s perspective, I mean. Quick admission, better resolution. Preferably by email though.

  30. KLH on February 18th, 2011 12:33 pm

    I don’t know, I’m seeing this whole mess a much different way than the way that the writers keep telling us it is. With their whole hard-sell on the Booth in LOVE with Hannah storyline, I don’t think that they were true to his character. And I see the hard emotions coming out of Booth in last week’s episode as a delayed reaction to the rejection from Bones. I mean, he didn’t really love Hannah, he didn’t even listen to Hannah, and his whole character was so changed through the whole relationship that it was obvious that he was just pushing because he wanted someone. I don’t think that he ever really grieved for Bones and this is what is coming out now, not grief over the end with Hannah.

    And please, do not ever bring Hannah back. She was the most one dimensional annoying character I’ve ever seen on the show.

    I think this season has been one of very poor writing (with a few exceptions) and the writers really need to get this back on track. Stay true to the characters – they can learn and grow, but no more changing the integrity of their true beings like you have been.

    And did anyone else notice Booth’s jealousy at the phone calls that Brennan was getting? And the way that he had to make sure that the guys on the other end knew he was there? There are still feelings there. But for now, go back to being friends and bring back the chemistry that has been missing all season.

  31. Jane T on February 18th, 2011 12:39 pm

    Weak episode. Reminds me of Gosford Park.

    – You Brits have no sense of humor
    – We do when something’s funny.

    I did laugh and smile at Clark’s strip scene.

    Agree with most here. Bones was a doormat earlier. (Despite a few glimmers, good memory on the phone gift scene with Hannah, very Bonesy, then they had to ruin it later with Hannah chasing off creeps for Bones.)
    She is not now. Future uncertain.

  32. David is Great on February 18th, 2011 3:05 pm

    @KLH, I know we all see things differently, but I absolutely saw no jealousy on Booth’s part concerning the phone calls. In fact, it seemed to me at least that he was amused by all that.

  33. Marta on February 18th, 2011 3:16 pm

    If anything, Brennan was in an awkward position, one that’s she’d never been in before. She knew that she had hurt Booth (her comment to how Hannah should treat him) and she knew that he had chosen someone else. She was being supportive in her own way.

    Both Booth and Brennan want to be loved. Both see potential in the other, but part of the point in the Hannah-sodes is that someone else is not the same. Hannah might have been “perfect” but she’s not Brennan. Brennan is willing to change for Booth and Hannah’s only change was geographical. Booth wasn’t willing to change for Hannah. If anything, Brennan is stronger because she’s willing to bend. She did not break in DitP and did not do anything less than heroic by accepting Booth’s ultimatum in DitM. Her actions here show that she’s still hurting (Cam’s comment was meant to fight back against Brennan’s insensitive remark and stung her), she’s willing to support her friend (4 dates? I think some of them might have seen her as a consolation prize) and she comes up with something Booth will enjoy. All season she has tried (unsuccessfully) to get the partnership back on track. If she succeeds here, it’s a step in the right direction. That’s pretty active; doormats, from what I’m told, don’t do active.

  34. MLS on February 18th, 2011 3:40 pm

    I was also reminded, when he did the little twist, of Clark’s character rap musician ‘C-Synch’ from the episode “The End in the Beginning.” I loved it when Bones told one of her callers, “Can I call you back to tell you no??” LOL I really enjoyed this episode. It made it so easy to forget the “Hannah” character.

    I thought there was good rapport between all the characters (except when Cam made the crack about Bones being alone;) especially Booth & Bones! Glad to see it again!!

    I thought, although I guess the Jeffersonian (translate “Smithsonian”} would have Tommy guns in their collections & Bones being who she is could actually do whatever she did to get them; it was a very loving gesture on her part to get those guns for her & Booth to use in THEIR very own “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre” themed celebration of Valentines Day. AHHH, ain’t love grand??? 😉

  35. Ericka Porras on February 18th, 2011 4:38 pm

    A mediocre episode had it aired in any other season, but as a season 6 episode it was better than average. It seems to me that HH and SN know they screwed up, and they are hoping that by throwing a BB scene near the end we would all say what a wonderful episode. I, for one, am no longer a sucker for cutesy scenes. One scene does not an episode make. BB are in serious trouble. The chemistry is off, the show is off, the cast is off, and the cases are sub par. For example, why was this an FBI case? Why was Brennan’s expertise needed? Too much flesh in the body for a bone expert. What is up with the personality changes with the squinterns? What is Sweets deal? From all appearances, HH and SN have forgotten who these characters really are, so they are trying to reinvent them.

  36. Grey Beard on February 18th, 2011 4:50 pm

    I am not sure when it happened, because i have been catching up on old shows, but Clark’s final scene was not a total surprise. In the show where we first met his lover, she admitted to Bones that ” Clark was wrapped very tight, but in bed he came loose like a suitcase bomb.”

    And No .. Bones was never a doormat. As any parent of adult children could see, she is the little sister that Booth never had, and he is the protective older brother that Bones own brother never quite lived up to.

  37. andrea Diaz on February 18th, 2011 5:01 pm

    Ok the Bikini in the Soup was a parody on the emotional insanity that has become Valentines Day in my opinion. Too many people are getting bent out of shape trying to find the most expensive and perfect gift when the “perfect” gift is one from the heart. Yes sounds a little sappy I admit. When I viewed this episode as a humorous farce with some very funny lines from our characters I really enjoyed it. I don’t think that this ep was meant to be analyzed and criticized for inconsistencies and weak story lines. I just think it was meant to be fun and for me it was. Of course it wasn’t the most intense, thought provoking episode. And Cam’s insistence that the case be solved in just over eight hours was ridiculous-but it was supposed to be ridiculous! Besides, the case didn’t really need to be solved in the sense of figuring out the identity of the victim. Since the identity was already known, Brennan and Booth just needed to be figure out motive which would lead them to the culprit. There weren’t that many suspects to choose from-it wasn’t rocket science to solve. (If I was to be critical, I would say that many of the new writers currently writing for Bones, are writing Bones “formula” episodes. The writer of this episode Lyla? something wasn’t familiar to me. I wonder if she has seen the back episodes of Bones and knows the characters as well as Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan do? Some of the stronger episodes were written by them. It seems that the reason for inconsistencies in characters is a case of “too many cooks spoil the soup”). But anyway…

    Some posters are questioning why Hodgins didn’t know what he should give Angela, especially since he was so creatively romantic in past episodes. I think the difference in this case was that now he’s married and he incorrectly feels the bar for gift giving has been raised. That he must get the most expensive gift, when ini fact Angela still goes for thoughtfulness and creativity.

    I also did find it strange that Sweets would ask Booth what his Valentines plans were and proceed to tell him that he got Daisy a bouquet of daisies-though Booth had already left-and didn’t hear. I mean really Sweets! I think Sweets is definitely instigates and manipulates Booth’s emotions quite a bit.

    I think that Edison’s new openness is pretty funny and I do like the new take on his character. It would be pretty boring if his character was always a “stick in the mud”. Cam and Paul-well I feel that Cam really wants to be in a relationship. I just don’t see the chemistry between them. I mean Cam is gorgeous Paul comes across as kind of goofy. As Brennan so bluntly put it, Cam’s at an age where a man is considered as a possible mate. Don’t get me wrong, Paul is nice. But he doesn’t seem like someone Cam would go for. Just sayin. As for Brennan and Booth, the end with them shooting up the Valentines cut-out with tommy guns was pretty funny and was reminiscent of past B&B moments. And Brennan turning down all of those dates calling her at the last moment was pretty funny. And she should be insulted! Finally, I don’t think that Booth was that heart broken over his break-up with Hannah. He said that he moved on from her and I believe it. He didn’t have the deep emotional bond with her that he has with Brennan. Theirs was more of a physical relationship and neither really knew the other.

    So looking forward to the upcoming episodes. Hopefully Brenann will give Booth a piece of her mind in the Blizzard/Elevator episode and let some sparks fly. I’m really curious to see how this season winds down and what’s in store for our favorite characters!

    So let’s lighten up people. There are more significant episodes on the horizon.

  38. Delph on February 18th, 2011 5:42 pm

    The writer of this episode also wrote “Priest in the Churchyard” (very good IMO) a S2 episode and the circus one (very bad IMO) in S4.

  39. Delph on February 18th, 2011 5:43 pm

    Oh and S4 “Finger in the Nest”

  40. Andrea Diaz on February 18th, 2011 6:07 pm

    Thanks Delph,

    I thought the “Priest in the Churchyard” and “The Finger in the Nest” were two very excellent episodes. “Double Trouble in the Panhandle”-the circus one was fun- kind of like this one. I try to catch the writer’s names when the titles are shown, but sometimes I miss them.

  41. Minority on February 18th, 2011 6:44 pm

    I don’t think anyone is expecting Southland realism. But Bones isn’t Glee-verse either. I “get” the parody, but so much of the season has already been ridiculously or dramatically exaggerated that a parody episode didn’t work for me. And parodies and comedies are not exempt from good story structure.
    Of course, there’s a lot of middle ground for what the viewer is willing to accept.

    I was on the yes, she’s a doormat side. What I said before was:
    In theory, I agree with the people who have been trying to stand up for Bones. I agree that making yourself vulnerable, living with regret, and standing by someone even when you’ve been hurt does not make you weak. I just don’t see it on screen. I’ve seen a few episodes of The Good Wife, and I think the Alicia character would be a good example of what people are describing. I just don’t see it in Bones

    In the last scene and in this episode, I see vulnerable but strong Bones who’s not a doormat. The difference, as many said, is she’s being supportive not just taking his passive aggressiveness like she deserved punishment.

    @Liz, I totally agree they dumbed down Booth as well as Bones. Why else did it take almost a whole season (since the 100th) to reach that point of honesty about his feelings in last week’s episode? Maybe the wait was satisfying to some and part of our insight into his enormously tortured character, but I just got bored by the angst and confused pacing. I’d like a return to smarter, less preachy Booth too.

    @MLS, While Cam was uncharacteristically annoying, I didn’t mind Cam’s crack at Bones since it was in response to Bones’ own honest but insensitive observation. I also think Cam in her blunt, matter of fact replies to Bones is less condescending than Booth. What I didn’t like was how the show wrote it so that Cam could shrug off Bones’ observation but Bones was once again supposed to be pathetic because she was alone until she went to Booth. BB being together is great, the idea that without that, her life is pathetic is what bothers me.

    @Delph, hmm, but how much does the final name on the script mean? It’s a cooperative process, so I guess the “Priest in the Churchyard” could be less reflective of the writer’s style, and more in line with the tone that was set for that season and episode. I don’t know how it works though.

  42. Minority on February 18th, 2011 7:04 pm

    I knew there was something that said what I meant
    What’s really regrettable is that if Bones had been herself, she would have snapped back at Booth much sooner and defended herself. That could have spurred Booth to finally be honest like at the bar. Instead, the show used the Hannah arc to get there. Honestly, I find this lack of self-awareness unworthy of Booth and Bones. Temporary confusion and clouded judgment from strong emotions- yes, this extended period- not worthy of the characters.

    Yes, “unworthy” of BB. I agree this would have been better, but that’s because I saw the first part of the season as little more than Stalling for the sake of Stalling. So again, perception probably differs.

    @andrea diaz, I liked “Double Trouble in the Panhandle” too! Very cute. Also, Like I said, the context for this parody was different. But I do think even with DVD rewatching, that episode would hold up better. The story had more twists, even if it ended with an accidental death. It was almost like alternative reality, but no “there’s no way so and so would….” moments.

  43. Eyrianone on February 18th, 2011 8:15 pm

    This episode was all filler and no substance. Angela and Brennan were the only interesting ones in it. To my mind, Booth has been ‘un-Boothy’ all season, and trying to move on from someone is a totally different thing from falling in love with someone else. It takes a significant amount of time to get over someone enough to be able to fall in love again. Seven months is not long enough, not if you really loved the person you can no longer have.

    Face it, how often does a person fall in love in their lifetimes, and I don’t mean the times you think you are in love, we’ve all had that happen, only to realize after the breakup that what we thought was love was just lust/infatuation because no lasting feelings remain.

    Real love is a permanent mark. Even if you lose it, some of what you once felt remains for as long as you live.

    This season I think Brennan has been an example of that. She knows she loves him and because of that she wanted his happiness over her own, she made huge efforts with Hannah because of it.

    She made efforts this episode because of it. Booth should take a lesson.

  44. andrea on February 18th, 2011 8:31 pm

    I agree that there have been a lot of parodies this season as well as last. And the characters have become somewhat of an exaggeration of themselves. I’ve been re-watching earlier episodes of Bones and there is a difference. Which is to be expected with a long running show. I still love the show, but I agree with the many fans that a return to deftly written episodes with humor of course and unexpected twists and turns is needed.

    The Closer- though not a procedural- is a good example of a show that weaves strong writing and humor together. Bones is still good but we want it to exceed our expectations! I guess I’ve just wanted to remain positive about my favorite show even when it makes a misstep. Given many of the excellent eps of past seasons, and some strong ones season, we know that Bones can really shine! Also as for Brennan being a doormat, I still don’t agree. I didn’t see her as pathetic because she turned Booth down (rejected a romantic relationship) and I don’t think she was being “punished” for her decision. She stood by what she decided, though she later came to have regrets. Brennan still worked and lived her life-she wasn’t pining away or moping about Booth. Okay she didn’t give him a piece of her mind like many fans wanted to see, but that isn’t to say she won’t. Booth and Brennan arrived at their realizations (of love) separately of each other. Now that they know where the other stands, they can have that much anticipated discussion in the Blizzard in the Blackout-“the elevator scene”.

    Just a final note: I would like the writers to return to openings that don’t always have a dead body that causes the discoverer to scream with over-acted terror. It’s much more effective to have the body discovered in a more realistic manner.

  45. Teri on February 18th, 2011 9:45 pm

    Bren has already gone after Booth, remember the Brencentric episode, where Bren poured her heart out to Booth and he dropped her off at home?

  46. clahain on February 18th, 2011 10:42 pm

    I loved this episode. Bones’ quiet support of Booth was touching and gave us an example of what real love is. I also thought it was great that the writers have made it clear that Bones is not without admirers.

    As for the future:
    God help Booth when Bones decides for sure that she wants him. ‘Cause he won’t have a chance.

  47. bonescrazy on February 18th, 2011 11:05 pm

    Sure all the other the other romantic moments with others were nice, but I loved the interaction between Booth and Brennan. It was like they were actually flirting with each other, and the looks they exchanged–HOT!! Giving Booth the Tommy guns meant a lot to him and they had much needed fun for both of them. I hope this is the start of their relationship repair!! Yes there seemed to be a bit jealousy when other guys called Brennan, don’t you think? I do!!

  48. Eve2 on February 18th, 2011 11:38 pm

    I honestly did not see any jealousy in Booth or any flirting. He just seemed to be focused on the case and avoiding VD. Also, I am one that hopes that they don;t have Brennan chasing Booth. He is in no way ready for a relationship.
    When they do, he has to earn her.

    Sorry, but I hope she starts dating (off screen). I don’t want her spending her life watching out for Booth. Really, it will be the end of the show before they get together. Two more years of this (possibly) would be just ridiculous.

    With Sweets in the elevator episode, expect everything to get twisted around and screwed up, like he always does with them.

  49. Kayla on February 19th, 2011 1:14 am

    Up until the end with the guns, this episode created a very blah feeling. I loved Hodgins and his mess ups. I though Cam was really good also. What happened to Clark? I enjoyed his failed attempts at ignoring everyone’s personal lives, though his striptease was hilarious. I felt like Booth was really faded in this episode, it was like Hannah was just a random 4 month girlfriend that dumped him but she wasn’t. He proposed to her. He should’ve been more messed up. As for Bones, I like that she felt hurt by Cam’s remark and then her turning down all the guys was funny. Like I said, the roaring 20’s guns was the only moment where I felt like it was truly a Bones episode. The rest was just gray matter.

  50. Buster Bluth on February 19th, 2011 8:52 am

    The show felt off, weird. Not intentionally either.
    I agree with the “gray matter” feeling, including the last tommy gun scene too.
    All that stuff about Booth last week, and now Bones, trying to understand what’s going on. It’s just the show going downhill. Hannah didn’t kill the chemistry, the show killed BB. Now other shows will learn- UST is limited. It doesn’t last forever.

  51. Poppy on February 19th, 2011 10:41 am

    Yeah, she’s been a doormat. And Booth’s been a jerk. I don’t see what the big deal is, especially with the endless Booth defenses. It’s not some huge slur campaign on the characters. But that’s what I saw this season. She was fine this week, and see, no one’s saying anything bad about her.

    The episode? Major suckage. It’s like they don’t even try anymore.

  52. Coma Dream! on February 19th, 2011 11:22 am

    I honestly didn’t see jealousy in Booth either. I think anything romantic right now is awkward, awkward, awkward between them. And there’s no mystery anymore. I think the chemistry is dying a slow death.
    I’m one of those since the pilot watchers, and there’s definitely a switch from the opposites attract couple to Booth as knight in shining armor and Bones as misguided princess. But it’s been happening for a long time, so it’s just helped me not take the shipping so seriously. Like the whole re-re-retread of Hodgins and gifting in the episode. The writers will make the characters regress (right, their “reset”) to serve their needs. Problem is, the mystery of the week is so bad now. Not just this week’s.

    “Worst FBI Agent Ever”
    That made me laugh for the good old days when we used to call Sydney Bristow Worst Spy Ever. 🙂 I think Android Bones is the bigger problem, but I agree that the dumbed down Booth is just as bad.

  53. Walter on February 19th, 2011 1:14 pm

    OK, first off, I wanna say that I agree with Hardly. The plot and the whole case was incredibly weak. Like seriously, it seems that ever since the the end of season 4 or the start of season 5 that the writers think they can get away with having weak cases as long as they throw in some fluffy, gag-inducing scene between Booth and Brennan at the end. NO…that’s not what I want, and I don’t think that’s what a lot of the viewers want either. This case was weak as hell and OF COURSE it ended up being the husband…so predictable. Seems like HH has had an affinity to predictable murders for a while. This was another in a long string of predictable cases in which I hoped that it wouldn’t turn out to be the husband/wife and yet it did. I mean, yeah I would like to see Booth and Brennan’s relationship progress to being romantic, but that doesn’t mean that that’s all the writers should focus on.

    Second thing I want to say is….yeah I do think Booth has made Brennan into a doormat this season. Are you kidding, at the end of Doctor in the Photo, he brushed her off without any remorse and in Daredevil in the Mold he basically said have a drink and be partners or get out. And I don’t think that Cam’s comment is going to spur her to make a move on Booth. What I think it’s going to do is spur her on to try and move on with someone else, just like Booth tried to do with Hannah. Part of me still really dislikes Booth for how he’s been treating her this season, it’s basically like a repeat of when they first starting working together, except more bitter and asshole-ish. However, if he wises up and starts trying to amend their relationship, then I might grow to like him again.

    In my opinion, history is repeating itself. This is basically the same situation that she was put in after he broke up with Cam, remember. He said “people who work together can’t be involved romantically” and she begrudgingly accepted that. IMO, the end of DDITM was a repeat of that exact scene. I am still a subscriber to the theory that Brennan was the one who originally had romantic feelings, but Booth treated her like a doormat then and has now again. I think it’ll all be revealed soon enough, hopefully not too long. Dude needs a serious wake up call.

  54. - on February 19th, 2011 1:37 pm

    “This is the show’s problem- they need to SHOW us Booth being a better agent, not TELL us.”

    Yeah, I agree. And they need to SHOW us Bones being the super anthropologist again. Long, long ago, the show showed us these were awesome crime solvers. Then since the 100th, the show abandoned the cases for the romance. And since then, it’s all about the their feelings. Bones was always a romantic dramedy, but now it’s more like Vampire Diaries, with an older professional crowd.

    I was looking forward to the sniper episode for this reason, but I don’t know, the promos left me unexcited.

  55. beth on February 19th, 2011 5:49 pm

    For me, the issue is not so much whether Brennan is a doormat, as it is whether:

    1) she is permitted to maintain her own uniqueness — her personality and talents — while growing emotionally; and,
    2) there is equity between Booth and Brennan — that they are both changing because each of them values the important qualities the other possesses, and each of them is learning from the other.
    As several posters noted above, the writers seem to equate emotional growth for Brennan with having her embrace Booth’s point of view about relationships — a view which is extremely conservative, rigid and unyielding. And of course, Booth has not grown, and there is A LOT of room for growth. For someone who is supposed to understand emotion and human psychology, he certainly lacks insight into his own motivations and feelings. Now, this has been the case with Booth for some time, but in the past, though resistant, he has ultimately been willing to explore some of his issues. Right now, he really needs to apply logic and reason in examining his behavior. He needs to recognize that he repeats the same patterns over and over, leading to feelings of rejection every time. And he needs to understand that his view of what a loving relationship is has to be more expansive; it isn’t only a house in the suburbs with a wife and two kids; and for him to be in a relationship with the kind of strong, intelligent, independent woman he wants, he needs to be open to the feelings of his potential partner as to what the relationship can and should be.

    Gordon Gordon, where are you when we (and Booth) need you? Sweets is pretty misguided in his attempts to “help” B&B.

    As for the episode: weak case; Cam ridiculous (as someone noted above, why can’t she go out to dinner and let the others continue working?); out of character for Hodgins not to be romantically creative; couldn’t care less about Clark, and the strip tease made me embarrassed for him.

    Really loved the shooting range, though. This is how they need to rebuild their relationship — by being friends, and partners, and having fun together. Also, by looking out for each other, although the only one doing the looking out here is Brennan.

  56. Carrie on February 19th, 2011 7:41 pm

    I had fun reading these comments, thanks everyone. I’m not good at explaining, but but the question about the doormat thing seemed really strange to me for this episode recap when no one would call Bones a doormat. I think it’s like when people said Booth was acting like a jerk or something, and it was taken way too personally and defensively, like the “hater” accusations. And then the real reason for people’s criticism got lost.

    I don’t know why they changed Clark. I think the writers were just bored. But I like the old Clark.

    For the positive news- no trench coats! I can tell it’s a metaphor to show her state of mind. But that’s no reason to make her look frumpy.

  57. Delph on February 19th, 2011 7:51 pm

    It seems they are changing everyone to be the same, normal open people *sigh*

  58. Grant on February 19th, 2011 8:57 pm

    I think Clark has changed for one of two reasons.

    1. The writers are trying to make us like Clark more by opening him up some. People who like the serious Clark will still like him, and people who like the new Clark will like him. That said, Clark is going to be killed by the sniper.

    2. The writers are opening up Clark so we get to know him more, bringing his girl into the show more, so we feel for him when the sniper kills his girl.

  59. Walter on February 20th, 2011 11:49 am

    Um, yeah totally agree about your assessment on the episode. God….I just don’t know what is with the writers for the past season. The writers do know that in real life, it takes like months to solve an actual murder case right? So what the hell is with Cam and her pushing a time limit of eight hours. I can’t even finish studying for an exam in eight hours. Why didn’t she just go out and come back the next day to work on the case. IMO, the episode was horribly written, just so it could be fluffy and cute, which it was, but it was completely unrealistic. The show’s just become predictable and I’m getting sick of it.

  60. #56 on February 20th, 2011 1:13 pm

    It didn’t help going from this episode to 30 Rock where they spoofed the Murder on the Orient Express. 30 minutes, plus B plot, and the mystery was planned meticulously. The Bones episode was lazy.

    Even if you watch for BB, I don’t understand how you can take BB seriously when the show/episode as a whole doesn’t hold up in quality. Honestly, I think the show lucked out on casting magic and has good special effects. Character continuity changes every season or arc. The rest is pretty mediocre at best.

  61. Liz on February 20th, 2011 2:28 pm

    @beth, yes, that’s the big issue for me too. And it isn’t as if I think Bones shouldn’t understand or be persuaded by Booth, or that Booth’s views are wrong. My personal viewpoints aside, the problem is that the show only chooses to show one side of the influence. I wish I could give proper credit for whoever this was, but another poster pointed out that when Booth did take Bones’ advice seriously regarding his brother and girlfriend, Bones was actually just repeating lessons from Booth. Other times Booth takes Bones seriously are similar. Theoretically, the show tells us it’s a mutual relationship, but it’s been a long time since we’ve Bones’ unique perspective on life and culture have an effect on Booth.

    Also, for me, the character evolution explanations aren’t convincing because I don’t think the show can handle that kind of analysis. OK, I think the fans did a better job than the writers in trying to figure out what was going on in Booth’s head. But it was all pretty internally focused. Meanwhile on the show, the writers uses personality/character issues as it’s convenient. Like Booth’s Catholicism or fatherhood, things come up when convenient in the plot. You would think in this episode, Booth of all people would have had more of a reaction to the possibility that the victim was/might have been abused by the ex-husband. But that went nowhere in the plot. I don’t see the writers developing the characters as fully realized individuals, so neither do I. I just wish they’d have kept the characters smart and nuanced like before.

    But like #56, I agree that between the cast chemistry and special effects, there’s a lot to enjoy in the show. I’ll watch for the Jeffersonian lab set eye candy alone. I’d like to see more good episodes, showcasing some smart crime solving.

  62. Pug on February 20th, 2011 8:37 pm

    God, what happened to this show? I remember back when Marisa here at GMMR used to champion the show. I know it’s been going downhill gradually, but I caught up with this episode and the change was still shocking. I can understand all the frustration.

  63. beth on February 21st, 2011 9:37 am

    The reason that my personal disagreement with Booth’s perspective becomes so significant to me is that it’s not just a Booth v. Brennan thing. It’s that the writers seem to be saying “this is the only correct viewpoint.” Almost all the (women) characters who were previously portrayed as happily deviating from the norm have been pushed into very conservative, traditional roles in terms of relationships/marriage/family/children. So it just turns the Booth/Brennan dynamic into “he’s right, she’s wrong,” which is frustrating and uninteresting to me. It’s just very hard to see women characters who were being celebrated for their strength and independence and their ability and need to derive meaning from life apart from marriage/children, being reduced to characters who are desperate to conform to the most traditional female stereotypes in existence. What’s been interesting to me from Brennan’s perspective is the show’s portrayal of someone trying to wrap her mind around the idea of having a romantic relationship without giving up who she is — how to compromise without compromising her sense of self. But of late, that ain’t been happening.

  64. Delph on February 21st, 2011 2:18 pm

    I concur vehemently with Liz and Beth.

    What I find ironic is that most of the time people on the show kill or do bad things because they go with their hearts, not their brains, which is why most of the time Booth, the heart person, guesses/understands the motive/killer, and why most of the time Brennan, the brain person, can’t, unless the facts point them out.
    Yet, especially since S4 after Zack “killed” because of his brain but spared Hodgins because of his heart, the brain is at fault and the heart in on a pedestal.
    Brennan: “Agent Booth is the intuitive humanist while I am the logical empiricist although recently I have seen how destructive pure logic can be.[…] What I’ve learned from Agent Booth is that we scientists must arm ourselves with something other than pure logic.”
    When will we get the same kind of confession from Booth about the heart???

    Something else ironic is that it is the heart person who once made a career out of killing people, not the brain one, and still is in a position where he has to kill sometimes…

  65. Kasey on February 21st, 2011 6:25 pm

    I’ve gone back to watch all the episodes again. Now that I”m through season one, it’s obvious that Booth and Bones have both changed from the beginning episodes.

    Those who say Bones in all head and no heart and that her association with Booth has been one sided (the doormat band wagon), should go back and rewatch from the beginning too.

    In episode 13, The Woman in the Garden, Bones refused to ask a woman question that might hurt her, was reacting emotionally to a gang leader by wanting revenge for something that happened to her while being locked up for three days in El Salvador, and pays for a funeral for people she hardly knows. In Episode 14, she is nearly kissed and comforts a man who is looking for his lost father. She cares about Zach’s feelings and misses Booth and in the end gives her missing parents case file to Booth to look over.

    I’d say that is her heart talking…

    When and how did the writers take her to the place where her emotions and heart were exorcised? At what point did she become a robot, devoid of emotion? The earlier episodes don’t depict her that way. Sure she’s smart, she’s been a lab rat most of her life (her words), and she hides behind science, but in the beginning she had empathy for people and reacted to things emotionally.

    And why are we so upset that she might be reverting back the Bones of season one and two? I LOVE these early episodes! Watching them gives me a whole new perspective on the ebb and flow of all the B&B character changes.

    It gives me hope that despite the posturing and sparring, both Booth and Bones will end up true to their original characterizations. And that can only be good for the fans.

  66. Jane St. on February 21st, 2011 8:53 pm

    At least I can echo the love for the cast chemistry, despite how they made Cam and Hodgins in this episode. Also the love for the special effects, the visuals, setting- those people don’t get enough credit, they’ve never let me down.

    If you read the comments, there’s a big difference between the “doormat” accusation for the earlier episodes this season (that I also agree was taken out of proportion, like many fan reactions :)) and the partnership balance.
    And I think several posters have been using similar examples from earlier seasons since a few weeks ago to argue the same thing you’re saying. Woman in the Garden is a good example. And Liz mentions one of the earlier episodes about diplomats to talk about earlier Booth too. The brain-heart dynamic was not black and white, and it was more complicated and balanced in the past seasons. Yes, we would all LOVE the return.

    Your question, When and how did the writers take her to the place where her emotions and heart were exorcised?

    I don’t know about this site, but the forum I posted on saw the big shift in season 4, then it got even worse in season 5 and this season when Bones couldn’t even interact with normal people. Like you and many other people said, it’s a step back. NOW she’s finally “reverting back to Bones of season one and two,” which as you say, would be a good thing. I think the problem though is that 1) the show has gotten so cheesy lately that many don’t trust the writers to return to the nuanced original characterizations. 2) Why make the characters into simplified versions of themselves, then try to bring them back (I don’t think we’re there yet, just from the examples you and Liz give alone). I think this is “ebb and flow” of tv writing styles, but not ebb and flow of characters. Also, honestly, I think a lot of this criticism is a reaction to the argument that this is organic character evolution. You know how hyper aware and jaded viewers are. I went along with the changes with some grumbling but also still enjoying the episodes. But I’m not going to accept unrealistic character changes as evolution, especially when they made the characters dumber to show this so-called evolution. I sense I’m not alone. (For example, the idea that Bones retreats into science when she’s insecure? It’s already there in season 1, but they did it without making her into a robot who doesn’t sound or act like a human being.)

    Also, as they simplified the characterizations, I have to agree that they took a fun, edgy duo and made them into a more conventional romantic male-female duo. Babies, marriage, and the guy’s guts just knowing and winning over the rational, career minded girl. I think I’ve seen the movie more than once. Maybe the change even drew in more viewers, though I think the average viewer tunes in for the special effects and overall fun cast chemistry.

  67. Jane St. on February 21st, 2011 9:00 pm

    One more thing- I totally agree with the complaint about weak cases. 1) It’s just plain lazy coasting in the 6th season. 2) In the stronger cases, and when BB actually care about the case/victims, we see more of the nuance and equality in the whole teamwork. See this case, contrivance makes Cam look bad.

  68. Andrea Diaz on February 22nd, 2011 6:26 pm

    Let’s all hope with the sniper episode, the body farm and the elevator episode to name a few, Bones will once again resemble the show we all fell in love with. I understand that the writers want to change things up and I’m all for character growth, but as some posters said- “some of the characters are being written as simplified versions of their original selves”.

    I’m a die hard Bones fan and have been since season one. I’ve seen each episode numerous times and own all the seasons on box set. I have tried very hard to stay positive amidst the changes and some of my posts may seem like contradictions to what I’m saying now. But I do miss the old seasons of Bones. I think it’s important that the characters evolve, but I really liked who they originally were as well. I think the writers have gotten the message (we hope) of many fan’s dissatisfaction with how the characters are developing. I’m looking forward to stories that will exhibit stronger writing with nuances of humor instead of obvious “witty” situations as the season comes to a close.

    Also, this is a pet peeve of mine-please bring back whoever styled Brennan’s wardrobe in seasons 1-4. The last two seasons the trench coats are driving me crazy. I loved her sharp fitted jackets, the awesome jewelry and cool boots! Also her hair long and curled at the ends was a much more flattering look than her current styles. Just a little nit picky I know…

  69. Liz on February 22nd, 2011 11:21 pm

    If anyone is still checking back,
    @Andrea Diaz, you always make me feel bad. It’s hard to reconcile the downturn in quality with the lasting affection for the characters. But anyway, I love trench coats and Bones used to look great in them. I don’t think we’re getting back her eco warrior look with the boots because the show has pretty much abandoned the world travelling adventuress persona. In her new incarnation, I think the trench coats are appropriate. But the fit this season has been really bad! Very dowdy. But didn’t she wear some cool necklaces this episode? We also get occasional sleek boots. I don’t think it’s nitpicking any more than talking about the mystery because this is after all, a SHOW, and these things make up the overall effect.

    @beth, no, I understand completely, I was just adding another layer beyond the social politics. I personally agree with you and I’m especially disturbed by how gradual the change has been, which makes it easier to dismiss. I don’t think we’re ever going to see the show address it. They are showing Booth going through some personal demons, but I don’t think HH and SN see the gender stereotyping as a problem because the character description of Bones reads non-stereotype. It’s only when you trace the changes in the character that you see the problem. They made her a smart anthropologist and they’re done with that.

    @Delph, I would love a similar speech from Booth. But I’m not expecting it (see my comment to beth). I would settle for the show adding more support for or just acknowledgment of Reason and empiricism. It doesn’t have to be from Booth, but more characters like the younger priest from that episode mentioned before. Or Hodgins and Bones together to serve similar purpose because they’re both logical empiricists who know logic is not enough. (I refuse to say “learned” because as Jane St. points out, it’s not really learning if your character is changed and simplified to learn the lesson.)

  70. andrea on February 23rd, 2011 7:28 am


    Sorry if I “always make you feel bad” with my comments. My intention is not to create bad feelings with my opinions, just to express them like every poster! I don’t dislike trench coats per se. I was just tired of them being the go to wardrobe choice for Brennan. Cam is still sharply dressed as is Angela-I just wasn’t happy with the “dowdiness” that was becoming part of Brennan’s character in much of this season. I think you agree. Though it seems they are moving away from the constant trench coat wearing in upcoming episodes. Yeah!

  71. Liz on February 23rd, 2011 10:39 am

    @andrea, No, I meant it in a good way. I notice your posts because you stay optimistic but don’t dismiss the critical posts. I hope it doesn’t get you down. And yes on the trench coats making Bones dowdy, not withdrawn, this season. Yes to growing out that blunt hair. Yes to unique jewelry that reminds us about her anthropological roots.

    Belated kudos to Worst! FBI Agent! Ever! comment. Made me laugh, and the show can’t afford to take itself so seriously these days.

  72. JO on February 23rd, 2011 1:42 pm


    When will we get the same kind of confession from Booth about the heart?

    What are the odds that when Booth does make a speech about reason and logic, it will be about being nice to Bones and not about really learning and changing himself?

  73. andrea on February 23rd, 2011 3:54 pm


    I’m glad you explained! Now I understand what you meant! Yes I do try to stay positive with my posts. I don’t disregard more critical posts because I feel all of us who come to this site just want Bones to be the best show it can be. I think criticism can be healthy and good especially if change comes from it. Also I think different points of view especially when respectively written, are quite interesting. It’s always amazing how so many fans can come to such a variety of interpretations! Some of which make me reconsider my stance or just give me insights that I may not have thought about. I think that you and many other posters on this site such as Delph, Lonely Snowflake, Walter, etc. have some very insightful thoughts and express them quite eloquently. I really enjoy reading many viewpoints of the fans that post here. And I appreciate the fact that if a fan has a different opinion, they aren’t insulted or lambasted for it. It’s okay to agree to disagree! So thanks….

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